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  1. This is the axe my Grandfather made , my Dad replaced the handle and I the head .
  2. Two mounts, two euros , don’t think I’d do anymore or either , perhaps a mount if it was outstanding in some way . Mostly I saw off the antlers ,write the date and weapon on it in marker and toss it in a pile . My friend does these which I like , last one I had done was many years ago $35 , I much prefer them to euros , I’d imagine he’s double that price today . That buck my daughter was 14 and I had her pushing drainage ditches, the buck jumped up out of the weeds when she was 20 yards from me ! Dropped him on an all out sprint when he went out into the field .
  3. Actually both my kitchen and Mrs, aren’t as up to date , not sure it’s worth the money to rebuild either at this point .
  4. Not hard to remember, used a smooth bore 12 ga from mid ‘70s to 2012 or 13 . Went we went rifle I never looked back , slimmer , lighter doesn’t beat up my shoulder .
  5. We rescued this stray , so far it’s been ok but our other cats seemed to disappear, weird .
  6. In Montana, for my Mullie I just bought a cheap cooler , wrote my name and address on it with marker and used a couple of straps around it .
  7. Nomad


    I use Uber , when visiting other cities , this is 40 miles from my house and a fairly rural area . It would be a one way trip for the driver most likely , once they got me down there not sure they’d find a person wanting to go back up . Then not sure if I could find one down there at 1AM to go back up . Idk
  8. If I go, I’d pick up Pygmy, and any others from Buff / Roch who make it to my house can ride along . If I go all that way I don’t want any excuses from Biz, like his wife is in labor or something .
  9. According to my NYS DEC bow hunting log 26 hours in bow , one buck killed . About 4 hours in gun , one buck killed , most of that was sitting with my daughter, where ,I wasn’t going to shoot .
  10. Nomad


    Well this is interesting, right by where I hunt , getting home would be problematic ,though .
  11. Anyone wants shotgun, I may gas up the Subaru for a special guest appearance !
  12. Nomad


    Just had a couple of Other Half’s, don’t ask me the name it’s to hard to read on the dark label . Ipa With Mosaic hops. Very nice , but $120 a case is annoying , gave half away to the land owner and a guy who pulled one of my bucks out for me . Tf better make a run to a costanzas soon or it’ll be all gone ....
  13. Nice catch by Dawson Knox , my nephew from Tenn. flew up to Buffalo for the game with that kids uncles .
  14. Let’s see first one was in ‘89 it was light out and bow season, more then that idk . All the ones since ,I could maybe come down with morning or afternoon on half or so, dates? No way .
  15. I have two , and I enjoy taking the cards home and seeing what’s around , what made it through and so on. I can see the attraction of cell cameras, especially if your not close or have time to go pull cards . However , it may be a line I don’t want to cross myself . Reading about guys getting pics overnight ,then changing their spot that morning due to those pics, some changing stands mid hunt, because “ the #2 hit lister “ just showed up on camera somewhere else . For a guy who started out killing deer with 12ga slugs shot out of a bird barrel , and if I wanted water proof boots, I slipped bread wrappers over my socks , it’s a bit much . Now I’m not out there in period clothes and a flintlock , but somewhere in between makes me comfortable.