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  1. I never use steel wool on a gun. Use 0000 brass or bronze wool lubed with gun cleaner when cleaning rust fron guns. Finished with a coat of paste wax, Renaissance wax is the best. Not just me but the NRA recommendation. https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/first-do-no-harm-use-bronze-wool/
  2. DDT

    Neat spot

    Have been there many times when I used to run on the Glen track. They would make change at the bar with half dollars, dollar coins and $2 bills.
  3. DDT


    I'll sell mine for that! $120#. And a couple of smokepoles. Once you go smokeless there's no going back.
  4. DDT


    Pulled camera cards Saturday, Tom's are teasing me.
  5. Where do you get your fertilizer? I've been going to Turners in Hemlock but they are expensive without inflation. I'm ready to get some soon for our plots.
  6. As a young guy I remember how much I liked my parents taking us to Carolls. Burgers were .20 then went to. 25. Remember my dad complaining. Was one in Newark and Weedsport that we went to. Also remember the gas rationing in the 70s. They didn't ration on the thruway. I had a place to sneak off through a farm field with my 4wd truck. Never worried about an empty tank.
  7. If I lived closer, I'd buy those Activ's from you. If stored proper, (I'm sure you do) I would use them. I still have a few left too.
  8. One last hurrah this pm. Don't knife I will be able to partake in the extra week. Beautiful day in the woods.
  9. Barnes copper go straight through with no expansion on deer. Had some left over 300 win mag handloads from a Maine moose hunt. Son shot a nice buck 4 holes through chest (in out was really 8 holes) before finishing him over half a mile away. Good thing there was some snow. Very sparse blood trail as the holes sealed up. And hes a tenacious tracker. Worked on moose but didn't stop firing until magazine was empty and needed a finisher. Passed through with bigger holes on outs. Must have expanded. Barnes slugs always had text book nose petals curled back. Best bullets for me are any Sierra or Hornady. Have shot many SST 7mm in a 7GNR, (an improved 7x30 waters). All deer DRT. Fusions group under an inch in a custom Remington 7mag. But shot 4" out of a 7mm08 Savage. Change to SST went to 1". Every barrel is different. Being a handloader let's you find the combo that works. I love a gun that spits many bullets accurately. Then I can pick one that works. Always test as many as you can.
  10. Wife has a Prius awd hybrid, gets over 50 mpg. Daughter has Rav4 hybrid getting mid 30s, with a lead foot. Both happy. The prius awd has an extra rear motor for the awd that disengages at 30 mph. Does very well in snow. Bought both when gas was cheaper knowing that it would not last. Glad now, and probably at least the next 3+ years. Hard to beat a Toyota until others catch up with the tech. Son has a deposit since first orders on a Cybertruck. Will see if Musk ever produces it and stands by the price.
  11. Funny you mentioned honey bees. I keep a few hives next to my food plots. Always plant some sunflowers for them too. I quit using wheat for a nurse crop for clover, switched to rye or oats so I don't need to mow in the spring. Rye stays green longer and attracts deer first few snows. Also hold back some soybeans to plant with the brassica. We frost seed our established clover every spring to keep it going. Also fertilize. My theory is to keep the does fat and happy year round and on the property. They bring the bucks. Give them a smorgasbord and they choose what to eat. I haven't planted anything yet they don't eat. The corn is by far the best late season. Cover and food.
  12. Put buckwheat in spring before brassica. Crimp or spray. No till plant brassica. I plant 4 or 5 acres of food plots, rotating corn, brassicas, and soybeans. I'm going to try buckwheat rotation in the spring.
  13. I hunt late season food sources. I know the does will be there to feed. Boys will be there chasing girls like a teenager. Shot a nice 11 pt last year, had a big 8 with him in muzzleloader. Had not seen either one on cams. I have a few acres of standing corn food plot yearly.
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