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  1. stubborn1VT


    Thanks for the replies guys. It's one thing to read a review online, it's another to hear from people who use them. Let us know how the trigger upgrade goes mlammerhirt.
  2. To each his own. I don't get why you feel so strongly about it Chef. Do what you like.
  3. stubborn1VT


    Do you guys still recommend this xbow? I read up on it, and some really hate the trigger and the scope. Would you consider it ready to hunt out of the box (with better bolts)? Anyone have the trigger mod done? It seems like alot of bow for a little $$. Guess I'm wondering if it is too good to be true.
  4. stubborn1VT

    Mock scrape

    It's more likely a change in their primary food source.
  5. stubborn1VT

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Your example is cause & effect. I get that. Drilling Betts in the 1st isn't that, unless it's for the 13 pitch AB where he hit a granny off Happ. Maybe you're right, and Sale should drill Judge just to set the tone. I'm not against guys getting hit, but there aught to be a reason. Maybe the starter of each home team should just drill the leadoff man EVERY GAME. Drilling Betts seems like a gutless move. Maybe that's" the Yankee Way". If anyone should get drilled it's the umps for some of the warning they have issued. Guess we'll see if Sale is healthy and if Happ can continue his success against the Sox.
  6. stubborn1VT

    2018 Baseball Thread

    You gotta be kidding? And you coach? I get what you're saying about the warnings, but that's some BS.
  7. stubborn1VT

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Looking forward to a good series, but I'm not buying the Yanks as a kid with a slingshot.
  8. stubborn1VT

    Stalking while bow hunting

    Many very successful trackers grunt as they walk, especially in noisy conditions (dry leaves, crunchy snow etc). The deer thinks it is another deer and allows the hunter to get closer. Just another approach to consider.
  9. Congrats Moog, and the rest of the successful hunters out there. Recurve? Glad you found him. He's a dandy!
  10. stubborn1VT

    Asking woodburners!!!

    I will start it any time it's below 55 degrees. Like Wolc, I have a pretty much endless supply of firewood. We have oil heat, but I do my best to make sure the furnace never runs.
  11. stubborn1VT

    Limb saver size help

    The interwebs suggest that a size SMALL will fit the 870 Express. I just threw a tape measure on my wood stock 870 Express. The measurements suggest that a SMALL would indeed fit correctly.
  12. stubborn1VT

    Asking woodburners!!!

    Girlfriend came home from work feeling under the weather. Think she's coming down with a cold. It didn't take much arm twisting to get me to fire up the woodstove. Pretty comfy in here! I like the cool weather, but the heat feels good on a damp day.
  13. stubborn1VT

    peep size

    It's not the size of your peep. It's how you use it.
  14. stubborn1VT

    Field Binoculars....?

    I carry a pair of 8x25 Leupolds. They are small, so I carry them all season. I agree that a bigger pair of binos would get left home. Think I only paid $120 or so on mine and they perform well enough. I would like a pair of 10x50 to keep in the house.
  15. stubborn1VT

    Who will be in their stands on Monday?!?

    Vermont season opener is October 6th, so...