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  1. Trail Cam Questions

    I agree with Grampy. I have run Wildgame cameras with some success. They can be a good starter camera. I'm hoping to replace them with Browning cams over time, but for now I'm still running 4 Wildgame cameras. The oldest one is 5 years old. I wouldn't say that I count on them for information, but it is neat to see what walks by. Two years ago I shot my rifle buck on opening day. When I checked my cams a few weeks later I was amazed how many decent bucks had come through the farm toward the end of the season.
  2. Besides deer what is your favorite thing to hunt

    Wild turkeys. Gobble gobble.
  3. Favorite Big Woods Gun and Caliber

    I do know some real deerslayers that carry the 99 in .300 Savage. I really like that lever gun. I have one in .250-3000. Someday I will have to take it out and kill a buck with it. Good luck aquiring your buddy's 99. I always thought it would be neat to have "the whole set".
  4. Lawdwaz has a birthday today !

    Have a good one Lawd. And many more.
  5. Throw N Grow

    I have established plots in the woods using oats or winter rye, clovers and chicory using nothing but a leaf rake and a steel rake. I did use a good dose of pelletized lime. I had cut a bunch of trees for firewood, so there was a decent amount of light. I checked one of these plots yesterday, and the chicory came back pretty thick. The clovers were there, but sparse. It can be done!
  6. Quality pole saw?

    Thanks for all the replies. I have a battery powered pole saw that isn't great. Also have an old school shear that I got at a yard sale for $3. I love that for pruning. I will check out the Fiskars. The first Hooyman I bought failed. The latches came unglued. Back then they had a lifetime warranty. I sent it out and they fixed it and set it back. The company got bought out since then, so I may look into that as well. I use a pole saw more than most people, but I still feel that they should last more than 2 or 3 years.
  7. Quality pole saw?

    I have had two and the plastic latches have failed on both. Otherwise, they are the best pole saw I have used.
  8. Quality pole saw?

    I am looking for a good brand of pole saw. I have been using Hooyman saws for quite a few years. I like the i beam construction, but hate the glued on, plastic latches. I need a saw to cut shooting lanes, prune apple trees, and occasionally take down a limb or two as part of my property maintenance business. Any suggestions? Not looking for a powered saw, just an extendable pole saw that doesn't flex too much.
  9. Late Summer Food Plots- Insert Moisture

    Thunderstorms are so unpredictable. One storm missed us. A second little cell gave us half an hour of light rain. It cleared off and the sun came out. Half an hour later we got a downpour of an inch in 45 minutes. There is no real forecast. We get what we get. I'm hoping this will kick my plots into gear.
  10. What kind of MZ glass ?

    I'm sold on the Bushnell scopes with Rainguard. I have the a couple of the Elite 3200's and they never fog and stand up to weather beautifully. I'll be getting either a 2-7 or 3-9 to replace the "package" scope that came on my CVA. Not the brightest scope I have ever owned, buy certainly the most hassle-free.
  11. Late Summer Food Plots- Insert Moisture

    We got one thundershower that dumped .70" a couple days ago. That will certainly help with germination. Our second cut is growing SLOW. My garden looks okay, but my yield will be way down. We're scheduled for a thundershower today, but from the looks of the radar it's going to skirt by us again. It could be worse. It could also be better. Certainly better than July, but it's going to take more than a few showers to get us back toward "normal", whatever that is these days.
  12. how did you learn to hunt?

    My father and grandfather introduced me to hunting, but didn't teach me much. They were both farmers, and didn't have much time. I learned by wandering the farm by myself. I hunted squirrels with a pellet gun. I probably learned the most hunting partridge and woodchucks. Where to be, when to be there, how to wait. One of my cousins took up bow hunting. I started because of him. I liked to shoot. I made more stupid mistakes than I care to count. We had a pretty big deer herd back then. It took me 3 years to shoot my first buck. I learned pretty much on my own. I'm not much good on a brand new piece of ground, but I know our little farm pretty well. We didn't have a turkey season until the 90's. I bought a box call and borrowed a 12 gauge and shot a 20 pounder the first time I went out. I've learned a bunch since then. It seems like every year has its own challenges. I like that it's the same each fall though. Just me and the deer. They're a whole lot smarter or more aware than I am. I just wait them out. I hear stories of guys hunting with their dads, and that's pretty neat. I'm kind of glad I have always hunted on my own though. I spent one year overseas, and didn't get to hunt. It helped that there were no trees or grass or whitetail deer. It made me thankful that each year the temperatures drop and the leaves fall and the days get shorter. 8:15 and mostly dark.
  13. 2018 Baseball Thread

    That had to hurt.
  14. 2018 Baseball Thread

    Where are those two guys in the standings?
  15. Nice work, and nice tractor. I was thinking of something else when I read the title of the post, however.