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  1. We have done this for years in between our posted signs.
  2. I've had a 6.5 Grendel for years. Taken some deer with it. Works DRT. It's not a PRC but the lighter weight bullets work well. I also have a 7mmGNR, it's a blown out case 7x30 Waters, In a 16" Contender barrel. I have killed a bunch of deer DRT too. Toss-up of which is my favorite. The little Contender is really handy.
  3. Congratulations to you both!
  4. Not enough hunters and hunting opportunities for the hunters there are. What a waste. At the bottom of the page is a story about Louisiana fishing that is good too!
  5. Interesting video. I never get fuel at a station that has a tanker there rileing up the water and dirt off the bottom of the tank. Yea I know there's a filter in the pump. I used to work in the tank and pump field, very few stations keep up on the filter maintenance.
  6. I'm on my way this afternoon to get 10 gallons for mowing. Takes me about 5 gallons a week to mow my 7 acres. Plus I get a gallon can for 2 stroke. I don't worry too much about prices for that amount. When I had the boat in a slip on canandaigua lake it was expensive at the marina.
  7. I keep some honey bees at camp in Steuben County. Of course the bee yard is well electric fenced. The battery needed to be replaced so I brought it home with me and took a new one back the next day. Came back to one hive destroyed. Must have been a bear slipped in and ate it. Honey licked out clean. Keeping a second battery for backup ready and time to get the trail cameras back on.
  8. I noticed that I made a mistake on that link. It's for the 10mag. Here is the correct link for the 10mm. http://sixguns.com/tests/tt10mm.htm John Taffin does some great work.
  9. I have had nothing but good experiences with the 10mm since the 90s. All the platforms I've tried for shooting have been more accurate than me. I think it's an inherently accurate caliber and easy to load. I like Lee dies best, in fact I have several sets. My favorite pistol caliber was 38 super before before the 10mm. Also shoot alot of .40 S&W. There are only a few sources of information that I trust, here is a link to one of the most trusted and knowledgeable writers for a source of knowledge. http://www.sixguns.com/tests/tt10mag.htm There has been a resurgence of the 10 in the past few years. If it wasn't good there would not be so many gun makers going to that caliber. Of course these are only my experiences and opinions, your mileage may vary.
  10. My son got the G40 and put a Burris Fastfire on it. I got the G20 before the 40 came out and added a 6 inch Lone Wolf Barrel and a bracket that replaces the rear sight and added the Fastfire. I would recommend that when you are ready, go for the G40 if you want to hunt with it. Will be cheaper in the long run. I'm glad that I got mine before I retired. I wouldn't be able to now.
  11. Congratulations on the Girsan purchase. I too was bit by the 10mm bug. Through the years I bought a bunch. LAR Grizzly (with extra barrel kits, only one I don't have now), IAI Javelina 7", Colt Delta Elite, Glock 20 (wolf 6" Barrel), Para hunter 6" (still unfired, it became the Remington), and a Just Right Carbine. I hand load the 10mm using 180 grain and 200 grain cast. One thing I will say is they all shoot well and it's an easy caliber to load up. I have carried the 10 when deer hunting, but have not shot a deer with it. I believe it to be capable but just haven't had a chance. You will like the 10mm. I have loaded with blue dot, unique and power pistol. Blue dot is what I settled on using WLP primers in starline cases. When initially prepping the cases, just gave them a light kiss with a chamfer tool inside the mouth. Bullets slide right in without a bell which helps with case life. Are you going to get a Galco Miami classic holster? Be sure to post shooting updates and enjoy the Girsan!
  12. So sorry. Good that your house is relatively okay. Looks like the propane bottle is pretty close proximity. Good to know that the local fire departments reacted well. My son has a place in Avoca.
  13. Neat picture. Killed a bear in New Brunswick, Expired at the base of my treestand. Drew it's last breath and let out an unforgettable death moan. Hair on my neck stood up! Shot it just a few minutes after getting into stand. There were more than him fighting in the bushes. He came into the bait first so I figured him to be the victor and must be the biggest. The guide had just put my buddy in his stand up the road and heard the shot. He got nervous and decided to sneak into check on me. I was excited to see how big the bear was so I stretched him out and laid down next to him at the base of the treestand. He was longer than me so I figured over 6 feet. I heard a branch snap, then some fast footsteps while lying there, sizing him up. So I froze figuring that one of the other bears might be coming in. I'll never forget the look on the guides face when he leaned over me looking to see if I was dead. We both had a good laugh later after recovering. Anyway beautiful dog. I have a poodle. I think she would run the other way if she saw a bear. I tell her she's soft all the time. I think she knows she has it made!
  14. Was forced into retirement last year due to medical issues. Spent a month in Arizona this winter. Best thing I could have done. Son got laid off work temporarily so we went and enjoyed the desert. Wife loved it too. Metal detecting, found a gold nugget. Picked up a 5 gal pail half full of petrified wood. When we came home, did a little reloading. Then got pneumonia, laid up for a month. Back on my feet just on time for mowing. Getting old is not for the weak, you gotta be tough! I can't imagine how the younger generation today will be able to do it. I remember my grandfather still grape farming into his 90's. The old timers were really tough.
  15. DDT

    Gun Powder

    Used up some old small pistol primers and started a box from Gander Mountain when they were going out of business. I thought I paid too much for at the time.
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