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  1. I have 1 goal. Kill at least 1 deer with a bow.
  2. This will be my first year shooting them, looking forward to the blood trails
  3. oooh this is a fun thread Bow: Hoyt RX7 Ultra Draw Weight: 70lbs Draw Length: 29" Draw Length Arrows: Victory Archer VAP SS - 300 Spine Broadhead: 100G Grim Reaper Razer Cut White Tail Special Release: Stan Onnex T Looking forward to posting up pictures once I get it back from the shop, upgraded from a Bowtech Carbon Zion
  4. heavuser

    The Itch

    Spotted a 8 point buck with 2 does tonight ... he kept trying to mount them
  5. I'm super happy about being able to start firearm hunting on September 10th.... I can fill my freezer, then focus solely on bow for the rest of the season .....
  6. Just one more reason to leave.
  7. Yes and no, I break a lot of stuff before I get it right ... lol
  8. It's been really hard for me to find a good shop that is will to take the time to properly evaluate me. I honestly wish there was a class or something you could pay for where they go over paper tuning, bare shaft tuning, and proper form(reconfiguring your bow if necessary)......
  9. so many .... interesting .... opinions.
  10. Certainly better than dying of old age in a wheel chair, shitting yourself.
  11. And that's why I purchased mine. My summit climber was very very comfortable, I was also soaking wet by the time I made it to my tree.....
  12. And you sir took the educated route of saving yourself about 700 dollars, lol How are you liking it?
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