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  1. Perinton RV Rentals, 585 223 6433 Rented one there a couple years ago to bring a car home from Buffalo.
  2. Hunted with over 2 feet or snow and single digit temperature, during muzzleloader a few years ago with a friend. He found them in the planted pines. They were dug in tighter than an Alabama tick. Shot 2 out of their beds with the muzzleloader. They wouldn't move.
  3. Spent $440, but it will last all year I would buy that through the year anyway. At least I know it's not lips and buttholes.
  4. Took in 45# during bow, now back and enjoying it. Slim sticks, mild, cheese and also banana peppers/cheese. Pepperoni. Dutch bologna, 2 kinds. Hots. Blueberry Maple sausage. All good although the pepperoni is quite hot this year and I actually ordered BBQ Slim's but got banana pepper Slim's with my name on them. I have a cold porch with a ceiling fan and dry the Slim's and pepperoni a couple days before vacuum packing.
  5. I concur with NYBowhunter that land improvement is key. In the three and a half years of owning and improving our land the deer density and quality have made it all worthwhile. Added a pond, put in food plots, let a hay lot go to 6 foot high goldenrod. We stay out of the cedar swamp/bedding area. Results this year...
  6. https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/54023-withcraft-science-or-snake-oil-hecs-suits/
  7. Time for lunch in 8P...pizza lunchable. My son got a new toy for my blind. Heard a couple of shots early, quiet since. Where's the hunters?
  8. Just be sure not to use the inflatable sheep. It might get shot.
  9. I have a friend who has a couple of places that he uses dummies wearing his old clothes which he changes out to keep his scent. Some scaffolding in a hedge row that he has a dummy in and a chair in a food plot. He puts the dummy in the weeds when he hunts those. Says it works.
  10. They may not say hey look at that guy in the tree, but all it takes is one doe to display body language and skirt around the tree/area to alert Mr Buck who's following her. Just my take on it. Evey little thing that makes a deer go on alert can't scare the deer out of the woods either or where would they be able to live. I keep a spare stand ready to put up if needed. I would try not to make the extra ruckus taking one down to move it during season. Or use my climber if I want to make an adjustment to location.
  11. I have a friend who found a guy hunting out of a tree on his property. He went to the tree and the guy hollered at him to leave as he would be there all day. He left. Went home and grabbed his chainsaw and atv. Went directly back and cut the tree down with the trespasser in it. He told me that the guy jumped and ran, never came back for his stand and never saw him again. Problem solved. Not that I would suggest that you follow suit.
  12. I always "squint" when deer are close to not make eye contact. This year I've had 3 bucks and 6 does within inches of my ladder stand. They know there is something not right but haven't spooked. Control breathing too. 6 point made this rub and dug a scrape at the base of the ladder stand after standing within 10 feet of my stand for several minutes Saturday.
  13. This morning had a spike horn mate a doe 10 yards in front of my stand. Pulled out my phone and tried to film it but didn't come out. Rut is on in 8P.
  14. I'm going with the moon affecting the rut, but it can be overruled by warmer weather as per Charlie Alsheimer. For years I followed Charlie Alsheimer's predictions and they are spot on. His writing is missed. This sums it up... http://www.charliealsheimer.com/ca/articles/art_understanding.html The word photoperiodism is a new one for me too. Googled it and am reading up on it.