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  1. First time canner here. First batch is on the stove right now...
  2. There is (or was). Other family member have missed or wounded two other monsters since then.
  3. Last year... :2020: He dressed a lean, run-down 175lbs but has the largest neck/cape that I've ever had in to mount... .
  4. A cousin closed the book wednesday afternoon on a buck that's been a family legend for the past 3 yrs. I believe this deer is at least 7.5 yr old and has been over 160" for the past three years at least. He grossed 158 as a 8-pt with a broken brow. His G2s were 13 and 14", the longest I can remember seeing in my area of Steuben County! RIP old boy. May your offspring survive to maturity...
  5. Had a bunch of does feeding in the cut beans last night. Waited to the last second for a big one to show. He didn't. At 200 yds the 165 grain Nosler BT exploded her heart.
  6. Haven't made it out hunting much yet but have worn my knuckle raw from scraping against deer teeth skinning heads out over the past 3 days...
  7. Haven't seen that crazy guy in a while...lol.
  8. Nice! It's that time of year when an unknown phone number can pop up at any time, lol.
  9. That's a big negative, but I did mount a deer for him a few years back...lol.
  10. Here we go again...the first one of the new season will be mounted up on friday. Not sure that I'm ready for this! Lol
  11. TheHornHunter, that's quite a transformation! I had a guy call me today about a deer he shot that was in need of some repair work. It was a really cool triple beamed buck but was missing his left side at the base. Between that and a new cape, I warned him that it was probably more of an undertaking that he wanted to get himself into. Crappy deal, it was a really cool looking deer.
  12. Cool buck! I was over to some family property yesterday checking cameras and had this big buck come across a cornfield. As he came up the bank to cross the road in front of me I noticed that one of his sides was a little funky with twisted looking tines. He ran past my truck and I saw that one of his hind legs was deformed above the tarsal area (obviously shot last year) and he couldn't lower it at all. He had no problem jumping the ditch and making it up the steep bank. It's amazing how tough those things are...
  13. The past few weeks have been pretty dead in the taxidermy department but the calls are starting to come in now despite the warm temps...
  14. Headed to Missouri for the gun opener after Ohio?
  15. It's definitely not from an overabundance of acorns! The crop has been virtually non-existent here in the finger lakes region for the second year in a row.
  16. That's how I spent my night too. At least I had a big turkey to keep me company!
  17. She elected to pass at 10yds. Heard about 10 gobbles below us this morning...waiting for something a bit bigger.
  18. Took my wife out this morning to the same property I killed my gobbler last weekend. We were absolutely covered up with birds all morning, crazy amount of turkey talk...had some close calls but my wife wants to hold out for a longbeard. We saw between 70-75 birds out there between 5 different flocks. It's great to see such strong numbers!
  19. It was an awesome hunt with my dad, was covered up in birds all morning, saw 40+ and heard more. Passed up a couple flocks of hens and poults right off the roost. Several good sized jake poults in the mix. Good news is, we left 9 other longbeards for spring...
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