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  1. Yes, registered ones are grandfathered in with all the evil, features and drop free mags of ten rounds . You could register it or modify and not register , the gun ends with you though can’t pass it on or sell it in NYS . My question is say on a routine traffic stop, they see it on say a guys back seat can they look up registered AR on the spot . I’ll have to ask the cops at the gym .
  2. Your friend has a lot of company , when the state finally released the numbers , iirc only about 4% of owners registered them . That data shows massive noncompliance with the assault weapon registration requirement. Based on an estimate from the National Shooting Sports Federation, about 1 million firearms in New York State meet the law’s assault-weapon criteria, but just 44,000 have been registered. That’s a compliance rate of about 4 percent. Capanna said that the high rate of noncompliance with the law could only be interpreted as a large-scale civil disobedience, given the high level of interest and concern about the law on the part of gun owners. “It’s not that they aren’t aware of the law,” said Capanna. “The lack of registration is a massive act of civil disobedience by gun owners statewide.”
  3. So just plant a food plot .....
  4. Nomad

    Mancave buck

    I’m happy to just saw the horns off and toss ‘Em in a pile, but if you want a rubber head for $250 knock yourself out .
  5. I’ll give you $50 , if you’ll wear them but don’t wash .
  6. That’ll make a nice home for the area mice ! I think I killed 15-20 in my one last year , sealed it up with tin and wood filler and it’s been good since, my other one had one in it yesterday , who was faster then I so he lives to, fight again . I don’t hunt out of mine much, base camp and bad weather , so maybe two or three times over eight years .
  7. Nomad

    Academy 2019

    You guys should consider Culver’s QDMA banquet, I’ve attended the last two, years , won a gun each time , Moog and I won back to back guns last year . pre sale raffle ticket package is the way to go .
  8. And special soap to shower in, wash your clothes , sprays for your outer clothes and boots , oh special gum for your breath lol
  9. Loaded with them, I was toting a 17 round semi auto .22 , every year just walking around I’ll see coyotes and or fox , so now I tote that gun . Last year three coyotes were walking the edge of a thicket , I was walking towards them on the other side of a hedgerow, I got to about 100 yards ,but no long gun .
  10. Ya, not like normal, where I’m largely disappointed lol, left them in place, swapped cards , it’s times like this I’d like more cameras . The one with the lopsided rack, ( rt is side taller ) he’s on a lot of pics, but never saw him before ,live or on cams.
  11. Card, pull ( thread in trail cam pics) , shed hunt, general walk around today . Found two turkey kill sites, a splitting wedge in a turned up corn field , one Mylar ballon .
  12. Two sets of bucks fighting , a ton of bucks, only posted a few, lots of turkeys . Really this is a small sample ,the bigger ones have not turned up on camera for the most part .
  13. Ha I don’t know , I think it’s a bit off though . We have a brand new union hall seats about 200, bar, full commercial kitchen . I can rent it for $300, hire a couple bartenders, a caterer and be out of there for a few grand , but no.... She said at my retirement party she would not want it there ! I had well over 100 at my party between booze and catered BBQ about $30 a man .
  14. You have a good memory. She’s probably not the stereotypical cpa .
  15. Ya the CPA in Buffalo is currently available . Water skier , snowboarder, world traveler , pistol owner .