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  1. These @#$&£ things!

    I suddenly may be going on a fishing vacation. Time to stock up on Sonars?
  2. Craziest thing you've ever found in the woods

    The shape is right for a Falcon, but I agree. My uncle had about 9 of them. My vote is for some flavor of Pontiac.
  3. Letting Clover go to seed, when to mow?

    Most white clovers are perennial. They also blossom throughout the growing season. If you mow it, it will blossom again. I would mow it to help control any weeds or grasses. Other than that, there isn't much of a right or wrong time to mow white clover IMO.
  4. 1st plot ?????

    I wouldn't worry about shade. If it is sunny enough to grow two foot tall weeds, then sunlight shouldn't be an issue.
  5. These @#$&£ things!

    Good info, but only using Sonars sounds like some kind of punishment!
  6. Finally a live one

    Sure is a pretty pattern on the shell. They are cool to see. I've seen a number of snappers crossing the road, but no box turtles. Thanks for sharing the pic.
  7. walk behind tiller

    I have done plots up to 1/3rd acre with a Cub Cadet walk-behind. It's work. They do a decent enough job in the woods, but can be a PITA in heavy sod or on wet ground. My buddy did 1.5 acres with a borrowed tiller the last 2 years. He beat the snot out that poor machine. He shot a real nice 10 point off the edge of one of his plots last bow season. This year he cut access trails so he could use a tractor. Last year I did a chicory and clover plot with a leaf rake, blue tarp, a lighter, and a bag spreader. This year I am going to try to plant a strip in the woods by dragging the big debris off with my tractor and box scraper. I will put the teeth down on the box scraper and get rid of the bigger sticks and rotten wood. Then I will go over it with the 4 wheeler and chain harrow. Seed it, roll it, and wait for rain. At least that's the theory...
  8. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    I had the same question. IMO a 15"-18" walleye is one of the best eating fish that swims. I'd keep one that size over a bigger specimen any day.
  9. Turkey Poult Pics, None Yet?

    No pics yet. The toms were still strutting and gobbling at the farm on Saturday.
  10. Plowing Started

    Thanks for the honest reply. I'm good to go.
  11. Plowing Started

    I find this confusing after all the shizz I've read on here. I understand the objection, but I don't have a clue about the standard. Seems arbitrary to me.
  12. Plowing Started

    Guess your reading comprehension needs work too. Deer eat the stems, but don't utilize them. You're raising cattle. You haven't proven a thing, other than the fact that you can't grasp the world outside of your fences, and that you are incapable of admitting you're wrong. You should look into science.
  13. Plowing Started

    Why didn't you just post a picture of the grain truck? Your program is virtually the same as my neighbor's program for dairy cows. It has very little to do with deer. Deer get big when they don't have to fend for themselves. Congratulations. I just don't see what deer farming has to do with plantings for deer. Red clover isn't the devil, but it isn't anywhere near the best either. Either way, I'm glad to rattle your cage.
  14. Plowing Started

    Yup. Sounds just like all the wild deer that we're interested in. Might as well post about goats. They get 22% grain and you give all the glory to stemmy clover. I love it. What does a post about raising cattle/goats have to do with this thread?
  15. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Good to see pics from out on the water! Nice catches by all. I took a day off to work around the house. Planted most of my garden (finally) and tilled up my "pasture plots" for the first time. My buddy called me about a boat for sale, so maybe... Keep posting those pics!