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  1. Well so many other NYers are moving there ,and for good reason !
  2. It is really a tax on the mathematically challenged. And those with less money tend to to spend the most on it sadly . I drop a ten spot on it here and there , if I win just the shear amount of people that would piss off ,makes me smile just to think about it !
  3. I was waiting for this thread to start . im posting something from another forum, Incase you win . Solid advice . Id have things in place before I ever claimed it , new cell numbers , house emptied , stuff in storage , and leave the state as soon as I became known as the winner . Some would definitely get money through a trust, that way they can’t blow through it and think they’ll just get more . Kids would get enough for a new nicer home , and a couple hundred thousand to fall back on , but they would still need to work . When they have kids, if one stayed home the trust would pay them more . id encourage ( $ ) them to move out of state with us . I already have a clause in my will, where my heirs don’t become heirs until 30 days after my death , that way my attorney can prevent them from becoming heirs, in case some body gets any ideas . Oh and I sign my lotto tickets at the counter when I buy them , they are a bearer instrument!
  4. Sorry but a couple tears rolled down as I read through the post . Stay strong .
  5. I’ve never paid to hunt . If I had to I’d have my attorney write up,the contract , and I’d go at least five years , and I’ve have exclusive use 365 . Otherwise what’s the point .
  6. Nomad


    Well I had a bunch I paid “ Normal “ prices for so buying another 1000 rounds for I think $600 wasn’t a big deal if I average it all out . If I had none I’d pay whatever it cost now . Now I’ve got 3k of ball and 250 of HP . With what guys spend on pick ups, atvs ,cell cameras and plans , $1000 bows , it’s a amazing to me they haven’t stocked up on ammo before hand .
  7. Yes let’s come together ! First reduce the size of Gov. by one third. Second reduce regulations. Then cut taxes across the board .
  8. Nomad


    Unfortunately that’s the price in many places , glad I have a few thousand rounds of 9mm ball . The guy who’s land I hunt called me the other day we shot the breeze, he has a good supply but his 9mm is low especially HP carry loads, so,I’ve got a few boxes of ball and HP for him. My only low spot is 20ga sabots , I’ve got maybe 5 or 6 boxes , but most aren’t what I want , it’s just a back up gun but I’d like to grab 10 more of the one I use , they’ve on back order, so in due time .
  9. Don’t think it’s been posted, I’ve been waiting for it .
  10. Agree . I have a Cabellas, camo pullover, with dry plus , and wind stopper it cost me $50 from their bargain cove . I stand hunt farmland , if it’s say above mid 20s, with little wind, I wear a long underwear top and a T shirt under it , colder add a fleece .
  11. Nomad

    Ice Fishing

    I want go but my wife tells me to wait till it warms up .
  12. My right leaning friends, if and when you can, move to a red state. You’ll save thousands ,perhaps tens of thousands , with no state tax, and a property tax in many cases of around one thousand . Youll be among people of similar beliefs, and the libs left here will be left with even more burdensome taxes and regulations.
  13. I do little more than move a stand or too, and perhaps open up some more lanes . Yesterday I did a bunch of chainsaw work, so we can shoot from a Couple stands out into some farm fields . Dropped one stand that will be moved, but it’ll take a bit of chainsaw work to clear an opening in the thicket edge where it’s going . Six or eight runs between a crop field and two thickets where this corner is all within in 50 yards . Should be an awesome rut stand ,always lots of doe in the thicket behind the stand . This year is ideal for the work ,no snow, mild temps. I won’t have to do a thing late summer, early fall
  14. Thanks these cameras I got from Phade take great pictures.