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  1. I find it easier to carry a spare gun.
  2. I'm going to skip being in Naples Creek on April 1st. But to be in the woods at 4am on May 1st, I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Remember Heir Cuomo's actions are such that he's really running for president.
  4. Sounded good, reminded me to get out of freezer some blueberry venison sausage and I'll have new hope Mills buckwheat pancake mix for breakfast tomorrow.
  5. Do you have a bowl? I'm guessing about 5 quart size.
  6. Plan on spreading some NWTF clover over an existing plot around pond this weekend. Supposed to be rainy next week, should do nicely. Going to watch for some ticks as I like my Corona with a little lime...
  7. I always liked candeling eggs, fun to see the miracle of life taking place.
  8. I have AR-15 uppers in 223, 6.5 Grendel, 50 Beowulf, and 7.62x39. As much as I like the Grendel, I would recommend the 7.62x39 for a first deer hunting AR. Get some practice out to 200 yards. Cheap practice ammo Buy a built upper. Build a lower. Then move on to a different caliber if you think you need it.
  9. Testing a vaccine now. Fastest vaccine to test trials. Seems familiar... Going to watch I Am Legend tonight.
  10. I think an AR-14 would be better https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-angryjoe-14-ar-14-stripped-lower-receiver-preorder-item-8-10-weeks-delivery.html
  11. Ok yours. Please PM me your name which I will give to Culvercreek so you can get in. If you win a prize on the tickets, I still get it :). Enjoy the banquet.
  12. I have 2 tickets to banquet tonight. I can't go, free to first taker. Please post here.
  13. That's why I always wear a pocket t-shirt. Have a couple missing pockets...
  14. Just got my NWTF clover seed to freshen up our plots. I'm hoping this weekend I can get to camp. Busy weekend planned, QDMA dinner, pick up new mower, need maple syrup, frost seed, list goes on.