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  1. Nomad


    Founders underground Mountain Dew brown ale , 12%.
  2. Three been feeding in the beans . So many say once they brown up the deer don’t like them . Thats never been my experience.
  3. Buck in the beans 100 yards out for ten minutes , we’ll outside the ears and high . Also looked like some weird dark drop time, ya know the ones that are fat and seem almost hollow. he headed to rear corner of woods I’m in giant doe and two fawns in green field 300 yards out , just grazing in the wide open
  4. 36 no wind , sitting in truck drinking coffee ,head in a bit . Deer in the yards at home and along the roads on way here .
  5. Nomad


    Anyone ever have Great Lakes beers ? Bought a mixed 12 pack , didn’t care much for any of them . I’m missing beers with the boys at the Brew House, because we’re going on some ghost walk tour at 7 .
  6. Good luck . In the FD we picked our furloughs in Nov. for all of the following year, . Picks are done by seniority, I had 25 years on at one point and still couldn’t get the opening day trick off !
  7. Here’s a scary thought . I became a Cards fan in ‘67 at 8 years old, because I was at my Grandparents house after school and my Grandfather was cheering for them . The other team in the WS That year ? The Red Sox ! Holy crap , had he been cheering for them I shudder to think of the negative effects that could have had upon my life . ok I gotta go cut the grass and possibly start drinking as my sister in law arrives soon for the weekend
  8. Hey, I’m a Cards fan as you all know , I was in Busch Stadium when they clinched the division by beating the Cubs ,that was a high point, then beating the Braves , I thought just maybe ...... Then they absolutely got creamed by the Nationals . Know what ? Oh well I move on to other interests I’m not one of these guys with team flags, blankets, stickers on their cars ,it’s just filler .
  9. Most guys on this thread know and like each other, what you call “ running your mouth “ is just friends teasing each other a bit .
  10. Friends daughter works for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Dept. caught this 50 inch Muskie in the St Lawrence, E Fishing .
  11. To windy here today for me . Just got off the phone with about the best hunter I know ,self employed can hunt anytime , he hasn’t even considered going out yet maybe in a week or so . He did say he shot his bow a couple times now . Tomorrow looks good wind wise
  12. Some guys trap squirrels in have a heart traps, and spray paint their tails, bright orange and such then release them, or so I’ve heard .
  13. Check that my math was off, it would take 16 hours. I’d have to start back in as soon as I reached my truck coming out from an afternoon hunt , and I’d still be late .
  14. If I took one step every minute to get to my stand , it would take around 5 hours .....