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  1. Here's 2 examples of the fine work from WNY Bowhunter from this year, until #3 gets home and we set up a final display spot. Thanks much!
  2. I'm worried about that, we appreciate the good work you have done for us!
  3. I feel so much better knowing he is watching out for me! Don't know how I got along before.
  4. Not whiskey or beer. Just bottled up this today. Aged 3 years sweet elderberry wine. I usually don't make sweet wines.
  5. I got soybeans through Culvercreek/QDMA last year. Grew great and Drew deer until they turned brown. After they frosted and dropped beans, they drew turkeys. I also joined NWTF, they have corn available. PTT I plant whitetail institute mixed with daikon radishes (Hancock Seed). Also have clover. Our plan is to feed the deer year round to keep them around and healthy.
  6. I bought 4 six packs of Gold Tip Hunters for $15 ea. in canandaigua. Several 2 packs of 64g camera cards for $11, crossbow lube and a spare cocking rope. Bow season is only seven and half months away!
  7. He's a man, I'm an old man...
  8. I'd like to come and bring my son, cost if he doesn't need a membership?
  9. I never liked to go out with J.J J. Schmidt... Too many people shout.
  10. I am on my second Swisher it's a 66" finish cut. Yes it takes 2 belts a summer but I mow 6 acres. Bogging down on tall grass accelerates the belt wear. My first was a 60" trail mower. It ate bearings, a set a year. I stopped that by installing grease zerks to the bearing towers and bearings that were only sealed only on the outside so they would take grease. Once that is done it never had another bearing fail. The finish mower has only burned 1 bearing in two years. They are a little high maintenance but I do it myself. Adding a remote oil drain hose this winter to make oil changes easier. I change the oil twice a year and only use Amsoil. Looking to buy a new zero turn to add to the arsenal this year though.
  11. A black standard poodle. Have a white almost 9 YO now that's my daughter's.
  12. It's a little better after the first year, then after 2 you forgot all about it when they are your buddy! I'm worried about the time commitment but it will work out. The pup I'm getting will probably be my last. Age says I'm on the downhill slope. Funny I don't feel it!
  13. Let well enough alone, law of natural selection.
  14. Enjoying this thread, I pick up my new pup next Sunday. Been getting the house ready...
  15. Sounds like it will produce two headed deer. No telling what it will do to people. I guess if both heads have racks, then maybe...