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  1. I'm pretty sure we will have new gun laws here in Vermont shortly. I don't know how dramatic the changes will be, but they are coming. I doubt any of the new legislation will have any impact on me personally. Some of my friends are outraged, but I feel like the people (majority) have spoken and lawmakers have listened. I'm not for new gun laws here, but I understand the current push. Choosing a place to live is about quality of life. Gun laws are only a small factor in the bigger puzzle for me.
  2. How Does Your Garden Grow

    I drove my little tractor out to my food plots at the house and waded around in the snow. I did manage to prune a wild apple tree. I will plant peas, salad greens, onions, beets, sweet peppers and some tomatoes in my two raised beds. These are next to my grill, so I weed a little while I tend the grill and drink a beer. I plan to plant zuchinni, summer squash, cukes, pumpkins, and a variety of winter squash in my "pumpkin patch". This is a long, slightly raised strip that I cover with heavy duty plastic. It requires very little watering and less weeding.
  3. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    The recent sub-zero temps froze the shorelines up in some of my spots on Champlain. I went out for half a day yesterday. There was 14" - 18" of decent ice and almost no snow on top. The fishing was really slow, but it beat sitting around at home. Managed a meal of perch for some of my older neighbors and a big meal of crappie and bluegills for us. The bass and pickerel were crazy! I landed over a dozen largemouth and a couple pickerel and got broke off/cut off 5 times. I still haven't found or replaced my digital camera, and I don't have a smaht phone. Sorry, no pics.
  4. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy Birthday Dan!
  5. Working on a new prosthetic arm

    Good luck with your decision making. I can see why the doc was surprised. 2K seems like alot. I guess "hand jobs" are really expensive in Germany!
  6. A lot of good people here.

    Can't we all just get along? Let's just take a deep breath and contemplate the natural beauty of this dragonfly.
  7. No doubt! What if there was an unseen sasquatch in the background? At least if you were blazing away with a .223, you wouldn't kill it, but more likely just wound it.
  8. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    I agree. I'm mystified over the reaction to this thread, especially the vilification of Pygmy. 8" of snow? I wish I was so lucky.
  9. We just got 14" at my house, and 27" at my family's farm. The worst part is that the ground thawed out. I was gearing up for spring work, and now I'm settling in for another stretch of hibernation.
  10. Your heaviest arrow

    I shoot about a 500 grain aluminum arrow. I keep my shots around 25 yards. I'm happy with what I get for momentum and penetration. You never know when you might have to put down a squirrel!
  11. Settled on the new squirrel round

    That should be enough gun, but make sure you use a quality bullet. If you somehow make a marginal shot, you want a BIG hole and a good blood trail!
  12. Settled on the new squirrel round

    Now .223 isn't considered big enough for squirrels? Tough crowd!
  13. Experiences grafting fruit trees?

    I will continue to research it. Not much else to do since we got 14" of new snow here, and 22' of snow at the farm. I guess I will wait a bit before I head out to do my pruning. Big snowfalls aren't exactly rare in March, but I was still taken by surprise. Now I'm starting to feel the cabin fever!
  14. If Bigfoot was real would you shoot/ hunt it ?

    Satellites, drones, trail cams, night vision...
  15. Experiences grafting fruit trees?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I did find a couple places that will custom bench graft apple trees. You can either send them your desired scion wood, or have them use theirs. Either way it's about $12, if I remember correctly. That's pretty cheap, but it still puts you a year behind buying a 4-5' tree that is ready to plant.