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  1. What is that ? Large rifle ? Last time I went to the shop I use , they had small pistol, 44 mag and a bunch of others . I paid little attention as I have no use for them .
  2. And what was you’re weekly pay back then ? Guns are cheaper today .
  3. Congrats ! I got one a few years back,when I couldn’t draw compound anymore . I just went to a shop and paid a grand for a Ten Point ,zero research. Killed some deer and coyotes,never knew I was supposed to lube the rails lol . Whatever . I may even go,out in the late season ,although I don’t need any more meat , and it seems wrong to shoot another buck and give the meat away
  4. Ya in 1972 the average weekly pay for a man was $140, guns cheaper today .
  5. In todays dollars That Remington 1100 would be close to $1000 and the mossberg pump about $450 .
  6. Three doe and a button so far . And possibly two people on lane while it was dark that was just odd
  7. I just switched too, although I don’t do all day hunts, more for layers , warm hats etc. Hunting my buddies spot tomorrow,our first hunt together this year, a north wind made the choice easy as at my spot that’s not so great .
  8. As I told my neighbor who just started hunting . “ if it sounds like a deer, it’s a squirrel, and if it sounds like a squirrel, it’s a squirrel.”
  9. I have an old picnic table and some sandbags to dial in with . Then all our practice is off hand , I can’t recall using a rest in the woods , unless leaning against a tree counts . At least half my gun deer have been from drives and pushes of some sort , and those “ rests” that come on my big ladders I remove as they get in the way of my bow .
  10. I think I’ll roll out of bed soon .Good luck to those in the woods .
  11. One pound of land o Lakes butter, $7 , may have to learn to use my mother in laws churn . She sold butter and eggs out at the road .
  12. We need a sarcasm emoji ! Which actually hurt me as ,its kinda my thing .
  13. I believe he’s saying the same thing the Full Moon guys say , more activity during the night , less during the day .
  14. The main reason I went today, was because I could tote the xbow, sitting there hoping you can draw back your compound is not an enjoyable sit .
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