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  1. I'm at 6 sheds and two deadhead bucks. Picked up one side off a buck that I was looking for friday afternoon. Turns out it was last year's antler from him but was in perfect shape other than some bleaching which is incredible in itself. Ended up taping 68.5" making it my second biggest typical shed to date. I'm hoping to find his new antlers in the upcoming weeks.














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  2. I don't plan on putting the miles on the boots looking for sheds like I did last year but have managed to snag a couple of early ones so far in a spot where I know that several of the bucks that made it through season have dropped already...









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  3. I'm a hardcore turkey hunter and have killed a lot of nice toms but just have never had the urge to get one mounted. There is an incredibly huge gap between a really good turkey mount and a poor looking dust collector. 

    So, if I charge you the premium price on this year's deer are you never going to get another one mounted? lmao :rofl:

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  4. 8 minutes ago, First-light said:

    My Taxi charges $800 for a Deer mount. He does amazing work and I don't mind spending the money. If I ever shot a Bear he would get it, no doubt. Spend the money so you are not disappointed in the end. Congrats on the Bear. 

    I saw the tanned hide from a 600lb bear while taking deer capes here a few weeks back. That thing was huge! So much work goes into getting that fatty piece of hide ready to mount. The price tag on that full body mount was $5500 (a different taxidermist was doing it)...

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  5. 1 hour ago, phade said:

    I think 23. I can fit inside this guys spread when we hung him. In a rush since Sunday evening. But I wear 38-40” waist jeans and I could fit inside his spread without a prob. Got a couple busted times but still a stud. Let us know when freezer gets room lol. Weighed 185 field dressed.

    Better pics tomorrow after work.



    I thought it was around that. His was one of the widest I've ever mounted, though I did get one this past bow season from a forum member here that stretched the tape to 25 3/8. He's pretty heavy for this late. Looking forward to the pics. Will let you know about when my freezer space gets opened up. My tanning guy is only taking 6 capes at a time every 2 weeks...

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  6. Here's a similar buck to the one at the beginning of this thread from my area of 8P, Steuben County. I found one of his sheds this past spring and was hoping to find them again. I have no information about the deer other than it was shot during archery season by an out-of-towner. If you doubled his shed from last year he would have been right at 150 gross. He looks much bigger this year!





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  7. 15 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

    Great season my friend.  Congrats’

    Thanks. It was pretty good...no monsters taken but my freezer is full, one big doe canned and this buck is headed for canning jars too. My wife still has her buck tag and I'm hoping my continued scouting efforts can put my dad on a decent buck during late muzzleloader season.

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  8. Barely made it out after work hunt tonight. Right at the end of legal shooting time the deer just piled into the cut beans. Thought I was going to be shooting a doe and all of a sudden this guy popped out. Everything happened so quickly...I ended up having to shoot him about 75 yards frontal shot in the neck. Dropped him in his tracks.





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  9. 35 minutes ago, Kmartinson said:

    140 8pt is pretty large....

    Got in 3 8pts to mount grossing over 140 first few days of season. Pretty well rounded  rack to hit that mark as a 8pt.

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  10. A cousin closed the book wednesday afternoon on a buck that's been a family legend for the past 3 yrs. I believe this deer is at least 7.5 yr old and has been over 160" for the past three years at least. He grossed 158 as a 8-pt with a broken brow. His G2s were 13 and 14", the longest I can remember seeing in my area of Steuben County! RIP old boy. May your offspring survive to maturity...









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