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  1. They Work! I start them in June/July. Overhanging branch is the key.
  2. I added up my totals on my bow hunters log 2020. 22 - days hunted 98 - hours hunted 28 - bucks seen 16 - does seen 19 - fawns seen 3 - unknown deer Pretty sure I’m done till the regular season, but it was an enjoyable bow/crossbow season.
  3. Nice double lung shot. Went about seventy yards. Seven pointer.
  4. Had a nice , I think seven cruise by. I rattled at him when he went out of sight and here he comes. I grunted at him and he looked my way, made a rub and a scrape and came right in. He did not get a pass. Pics to come!
  5. If someone has an illegal bait sight that will alter deer movement.
  6. Just had a seven pointer come through at 20 yards. He got the pass.
  7. Tough decision but I just let a nice six point I call Thrasher go. He went by at 5 yards. I knew if I ever got him in range it would be a tough choice.
  8. Nothing worse than a thief! Get them.
  9. 55 degrees to start this day off. I’ll keep plugging away.
  10. That snow picture is my favorite cam pic. Looks like a pic you would see on the cover of Outdoor Life.
  11. Some of my favorite pics from todays card pull.
  12. I am definitely rooting for some shade! Probably another 20 minutes till the sun hits the tree line. Although a 4 point just went through.
  13. I know the name but I don't recall ever meeting him. There is about a 34 year difference between the two of us.