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  1. Hello fellow bow hunters. Can someone tell me where can I find a outdoor 3D range in New York or long island ?
  2. How's the Deer hunting in stewart forest ? New bow hunter trying to get meat in the freezer. Any pointers appreciate
  3. how's it going tommy ?

    did you get one yea ?

    1. tommyc50


      hey tony nay its too warm i seen 6 opening day under my stand but i wasnt in  it yet lol but i will be up this weekend though how about you any luck

    2. OneShotTony913


      Going on Tuesday  Nov. 7 to see want happens. Have two doe tag and reg. tag for long island. Good luck

  4. Good afternoon fellow bow hunters. I have a few question about hunting in rocky point long island. 1- Do we put the parking permit on the front windshield ? 2- Can I park on any spot or do they give me a assigned spot ? 3- Do I have to report to check station before and after every hunt ? First time bow hunting at rocky point does anyone have some pointers.
  5. For sale HHA king pin 0.19 like new $260.00
  6. have one more question just got summit viper hd climber is there any way I can practice when am there. if not that's that's cool. sorry if am being a pain just trying to be ready for deer season
  7. Floyd Bennett Field in brooklyn or you mean hunt ?
  8. Where can i practice with broadhead ? Don't have a yard. does anyone know where I could use my broadhead and target in public lands to practice?
  9. Bear Crux compound bow 2016

    here my cell 347-644-3265



  10. That's great I will be attening This web page is the best looking for something like this for a while. Thanks again
  11. Don't you have to be a member for suffolk Archery to attend that event
  12. Thanks A Tbuckhunter ill take all help I can get When is good for you - Queens archery will look into that event thanks again
  13. Am in Glendale queens, sure I can meet at proline tell me when ?
  14. thanks for all the advice yesterday

  15. Why Dutchess and Columbia if you're going public land? Tons of public land much closer to you

    Have any suggestions?

  16. What's up Elmo you said there's public land closer than Dutchess and Columbia. do you know any that are closer ?
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