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  1. Nomad

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    Well you can do more then hope , you should be rebalancing it as you age .protect more and more into fixed assets , although you’ll always need to have some In stocks to protect against inflation, but you may want to go less aggressive ,depending on your risk tolerance. Currently Mrs Nomad is 60/40 stocks/ bonds ( rebalanced quarterly). ,while I’m 50/50 stocks ( both mutual funds and a dozen or so high dividend paying stocks ) and two fixed assets paying close to 4% . My fixed assets pay more then my wife’s social security. When stocks rise we think wow, look how much we're up , when they drop we think ,glad the fixed is providing so much . If guys spent 1% of the time learning about and managing their money as they do deer hunting they’d all retire fat, dumb, and happy , like me . Full disclosure, I do have a pension , and year one lived just off that , this year she collected SS, after delaying it a few years . We haven’t touched our investments , but drawing 4% a year would provide more income then my pension does . Just to show anyone can build enough wealth if they want that more then ,ATVs, boats ,motorcycles .
  2. Odd story , he regretted kicking the wolf ? I’ve canoed and camped Canada from Quebec to the Yukon,but never without a loaded 12 ga . Also,keep a clean camp never cook in camp or sleep in clothes you cook in .
  3. Nomad

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    Cut grass, turn mower on it’s side, wash off grass with hose . I never put a hot mower back into garage , leave it outside to cool down first . Guy did a mile or so from me , set his garage on fire,which spread to house . Small chance , but mine sits near recycling bins with paper and cardboard often overflowing .
  4. Nomad

    Erie County Fair

    I don’t know , but I’ll be at the Genny Brew House at 3 , with the fellas . We do,hit the state fair once a year, no week ends or nights though ,Mrs grew up on a dairy farm, owned a horse ,so we watch the horse show stuff, eat some food drink a couple beers and watch some washed up band or singer . With luck there will be some trashy women walking around in their daughters clothes . Which btw, Remington’s had some lookers of varying social status and clothes last night .
  5. Nomad

    Erie County Fair

    Watched Family Feud the other night . “ name an animal you’ll see at the County Fair? “ First Guy , Elephant! Lol , when his brother came out for his half , “ elephant !” Only got two points.... Host said, “ hey they’re from Detroit ,ain’t no county fairs there .”
  6. Nomad

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    Ya my buddy was one, I thought that was a cool job. My girls worked for Webster Parks and Rec. each summer high school through college, very hard to get in, but once you were you came back each year . Not sure if all Life Guard jobs require the drug test, but I’ve heard other stories like yours .
  7. Nomad

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    Nephew does “ hardscapes “ stone patios ,walkways , Fire pits, driveways . Each summer he tries to hire two college kids . Pays $15 an hour under the table , 50 hours a week , so they take home $750 cash a week . Same story each summer can’t find decent ones , not great mind you, just decent ones . Friends daughter is a Lifeguard at a County beach here , they’re short staffed , few came back during the application process, once they found out there was a drug test . ive worked in a stockroom, over 3,000 items, unloaded tractor trailers, filled, weekly, and daily dept. orders, did cycle counts , but you’d need to bump the pay for me unless it’s Victoria Secrets or similar.
  8. Nomad

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Know idea who that is, nice place and cool area though . Everything was very good . Years ago a friend filmed a movie here , one of the stars was John Mellencamp , I was security for him on the set . Sat outside his trailer and walked him where he needed to go . Also taught him how to work the 1,911 he used in the film .
  9. Nomad

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Shrimp cocktail and surf and turf . Remington’s North Tonawanda .
  10. Nomad

    the self checkout at walmart isnt that bad.....

    The Loews by, me has a young ,tall, tan , good looking blonde running a checkout, black yoga pants, French tips, she smells like vanilla, friendly as well . Her line is always the longest... some days I go just to buy a Gatorade. She was not there today so I did self checkout , super fast an easy .
  11. Nomad

    Life expectancy

    Passing away in the 80’s is early for my family , 90-100 + is where its at . 60 y/o don’t take RX meds, bp, bloodwork all very good numbers , keeping weight down is key to anyone’s longevity. The only wildcard is so ,many FF get cancer either while still working or shortly after, every retirement party, or funeral I go to I Learn of more guys who came down with it, some for the second or third time . It’s something that really concerns me .
  12. Nomad


    These came along with a mixed ten pack sampler . The CAO are square pressed , burned even ,drew nice , fairly strong .
  13. Nomad

    Baby Biz

    I put my kids birthday and Christmas money in it every year ,along with my “ Holiday Pay “ , since we worked 24/7 and had no Holidays off we got a check for them. Most guys put it toward “ toys “ for themselves, mine went in the 529 . Even when we used it up, I pulled money out of a mutual fund, put in the 529 , pay college by CC ,pull money out of 529 to pay off CC . Deposits of to 10 K a year come off the top of your pay for NYS taxes, so I’d save $800 Xs two,kids per year or $1,600 just by cycling the money through it . Using the CC for tuition R/B leads to a lot,of,points !
  14. Nomad

    Baby Biz

    Last night I fell asleep on the couch in my damp swim trunks , with ear buds in, tv and lights on . I’m an expert level sleeper .
  15. Nomad

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Thanks . They’re “ ok “ , not working and avoiding some things at the gym , so,they don’t hurt, but strength is not there . I can draw this bow, and holding it at full draw is a piece of cake, my old bow the beginning of the draw was a mother , this one is much easier ,but not what I would call easy . My plan is not to shoot much , as much as I may like to though . That way I figure less strain on the shoulders . I figure why inflame them just before the season ? I don’t shoot deer much past 15 yards most years, I shoot just as good rather I’m out there 3xs a week or every few months . Hope yours are doing well too .