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  1. tommyc50

    New Bow, What Kind & Where?

    you don't have to get a high end bow a pse or bear , even parkers are all good . I would suggest going to a pro shop ,I never buy things like clothes or bows or guns online those things I like to feel and see even arrows I have made by my pro shop [proline in ozone park queens] ,See those things I need to be fitted for, but . scopes and electronics and scents things like that ,I buy online cause I look @ the reviews and the questions that people ask about the product so I can get an honest opinion if the thing is worth it to buy.
  2. tommyc50

    Grinder Recommendations

    my dad had another one called maverick made in Poland believe it or not its small but man it grinds like crazy. The throat is alittle smaller than my other one so I just cut the meat in strips it feed much better than chunks.
  3. tommyc50

    need some help

    yes that was it ,see my friend owns the house and he was hunting in alberta ,so I couldn't talk to him but after he got back he told me to drain the tank a little and theres a bleeder valve on the side of the control box like one on the brakes on a car [duh!!! I seen that] and to drain that. Oh yeah the hotwater heater he told me the elements went bad so im going up Thursday to take care of everything thank you so much . it was crazy it all went @ once and with the boiler we had an incredible amount of rain so water might have gotten in the tank alittle.
  4. tommyc50

    Grinder Recommendations

    you don't need a large one I had a good one from northern industries my dad gave me and the bearings burnt out[ I make a lot of sausages] .It was like 5-6 lbs a minute but it was great for grinding but not for stuffing sausage the skin kept bursting it was just too fast to stuff with. I bought a crank tower sausage stuffer and it worked out better.cabelas has a good one for $80 and a little bigger one for $129. You can look @ lem and the sausage maker sites
  5. tommyc50

    need some help

    hey guys I was up hunting and well when it rains it pour first the hot water heater stopped working then last nite the oil burner went out about 9:30. I just got up there and dealt with it as best I could. It was cold this morning 25 outside and 50 inside but I was going hunting and deal with it when it warmed up a little .I checked the tank and it has oil and what was happening the indicter lite was on so I held the reset button for a minute and the pump would go on and then trip again the boiler was not igniting and the reset button on the control box kept tripping .Im gas man and as you see know nothing of oil burner so if anybody could help I would appreciate it
  6. I have a simmons too I love it but cabelas has the pursuit archers angle laser rangefinder for $99 you cant get better than that .
  7. last Monday I was out in this mist then rain up where I hunt and my range finder was useless so was my binos I couldn't see anything except with the naked eye . I was sitting there and to my left I see two deer come in the field [forget about ranging so I could take a shot all my rangefinder said was 12 yds] one was so dark almost chocolate color well they played for a little bit then the smaller one the doe I would soon find out lays under a pinetree and man it started to rain[again and again] well the other deer [the buck]comes out and goes in the high grass in the middle of the field[ its been so wet up there they couldn't brushhog the fields only around the edges] it was funny watching him scratch himself w/ his hind leg. Well I watched well over an hour he got up and went in the woods and then she got up and took a piss and went in the woods too this was all about 80 yds away . Bowhunting can be frustrating sometimes but anyway you don't need a rangefinder with all the bells and whistles and it helps to teach yourself to judge yardages with out a range finder, well within 40 yds atlest
  8. tommyc50

    back tag question

    o0h and thank you for the respondes
  9. tommyc50

    back tag question

    yeah but does anybody remember the old post about this I seen it before and cant find it.
  10. tommyc50

    back tag question

    hey guys , I seen somewhere on here about getting a second back tag .See there was this old gizzer who seen me with my back pack on and with my back tag on it and he sssaaayyss you know your suppose to have your back tag on @ all times and I said I do [I lied] I said I take it off and put it on my back when im in the stand. So I went to the range today and asked the guy about getting a duplicate and he says you cant only a replacement if you lost it .So please may be some of you guys seen that post or know if I can get a duplicate.
  11. tommyc50

    Obsessing over scent right now

    get the fresh earth dyer sheets and then put your clothes in a plastic bag with a few scent wafers in it and you'll be good to go
  12. tommyc50

    need some advice

    thank you guys, I just bought the hha optimum lite and I love it much better than the 4 pin sight. Im dead on @ 20 yrds [ the proshop I bought it from is an indoor range 20 yds] and im going to get dialed in @ 40 before I go up Monday so I got some time to play w/ it.It was $120 they had the other one which was over $200 and complicated as hell and I really don't need to shoot @ 60 yrds anyway and I don't need all the bells and whistles. one thing about the site I changed was that the pins on my bear seemed so close to gether ,my pse I have 3 pins and I can actually bracketed the 20 and 30 yd pins for 25 yds and the 30 and 40 yd pins for 35 but I really couldn't do it w/ the bear 4 pin sight
  13. tommyc50

    Racoon Fest

    looks like queens where I live when we put out the garbage cans
  14. tommyc50

    need some advice

    h guys, well i'm considering getting a single pin sight for my bow the 4 pin set up is a little confusing @ 58 soi looked @ hha lite and another hha optimizer [ but I talked to a guy down @ Floyd Bennett field who had one and was having a hell of a time setting the thing @ 20 yds and 60 yds so he could be dialed in. he lost quite a few arrows trying the 60 yd]. I don't like the truglo but I might get it if it has good reviews and of course what you guys say too. I know its alittle late to switch but heres the story well I posted about getting busted by a 6 pt and then seeing him again @ 40 or so yds and let him walk well I seen him again and I took a shot I knew he was @ 35 yds from the stand to the ground see the field was brushed hogged around the perimeter and he walk the edge of the of it [but it was funny I ranged from the ground to the stand which is @ 18' and it was 37 yds so any way I put the 30 yd pin on him and I seen the arrow go right under him and hit the ground. So im thinking of switching maybe I could just dial it in.
  15. tommyc50


    hey welcome in queens .First look on the dec website for regs ,now you'll be hunting on state land so know what the rules are and where you can hunt w/ a crossbow. Now long island would be your best bet [DURING THE WEEK] never on the weekend and you could go to stewart on 207 in orange but never ever on the weekend its like the tet offensive w/ all the pheasant hunters [its funny I was there and they chased all the pheasants to me [I was trying to bow hunt].and a LOT in Putnam and dutchess cty and if you want to travel bear spring mountain in Delaware cty. stormy gave you a # that's a good place to start. Don't bother calling long island they all have an attitude just look on line and any questions me and other guys on here will guide you.