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  1. stubborn1VT

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    Went ice fishing for the first time this winter. The fishing wasn't great, but at least it wasn't sub zero. Brought home 4 meals of bluegills. No pictures. The fish ran on the small side, but they will fry just fine. It was good to be out and not working.
  2. I think you are generalizing too much. Public or private, all you need to is above average patience to kill turkeys IMO.
  3. stubborn1VT

    Chevy Equinox

    Gotta love those homegrown double Ds. Way better than store bought!
  4. stubborn1VT

    Chevy Equinox

  5. stubborn1VT

    Working on a new prosthetic arm

    Hope it has been a grand and enjoyable adventure Bionic. As Crappy wrote, it would seem like you have gone way outside your comfort zone. Good for you. Being the center of attention may not be normal, but I bet it will educate and inspire others. Thanks for taking us along. Safe travels.
  6. stubborn1VT

    Working on a new prosthetic arm

    You got your nails done for the occasion?
  7. stubborn1VT

    Maybe a trip to iowa will be in order.

    What was the yardage of your farthest bow kill Biz?
  8. stubborn1VT

    What kind of wood?

    That's legit! I'm a bit envious of guys that can work with wood. I work with wood too, but only to make 16" pieces that will fit in the stove...
  9. stubborn1VT


    Warms me up just looking at those pics Jdubs!
  10. stubborn1VT

    did I sin?

    You should do what you feel comfortable with. Your logic makes sense. I tend to agree with your thinking, except that I want a spare of each as well. That reminds me... I need a spare shotgun for turkeys.
  11. stubborn1VT

    Another Massive Storm Coming Wednesday

    That's what she said!!!
  12. stubborn1VT

    2018 Football Thread

    He's probably the best QB ever, wildly successful and married to a super model. I think he has plenty of choices. It's not like he's going to starve if he decides to retire. I dislike the Pats, but I realize that he's great and winners on his level make easy targets.
  13. stubborn1VT

    Warm Gloves

    I use a version of these as well. I wear them because they give me pretty good grip and dexterity. One caution is that you need a pair that doesn't fit too tight, or they will be cold. I wore them out plowing on the tractor today at -2 and my hands froze. I had to run in and get an pair of old fashioned chop mitts. Those did the trick. For day to day, I wear the Kinko gloves. The little grocery store I go to carries them for about $7.
  14. stubborn1VT

    2018 Football Thread

    Hate the Pats, but Brady is the GOAT. The numbers don't lie.
  15. stubborn1VT

    2018 Football Thread

    The Pats and the Chiefs vs the refs? Whole lot of flags and whistles.