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  1. 45 pound weighted vest on Jacobs ladder, treadmill, stair machine and so on , this day I did 42 minutes but that’s an exception . Stay tuned I’ll post tomorrow’s work out picture ,well tomorrow. Yesterday I did a weight workout that certainly qualifies as cardio . It’s known as Three Bars of Death , Bench, power cleans and deadlifts ,one set benches followed immediately by cleans then dead’s non stop no rest . Reps are 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  2. Hum a Democrat? Well then my friend Jay from out West, lawyer , hunter , somewhat of a gun guy , loves craft beer and chasing women . If he was President I’m sure he’d hook me up ! Make me an ambassador, to a warm friendly country , with a smoking hot staff or something . So top pay for an ambassador is just under 200k , unless it a no show gig, ill need some kickbacks or a big book deal too .
  3. Ya if only my second one had worked !
  4. Lunch at Gabriel’s Gate, Buffalo . Haven’t had wings in some time , med. but had some kick ,,good sized too, fries were nice and hot as well .
  5. Nomad


    Hayburner at Gabriels Gate Buffalo.
  6. Just dawned on me our youngest , is set to go to Spain in two or three months , have to keep and eye on things . She goes with an under thirty travel group , if enough dropout I could see it cancelled .
  7. Big David Allen Coe fan ,ill check this out thanks !
  8. I would have bet the 1,000 inches was going to be broke when you guys all got drunk together and left the bar ....
  9. Nomad


    I believe Snyder’s is where Lawdwaz and I met for lunch , been to Duffs many times when our kids went to UB . Tomorrow the Mrs and I are meeting our daughter for lunch as although she lives in Buff. she’s out of town for work most of the winter , but not this week . It looks like The Gate House will be our lunch stop .
  10. Nomad


    Keeping with the theme , I pulled this out of my shed . Don’t tell the Mrs. where I hide the good stuff.... The Other Half DDH Imperial IPA .
  11. Ya the timing with the election could be bad, and it’s hard watching stock holdings drop even knowing it’s cyclical .
  12. When it’s at record levels , you’re going to see some profit taking as well as panic selling over the latest news issue . I rode out the 2,008 drop with out making any changes , and to say I’ve recovered nicely would be an understatement. Never buy/sell on emotion, stay the course and for us old farts hold a balanced portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and time horizon.
  13. Had one camera in that spot , last time I swapped cards I saw 25 beds in the snow around it ( had bedded pics on that one too) , which is why I moved another camera to that spot . Fairly open area just on top ( West) of a slope and pretty near the North edge of the woods . They seem mostly to bed facing the North field or NNW , sometimes W .
  14. Nomad

    Sucker spearing

    Use the eggs, for egg sacks for trout fishing , the rest for garden fertilizer.
  15. Nomad


    The wife ,dog and I took a walk on my hunting spot, today , I thought about stopping at The Other Half to grab some beer ,but didn’t , I try to avoid the place on week ends, particularly warm sunny ones like today .