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  1. 1) black cherry 2) not sure, not an ash. I could tell you if you cut it down and showed me a cross cut! 3) beech 4) probably a white ash 5) hard maple
  2. After cleaning a whole bunch of sunfish, I think I would offer Robhuntandfish a job as my fish cleaner and guide on Oneida.
  3. Got on the ice on Champlain for the day, along with about 30 other folks. It was nice to get out and be able to visit pretty safely. Caught almost a 6 gallon bucket of gills and seeds and some were real nice. Awful great weather too.
  4. Sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours.
  5. I should be after panfish on Friday. May set a few tipups for northerns while I'm out.
  6. There are some really good deals on rims on Ebay. I replaced both rears on my Kubota this summer. Got them for $165 each, shipped to my door. Just be sure that you match up the offset and bolt pattern. I had a heck of a time getting this info from some sellers. I got them from mytractorparts on Ebay after he sent me a diagram.
  7. I have been out with the saw also. Focusing on soft maple and poplar for now. I want to get the firewood out and then I plan to drop some of the ugly white pine and hemlock to let in light and possibly provide bedding. I may be able to get some saw logs out of them and bring them to my brother. He bought a portable saw mill this fall. I also want to do some more clean out around the few bigger oaks. I did that around one tree and it seemed to really pay off in growth and in acorns. Good luck to everyone out there and be safe.
  8. Old fashioned Dutch white clover is pretty good. It grows low and stands up to drought. The more it is mowed/grazed, the more it blossoms. I don't know alot about the newer clovers. I believe some of them establish very quickly. I think your plan makes good sense. I would recommend a blend. Also, if using a bag spreader, I would mix your clover seed with pelletized lime. It's good for the soil and it will help you spread the seed more evenly. Congrats on the new place and good luck!
  9. stubborn1VT

    Shot Help

    Shot a buck too far forward with a ML. Tracked him for hours in fresh snow. Jumped him from a bed and he blew at me. I stopped there for 30 mins and then shot him dead as he got out of his next bed. If she didn't leave with the other deer, I expect you hit her back. Good luck with the search.
  10. My daily driver is a standard. I grew up driving tractors and one-ton farm trucks. Nothing wrong with an automatic, but when it comes to towing, pulling hills or off-road I want a standard so I can truly downshift and put the hammer down.
  11. Fat spike/button buck feeding in the plot I can see from the house. VT season closed yesterday. On to habitat improvement and possibly ice fishing?
  12. I would recommend a lawn roller. I have also flipped over a chain (spike tooth) harrow and used that to bury seed. You could also just drive over it with your tires.
  13. Till, broadcast, roll/cultipack. I don't bother spraying. Depending on your deer density, you probably need a fence.
  14. I wear these boots for late season and then ice fishing. They aren't too bad to walk in.