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  1. DDT

    White hen?

    Sounds like a farm bird got loose.
  2. What are you using for a roller/crimper? Did beans last year over previous years Egyptian wheat stalks, came out well. This year's beans I couldn't resist a quick till to break up corn stalks further. Want to do more green manure plantings.
  3. Banana has the same smell to honeybees as the let's all sting him pheromone.
  4. We get those rose breasted grosbeaks alot. Only use sunflower seed in the feeder. Lots of Cardinals too. They winter in Mexico and south America. They say it's the same ones that come back yearly to the same place.
  5. I've had gas station sushi at a place near the Orlando airport where we stop to fill up the rental car. Really good. No diarrhea anyway...
  6. A friend uses his first name and last name initial often when he doesn't want to disclose his identity. I googled it and he came up as the third item, full name and address.
  7. I make that using Rhodes frozen yeast rolls. That way you control "how sweet it is". Got a recipe off the net.
  8. That's easy, Reedercustom guns.com . I have several of his custom sixguns but have not tried a 1911 yet. Top quality work.
  9. I think it's going to effect the animals hunting season. Not many will practice and find out there sight's are off until the one they wounded hobbles away.
  10. My friend owns property that the Naples creek runs through. He can't stop passage and fishing because the fish can navigate it
  11. DDT


    Killer food plots, the sporting life. My favorite podcast is Mike Rowe that's the way I heard it.
  12. Makes me wonder who the smart one is...
  13. He has a YouTube channel, "Static Campervan". Check it out Haven't seen him in a few years. Miss him. Only have 2 nephews, he's the saneist one believe it or not.
  14. My nephew is in San Diego now. He is a van lifer. Gave up a great house in LaQuinta CA. Travels around and lives in a van.
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