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  1. stubborn1VT

    How many Hunt alone ?

    90% of the time I hunt alone. I have got the feeling Bionic mentioned, but less so over the years. I have hunted the same land for 30+ years, so there is a certain comfort level. It's farmland, so it's not "in the middle of nowhere". The only thing that I worry about is trespassers, thieves and poachers. I prefer hunting alone, but occasionally team up with one friend during ML season.
  2. stubborn1VT

    Stand height for hangon

    WTF is this? You bought a "cheat" package? SInce when do your feet leave the ground? Are you kidding, or converted? Either way, good luck this season. Some nice looking bucks on camera. Maybe hunting out of a tree will put one of them in your freezer!
  3. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Love Camden. Super nice ballpark. Have fun Grampy!
  4. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    He popped on the same list as Ortiz, but it wasn't made public until much later. He admitted to using them later in his career too.
  5. stubborn1VT

    What brand hat is this?

    I think DIck's carried a brand called Artic Shield back in the day. Maybe. Maybe not.
  6. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Arod tested positive in 2003 with Texas, 2006 with the Spankees, and admitted to doctoring/masking drug tests between 2010 and his retirement.
  7. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Dodgers or Astros, depending on who gets the best pitcher today.
  8. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Bauer is goofy. Remember the drone accident at playoff time a few years back? I wonder if his "performance" yesterday was a move toward not getting traded. Maybe he's not that clever. Maybe I have a suspicious mind.
  9. It IS impolite to shoot your niece's dog, but it is acceptable IF you only wound it.
  10. stubborn1VT

    late inning corn

    It won't reach it's full potential, but hopefully it was at least reach maturity and produce some grain. That's all that really matters as far as drawing deer. It will get big enough to hide you, but that won't matter if it doesn't make some ears.
  11. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    That applies to the Yankees. Good in the 90s and early 2000s, popular. They have certainly played well so far this season, but I won't be impressed until they win a ring. Been awhile...
  12. stubborn1VT

    School me on tractors

    I don't know the model #s. They weren't my machines. In both cases these tractors were replaced with geared tractors, and the owners are happier. The numbers you are referencing are "correct" but only measure loss when NOT working. It's like measuring the HP demands of your brushhog when idling in your driveway vs mowing 4' tall grass. Those numbers are strictly measuring loss between the motor and PTO, not the loss between the motor and your brushhog blades. I'm just going on a lifetime of tractor driving and real world experience. I will admit that I have limited experience with hydros. I have been disappointed in those I have operated and seen. You have a different experience. If I was really worried about bucket work I would get a shuttle shift or a skidsteer. I'm very familiar with the capabilities of gear tractors. If I wanted the convenience of a hydro and the performance of a 30HP gear tractor, I would look for a 40HP hydro. That's just me.
  13. stubborn1VT

    School me on tractors

    In any real world application a hydro loses significant power at the PTO. I don't agree with your research at all. I have SEEN a 35HP hydro that wouldn't run a 6' brushhog up a hill. A friend of mine couldn't till sod with a 37HP hydro and a 6' tiller. The tests you are referencing are done at a standstill, not doing any kind of work.
  14. stubborn1VT

    Working on a new prosthetic arm

    If it were me I would go with carbon fiber overlayed with leaves and vines. What about a Maine treeline/sunset? Not like an orange/pink sky, but dark trees against a light sky? Glad to hear you're making progress.
  15. stubborn1VT

    School me on tractors

    Put some turf tires on that bad boy!