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  1. He looks good up there! Hope it was worth the long drive out. Thanks again.
  2. I've lived and hunted here my life. Deer numbers are down for sure but buck quality is better than it used to be.
  3. On board today with 3 dinkers...
  4. My wife is on the board with a nice 2.5 year old set. I'm about to head out looking at a spot tomorrow where there's been some decent bucks after season. Most were still packing when I took cams down last weekend but this cold spell with the snow will shock them in to dropping soon!
  5. No worries here man, it happens to everyone. That empty tag just means that there's a buck out there still alive that will be bigger this coming season!
  6. Just blame it on your taxidermist. If only they could know about the size and quantity of the ticks too...lol!!!
  7. The buck that I killed on 11/24/20 was 246 live weight / 196 dressed. He is the heaviest deer that has every been killed in my family, which includes 100s of bucks taken here in 8P/8R in Steuben County over by a span of 70+ yrs of hunting here (granted the average age class taken over this time has been far from being considered mature). As expected, he was very lean and I believe he would have been 25-30lbs heavier had he been killed a month earlier. His cape and body frame were notably larger than the 220lb dressed buck that I mounted for a buddy of mine that was killed on Oct 2 that year. As noted earlier, most of the highest scoring bucks that I've had the privilege of mounting or even know of locally have been smaller bodied deer than would be expected. Most people grossly overestimate a deer's weight and I've only ever seen a handful of confirmed 200# dressed deer from my area.
  8. That buck probably have 50lb + on that TX deer with 160"+ of antler!
  9. After a stellar season in '20, I only got a single deer to mount from the forum during the '21 Season!
  10. Thanks. Your's is on deck. Hope to get that one done next weekend.
  11. After a three month hiatus from the taxidermy stand, the first for the new season is headed for the drying wall. Guess I still remember how to do it. One down, 39 more to go...
  12. Not having a dedicated taxidermy shop sure does make the process a lot more cumbersome. I have a big garage that all dirty work happens in but I still mount mine in the house too in what was once the master bedroom. We divided the long livingroom into an office/drying room so the family living part of the house still has it's privacy. Once I move into a new place, I will definitely be erecting a small shop solely for taxidermy. Good luck!
  13. My wife shot a "big doe" tonight. I'd say 3.5 yr old. Might do a little early season shed hunting Saturday.
  14. Your buck from last year will be the next one that I will do when I get rolling on them again here shortly!
  15. Too bad I stopped taking mounts. Had to turn down 3 people yesterday...
  16. Sadly, I can relate to this post BIG TIME. My Pre-season shooter list has been completely demolished. Probably worse than any year I can remember. It sucks!!!
  17. Material costs/shipping rates have gone up across the board. My prices went up from last year as a result. I have already hit my max quota of what I want to take in with a month of season to go...
  18. I instantly noticed this too but didn't want to be the first to say it on here LOL
  19. It's been a very rough week for the local deer herd. I've got enough to keep me busy through the winter and summer now. About to tap out in the mounting department. Now, I just got to work on getting a wall hanger of my own. I do have a bead on a really big one...
  20. It's a very Steep Ravine. Here in the Finger Lakes they are all over the place
  21. Here they are dragging it out on my cell cam yesterday 60yds from my stand...
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