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  1. DDT

    A tale of two ponds.

    if going completely new please stock fat yeads and crayfish a few months before introducing fish.. if you put fish in 1st all you do is feed them , instead of letting them get established ..., I stocked a new 1/2 acre spring fed pond last fall with 5# of fatheads and 60 crayfish. Early this spring we added some pallets about 18" under. Have thousands of minnow fry 1/4" to 3/4" long now. Added 34 rainbows 6-8" last month. Toss a little floating food in crushed up, minnows hit it hard. Also have a few million unwanted tadpoles too. Pond is the hub of wildlife activity, really enjoy watching it.
  2. DDT

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    Got the email for pick up. Thanks
  3. DDT

    2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

    Have the soybeans ever arrived?
  4. DDT

    First piebald

    First buck I ever shot was a piebald. Scorza brothers in Rochester stole the hide from me, but that's another story.
  5. I have a Fimco, pretty much the same. Works great. My nozzles are able to turn to change the spray pattern width.
  6. Not too hijack the thread but, Anybody know where to rent a lime spreader, Steuben county?
  7. DDT

    Bowhunting in the rain

    Funny, I had this discussion this morning. I don't bowhunt in the rain. For me too hard to blood trail. I've always had a flexible schedule so I can go during more favorable weather. I would practice in the rain too if I were inclined to go though. Makes a difference in the arrow flight. Gun hunting, always
  8. DDT

    Sad Time for New York Hunters

    We always talk about the same thing. I have hunted 8N for over 40 years. Couldn't count the number of shots you would hear. And deer numbers. My son sat in a stand near Naples one afternoon and said he saw 37 Doe's go by but not a horn. I sat there the next day and saw 37 too, not a horn. We still talk about that. Those days are gone for sure. Not enough hunters moving deer.
  9. DDT

    Sad Time for New York Hunters

    MTV started the problem. Gave youths the 4 minute attention span. Now playing with their phones. I hired a 20 year old who went home crying the second day because I told him to put the phone on the car after several mentions about it I said play with it on lunch and your breaks (2). He was texting his girlfriend constantly. He literally left crying and quit. His daddy called me and wanted to know why I made his son cry. He got engaged a few weeks later and married a few months after. Still can't hold a job, lives with family and daddy coddles him. And those snowflakes are the future.
  10. DDT

    Sad Time for New York Hunters

    My first job was at the mall in a women's clothing store. I was in charge of the panties table. True story.
  11. DDT

    Tiki dude carve

    Like the detail work.
  12. DDT

    Sad Time for New York Hunters

    Nothing stays the same. Sadly, in it's heydays the Avon field days were a good promotion. My son and I enjoyed attending. I instilled the love of hunting in him. Now it's a part of his lifestyle. I grew up on a farm, being outdoors as much as I could. Learned from my elders. My dad said "your handshake is a contract". Couldn't think of a better way to grow up. I did my best to give those values to my kids. It's a sign of the times as outdoors activity fades away. Now.... in a hunting state like New York it is hardly mentioned or celebrated while the Naples Grape Festival coming up this weekend will be packed. Good place to stay away from. My son and I are going to camp Saturday morning. We'll go through Naples early to avoid the melee. Glad you brought up the subject.
  13. DDT

    Taxidermist- Terrible Experience

    WNYBH has done work for me (several) and a friend, all quality work. I had him put a new cape I got last year on my Gramps deer from 1930's. Fair prices, quick turnaround.
  14. DDT

    plea deal...wth

    Several years ago I had a tresspasser/poacher issue. DEC officer took sample from gut pile. Caught the guy later that day and confiscated the deer. DNA matched, guys got what they had coming. Deer wasn't wasted, I told the officer to donate it. It was Thanksgiving day and he had a list of needy folks. He called me later to express their appreciation.
  15. Sure why not, hey you never know...