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  1. Federal Premium 140gr Nosler Parttion I’ve killed a bunch of deer with that bullet and not one ran more than 30 yards. Most fell where they stood. Great performance out of this particular round. IMO
  2. Don't give up on that decoy just yet. Some gobbler yelps may have closed the deal for you. Especially if the hens were being drawn towards your setup, one or all of those gobblers may have come in to fend off the new guy. Just a tip/suggestion that may help you next time you have a similar situation.
  3. I moved out last September. I now reside in Delaware and I am so much happier. My stress level has gone down dramatically and that’s with stil working. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the heck out of the mountains, rivers and streams Ihunted and fished for 40+ years. The extra money that stays in my pocket eases the pain though. Taxes are very low here and there’s no sales tax. I wish I would have done it years ago, but I guess better late than never.
  4. Dom congrats on being this years winner. I’ll get your prizes mailed out to you next week as I’ll be away hunting this week. Due to lack of interest in this contest this will be the last year I will be holding it.
  5. Wow!! Looks like it’ll be a real easy contest to judge this year.
  6. Myself, Wooly and Paula will be picking the winner. Appreciate your donation and I will PM you after the winner has been picked. Thanks
  7. I have the turkey calls covered. If anyone wants to donate I’m thinking any of the following items would suffice. If I miss anything just let me know. Camo hats and or gloves Camo headnet/facemask Fanny pack/ call holder Gift cards Locator calls Pretty much anything turkey hunting related Thanks Mowin
  8. Once again this year I will be running the youth spring turkey hunt contest, with the help of Paula and Wooly as judges. If any of the members take a youth out and they are successful please take the time to participate in the contest. Lets grow this contest and get the youngsters involved!! This thread will serve as the official rules and entry thread for the youth hunt. This year there will be three judges... Wooly, Paula and myself. We will judge the contestants based on the following rules... 1. The youth hunter or mentor must submit a picture of the youth or of the two of them with their harvest. 2. A brief story of the hunt, preferably written by the youth, must be submitted. 3. You must post both your picture and story on this thread only!!! PLEASE DO NOT START ANOTHER THREAD FOR THE CONTEST ENTRY!! 4. The deadline for submitting your entry is 12:00am ( midnight ) on April 29. So if you harvest a bird make sure to enter it on this thread before then!! The winner will be chosen based on a combination of best picture and story submitted. The size of the bird WILL NOT be taken into account, although we encourage that you post the birds stats. As far as the judges are concerned all birds harvested are a trophy!! There will be some great prizes given away this year and we wish everyone a safe and successful hunt!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!
  9. Just looking for feedback if any of you are taking a kid out for this years youth hunt. If feedback is positive I’ll run the contest once again this year. Lou
  10. It is with a heavy heart that I must update this thread with the passing of my beloved great uncle Salvatore. Got a phone call from Italy yesterday that he passed peacefully as he deserved. He would have turned 107 in April of next year. God blessed him and our family with his longevity. He will be truly missed. Vai con Dio Zio Salvatore.
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