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  1. Jamoke

    Later rut?

    All this scientific mumbo jumbo. The last weekend of gun every year has many bucks on their feet. Early November then early December. Every year.
  2. Jamoke

    Deep dive on cold fronts and how to hunt them

    Your #1-#3 on the winds of the cold front are backwards unless I'm reading it wrong? South wind/low berometer, wind starting to shift Northwest then north winds in time backing off with berometer rising.
  3. Jamoke

    Getting to the Field can be HARD!

    Yeah ummmmmmm....lol
  4. Jamoke

    New woods plot

    Isn't a plot supposed to look open? lol. Good job on your hard work.
  5. Jamoke

    Your hit list buck finally shows up...

    I still can't believe people put #'s on their deer. Too many fenced hunting shows I guess. Maybe they do run around with a tag in their ear......lol
  6. I want my 10 minutes back after reading this thread. JC, common sense people.
  7. Jamoke

    Found Bait sight

    This can't be true. I heard on the xbow thread that this doesn't happen on state land, just the evil posted land...lol
  8. Yep, the bill has been sitting in Albany for at least 2 years now. It's waaaaaaay past the DEC now.
  9. Jamoke

    Am I too late...

    By just cutting and tilling, you never had any of the previous plants or weeds come up? It looks awesome if that was it!
  10. Jamoke

    Whatcha let walk on Opening Day ?

    I passed on a 12pt w/ crab claws and double drop tines. I'm sure their has to be a bigger one out there.....
  11. Jamoke

    AR's suck

    Why do you need to get out of your stand just to leak? I would understand if you had the angry gorilla brewing.
  12. Jamoke

    Rut Report 2017

    Weather will not effect the time deer breed. It's kinda like your wife or girlfriend, they go on the rag every month at the same time just to make your life miserable.....
  13. The basis for that claim was in my post. You got extremely lucky. That was an exception, not the rule.
  14. I shot a deer yesterday under 20yds and as soon as my xbow made that "slap" sound it had already passed through the deer. Anytime with an xbow or a compound if a deer has me pegged I aim lower because they will flinch.