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  1. I wanna shoot them but was hesitant as I shoot at 60lb but I have a 29.5" draw length, I was advised against it.
  2. You need a 70lb draw weight to fire something like this, yes?
  3. He's been real aggressive about the ethics of the holiday hunt. At first I thought he was joking but it seems he really has his jollies in a knot over it.
  4. I can walk into it from my backyard. Convenience. Edit: Also tons of pressure. Have to go deep in to find signs of life.
  5. Let's go with Hen Pheasants, I didn't realize they were so similar in color\size. I take it Hen Pheasants spook the same way Grouse do, you have to be right on them before they fly 20-30yrds away? edit: Is shooting a hen pheasant a nono?
  6. Stupid question, can I hunt Ruffed Grouse in Stewart State Forest? I bumped 3 yesterday and found out what they were today, now I want to eat them.
  7. Nice, so many of us looking to fill our freezers like you but no abundance of free range deer ripe for the easy taking like that!
  8. Sure am, I live right on the border of Stewart State Forest.
  9. I fish all the time. Bought a kayak to fish stripers but never took it out on the Hudson. Will drop you a pm, thanks. I appreciate the offer. I couldn't identify a food source, there is a field(just grass) that is about 300yrds away from the bed. Not sure if that is where he is feeding. I was thinking I would see if I could find a tree somewhere along his path and just wait.
  10. 3M area, New Windsor. 100percent it's one I would kill with no doubts. I have yet to take down a buck, granted this is the first year where I have put in the effort. Your advice sounds logical, I will setup in the afternoon and see what happens.
  11. Went out today around 1, planned on doing a ground hunt with the bow. When I got there I changed plans to scouting. I found my first ever group of rubs, about 10 within 20 yrds, tracks every where. I was able to follow very clear defined deer trails, about 50 yrds from the rubs I bumped a 6 point buck. He didn't see me but spooked cause he heard me. I'm assuming based on the clear track trails, the tons of rubs, the near by bed, that this must be this bucks home. What do you guys think, should I set up tomorrow morning on one of his trails or leave him for the rut next year? He is in a spot that no one goes to, deep deep in the woods. Edit: Is there ever a members meet and greet or anything like that? I know literally know no one who hunts and would love to be able to swap stories, etc., in person.
  12. Yes, was looking at the prices over at Lone Wolf Customs https://www.lonewolfcustomgear.com/
  13. Just had a look at their prices...almost 800 for a basic setup....stand, 4 climbing sticks. smh
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