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  1. I'm going with the moon affecting the rut, but it can be overruled by warmer weather as per Charlie Alsheimer. For years I followed Charlie Alsheimer's predictions and they are spot on. His writing is missed. This sums it up... http://www.charliealsheimer.com/ca/articles/art_understanding.html The word photoperiodism is a new one for me too. Googled it and am reading up on it.
  2. Thanks for the info. You sound alot like us, we plant enough to feed the critters year round to keep them fat and happy and coming back. Lots of work bringing the soil around. We're in Steuben county. Started with pretty sour soil too. Here's some brassicas after a 100# of urea applied on memorial day weekend. Going to pull some turnips and radishes this weekend to pickle. I hope the deer don't mind.
  3. Wow, growing with ferns says something about it. Where do you get the sweet spot?
  4. Found a dandy spot a few years ago with great sign and trail intersection that the deer are using heavily. Returned with a ladder stand the next morning early. Nice big tree up the hill to set up on. Got the stand all finished and sat in it after racheting the strap down for a quick look around before leaving. I hadn't noticed the humming noise before that, looked up and a few feet above was a hole in the tree. The honey bees had arisen. Moved that stand in a hurry.
  5. I think it's people that are unpredictable, I can usually figure out an animals actions. I.E. body language and knowing what the animals are capable of doing. It's people that are scary. Just my Dos Centavos...
  6. I have about 2 acres total of beans and 3/4 + acre of corn. It's in Steuben County, have a pretty good population. A joining neighbor also has corn and beans about the same amount. We have a couple woods plots of WI no plow, a couple acres of clover and a acre of brassicas (turnips, radishes and greens). I try to keep them fed year round. Also water, a pond is between the plots. Heck I'd like to live there.
  7. I walk a different path. I don't fence my beans. I try to keep the deer fat and happy all summer. Help the Doe's with milk production and keep them coming, so they are used to the free meal and comfortable there. It just so happens that they bring along a few bucks with them too. I still have beans that develop pods. I plant enough to keep them coming.
  8. Thanks. At the top is corn and beans below is brassicas and more beans. Deer are loving it. I don't fence the beans as I try to feed them all year long.
  9. Have not been out of the garage in several years. Decided to do a little mowing on the pond dike and topped some clover plots. Bought it from the son of the original owner and restored it.
  10. Join Qdma. $9 soybeans. The deer are enjoying mine.
  11. Walmart had Chestnut Hill trees earlier this summer. Don't know about now. They had Chestnut, persimmon and pear trees.
  12. If you know anyone that has old antifreeze, I filled my roller with it. Auto repair shops, pay to recycle it.
  13. if going completely new please stock fat yeads and crayfish a few months before introducing fish.. if you put fish in 1st all you do is feed them , instead of letting them get established ..., I stocked a new 1/2 acre spring fed pond last fall with 5# of fatheads and 60 crayfish. Early this spring we added some pallets about 18" under. Have thousands of minnow fry 1/4" to 3/4" long now. Added 34 rainbows 6-8" last month. Toss a little floating food in crushed up, minnows hit it hard. Also have a few million unwanted tadpoles too. Pond is the hub of wildlife activity, really enjoy watching it.