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  1. Germany doesnt have the benefit or option of utilizing its own oil reserves cuz it has none- we do!! Thats why this mess is absolutely , unequivocally Biden's fault !!
  2. Not sure about that, but It's a good question, aint it?
  3. I'm a first trimester guy , myself; I think that abortion should be allowed within thatie frame without conditions; after that time has passed, should be harder (but not impossible) to obtain.
  4. But you’re avoiding the real issue here . What role does The Biden administration have to play in this gas tax mess would you say ? ( Not really a baseball guy , myself , but thoroughly enjoyed your use of them in your repartee with Grouse )
  5. Come on now, Lefty- youre deflecting!! Trump again?? Enough with Trump!! Whos the President now?? What Exxon CEO called Trump an effiing moron ?And How does that relate to the current convo about the Chevron CEO calling out Biden for implementing incredibly hostile anti oiland gas policies that are driving millions of American households to financial ruin?
  6. Lefty Baby, let me ask you: do you think the Oil Exec is being too sensitive? Or, is Biden and his administration so far out of touch that thats all they can up with is reply? Serious question for you conmsidering the fact that you claim to be Conservative yourself
  7. Notwithstanding the question of authenticity surrounding the whole Brice Cromwell letter, pretty sure this one is real: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/chevron-ceo-says-biden-should-stop-criticizing-big-oil-calls-for-change-in-approach/ar-AAYIcuq?ocid=uxbndlbing A quote from the letter by Mr. Wirth: "Your administration has largely sought to criticize, and at times vilify, our industry," Wirth said in a letter to Biden. "These actions are not beneficial to meeting the challenges we face." This about says it all, I think in regards to the business climate for Oil/Gas the Biden administration's created
  8. Maybe an oil Executive at some level writing under a pseudonym ? Might make sense considering todays political climate .
  9. See, I learn something new from you , yet again, Lefty! Never heard of this "The Mendoza Line" reference; what does it mean?
  10. FYI- Just did a google search on all Election lawsuits filed regarding '20 Presidential election; from what I can see, nothing appears to have been filed since Feb of '21
  11. Im asking you if the evidence that was compiled for 2000 Mules was presented to the courts last year and was dismissed- was it? Nope!! Do you know if anyone has re-filed a new lawsuit based on the new evidence that -post original lawsuit case- has since come to light?
  12. Virg, am I wrong then? Are you saying the courts, back in'20, DID hear the 2000 Mules evidence that was just released this past May and didnt even exist ( not in a put together, analytical format / context, at least) when the court cases were heard (Late 20/ early '21)?
  13. They didn’t see ( or hear ) this evidence - you’re wrong . That wasn’t available back in ‘20
  14. And who are the “jackasses “ you’re referring to? Well, with all due respect , youre opinion doesn’t amount to all that much if you haven’t taken the time at least to watch it , now , does it ?
  15. Not true; reason why the evidence hasnt gone anywhere (yet, cuz hopefully, the establishment will eventually do the right thing) is because theyre biased in favor of the Dems. They hated Trump and are glad hes out of office and out of power; their apparent attitude being, by any means necessary, even if that involves cvheating , which they clearly did. How do you know the evidence is silly, btw? Did you watch? yet And Trust me, the evidence presented ih the film needs no legitmizing by me on a NY state hunting platform, cuz it be there!!
  16. We agree here; unfortunately, the media is incredibly biased and refuse to hold Biden (and other) Dems to the same standards they do Republicans , so only Republicans are investigated/charged and held accountable most of the time
  17. Not sure if thats true or not, but has nothing to do with the veracity of 2000 Mules evidence- correct? But Lefty, if were talking about political malfeasance, do you think, then, that Biden is beyond reproach (Burisma/ Ukraine/ Hunter Biden, etc.) ?? I think not.... Im not talking about political corruption here , I'm talking about the election fraud that occurred ( and yes, it clearly did happen) in '20, perpetrated by the Dems . (You may be right about the issue youre talking about w/ Trump however, the Grift thing; Ill read it when I get a chance)
  18. Thanks for the link, but hardly an unbiased source (i.e. Coulter the extreme Trmup hater) , a point always made by the Left about Dsouza and his credibility/bias,btw. Here, check out a sample: https://news.yahoo.com/ann-coulter-blames-gigantic-pussy-224927277.html
  19. Lefty, whats a Grift anyway? Youve used that term before, never heard it ( embarrasingly for me lol)
  20. I see; and the fact that you havent seen the documentary yourself doesnt influence your opinion that it is nonsense? Quite convenient, id say.
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