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  1. No doubt !! Consider: Biden as Prez= Cognitive mess; VP Harris = Twit and , of course there’s Fetterman !!Since you voted for the aforementioned idiots , It is NOTHING but ironic to us that some on the left would even have the temerity to go there in relation to candidate Walker !! Lol
  2. They have some of that breath deodorizer stuff too from scent away;dont know if it works or not but saw a bottle up to huntin camp the other day. I try to keep my mouth closed as much as possible while in the woods to avoid that- who knows if it works !!!
  3. Each and every year, after opening weekend, same thing, right guys? Deer seem to disappear- but do they go deeper and further in, necessarily? Im not convinced that they do; rather, , I think alot of times they hunker down in those nasty areas of their core area where we dont go due to difficult access, hunker doen throughout most of the day, and chill-for the most part, till nightfall. So , how do you get 'em ?
  4. Nice job!! Im gonna try this tomorrow, I think while doin a little still hunting. So, you only turned the can over 1x per call or did you do a few in a row? Everey 50 steps or so you would do this? Sounds like a lot to me , but ill try it. Do you think it may spook them . though , doing ti so often? Great post
  5. For me, in my stand (or spot) by around 6. before, I would try to get there as early as possible, like even as early as 5:15 but thats just alot of watsed time , IMHO; besides, you get cold quicker that way and its not even shooting light yet!!
  6. Gotcha ; only thing you can do then is try to go on the second day . My belief is that the deer is winding you , though . Do you spray your eqpt and clothes e with scent blocker ?
  7. Go on the second day and can you walk in another way or no ?
  8. Ok, so went out sat thru monday and took today off cuz I had some things to do. All ive seen so far is one deer blasting pat me around 7am sunday morning; besides that, nothing. Only 1 guy in my club has scored so far, a nice 8 pointer opening morning around 6:50 i think. How are you doing? Get anything yet? Any sightings?
  9. Best boots for warmth in your humble opinion?
  10. Are yu sure ? That’s would be good if you’re right !
  11. I don’t know about you guys , but I’m a little bit worried about the new law mandating transporting rifle in a locked box . What a pain in the $&” while hunting , right ?!! I spoke to somebody at Davis the other day about this law and they told me they heard that - unofficially , mind you - that sentiments among the majority of law enforcement personnel is to overlook this rule , believing it bulls$&@“ like the rest of us . For me , I’m just gonna stick my rifle under the seat of my truck while enroute and not worry about it - what about you guys ?
  12. Let us now divert our attention away from Mr Walker and Fetterman and watch a real Pro inaction : our President , Joe Biden , the master Disseminator of coherent thought!! Check it !! https://www.google.com/search?q=most+incoherent+rambling+things+biden+has+said+yutube&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&sxsrf=ALiCzsa6eb_QZ_SsdsAxT16icgwjf2T5pQ%3A1668737161871&source=hp&ei=ieh2Y_u2Msir5NoP3rKA4AQ&oq=most+incoherent+rambling+things+biden+has+said+yutube&gs_lcp=ChFtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1ocBADMgcIIRCgARAKOgcIIxDqAhAnOgQIIxAnOgoILhDHARDRAxAnOhEILhCABBCxAxCDARDHARDRAzoFCC4QgAQ6DgguEIAEELEDEMcBENEDOggILhCABBDUAjoFCAAQgAQ6CAgAEIAEELEDOggILhCxAxCDAToECAAQAzoICC4QgAQQsQM6CAgAELEDEIMBOgsIABCABBCxAxCDAToGCAAQFhAeOggIABAWEB4QDzoFCAAQhgM6BQghEKABOgUIIRCrAjoFCAAQogRQughYw2tgrG5oAXAAeACAAbYBiAGQKZIBBTMyLjIxmAEAoAEBsAEP&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-hp#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:4e15e13d,vid:SdfvIvYPPRo
  13. A very insightful horror movie review IMHO !! At least now I know that a werewolf can kill a vampire !! So , which would you rather be : a werewolf , a vampire or a Fetterman lol. I’m goin werewolf myself !! Speaking of Fetterman , How much money would you be willing to bet that Fool actually knows what fracking is ? I’d bet a thousand bucks that he doesn’t !! Hell , he couldn’t even remember that a few years ago , he was against it , but now he’s for it and was always for it according to him !! But then again , it’s easy to be confused when you actually don’t know what thing is , ain’t it
  14. Everybody whos regular on here knows that Im a big Trump guy so ostensibly, im happy; however, Im starting to agree with Rob that Trump may be a major distraction and is so damaged now as a candidate that he cannot win a national election. Perhaps its time for someone new to step in the Repbulican party?
  15. Agreed; thats the only thing thats happened to me, too. I ALWAYS make sure that tether strap is on and secure to prevent that!!
  16. I actually a little more leery of ladder stands than climbers when contending with ice buildup.
  17. Why the hell not? thats what Im gonna do
  18. Advantage of this over the safety harness and straps ?
  19. very scary and glad youre ok . I usually dont strap in on my way down; after reading this post, i think i better start!! thank you for sharing
  20. Same here man!!! I wont feel ready midway thru the season!!
  21. I like it!! Question: how do you know theyre escape routes? Could just be regular trails or no?
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