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  1. Only hunted out West twice , even though I can hunt Montana with friends each year if I wanted . But I learned some tricks , and I’m sure other states may have similar. One was a non resident deer tag had like 12% odds at the time , but if you paid an extra $600 and applied for the deer elk combo your odds went to 66% . Since I had no other expenses other then airfare , food and beer that was an easy choice . Then towards the season ,there is always guys who turn in their tags for a partial refund , these became available again , but it was a separate drawing that not many knew of . good luck
  2. And so it begins . This is a quote by a local restaurant owner , a conservative one as well .
  3. There is no such thing as price gouging , the seller sets a price , you can pay it or not . I paid $418 for a so so hotel room last March near Atlanta . At least double for that room normally , but there was a nascar race in town and they charge what the market will bare .
  4. An hour after a mouse in the stone wall .
  5. Meanwhile in Roch on an average night…. There is no law, get arrested get a ticket , then don’t show up as they don’t have the manpower to look for you . Illegal guns everywhere ,as the penalty is just not there, yet we law abiding people worry about having one to many rounds . We are the low hanging fruit, they’ve given up on the criminals for the most part .
  6. The Sandbar . Along Lake Ontario in Webster , today it’s Castaways .
  7. Took the Subaru to Virginia for a few days , not bad MPG . Drove from Lexington VA the Lake Ontario on about 3/4 of a tank .
  8. 13 years old worked under the table ( the best way ) as a dishwasher at a restaurant along Lake rd . At the time I made double minimum wage ,cash and of course all the shrimp and other food I,could sneak .
  9. Nomad


    “Meet me at Mikes” right across from PNC park, 500 beers, or a weekend at Turkey feathers . Then The Devils Bone in VA.
  10. Hochul is already taking about requiring training , banning carry in certain areas and on and on . time will tell where it all shakes out .
  11. Good news ! I’ve had my carry permit since ‘85, my wife and both daughters do as well . I also have Fla and Utah as that gives me 38 states . Yesteray I applied for Penn carry as Penn doesn’t honor the ones I have , and they block my route to Fla. The application was a single page , and mostly y/n questions , they took my picture and the deputy said he’d mail it to me as soon as he got it . Ten minutes time and $20 cash .
  12. Fold, if rolling over your hand is considered folding . Im a once a day, as soon as I get up guy , seated 20 seconds max .
  13. There’s 36,000 “ food processing “ plants in the U.S. , 50 incidents a year doesn’t seem like much . Additionally many of these “ disasters “ were minor incidents , the pizza making place which the link is of is a major fire, but not representative of most that happened . I always wanted fires in banks myself , the drug houses were mostly a disappointment, no piles of hidden cash sadly, and neighbors would be pissed we put it out to soon .
  14. So we cancelled the kids coming over for Fathers Day . Even though we didn’t have fevers , symptoms were mild and we’re just past the quarantine period . Oldest is in a wedding next week and her fiancé is in an EMT class, as he took the County Fire test and you have to have your EMT prior to getting hired. Just couldn’t risk them getting it here and missing class and the wedding . Youngest is coming, she wants Zweigles on the grill lol .
  15. Nice most my town could do was a two headed chicken .
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