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  1. Ya a guest in my freezer ! WOW did it flood here the creek overflowed like I haven’t seen in 32 years . couldn’t cross the ditch where I normally do had to walk around to the end that adds 400 yards on . For a minute I thought , “ hey this jet sled looks like a little boat ….”
  2. Interesting, didn’t you get an all day heavy rain there ,Iike most of the state ?
  3. I’m beating you up by an hour , Rob and TC will have points by 4 !
  4. I can’t believe guys are still even thinking about covid anymore . Haven’t worn a mask in like a year , never stopped going to,large events ,hugging ,shaking hands . Move on fellas and hide your beagles .
  5. Nomad


    Well I had those sandblasted and primed a few years ago… need to paint them but I’m not an artist !
  6. Nomad


    That was my grandparents, from their home on Lake rd . Webster . It would make a good boat anchor , or weapon . Milk cans were used on wife’s parents farm .
  7. Switching it up , not going in the AM, but afternoon to let things dry out a bit then both ends Thursday. Get your score cards ready fellas !
  8. Nomad


    12 Horse Ale returns !
  9. Yep have I cross a drainage ditch to get to any stand , oh and the toe cap on my left Muck boot came unglued awhile back . Where I cross there was little to no water previously, it won’t be bad unless boot leaks , I’ve been crossing it 32 years or so only one year was it to high for awhile .
  10. Tough it out ! I do a 36 hour fast once a week or so after a few hours I’m not hungry at all .
  11. Seems empty containers are piling up here, while China has a shortage of them . https://news.yahoo.com/empty-shipping-containers-pile-la-203800037.html
  12. 1-2 inches here today a little more overnight . I hope to hunt tomorrow AM move a stand , eat lunch , back in the new stand for the afternoon , if needed .
  13. The rebuild was going to the lower roof line . Also yes keeping the chimney either way as there’s a gas insert in the fireplace that we use . That side was sleeved when it was installed , the estimate came in $13,400 , the sleeve and B vent was $1700 of that , $2500 was a ballpark number he told me at the time . im going with new crown ,repoint and seal, we can see how that goes and in a few years decide any further steps or move …. Thanks everyone .
  14. I’ll drive by Belo ‘s house and peak in the garage .
  15. I doubt the guy was wearing skinny jeans and sporting a “ man “ bun .
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