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  1. stubborn1VT

    Wallayes out of Dunkirk

    I am really jealous. Working 7 days a week isn't much fun. Go get 'em Dan! Hope you slay them.
  2. My point was that all land and wildlife is managed to some extent. Wolves aren't managed in the same way as other wildlife, thanks to politics. You don't have a point. You are just being a contrarian. Bye.
  3. No. It isn't managed the way that Yellowstone is. No hunting in Yellowstone. Big difference.
  4. So you're going to base your opinion on a study of a managed park, then apply that to the rest of the West. Makes sense.
  5. Politics won't allow for wolves to be managed like other game animals at this point. It's not that simple. If it was just a matter of using biology to determine suitable numbers, that would be fine. Just like any number of other issues, there are two sides that don't seem to compromise. Re-introducing wolves is a nice idea and there is tons of land out West, but the reality is that the environment is much different than it was 100 years ago. I'm not against wolves, but I don't know how you manage/control packs of killing machines so they don't affect the economy and the ecosystem in a way that negatively impacts humans. People I know from Montana complain that they have to worry about their pets, livestock and small children. They can't call and hunt elk like they always have because the elk are less vocal. They don't want to give their location away to wolf packs. Until the state governments are allowed to aggressively manage them, there will be conflicts. If you think it's as simple as reimbursing people for their lost livestock, then you haven't done any farming of your own.
  6. Shortest rifle shot= 18 inches. I set up behind a woodchuck hole with the .22 mag and waited for him to pop his head up. Longest rifle shot: 350ish and 324. I shot a doe with a crop damage permit at 350 with my 7 Rem Mag and a Harris bipod. It felt like shooting, not hunting. Shot a buck at 324 (paced downhill) on a powerline with the 7 Mag. Flopped down on my belly and dropped him.
  7. stubborn1VT


    Is this worth trying Biz? Or should I steer clear. Been drinking Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada lately.
  8. stubborn1VT

    How many days did you hunt....

    Only 6 or 7. One of those days was calling for my buddy. I heard birds 3 times and called them in each time. Would've liked to get out more, but I let work get in the way. Guess I'm growing up. The rainy weather also played a factor. Really wishing I could join the Live from the Water thread, but it's work 6 days a week for now. The 7th day I take care of things around our house. Need to get my garden planted, do equipment maintenance, maybe mow the lawn and get ready for another week.
  9. stubborn1VT

    .243 loads

    Now that I I think of it, I once recovered a 140 grain NP that I put through a whitetail's heart. There was an inch of new snow. The buck had gone over a steep bank, so I got down to "track" him. When I got to the spot I shot him, I saw a perfect groove in the snow. Once I had the deer gutted, I went back and dug the bullet out of the soft dirt under some white pines. It was a perfect specimen.
  10. stubborn1VT

    .243 loads

    Thanks Al. I can be a little dense. Recovering deer is important to me, bullets not as much.
  11. stubborn1VT

    .243 loads

    Is this what you meant to say? One out of 8-10 is not good at all.
  12. stubborn1VT

    Little response to hot calling this spring

    I only got out a handful of times. I usually owl hoot with my voice to get a gobble on the roost. That never happened this spring. The birds either gobbled on their own, or not at all. I did get out one morning at the farm to call for my buddy. We had birds gobbling all over the dang place. Set up on a bird that was hot on the roost. He hit the ground and went straight the other way. I called to him but he just gobbled a few times on the ground. While calling to him a bit another bird fired up in the field. I moved to the field edge, but he wouldn't come in range.. Instead he circled us and went into the woods 200 yards away. We backed up into the woods and he came in pretty quick. I set up behind my buddy and the bird seemed to circle to the right. My buddy shifted to his right and the bird must have doubled back because all the sudden he was there in full strut at 35 yards. My buddy swung on him when he thought the tom's head was behind a blowdown. He got caught and shot over the tom when he spooked. While all of this was going on, I could hear a bird on the other side of the road, so we hoofed it straight down there. I hit the slate on top of a hill and got a gobble right away. It came from somewhere near a fast moving brook, so I couldn't tell how far. We stood there looking for a spot to set up at the base of the hill and there was gobble. The bird had cut the distance in half. We jogged down the hill and found a big log to crouch behind. I was fishing around in my pockets for my striker and here comes a red head and another bird behind that. Right there, I told my buddy. He shifted his gun and the jake caught him. The jake didn't putt, just kind of tucked his head and slowly walked back into some small hemlocks. The tom's view was blocked by the trunk of a spruce. After a moment he stepped around the trunk into a completely clear lane. BOOM. My buddy flopped him at 40 yards. It hadn't been 10 minutes since he missed the first tom. I guess my only point was that the birds WERE gobbling that morning. The only bird I got aggressive with was the one that was in the field. He was fired up and came into the woods with us instead of hanging up. Once he was in the woods I clucked and yelped softly. Wish I had got out more. The wet weather has me so far behind that I can't afford to miss any opportunity to work outside. I may try to sneak out for an hour or two on Friday.
  13. stubborn1VT

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Made a quick run to a spot near the house. Had a gobble from a long ways off. Two toms appeared in a big field on the other side of a dirt road. They made a beeline for my yelps, but a caravan of traffic backed them off the road. Then the rain started and they ducked into the softwoods. I can accept the traffic, but not the shoddy forecasting by the weatherman.
  14. stubborn1VT

    Clover plot invader!?

    I wouldn't till it up, just spot spray as Gman suggested. Clover looks well established. With some maintenance it should last for years.
  15. stubborn1VT


    I recommend getting a tick spoon for removing ticks from yourself or your pets. They work well, and help insure you get the entire tick. They are cheap and handy. You can get them on Amazon for $5 or 6. I use the "tick twister". Worth every penny.