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  1. Nomad

    Age this buck

    Ya that list doesn’t like that we get snow lol , and pay extra for a bow tag come on . Ok the age structure is off, but it’s trending in the right direction. Hunter density is a tricky one . Take a large state like Montana with few people ,if you just divide the hunters into square miles ya is low , now put the all the hunters in the river bottoms or on dirt roads near town …… I’ve been on dirt roads there where it’s guys sitting in pick ups one after another after another , waiting for deer to cross off the private ground onto public . I pass up hunting with a friend who,lives in Montana every year ,not worth the hassle to maybe shoot a bigger buck . We’re worse then Hawaii, Florida ? Ever know anyone who hunts Texas ? You better have big bucks to get on private land to hunt over a feeder , because public ground is very lacking and the deer are tiny as well . Ten grand will get you a nice one though if you go private there . I hear there’s little snow too !
  2. Nomad

    Age this buck

    I’ve never aged a buck or measured the rack , i shoot em and eat ‘em . Although I do have a measurement system, last years was a 3 X 2 , 3 hour drag , fell twice .
  3. Oh I get it eat local ! But that dog is crazy .
  4. Last time I was there they just started to yellow up . I’m not a once they brown up deer don’t eat them guy though . I’ve killed deer in them green, yellow, brown , cut , plowed up , ground covered in manure. Plus that little field is a route they cross to get into cover .
  5. Yep small ladder along a bean field it’s near the corner where the woods and thicket meet,it’s where I get good pics ( no cameras currently out ) and I’ve taken three nice ten points from it . Last camera pull showed late afternoon movement , so even though I don’t like bow hunting afternoons all that much ,I’ll be there Oct. 1 hoping to catch one before the bucks disperse . Good luck to all .
  6. We went back and forth on Rochesters Zweigles vs Buffalos Sahlens , well Samantha born and raised in Roch area and living in Buffalo is now in Denmark and says here’s your winner ! Yikes , like three kinds of meat in there as well . She’s moved on to Germany for the Octoberfest , so I expect a beer update soon as well .
  7. Hydrologically Michigan and Huron are two lobes of the same lake . The lobes are connected by a five mile wide strait, the water flows in both directions. The early explorers ( are there any other kind ? ) found “ five “ big lakes ,not realizing at the time two were actually one . After which nobody wanted to give up their “ lake “. look if anyone here is on Jeopardy, which let’s face it none will be … answer five, myself being a man of science I’ll have to answer four . https://wrkr.com/lake-michigan-huron/
  8. I live on one of the four Great Lakes, Ontario . 13,000years ago I’d have had a glacier in my front yard .
  9. Not a conspiracy,everyone is doing it differently. Most here removed it from where customers can handle it , all that I’m aware of here record your information. I shop at a place that only sells to military and first responders ( so like zero liberals shopping or working there) , even there they moved it off the floor to behind a counter , then at point of purchase they record your info from your DL or pistol permit . The law spells out what’s required of them , the fact that theres no system to enter the info yet is the gray area , some aren’t willing to risk their FFL over not recording it on paper , to enter later . the Syracuse judge who dismissed the case , as it was brought to him prior to the law taking effect , is going to hear the case again or a similar one I guess very soon . His comments clearly showed he believes many parts of the law are unconstitutional,so fingers crossed .
  10. Yes when I retired four years back, sided the house , new gutters, garage doors, storm doors, last year furnace , just had chimney repaired ,partly to cut down on my work as I age,partly to get the house set for our golden years . The price of having a house sided has shot way up since then btw , so,good timing . My stock thoughts changed years back no longer trying for home runs in tech stocks or hold large index funds , to stocks doing more steady as she goes all paying dividends of just under 2%-3% as well . Lowes, while brick and mortar stores took a hit with online sales, you still have to go there for a bag of cement or plywood . Rpm- rustoleum , historic dividends , plus it doesn’t matter what your raise was this year or who’s the president, you’ll still by a gallon of paint when you need it . People cut back on vacations and cars , not paint . Proctor and gamble , good times or bad people still wash their hair, face, and clothes , plus 40% sales over seas gives me international exposure. L3 Harris Brown and Brown ( up 144% the last five years ) vs 85% average in the market Boze Allen Hamilton aka the worlds most profitable spy organization ( up 150% the last five years ) to name a few
  11. I’ll check my source next week , I bought small pistol primers for a member there last year , when nobody could find them . They have boxes of primers but I don’t give them a second look . perhaps tomorrow, Mrs nomad is going grape picking after lunch, so I got all day to goof off ! are you fussy on brand and price ? Because that might not work .
  12. I’ve rode out ups and down since the mid 80’s , this time my concern level is up . We’re well diversified, stocks, bonds, general fund in my deferred comp, land ,physical gold , plus well my pension . Largely out of stock funds and into solid dividend paying individual stocks . Frankly the way the country is headed I’m not so sure of a few year recovery and I don’t think we’re anywhere near the bottom yet . I recall guys here saying ammo would turn around in a bit ,yet here we are two plus years later and in some aspects it’s worse . we’ve been buying “ things “ RV, guns, ammo, more ammo … gold , new washer, dryer, new Furnace / AC , food ,house repairs . The market can do whatever we’ll always have those .
  13. The Fed Chair said there would be pain and recession . Always take them at their word .
  14. Use a Shapie to blacken the bevel ,then you can see where you’re hitting it . A problem with jigs is if your edge bevel isn’t the same angle as the jig settings , in which case a complete reprofile would be necessary . Which is why I use free hand most times , fine stone very light strokes ,like just resting the BH or knife on the stone , it’s own weight no added pressure , for a touch up . I clean my ceramic stones with cleanser first they work much better clean . I just checked mine the other day , a couple could use some work. Taking them in and out of the quiver ,they sometimes hit the plastic,and over time that adds up I guess
  15. I only use cut on contact and touch them up by hand . A few times one of my arrows will blow through a deer, and it doesn’t run off , might jump,run a step or two and stop,look around ect ,before it falls over . One ten pt many years ago rear quartering, ran 200 yards and fell ,I got up to it arrow was sticking out, and I couldn’t pull,It out ! Turns out it went through rib cage ,came out low chest by front leg , then through the front leg bone ,the BH was sticking out the other side of the leg bone . Probably could have reused that Mangus two blade . In fact if you aren’t good at reshaping them they will for free .
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