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  1. stubborn1VT

    New orchard started..

    Pretty cool project G-man. I'm slowly building an orchard in an old pasture. Should be 12-20 trees when it's done. It will be all apples and crab apples though. Good info about the fence. I put mine in tree tubes the first year, but it's time to replace them with cages. I need to eliminate some of the nearby red cedars too. Do you mind sharing where you buy your trees?
  2. stubborn1VT

    Increasing ph quickly

    The limestone quarry near me offers a lime-ash. It's a 50/50 mix of ag lime and wood ash. Wood ash raised pH quickly, but doesn't last. The ag lime works slowly. I have had good success using it. It may not be something that is widely available, but it might be worth looking into wood ash for quicker results, and adding ag lime for the future.
  3. stubborn1VT

    Good choke for a Remington 870?

    I have used a Remington extra full choke for 20+ years in my 870. There is certainly tighter aftermarket chokes, but I never bothered to do any research into them. I have been happy with the pattern I get at 40 yards with Winchester turkey ammo.
  4. stubborn1VT

    I know I keep singing his praises

    I could put you on some farm birds in Central VT. Just a short 6 hour drive!
  5. stubborn1VT

    I know I keep singing his praises

    Nice buck Moog, and good work WNY. Out of wall space? Tough problem to have. I imagine that will be an issue before too long. Where are you going to put your full body strutting tom?
  6. I haven't owned a pistol in many years, but I have a chance to buy a Springfield XD in .45 ACP. Thoughts on this firearm? My buddy carried one while he was in the Army and beat the daylights out of it. He claims it's as good as a Glock or a Smith and Wesson M&P. I am a pistol novice, but I have shot the XD and it was very accurate IMO. Who has one?
  7. stubborn1VT

    Have you been relegated to a guide/ caller?

    I have called for a number of youths and also for my best friend. I got them all on birds, but they all missed. I'm not sure what that says about my guiding abilities. I think I would be plenty busy taking people, but when I tell them what time I get up and they change their minds.
  8. stubborn1VT

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Chris Sale gets a 5 year $150 million dollar extension. The price seems a little steep to me. Then again, some other team may have been happy to give him that. Better for the Sox to tie him up, as long as he can stay healthy late in the season. Either way, I think he's a solid guy and can handle Boston. Also, he has been pitching for peanuts under his old White Sox deal, so it evens out a little.
  9. stubborn1VT

    Happy Birthday Pygmy

    Happy Birthday Dan! I would hoist one at the Legion with you, but you're so darn far from me. Have a good one anyhow.
  10. stubborn1VT

    Did You Know

    I will do my own thinking instead of letting one party or the other choose for me. We should all be able to look at issues on a case-by-case basis. While it may be comforting to cruise along viewing the world in black or white, it is the biggest reason nothing gets accomplished by our government.
  11. stubborn1VT

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Those "footballs" are awesome! Must've been nippy on that big water.
  12. stubborn1VT

    Did You Know

    Wait, the Dems are shooting people? What I don't see here is a single mention of the people who lost their lives. Politics is one thing, but ignoring reality is another. I'm not giving up my guns. Period. I'm not narrowing my world view down to "us vs them" either.
  13. stubborn1VT

    Sign of Spring

    I use red-wing blackbirds as an indicator of spring too. I've got robins and bluebirds and a dead skunk in the road not far from my driveway, but I'm headed ice fishing tomorrow. Still 30+ inches of ice on the northern bays of Champlain. -
  14. stubborn1VT

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    A 3 or 4 out of 10 maybe. I can yelp with a mouth call. I can cluck and purr on a slate. I kill two spring birds every year. Seems to me you only need to call enough to make a tom curious, then keep quiet. Could be I'm just lucky.
  15. stubborn1VT

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    All things in moderation! Slow and steady. Don't judge.