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  1. So now you have faith in law makers in the US and NY? That's convenient. I'm good with Canada's reasoning. You obviously disagree. At least you cited evidence to support your position. I haven't seen any such reports from law makers, but I have followed the border news mostly from new sources linked to a Canadian fishing site that I belong to. The rain has stopped. I'm off to run chainsaw. Carry on.
  2. Oh I'm with you there. I just don't think that Canada is the problem. I get that it's 99% survivable, but I won't overlook the long-term effects of the virus on individuals or the impact of so much loss of life on families. The southern border is a whole other mess and one more worthy of being pizzed about.
  3. You are in your own reality bud. I don't know if you wear a tinfoil hat, or if you just hate everything all the time, but I don't detect alot of reasoning or information in your POV. You have every right to call it like you see it. I would would take your complaints seriously if I thought they were founded in some kind of factual basis. I could be wrong, but the border was closed (both ways) for public safety. The border is going to open because Canada counts on the 22 million US tourists that visit annually AND they have begun to reach their vaccination goals. I don't know where "
  4. The Canadian government? If you don't like it then don't vote for him...oh wait. I grew up on a dairy farm - working for myself. I started my own business - and work for myself. I don't need anything from anyone. You don't know me. But you keep throwing out ignorant generalizations. That'll accomplish a bunch.
  5. You really think he's making these types of decisions all by his lonesome? C'mon. I know you think you could do it better, but again, c'mon.
  6. I guess I don't follow your "logic", but that's no surprise. If you came to my house I would ask you to wipe your feet, not smoke inside and not bring your dog in without asking first. It's their country, their rules. Deal with it candy ass.
  7. Not pissed at all, especially about another country's leader that has minimal impact on me. I just don't understand why you feel the need to hate on so many people via the keyboard. I guess it must be important enojug for you to you to spend the time and expend the energy. Carry on. What set of "facts" determine when a person is, in "truth" a "soyboy" or a "candy ass" or an "nancy boy" or whatever? Good stuff. Stay angry brotha!
  8. Brave enough to serve in the military overseas, farm it for many years, and start my own business. Also brave enough to admit there are things that I'm not an expert in. Stay uninformed and weak minded.
  9. Are you patriotic? Canada is his country, not yours. Get a clue. They had a plan and they followed it. Spewing ignorant, hateful sh#t doesn't make you brave. It just highlights how little you think before you type.
  10. Must be you are an expert on government, economies, pandemics and public safety. He may be a candy ass, but I don't think he's ignorant... It's his country, his people and his economy. What the heck is it to you?
  11. Mixes are good. Red will establish MUCH faster than white, but white can last for years and years with minimal maintenance. I will be seeding a little strip with Ladino, medium Red and Balansa clovers with Winter Wheat as a nurse crop. Pretty much what Phade said.
  12. I brush-hog acres of the stuff every summer, both with the tractor and the walk-behind. I rarely get a spot here and there. I know a number of people who have ended up in the hospital because of it with serious burns. It's rugged stuff, but I prefer it to poison ivy.
  13. Cool project. I hope it turns out as awesome as you envisioned it Zeek.
  14. Some good advice in this thread. I now wait until August to plant brassicas. I'm trying to cut back my seeding rate as well. I just go back and hit the bare spots with winter rye or wheat. Giving them a shot of nitrogen once the plants are 4+" tall will give them a heck of a growth spurt (as long as there is enough moisture). As for adding a little clover, it can be done. I would suggest cutting your seeding rate even further on the brassicas, as they will just shade the clover out. I gave up on this method and now frost/snow seed to get clover going for the spring/summer. This m
  15. If that deer is 2.5 then he's extremely well fed. Antlers don't indicate much to me, but body weight does. In my area that would have to be at least a 3.5yo, but deer do vary from area to area based on habitat.
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