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  1. Now do I shoot the deer with or without the masks on ?
  2. This made me smile, the info babes clearly did not like the answers , and kept asking the same thing over and over as if that would solicit a different response . The clear lack,of understanding of the FD , and the faint praise was annoying . Union pres. did well I feel . https://www.fox5ny.com/video/960202
  3. To be honest when I read about guys set ups ,I often don’t know wtf they’re taking about . I have had three bows since ‘88, and I can’t tell you the let off let alone all the BS guys talk about . I’ve got five arrows in my quiver and only two are the same …. happy hunting
  4. My buddy in Seattle , uses a 62# Bighorn built for him by Fred Asbel . 31 inch Easton 2219s with 125 grain Zwicky Bh . Pass throughs on Elk ,and this is his set up for his upcoming, moose hunt . It’s the carpenter not the hammer ,not be all hung up on the weight of this or that .
  5. Good luck with firing healthcare workers . My daughter’s hospital is 400 nurses short right now , the local colleges just graduated 200, and there's several other hospitals, Drs offices , out patient clinics that are all competing for them . She’s getting time and a half for OT plus another $25 an hour , yet one can only work so much . They can’t get rid of any without sever repercussions. Age seems to be the number one risk factor , followed by obesity, so any fat person that tries to lecture me , well it just makes me laugh ,if you were concerned, you’ve had a year and a half to, lower
  6. Agree , tough choice . FDNY Ems Union , and FDNY Uniformed FF Union , told them to stick it . My city is so short on cops as it is , this will make even more think about retirement and with the OT guys have got the last two years its going to be possible for many to leave way earlier they thought just years ago . If the courts drag it out and they get another big year of OT, there’s their three year FAS ! If 50% of the guys haven’t got the shot by now, they don’t want it , and trying to force cops and FFs usually just makes them dig their heels in more .
  7. Yes , more and more ammo is showing up there , and prices are dropping , not to two years ago levels , but better then months ago .
  8. What tier are you in ,and how long to fully vested ? The best is of course to make it to retirement, move out of state and spend that check in a free state . Oh what about the prisoners, do they have to get the shot ? We’re considering packing our RV with a couple months of food, clothes , a few guns and ammo boxes and leaving if they go back to masks and shut downs here . We have so many we can visit in the free states , then come back to hunt,and the Holidays , we already have FLA booked for most of the winter . It’ll also give us a look at where we may buy something . Good Luck .
  9. Well the Captiol,police aren’t exactly chasing hood rats through back yards and fighting them , it’s more like telling tourists to stay behind the yellow line . So yes one can’t expect much from them when the ballon goes up . My one buddy had 35 years on the job mostly as a tactical officer, just hunted felons and did stake outs , he is 5’6” 150 on a good day . Broken bones , stabbed , wrestled guns off many guys . He would die before letting those wack jobs in , to much pride and knows what the oath means .
  10. Absolute failure by the Capital police. What if instead of a rowdy field trip, there was a couple thousand with ARs , drones and truck bombs ?
  11. That’s good to hear ! I haven’t seen to much in stores, but online it’s showing up and prices are coming down , but I don’t feel it’ll ever go back to prices of just a couple years ago though .
  12. Picked up,my gun today, and shot a few mags . The same size gun as my Shield , but it may have less felt recoil as odd as that sounds . The red dot was not on when i shot , I put it on later at home ,and Co witnessed it . Not sure I like the red dot . My AR has one , but the iron sights are folded down , so you’re using one or the other ,here both the front sight and red dot are there at the same time . Thanks again to Bob .
  13. Nomad


    Picked up some Other Half , and a Springfield 9 .
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