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  1. 2 hours ago, suburbanfarmer said:

    Anytime if a second bow shot is possible is safer.

    All other options is too close for comfort where one can get kicked or gored by antlers.

    I agree. At this point I was just grid searching some nasty thick stuff so I didn't even take my bow along. When I walked up to him he was was just laying there on his side, moving his head around a little bit, barely breathing...he was all but dead. I would never attempt to stick a knife into a deer that was still alive and thrashing wildly.

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  2. Shot from same stabdmy wife shot hers out of opening night. This guy was at one of the borderline shooters but I couldn't pass him up at 23 yards. Actually hit him back a little in the liver. Found him this morning still alive 14 hours later! I was down to the last section of brushy scrubby stuff to check and heard some strange growling and thrashing by this big white pine tree in the brush. I could see the top of saplings moving around I first thought was that scavengers had found the deer. I went in and found the buck laying there but he was still barely alive. Ended up dispatching him by stabbing him in the heart. Holy crap, what an ending to that ordeal...




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  3. Just now, SpacemanSpiff said:

    You are correct sir. Either way, a pretty cool buck to say the least. And jim does a good job at any mount. We have had many done by  him. 

    I took my New York State big buck club scorers class with him back in 2019.

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  4. 1 hour ago, SpacemanSpiff said:

    look at this giant killed in marion ny a few years ago. Thats a two foot step stool for reference 



    Your does produces some of the biggest deer in New York every year. To be technical though, that deer was killed in Ontario County and just mounted by a taxidermist in Marion LOL.


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  5. 3 minutes ago, BizCT said:

    Buck 1 and 2 are same buck. Same time, just head down. I’ll say awesome 2.5 for him. Back hips look higher than front unless it’s the ground? So 2.5 or 3.5 at most.

    Bucks 3 and 4 are 3.5 or older. Would just be guessing beyond that.

    Buck 5, tough pic. But appears to be 2.5

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    They are different, just came through together. It's the first time I've gotten pictures of that 9pt but have multiple angles of the 8pt in pic 1

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  6. 29 minutes ago, SportsmanNH said:

    I could be mistaken , but pic 1 , 2 and 3 are definitely the same buck .  Pic 4 might be a different buck , but the tines look identical in shape with the same lengths ,small twists and curves as the first 3 pics . Just the pic is closer and a different angle . Pic 5 is a guess . Too far away and you cant see both sides of the rack. Good looking 3 yr olds or 3 yr old and a 4 yr old.

    All 5 are in fact different bucks. Buck 1 is a 8pt, buck 2 is a 9pt and 3 is a 10pt

  7. These threads are always kind of interesting. Pics are all hot of the press from a card pull today. I should add they are from the Southern Tier/ Western Finger Lakes Region. I do not know definitively the correct answer to the ages of any of these bucks other than suspected history with several of them.


    Buck 1:



    Buck 2:



    Buck 3:



    Buck 4:



    Buck 5:




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