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  1. This year has been my best year yet. 5 Deer in total. 4 with the bow 1 with the shotgun 2 bucks, 3 does.
  2. I don't know man, I still think 90% of the hunt is just dumb luck.
  3. Ill pour one out for the lost homie. I also had a big big eight that I haven't seen in some time now :/
  4. You know, I've been wondering that ... lol Only have had 2 sits with it on.
  5. Hopefully you are still strapping in when going up and down your ladder stand otherwise you are still taking your life in your hands. Stay safe.
  6. This is something I have been dealing with for 2 years. How to stay warm ..... I'm not built thick, 5' 11"s and 165lbs. I finally figured out my system to stay warm. Gear Used Top First Layer - Under Armor Compression Shirt to wick away sweat Second Layer - First Lite Kiln 250 Third Layer - First Lite Furnace 350 Fourth Layer - Arris Heated Vest w/ spare battery (good for about 10ish hours on medium) Fifth Layer - First Lite Sanctuary 2.0 Head - First Lite Tundra Cold Weather Balaclava and First Lite Furnace 350 Beanie Bottom First Layer - Under Armor Compression Bottom to wick away sweat Second Layer - First Lite Kiln 250 Third Layer - First Lite Furnace 350 Fourth Layer - First Lite Sanctuary 2.0 Boots - Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600 There is a system to it. On the hike in I wear only the compression and kiln combo until I get to my stand or blind. All my other layers I pack in. From there I change my socks to warmer thicker socks, I then cool off, like seriously get cold. Once I feel the cold setting in and I'm as dry as possible I completely layer up. Once layered I turn on the heated vest to high, as soon as I feel feel warmth flooding into my chest I lower the vest to medium/low depending on the outside temp. This routine may sound like a lot but im very very warm in 20* weather. No more getting chills and having to sit there dealing with the shivers. Also, First Lite runs 40% off sales all the time. I would never purchase their gear at full price as these sales are pretty prevalent, their gear is also wind proof.
  7. My brain is still in bow mode. A shot angle at that height makes it harder to get a double lung. No idea about rifle. Your experience probably trumps mine as this is only my 3rd year hunting.
  8. Just to add to the thread. I learned a blow torch is my best friend when trying to remove stray hairs from stripped down carcass!
  9. 28ft, that's a hell of a shot angle! Are you worried about them seeing you?
  10. Buck down! He came strolling in, nose to the ground the entire time. I hadn't even planned on hunting today but my wife encouraged me to go out later in the day. No treestand, no blind, I sat on the ground just waiting to see if anything would come around. As dumb luck would have it, this is my first mature buck I've ever killed and I wasn't even trying. 20 minutes after I sat down back against a tree, boom. I had been seeing this buck on a few of my cams, one in particular that I took down awhile ago as movement went cold. Bullet went in from the shoulder and out the opposite side, he went about 10yrds before I heard the crash. His heart was a jellified mess. Savage 220, 3M.
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