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  1. Nomad


    Seems like I’m going straight to the stand tomorrow, then we have a large group dinner that night . May have free time mid day Thursday . I don’t have a climber anymore just a LW hang on and sticks, wasn’t thrilled with lugging it in and setting up in the dark at times , turns out the guy who’s cabin I’m staying in has 7 stands all set up that I can at least hop in one or so .
  2. I’m a natural sceptic , it’s just my guess till, proven wrong .
  3. Bingo , it’s CGI . I dont believe the lungs can function like that once the sealed chest area is exposed .
  4. Did not find friends buck . So he said the hit was very loud and penetration was poor ,I’m thinking shoulder bone and it’s basically ok . No blood, no arrow, no footprints , no hair, plus rain , so it wasn’t really a track . It went into the goldenrod field , buddy grid searched it on his ATV ,I checked the bushes and under the trees , in addiction to walking all the mowed paths looking for any sign ,nothing . I’d feel worse if I lost a good blood trail , or saw where it fell and got up, something that showed it’s hurt but nothing found .
  5. I circled Eastview Mall on the way home !
  6. Ok I’m getting up then and heading to my friends land as it hasn’t rained here yet ,and need to find blood . I’m not waiting for his text to leave .....
  7. Up against the wall redneck mother ..... Although I enjoy Ray Wylie Hubbards version as well Mr Bojangles ,was Richard Nixon’s favorite song .
  8. Can of corn . If I’m in open hardwoods , I carry it like any ladder ,upright , bend knees grab a rung stand up and carry it to next tree lean it against tree . My 17 footers with large platforms , I carry them to the base of the tree slide lower rung to tree and walk it up , now it’s a challenge at times and I’ve dropped them walking them up but eventually I win . A lot depends on ones strength, or better yet experience with ladders .
  9. That should be rephrased , who hasn’t had that happen . Without a pass through ,blood can be hard to find , as most comes from the exit wound as its lower , the higher entrance wound doesn’t bleed outside much . I’m tracking a friends buck tomorrow, no exit ,but a solid behind the shoulder hit . He wisely ,backed out gave it time to die .
  10. Final count 4 doe, 15 turkey , 2 coyotes in that field . I’ve named this stand , “ the every deer will see you stand “ , put up in haste , to close to field ,wide open , will be Ok for rifle . My buddy shot a nice buck at last light on his land ,right behind the shoulder ,no pass through ,it ran hard into golden rod, he sat 30 minutes backed out , I’ll be helping him look in the AM .
  11. I’m not to wild about this stand , as I sit my rt shoulder faces the field , I’ll try and stand most of the time . At least I can glass many fields .