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  1. Our horses do this to itch their stomachs, mostly when the flies are bad.
  2. Not hunting today. My season has been deathly slow so far. Hunted parts of 5 days. Supposed to be plenty warm today, so I am home to work on wood and do stuff around the house. I'm saving my energy for better deer movement, which will start any time now. The majority of my bow kills have been after October 14. Good luck to everyone out there.
  3. I like your style. No release? Why not get naked on a 6' platform? Kidding. Congrats on your first bowkill by the way. Good luck out there!
  4. I know a guy who shot in an archery league all summer. He held great groups out to 60yds. He shot a doe on our farm at 50ish. She spun and he hit her in the face. He tracked her for 2 days and never found her. To each his own, but I believe he learned a lesson about the difference between a stationary target and a live deer.
  5. I know some very successful canine trappers. They all say that a cat is WAY easier to catch. Good luck!
  6. I think I would like the Trigger Stick bipod, but I'm too cheap. I made myself a set of sticks out of 3/4" dowel, a machine screw & wing nut, some 550 cord and camo duct tape. Now I'm just waiting on Saturday when the VT season opens. 36 degrees here this morning! I have a bachelor group on camera moving back through some apple trees in the mornings. It's time to go see them in person.
  7. Hopefully at least 1 buck. Two would be even better. If not, a second deer of most any kind to top off the freezer. Expecting to hunt from the ground more in brush blinds. I have a couple good ladder stand spots, but I would like to be more mobile. Trying to spend more time on a small piece that I got permission on a couple years back.
  8. October 5th. VT opener. Gotta go out opening weekend to get that feeling. At the very least I can make a couple observation sits and do some of the scouting I haven't been able to get to.
  9. Be glad your shoulders will allow you to bow hunt. I never claimed a xbow was a bow. It's just a legal means for me to hunt in October.
  10. I agree about carrying a rest around. I leave one in my blind when rifle hunting. I've never used a monopod, only a bipod. I know that I appreciate the bipod when I have the opportunity for 200+ yard shots.
  11. I plan to hunt from the ground more this year and was wondering if folks use some kind of monopod/bipod. I use a a homemade bipod when rifle hunting out of blind, but it won't work with my xbow because it would interfere with the limbs. I'm a fair shot offhand out to 30-35 yards, but I am looking for the highest percentage of clean kills. What do you prefer? What about out of a treestand?
  12. Been helping my buddy with a big batch of 2nd cut this week. He makes his living selling hay. He has mowed 70-80 acres since Sunday. I haven't got to do any tractor work, just hauling and unloading wagons. I have farmed pretty much my whole life. We've really been going after it, running 2 tedders, 2 rakes, 2 square balers and one round baler. If the weather holds, this hay will be big bonus for him. I will be glad when the days are too short to bale hay and I can focus on firewood and getting the rest of my stand ready for bow season.
  13. You could, but that roof overhang should take care of most of it IMO.
  14. According to an ap on my buddy's phone, my 370 is shooting right around 345 fps with Piledrivers and a 100 grain head.
  15. That's a cool experience! I'm always surprised by this sort of encounter, but it makes sense. Bears don't seem to see very well at all. If they don't smell you, then they are pretty oblivious.