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  1. My nephew lives in central LA, says he has surf and turf all the time. Nutria and Crawdads.
  2. That's a good way to go. I have a Bushmaster that has a blind magazine well with a riveted magazine in it. Used a Grendel upper on it to shoot my buck this year. Looking at this one for a build I'm doing now. https://www.bulletbutton.com/product-p/ar15ml.htm
  3. Nice rifles. What are you using for a magazine lock? I'm looking for some options.
  4. I have found that bolting together 2- 2x8's standing vertical is stronger than a 4x4 for the lengthwise span. Then used 2x6's crosswise. Left an edge to keep me from sliding off with my mower.
  5. DDT

    Albino Deer ?

    Got this 8 point on Nov 27th in 8P, had a white tounge too. Having the legs made into a gun rack for camp.
  6. Amazing how many snowflake's can't drive standard. Took my driver's test in a standard Plymouth Arrow at 16. Then drove my 68 Chevelle to California, by myself. Always rowed my own gears. Class A CDL no restrictions. Taught my wife when we got married 4 decades ago so she could drive all the crazy cars I've had.
  7. Send something north Steuben co. please. Been here since 6:30 and nuthin. Did do a little shopping at Duluth Trading and Bear Creek arsenal though.
  8. https://wayoftheeating.wordpress.com/2019/06/26/braised-deer-penis/amp/
  9. First year in along time that I'm not going to take anything to Costanza. My butcher makes cracker bologna that is better than the salami I have had them make for years. Has cheese and peppers in it. Fast turnaround time. Had the meat from bow back in 8 days.
  10. Sounds like a fortunate morning. If it had of went off it could have been a real bad morning. Glad your okay!