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  1. I wait it out. Once I had a buck I had no interest in bed down at the base of my stand watching a doe. I waited for 45 minutes, finally called my son to come and walk in. Moved the deer out so I could leave. Don't want to teach them to look up in my stands.
  2. I pattern my shotguns. But I group my rifles.
  3. Farmers I've seen are leaving crops standing longer due to good weather. More food sources?
  4. I'm really frustrated, due to some health problems I have not been out yet. Want to next week with the crossbow.
  5. Actually you can have a desert eagle. I had one when the unsafe act ruined things. Modified the mag release locking the mag in and you could top load it into the magazine with the slide locked back. Sold it though.
  6. Those look to be about on the wear bars.
  7. Thanks for the post. Always enjoy your posts. Sorry to hear about your MIL. I'm sure it's hard for you both. Buck looks great. I know mid Ohio track well, I ran on it once years back. Did you take your drone for some air videos? After my dad retired he was so busy he said "he didn't know how he had time to have worked!"
  8. $18 per acre. Seems reasonable to me. 8 people go in on it and form a hunting club. Get a several year lease agreement. Alot cheaper than taxes to own.
  9. 1982 is a title required year. 1973 and newer motorcycles all require titles as proof of ownership. The owner can get a duplicate title to sell it if the original is lost.
  10. Sorry to hear about the boating accident. Had the same thing happen to me. I mentioned that to a trooper friend who was a diver. He wanted to know where. I said it was over 200 feet deep. Later he caught on...
  11. It's worked for me where it's thick. Opened up an easy to traverse lane. Deer will take the path of least resistance. Rerouted right past my stand. Killed a bunch there.
  12. I have my dad's red Ryder from the 40s. Canvas case is tattered but gun has deep bluing. I never had a bb gun. Went right to a 22. Remington bolt, still have it too.
  13. Kubota. Buy it a size bigger than you think you need. You'll be glad later that you did. Forget the hook on the bucket. Buy a set of quick detach forks. We use forks more than the bucket. You can chain to them. Forks are great for logs. Definitely loaded AG tires. This is all stuff I learned. Had 2 New Hollands, 1 with a woods backhoe on the way up to a kubota mx with a backhoe. Regularly lifts a ton. Always glad of the size when on a side hill in the woods!
  14. WI tall tine tubers are coated so the seeds are larger than sand. I would think adding daikon radish seed uncoated is about the same size. Radish really helps improve soil as they dig down deep and what deer don't eat rots in spring loosening soil. Got mine from Hancock. Just planted a mix with some WI winter greens in the mix too.
  15. Ask to be shown the regulations that pertains to leftovers.
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