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  1. 4 for 5 with 3 homers? Not bad at all.
  2. Saw my first tom at the house today! He followed two hens across an overgrown field. The hens were hanging tight to the cedars, looking for shade I assume. They made a big loop and made it back to my food plot. I was trying to stay busy working on wood and yard work, so I didn't stick around to see if they made it in front of my camera.
  3. I helped take down a 60 footer. Did it the same way. Two of us with sledge hammers. We did hook a cable to one of the upper rings and gave it some encouragement with a tractor. Just like chopping down a tree!
  4. Solar farms (fields) are a waste IMO. I understand rooftop panels, but a whole field? Those panels also end up in the landfill. Almost all solar farms sit on concrete footings also, making it cost prohibitive to reclaim that land. What a waste.
  5. I learned with a deerhide glove and was never comfortable with a tab. To each his own.
  6. The farm I sometimes work for has a Big Tex 5th wheel trailer. They have had it for at least 15+ years. I think it's a 24 footer, so not at all the same size. I can say that it has done everything they have asked of it. They were hauling scrap to the junkyard with it when I left today. We have used it to haul cars, trucks, tractors, hay, logs etc. The only thing they have replaced that I am aware of is lights/wiring and tires. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a trailer from Big Tex.
  7. Brassicas are worth trying IMO. In some places it takes time for them to use them, but I have seen them work more times than not. They aren't difficult to plant and they aren't expensive. Not many people have the option of doing soybeans, especially 10 acres. A blend of brassicas, top-dressed with winter rye or wheat should do the trick. Throw in a little clover seed, then frost seed in the spring and you should be in business. If the area is big enough, I would split it in in half. I plant clover for early season and brassicas for late season. Good luck with whatever you choose. Hope
  8. I fished all day Saturday in the Champlain Islands. Kept a 6 gallon buck of bluegills and pumkinseeds. Wish I had taken some pictures cuz some of the 'seeds were pushing 10". I could probably push it another day or two, but it's time to put my gear away and get to work on Spring chores.
  9. The plan is to clean up my wood yard, prune apple trees, do some spring panfishing, dig and pickle some ramps and maybe scout turkeys a little (while carrying a .22 Mag for woodchucks).
  10. There are some good things about this site. Sometimes that's difficult to remember. I'm a Vermonter and a Red Sox fan, but there is still some guys on here that I would like to shoot the breeze with some day. Happy spring time folks!
  11. Happy Birthday Dan! Think they'll ever open up the border so you can hunt dem Canadian birds, eh?
  12. Congrats to you both. He sure is handsome. It really is hard to measure how much they add to our lives. ALOT!
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