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  1. DDT

    Hunting Shower

    Always shower and use no scent soap and deodorant. Hang out my clothes, spray with scent killer. Works for me, have had deer within feet of me alot in swirling wind. They sometimes sniff the air. Not panicking them and running is my goal.
  2. It's something how later planted corn will catch up. I planted a lateer plot 3 weeks after my first plot. It's better than the early one.
  3. My suggestion would be to spend more than $75. Leupold, Burris or Nikon will hold up to shotgun recoil and keep accuracy. Just my dos centavos.
  4. Escanaba in da Moonlight, son and I watch it every year when we get to hunting camp.
  5. My momma always said "you won't get in any trouble if you're not there".
  6. Welcome aboard. My son and I have hunted Maine quite a bit too. We scored a moose tag a few years ago, ended up with a cow on the final day. Friend had a camp in Topsfield where we deer hunted. My brother found his wife in NH 50 some year's back! You'll enjoy the forum.
  7. NWTF Limbhangers branch was a real help this year supplying corn seed. Since the QDMA soybeans were cancelled I planted lots of corn! NWTF hq also had sunflowers. Some beans were planted too in alternating strips through the corn. Flanked by the sunflowers. I'm hoping to plant a late plot of soybeans in the end of July for Fall greens. Clover is good this year. Gave it a freshen up frost seed. Hope for a good growing season. Recommend a NWTF membership for all food plotters.
  8. I grew up on canned pork. Parents had a farm and butchered pigs a couple times a year. Freezers were expensive to run back in the sixties. Always tender and delicious. I've been thinking about canning venison this year as I have my mother's canner's (3). Also have her recipe book and want to make pickles and chilli sauce this year. Just can't buy things that taste like the old recipes.
  9. Wow, for 50 year old dies they sure are shiny. Guess I'll have to put my 40 year old dies in the sonic cleaner and then polish. I like Lee equipment. I have many Lee die sets and a turret press that are 30 and 40 years old. My presses, turrets and progressives have changeable die plates. Set the pita lock rings once and and leave it.
  10. DDT

    Big Case Load

    I still would buy the Python, they ironed out the early spring issues. John Taffin has said that they are good. Watch for his upcoming article in Handgunner.
  11. Sorry to hear that. This is affecting alot of people in ways that are not even fully realized yet. At least the unemployment $ amount is raised. I had a sweet part time job lined up which disintegrated when this happened. Otherwise self employed and can't get unemployment. Stay healthy and it works out.
  12. 4 months old yesterday. She likes the garden window.
  13. The old timers said that makes a good adult when they can do the work to get out. We would once in a while get one that needed some help with the shell. They usually were a little bit smaller or weaker when grown. Some would catch up. Nature's way of selection of the fittest I guess. Enjoying the thread.
  14. You think Optimas are expensive? My son just saw a friend of his putting 3 lithium batteries in a boat, $2500. Everything is relative I guess. I use alot of Optimas. No problems with them. I have bought them at AutoZone. Easy to warranty if they did have a problem.