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  1. With their constant standing , laying ,standing, taking a knee , standing , my guess is from their appearance, it’s their biggest workout in sometime .
  2. Easy to spot the protesters from the, burbs, they bring their yoga mats to lay on . Blurry pic as a screen shot of “ live “ footage . Hope those pale folks got sunscreen .
  3. Downtown basically evacuated, windows boarded up to the third floor, 400 State Troopers in route ,for today’s protest . It’s going to be a long summer it seems .
  4. Ugh , round two of protests here tomorrow night , a 87 and humid day forecasted .
  5. Yikes ! I was very lucky , it happened at the marina, and not on the road , lesson learned . I used to, repack them each year and replace as needed , I guess I got lazy for a couple years . Not good .
  6. Nomad


    Three Heads , Marge’s Lake Side Inn ,Tiki bar . Now Marge’s is a local joint along the Lake , a house turned into a bar . I’ve been there since high school ( 70s ) , the floors slope like a funhouse ! They have bands out on the beach and jam a couple hundred folks ,out between the ropes separating the bar from the neighbors. A fun place , that went from a locals bar to a destination. The beer is ok kinda like Hawaiian Punch with beer mixed in .
  7. I’m impressed you know that song !
  8. There’s NO electronics on the boat , Hell the lights and horn haven’t worked since Regan was president . I have a Maxwell House can the works as bilge and head , bought as fancy as I get .
  9. Well they don’t build them like they used to ,this trailers rock solid same as the boat. Boats a ‘64 as well , but motor is new it’s a ‘84 . Both sunk a few years ago, pulled it out dried out motor runs like new . Gas , oil and ramp fees . Every few years I register it and every ten or so I dump a couple hundred into it . If anything major were to happen ,ill sink it for ,good , and junk trailer .
  10. Great day today , took the boat out . No one wearing masks at the marina, not the workers , or any boaters walking around . Boats packed full of people dozens of kids on jet skies . Restaurants can do outside seating now, and the waterfront ones were packed ! Well packed tables six feet apart of course , we think we’ll wait till Wednesday of next week as they’re pretty crowded now , and I’d imagine a long wait .
  11. Fell ! Not sure if this should be under ,” today’s chuckle “ instead . The ramp is onLy three miles from home, Mrs Nomad is saying the trailer is making noise , “ it’s a ‘64 , it’s going to make noise ! “ women ..... So I back it down , dump the boat and pull, trailer out but my wheel is floating in the Bay and now the trailer is really making noise .So we go for a cruise while they replace all the bearings , well put in new ones not much left to replace , good for another 20 years .
  12. Nope I live in Webster , it’s more of a dream community . There’s two roads that they could take to get here in 15 minutes or so , but I’d wager they would go for the business center to loot and leave , thats what the robbers from the city do now . We’re pretty close to that, but the odds are low any would end up, here and certainly not in numbers bigger then a couple cars loads that may start checking the area out I guess ? My Grandpa and his neighbors blocked off their street and stood guard at the ends , in the riot of ‘64 here . Looters don’t like hard targets , to many soft ones around . They had no, issues .
  13. Well that was pretty much the rumors here Sunday night .Cops ( I was listening to their radio traffic ) had routes in covered pretty well , stopping vehicles due to curfew. Lots of online rumors and many false radio calls, but it was enough to keep us somewhat on edge . Like groups forming near me , again false call . Guy nextdoor AR15 , 30 round mags, and a 12 ga, guy next to, him 9mm , guy across the street to much to list ,all, texting each other , all staying inside . Unless they’re trying to get in or burn down ,or some other extenuating circumstances ,I’ll be inside , If I had to go,out I’d be on my roof with a rifle and a stack of 30 round 300 BLK mags ,although a couple shots from a few homes and they’ll be running like rabbits . Not sure if I,posted this before ,gun shop just a bit out of city . Don’t get all sacred, they have class III lic. I want to be the guy who carries the roster !
  14. On Target Firearms is on the Webster / Ontario county line great place and instructors , some current ,retired cops . I believe they may be closed due to rona , so check . Also try Rochester Personal Defense ,all, sorts of classes . The Firing Pin in Bergen has a awesome home defense shotgun course,. Well worth the hour drive and C note . Also I’m taking my daughter and her fiancé shooting this Sunday morning at my range in Canandaigua. She’s welcome to go . I’ll drill the four rules and make it a fun first time . I get she may be apprehensive, Just throwing it out there .