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  1. Wsm cases are pretty beefy(2.10 length- .555 head). Not many cases that fat if at all. 65-70 grain loads in such a short case - I’d say that qualifies as magnum. Yes we do get back to the ole standards. Prior to both my 325s I only shot 30-06,30-30,.22lr, and 12 gauge. I was looking for an Elk, moose, big bear rifle that shot with more energy and flatter in a light package. The 325 wsm surely accomplished that criterion. Got more than double the 30-06 in ft. Lbs of energy at 500 yards.Although I got to admit, I let my self be sold a bit-lol. Your point is well taken. On the other hand the 325 is a highly underrated caliber. Besides always great to find reasons to accumulate more beautiful firearms. Even if the marketers did see me coming from a mile away(LOL). I rationalize that the 325 got me into reloading- another fantastic hobby that is gratifying and therapeutic.

  2. thank you its been a slow slide ever since . Free speech doesn't give a token few the right to bully or bash someone to make themselves feel superior. I for one was [ I don't come on here any more] extremely bothered what I seen with new people posting something and and women yes, growalot and a few times I seen guys bash paula. I loved this place and made a lot of friends[ all gone now, why?]. the last straw was when I commented on the Woodstock '99 where I heard a girl got raped and I was ganged up on and bashed on ,I said that's it im done here and this guy said aaaww come on we're only having a little fun WELL @#$% YOU!!!!
  3. well. looky, looky, here the pot calling the kettle black . A day late and a dollar short my friend. A bunch of hypocrites. YEAH, YEAH LOOK @ ME!!!!!
  4. I have been reluctant about posting this but I contacted the site 2 weeks ago and I got no response .I seen were edit my name and info but not delete it .please no negative responses just tell me how to delete it
  5. yeah im done here been seeing it for a while sorry
  6. no '99 was in rome.ny and im sure this one wont be @ bethel woods oh yeah I hunted close to there on hurd rd. I been to a few concerts there too
  7. I remember the last one in '99 a knew a guy that went it was a disaster and very commercialized and things like water was going for $10 a pop but this is what this kid told me and a girl got raped there
  8. oh yeah I had a raccoon bite my cat ouch!!!! me not the cat it cost me $800 and my wife almost got bit putting the garbage cans out, In nyc raccoons have rights ,their wildlife!!!
  9. is he a veteran or belongs to a union? Go fund me is good and a benefit with a Chinese auction ,raffles and have people donate the food ,even restaurants and and other business would donate the prizes.I seen it here w/ the catholic church and especially kids going though cancer been to a lot of events .if hes a veteran the vfw or even the knights of Columbus would donated the hall
  10. oh god my wife and daughters had a cookie exchange I had cookies coming out my ears and I cant even eat them [im diabetic]
  11. Caesar but something german is better just not adolf
  12. well it beats georgi or belvedere
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