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  1. Convicted on most serious charge- Some mostly peaceful riots Convicted of a lessor charge - Larger more widespread mostly peaceful riots He skates - weeks of OT for the cops and firemen across the U.S. , and adds a year maybe more to the ammo shortage . I have not watched or read word one on the trail , little need to ,to know how this all ends.
  2. You kinda look familiar.......
  3. IIrc he’s up at 4:30 every morning to ride a bike for an hour ,then does some other exercise after work , seems to know a bit about nutrition and such too . His point is valid, there’s many mask wearing , covid fearing , vaccinated folks , who smoke , drink to much, eat poorly ,don’t exercise are over weight , but try to come off like they’re concerned about their health . ok me ? It’s Wed. I’ve got 4 hours in the gym, a few walks ,just got back from one along the lake . My breakfast was coffee, whey protein, coconut oil, collagen, stevia extract . later some raw vegetables. T
  4. I’ve got a stack of those cards, all you got to do is scribble some numbers and dates on them ...
  5. that whole notion is largely being reversed , Oakland just put money back into their budget for cops and FF, as defunding just brought about increase crime , huh go figure . One thing I’d like to see is stop hiring small weak men and women . Hire big strong men who can fight if needed, oh ya bring back the straight wood baton too . To many of today’s cops can’t fight ,they can’t get a man out of a car , so they end up being dragged by the car ,then having to shoot the driver . Other times they end up using pepperspray or the Taser, both which have significant issues limiting th
  6. Disciplined investing over a 35 year time horizon, in low cost funds, with a mix of land and PM !
  7. Sure, so,far nothing older then the ‘40s mostly . I know a guy who dives for them in Canandaigua Lake ,he’s been helping with age and such , he wants to buy any Canandaigua Union bottles I find . Frankly unless these are worth big money you both can have any I find . Are there any marks I can ID them by other the well Clyde glass works . Here’s an older Mason Jar, that cleaned up,well, screw top, though .
  8. Some may beg to defer , some of the guys I occasionally hunted there with over the last 20 some years , have hunted the park hard , for 30-40 years very successfully . We seldom encounter another bow hunter , gun season my Buds rent cabins for a month straight , but it’s a far different game with the number of clueless guys who come in gun . Many of my buddies leave 6 to,10 stands up,year round ,as well as running cams year round , few hunters show up on the cams . I agree on not wanting to walk , we bring a rope system to rig a 4 to 1 hauling system , as it’s much an easier wa
  9. Right now Cheaper Then Dirt , has Tulammo , 9mm for $18 a box two box limit . Oh crap not sure they ship to NYS ?
  10. LOOK ! I found two more buck bedding areas, and apparently where they work out as well .
  11. That’s not correct in all places, I’ve dealt with hundreds of recreational fires, we used to tell folks the same thing back in the day , “ cooking fire .” We were wrong . Most calls were for complaints of smoke bothering a neighbor , but really they just don’t like you, they tried calling cops for the loud party ,but they’re backed up ,so they call us . The FD does not handle air quality issues anyways , that’s a dept of a health issue . Our county , which I believe is based on state laws ,but not 100% sure, goes by this. Recreational fires in a container , can be 15 fee
  12. The worlds most difficult job, Joe Biden’s sign language interpreter !
  13. Yes, miss those days ,and the album was most likely Black Sabbath Paranoid, or Deep Purple Made in Japan .
  14. Good for you John ! As a FF /emt I was always happy when the ambulance with the Paramedics pulled up !
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