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  1. Heartland Wildlife Seed

    You must have some nice dirt.
  2. Heartland Wildlife Seed

    I like to individually seed my own "mixes" too. And I plant strips of different things overlapping also. Going to overseed soybeans with cereal grains at the end of the month. Sounds like you need to buy more fertilizer and lime if you only spent $150. Don't forget to add urea when your brassicas are up to 4-6 inches.
  3. Rain...

    Keep it coming! We have a pond to fill. 15000 square feet of grass seed, acre and a half of clover mix, and a 1/4 acre test plot of Austrian peas all planted last Saturday. An acre of brassicas planted the week before. Glad to see the rain.
  4. Nikon Bolt

    I bought 2 last year. Very clear. Love the little circles. Just put the circle around the spot you want to hit. I used the spot on feature on the Nikon website. http://spoton.nikonsportoptics.com/spoton/spoton.html#Index:5 Printed a small chart to use for yardage reference and regularly practice to 60 yards. Very accurate.
  5. licences on sale

    Well that's my problem, I bought a new truck last week. Taxes aren't due until the end of September anyway.
  6. licences on sale

    Damn you, almost forgot about school taxes. Now I'll be eating tums for the rest of the month.
  7. Fall Food Plots

    Yup, brassicas now. I planted WI tall tine turnips and winter greens last weekend. Also overseed some radishes into a no plow plot. End of August I'll overseed a soybean plot with some cereal grains. Plant a plot of oats with some peas for good measure. Have some leftover turnips and greens seed to plant this weekend as I prepped another 1/2 acre. Got to entice some of Let Em Grows deer over the hill...
  8. I'm awaiting a call back from Finger Lakes hatchery...
  9. Whoever has been doing the rain dance, it's working. Got about 4 feet of water. Need to get some structure in this weekend and seeded as much as I can. All 3 lines from the springs are flowing.
  10. Finished up the hole in the ground this weekend. Topsoil cultipacked. NEED RAIN! Somebody do a rain dance. Going to clover seed when the fall rains finally come. Add some structure habitat to pond sides next. Need to finish the overflow, but don't need to hurry on that one. Will have to switch over to fall food plot prep too. Turnips, radishes, winter greens and oats to get in if we get some moisture. Soil is turning into dust.
  11. And stupid NY won't let Arrest and Slay herbicibes be sold here. Have to go to PA. Although the deer eat some weeds.
  12. When you see him ask him.
  13. 0-20-20. First number is nitrogen content. Don't sweat it, just get some lower nitrogen fertilizer. You don't say what you are planting but I would guess it contains clover due to the low nitrogen fertilizer. Clover fixes it's own nitrogen, so any you add won't hurt it, it's just not needed. Check TSC if you have one nearby. I bought 20 bags of triple 10 last week for $1 a bag. Last year's stock. Wish they had more. My plots like it.
  14. Size, about 5/8 acre. It being on a sidehill we laid it out long and narrow as to have the dike not overly steep. Pier, will probably have a floating one 16' long. Anchor it to shore by hinging it to a pair of 6x6's set into uphill shore. Depends on if the level fluctuates much it is better to float. Fish stocking, I've been following the pond boss forum, lots of good stuff there. Won't introduce anything this year. Planning to keep it simple. Fatheads, bluegills and bass if everything goes as planned. Had not thought about crayfish? Will look at where I can get them. Thanks all for suggestions. Anything I can learn I'm always open to. View uphill, soybeans below pond dike. Sprayed with Roundup this weekend.