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  1. reedercustomguns.com Every day.
  2. Throw N Grow

    Soybeans or corn. I want to try some soybeans this year. As previously stated I planted whitetail institute power plant per instructions and it was a flop. So I'll get some beans from a farmer to use. Also I had a great crop of sunflowers. Planted black oil seeds in May as crop dividers. I'll do that this spring too. I enjoyed the sunflowers as much as the wildlife benefited.
  3. Throw N Grow

    Planted whitetail institute oats plus 1st week of September. Deer loved them. Here they are October 21st, on the far right. They stayed green and were being eaten into the first couple of snows.
  4. I'll see too as I frost seeded Whitetail institute Fusion into an established clover plot.
  5. Throw N Grow

    I've tried and compared whitetail institute products to feed store seed and have better"crops" on everything but Power Plant. (Will not use it again) I have used no plow last year with good enough success that I bought 3 bags for this year. Sign up for their emails to get buy 2 get 1 free deals. As has already been said use lime early and fertilizer when you plant.
  6. What's the coolest thing you found in the woods?

    This was In some way back thick woods. I always envisioned some poor sap leaning the gun up and wandering aways away either to take a dump or drag his deer and when he went back was lost. It had a shell in the chamber and some in the magazine. I was pucker butted hammering the action open.
  7. What's the coolest thing you found in the woods?

    The best thing was in some big woods way back in, 20 some year's ago. a Remington 870 leaning on a tree. Still loaded with slugs. Rusted up tight, stock split. Had to have been there a couple years. I am one to always like a challenge so, soaked it good for days with penetrating oil. Pounded the action open. Sandblasted, parkerized by a buddy at Kodak. Hunted with it for a few years, killed some deer. Eventually traded it off. Wish I had kept it though.
  8. My rule of thumb is, alkaline for above 32 degrees, lithium for below freezing. Alkaline batteries are water based and freeze. https://exodusoutdoorgear.com/blogs/news/83515846-the-science-of-trail-camera-batteries Pulled my cards over the weekend and need to look closely at them now.
  9. Maybe dig up a couple turnips here or there, and chop it open. Help give them the idea. The deer took to ours right away the first year.
  10. Checked out the food plots today. Looks like deer are back to munchin on the Whitetail institute oats. Still 50% green and we'll mowed off. They were hammering the tall tine turnips before snow. Seems to have slacked off and switched to the oats. Some turnips and winter greens we're eaten though, It's interesting to watch the progression of what's on the menu today.
  11. What's for dinner tonight?

    Just got back from camp, all that want recipe: We add seasoning and grated cheddar to the venison to taste before making the rings. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bacon+wrapped+meat+filled+onion+rings&view=detail&mid=58718637BFFA4B5E875458718637BFFA4B5E8754&FORM=VRRTAP The fatty, same goes for the meat overlay and filling. Use what you like! http://www.smoking-meat.com/january-2010-bacon-wrapped-stuffed-sausage-fatty The way I see it, using the lean venison offsets the bacon fat! At least that's what I tell myself.
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    I forget the canoli pie too. I couldn't eat another bite. Was good but probably not as good as Water Rats...
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Smoked a bacon wrapped venison sausage fatty. Stuffed with spinach, cheeses, mushrooms and onions. Bacon wrapped venison and onion rings.
  14. Misfires

    Get a Savage 10ML II load a factory approved load and misfires will be a thing of the past.
  15. Shoot damnit shoot, there might not be a bigger one.