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  1. In WWII , my uncle was KIA, when the munitions ship he was on blew up , they were outside of port, but the explosion killed people on land as well .
  2. I worked the same shift as Steve for his whole career, he and I rescued a teenage boy and his mom , who were trapped on the second floor of their burning home many years ago, he also cut up a few of my deer . I wasn’t there today, due to other obligations. if you Facebook 20 pics[0]=68.ARAKtGHRPoGfLtlZVYNa78eIWEYhWX4yUAt-YW6OTm9gkp_SG40RlG1QFXpHkMrb7nnxMo647tc7AKgDHa8Rgt40HV5Vtfnc8Nwth-pBC-ZXiYObd46nyVRLzutxx9XeHVYBErRhpn7jzgUHArLSuE7i4KLqdgUGCXVyf8MHA9WJjUhpQbrURTa-FFQA1gcAv363n3cH0z5T88ZHbX8OSv_WLnAxJK4CxhMCPLLpfnjl9VM0iQwgVlFJtjyo3ZFDjI9bpoRxNqp9VPIrL2B6JLS02zdkR9t8VuxoKmQqbr3DsPqPplotHJ_urm214kvWV_Q34dps1Hii_fFfdU8Sh8NIHA
  3. Nomad


    Actually he’s a lefty , lefty ....
  4. Interesting storing that so close to the city proper . For safety reasons many cites have laws regulating the hours fuel trucks can drive on expressways that pass through the city ,to night time only .
  5. Don’t drink out of any streams there .
  6. I May only have a few pieces left ,depends on how we cut and pattern it ,nephew has sold all the remaining,I have my few pieces for my use set aside . Then the farm has a bunch of old barns in disrepair that they don’t use ,that Ive pulled boards off of as well ,so I’ll have something for you by bow opener .
  7. As I said prior , I have some 200 year old barn wood . After I finish the daughter's basement room ,I may have some left for that base . Im currently painting the trim , and fiancée is doing the flooring ,then the barn wood wall, so pretty soon . I have several spools of very old wire fencing ,laying on my land too , not barbed though . Plenty of old fence posts, just to lazy to rip them out of the ground ....
  8. Nomad


    Agree, Oct 28, there has been a scape opened up at the same spot ,every year for years on end . Not sure if I have much of anything figured out , or just hunt a lot those days ,so I have luck those days .
  9. This always come down to summit or lone wolf . I used LW . Now all ladders and one hang on a , LW . I traded my LW climber for some plumbing work, my LW hang on and sticks can get me up in under 10 minutes if I needed to be mobile ,which I generally don’t . The LW climber was so simple ,light ,slim and dead quiet .
  10. Nomad


    Give me the single digits of Nov . if I could only Hunt 4 days it would be , Nov 4,5,6,7 based on 30 some years of hunting MY spot . Nov 4th is my wedding anniversary, Ive killed a few nice bucks on that day ,many more plus/minus a day . Take the wife out for dinner after the holidays.
  11. I’ve shot a pile, of doe over the years at all times . Lately I don’t take any unless I haven’t shot a buck and the season is ending . It’s just the Mrs and I and one good sized buck is fine . Now that I’ve started canning , and stocking up the pantry , I plan to take a doe right off the bat in bow to can , than a buck for the freezer.
  12. Thanks, he works two jobs, pretty much year round . Gets out at 3:30 from one then runs his construction company till 10 pm , plus weekends often . Summers he really ramps,it up ,runs a day crew ,then his normal night crew .
  13. All I got ,his house is pretty cool as well .
  14. Ha, you’re wearing a Cardinals T shirt ......