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  1. DDT


    Where did all the people that were working, go? The federal unemployment bonuses are over, where's the worker's. Employee shortages in the supply chain causing higher prices? There should be 15,000 Hatains who just crossed over looking for work.
  2. Hopefully you didn't eat a banana today. They have the same smell to a bee as the "sting" pheromone.
  3. I have a couple M 11's. They kick like a SOB due to the retractable barrel. My son got his first turkey with one many years ago. 52 yards. Remington 4x6 duplex load. Good guns but not as valued as a Browning.
  4. I'm with others who recommend chamber sealers. Got this last year. Best thing since slit skirts. https://www.costco.com/maxvac-pro-chamber-vacuum-sealer-.product.100536866.html Works great on fish and wet foods. Bags are much cheaper.
  5. Both eyes. Helps to observe where it goes after the shot. I usually can see the shot hit the animal too.
  6. DDT

    Color Light

    No light but I carry a green one just in case. Sometimes I walk 25 30 yards from an edge and might need to let a neighbor know its a person walking. The neighbors are wild ones.
  7. Be hard to road hunt with that.
  8. Be hard to road hunt with that.
  9. Checked out their website. Have to go over the hill from camp when we are there. I'll use any excuse to drive over Mitchellsville rd. to Hammondsport. Enjoy that drive.
  10. Thought about it, and BBQ it whole.
  11. DDT

    Buying Land

    Land prices in upstate NY are still a bargain compared to elsewhere IMHO. But they make up for it in taxes.
  12. I've had a couple of the savages, and many slug guns. I always use an all steel mount and rings. I favor Leupold for worry free mounting. Also have a Wheeler mounting and lapping kit. Really helps to line up twist in rings. It is a good investment. https://www.wheelertools.com/scope-mounting/rings-and-mounts/scope-ring-alignment-and-lapping-kit/204061.html#start=1
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