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  1. No need to be confused. He said it was a buck from 2 years ago......
  2. Unbelievable. This day in age with social media, I cannot for the life of me think a place would screw someone over for a few bucks. Social media can break you or MAKE you....Apparently, Creekside wants to be broken.
  3. Yup, depends on the property. Most dont have that perfect scenario to pattern a big guy to or from the feed. It's always warm and those gnats will carry you away.
  4. Not sure why anyone would waste a vacation day that early. You'll wish you had it for more time in the woods in another 4 weeks.
  5. 3oz of Gly per gallon of water. I'll never spend over $30 on a gallon of round up again.
  6. Maybe I'll get some bags of lime then. Thank you!
  7. I planted ferns in my landscaping about 15 years ago and those bastards were starting to come up threw my driveway! I HATE those things. Had to dig up every root ball. Grrrr
  8. It's a spot I cleared so lots of sun coming in. And yes the soil is acidic. I put a clover mix in and the ferns are growing right over it. Been mowing it down for now. My logging roads around this spot are growing perfect clover. Just wanna fix my main plot.
  9. Does anyone have a decent method of getting rid of these God aweful things? Am I just looking at killing them with glyc or will mowing them eventually do it? Ferns are so damm crazy, I'm afraid they'll just keep coming back.
  10. Ny and Pa red counties look to be urban areas. Rochester, Pitt and Phil. Probobly archery only areas.
  11. What's wierd for me is that it was 14 degrees in late March!