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  1. About as custom as I go , had these blacked out flags made by a tint shop nearby . Weather tec, and console gun safe in the pick up , plus hard tonneau
  2. Not till the water warms up
  3. True, that’s why the empty bottles bring $$. There’s a restaurant here that my buddy always gets a shot of Pappy with his dinner, I don’t see how that’s possible that they always have it . I’ll lean on my nephew when I’m down there, he’s had it often , runs with a crowd well above my level . Translation, I’ll beg him ….
  4. My brother in law bought a new one about every other year , depending on if he liked current colors available. Last year at age 70 he sold his for good, for that reason .
  5. I’m still good friends with the 3 or 4 other guys in my head .
  6. And that is why I would never buy a red truck when I worked for the FD , didn’t want to look like a whacker .
  7. On a side note our daughter was auditing a construction firms books , after which they asked if she wanted to try some bourbon, I guess a Friday afternoon tradition there . They got a bottle out of a safe …. They said the bottles in the safe were worth more then many peoples houses . Of course she doesn’t even know what she has wtf
  8. You can’t buy any Pappy or pretty much anything rare or collectible, at the distillery or their shops .
  9. Place by me was $500, I almost pulled the trigger .
  10. My only complaint with seeing bar bands is they start to late, often 10 . I have a Nephew here who plays in a pretty popular county band , “Branded “ , but a 10 o’clock start on the other side of the city is a no go for me .
  11. The never buttoned up my new furnace/ ac install . One guy got covid , then the other went on vacation, came back got covid . They were waiting for a “ warm” day as they need to go on the roof to sleeve the chimney . yesterday was 40 , it’s 13 now, they’ll be here in an hour ….lol .
  12. I’ll be 63 in March, give me a call I’m up for anything . I kept going out with the guys at work till I retired , and have kept up meeting them out ever since , although they slacked off lately .
  13. So the same as me here . Today ,post office ,bank, UPS store, drop off at a goodwill store , oh the gym where nobody wears one anyways . I can’t believe people still wear them , and i have no idea why they test all the time .
  14. See Crappy being a fisherman , the whole name thing through me off . I catch something like that, I’m cutting the line .
  15. Hey not a fisherman, whatever this thing is .
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