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  1. Totally. People can pile on the Astros all they want, but it's ridiculous to think that the rest of the league wasn't doing something. They won't go after players. They can't afford to open that can of worms and they can't take on the player's union.
  2. Kinda surprised by the Beltran move. I get it, but it didn't really seem necessary to me. What do Mets fans think?
  3. No, because it happens gradually. To over simplify, deer have a summer diet and a winter diet and "summer" and "winter" bacteria to digest these diets. They eat stuff all summer/fall like grass, leaves, corn, apples until they run out. Then they switch to woody browse and the bacteria changes over. Once this happens they can't just go back to eating grass and corn. In the spring, things green up and the deer slowly switch back over to a green diet. You can kill a starving deer in the middle of winter by feeding it corn or hay. Standing corn wouldn't hurt them because the bacteria would stay present in their stomach as long as it was available. Bans on feeding make sense to me, mostly because people can't be trusted to feed the deer continually. In Maine you can get a permit to feed deer, but it has to be approved by the state. They also require that you continue feeding the deer until May. You can see one of these sites on the Youtube. Look up Brownville Food Pantry for Deer.
  4. Nah. Pitcher vs hitter matchups are just a matter of numbers. The numbers tell the story and then it's just a matter of going with the numbers or your gut. Managers have every single set of numbers available. A computer could make the moves. NBA is a game of momentum. A good coach can get more out of a team than the sum of its parts. It's tougher to decide when to call a time-out than it is to pick a reliever. I get what you're saying about elite teams with superstar lineups, but that's only a handful of teams. Once you get to the 2nd and 3rd team in the division you have a team that does more with less, and that takes coaching.
  5. Managing matchups, defenses, the clock, making adjustments is way tougher. Just the pace of the game makes it more difficult. NBA is a game of runs and responding to them. MLB is no comparison. You are way off on this one Biz. Just figuring out a defensive strategy against an elite scorer is more difficult than managing a bullpen.
  6. At least MLB has finally done something about it. It was hard to take it seriously before. Now they know. The trash can things reminds me of when Pineda had pine tar on his neck. It gets to a point that something has to be done. I will be interested to see what Cora gets. 1 year I would think. Losing draft picks will hurt for sure. The only disappointing part for me is all the teams that got away with it. Everyone was doing it, but a few are really going to pay. Dunno. At least it should be a more level playing field going forward.
  7. Am I the only one who misses actual winter?
  8. Nobody posting about the Gardner signing? I am the furthest thing from a Spankees fan, but Gardner is a grinder. 28 dingers last year! Juiced ball? Little league ball park? Give that man 12+ million. Good to see he gets more than Hicks, since he actually takes the fields and helps them win.
  9. Just curious about milo ( aka grain sorghum )as a later season draw. Deer won't bother it while it is growing and raccoons won't get into it like corn. Has anyone planted it? I don't see why I can't broadcast it. The taller variety can also provide some screening effect since it can get over 5 feet tall. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with firsthand experience with this.
  10. I should probably mention that I am also insured.
  11. Sorry to hear this Eddie. That's a tough one.
  12. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in letting my hunt their property in trade for labor. I don't have money for a lease, but I do have some skills and equipment that I could offer for "payment". I was thinking of something like this: A long weekend of labor over the spring/summer for at least a long weekend of hunting. I can bring: chainsaws, walk-behind brush cutter, walk behind tiller, small stump grinder, other hand tools, farming and food plotting experience and insurance. I run a one-man "land care" business in Vermont. I cut trees, clear brush, brush-hog, rototill, prune and sell firewood. I am looking for: a place to hunt with a crossbow or a rifle, some leads on lodging, general hunting advice. I am particularly interested in hunting during the first 2 weeks in November. I'm not looking for a guided hunt, more of a base of operations. I had this in mind when I joined the forum 3 years ago, but I have never hunted in NY. I live near Lake Champlain and I'm not far from the NZ/SZ border. It's not important that I kill a deer, but I sure would like to see some. I have been hunting for 30+ years. I am a "sitter" as opposed to a stand hunter. I am a meat hunter, but I try to shoot 2.5 year old bucks. I am not opposed to shooting does, but haven't taken one in 11 or 12 years. I have killed 1-2 bucks a year for the last 10 years. I meant to do this sooner, but now seems like a good time. I run my own business and set my own schedule. If you are interested, feel free to message me or reply to this thread.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with starting low. It's not the same as leasing it directly for hunting or leasing it to plant crops. They still get to rotate crops through it. They wouldn't be losing much, if anything by letting you lease it. It would be worth the money to keep bullets from flying in your direction.
  14. That I don't know. I use a cocking rope with mine. I do know that Centerpoint sells a compatible crank for about $80.