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  1. If it were my new plot I would spend more $ on lime and less on fertilizer. I should be ordering seed for fall plots this week. Also getting rye and peas. I already have some brassica and clover seed. Good luck with the plot. Hope to see some green pics in early October.
  2. I hear hemp rope works, but I know that grape vine works as well. And it's free. I have had the same piece of vine up in one spot for 4 years now. Glad LETEMGROW mentioned it. I need to put a couple up and this rainy week looks like the time to do it.
  3. Saw him play at the Tunbridge Fair. After the show we were hanging out by the grandstand, passing a flask around and Charlie came out for a few minutes and had a drink with us. He was talented as hell, passionate and also a regular guy. I hope he is someplace peaceful. Take a few minutes and watch the video for Aaron Lewis' "Country Boy" with George Jones and Charlie Daniels if you get a chance.
  4. Congrats to both of you. Great photo! Lovely lady and you were looking pretty fast Eddie!
  5. YES. The more you pick the more cukes it will grow. They are better when small IMO.
  6. Awesome! But no black and gold?
  7. I'm jealous. Our rain keeps getting cancelled by the weatherman. Did I forget to pay the bill???
  8. Never bought wheat. Haven't bought much seed to be honest. I get most of it the same way you do. I don't have much experience with wheat, so I can't say much about it. I do know that it is cold tolerant.
  9. As usual, Wolc thinks in absolutes. Every situation is different. Oats are more expensive than rye where I buy them. Everyone has a favorite cereal grain and they are all different. Many variables determine what deer prefer. In an area with high deer density oats won't last as well as rye. Rye grows thicker, faster and in more soils than any other food plot species. Deer will eat basically anything when it is small and palatable, so when you plant is often more important than what you plant. Rye grows thicker and provides better weed suppression than other cereal grains. It stands up to cold better than any other grain. It stands up to grazing pressure better too. Oats are great, but they like cooler temperatures and more moisture. They don't grow as thick, so they make a better nurse crop. Mixes will outperform any single planting out there. To each his own.
  10. Very creative Dinsdale. I never had to build a gate like that for milk cows, but I can see how it would work.
  11. I have found that deer prefer oats, but all cereal grains are similar. The biggest difference is that oats die off, while winter rye or wheat will stay green and regrow in the spring. It's great when it is the first thing to green up, but it also competes with the clover. Oats make a better nurse crop for the clover. Mixing the oats and winter rye together is the best of both worlds IMO.
  12. Unless you are very far north I would plant turnips in late July/early August. In 3-4 weeks I would broadcast rye and clover. Personally I would mix in some oats too. 3-4 weeks after that I would see if there are any thin spots or bare dirt and broadcast rye again. Check out Jeff Sturgis on food plots. I don't agree with him on all things deer hunting and deer management, but he has his food plot stuff dialed in.
  13. I've built miles of electric fence. Looks like a PITA to me. You still need to actually disconnect the wire to get through. Your switch would shut the power off. Another solution that I have seen is to go up and over a gate with the wire, like a telephone wire. Doesn't look great, but I've done it where I couldn't bury a wire. You end up the same though - no power ON the gate to discourage the pups. I think your situation is what led to the development of the "invisible fence".
  14. If you build the gate close to the ground will the dogs try to dig under? My dog has a yard made of board fence on 2 sides and welded wire on the other 2. He stays in. Also, if your dog gets shocked by the fence I doubt he will be testing the gate. You could put a piece of electric fence wire across the gate, but not hook it to either side. That way it would look like it was electrified. But that's getting pretty tricky. A gate handle would allow you to electrify the gate, but it would be a 2 step process to open it.