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  1. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Oil and filter change is on the things to do list. Mowing is still a week away for me.
  2. bigpaul

    Dehydrator Recommendation

    I have the same one. I'll give it 5 stars. They also make a 160 liter.
  3. bigpaul

    No March Blizzard

    I got about 18" last Friday. Wet, nasty and mud underneath. Got rid of it yesterday with 68 degrees.
  4. bigpaul


    Like Biz, I buy beans and freshly grind every cup. I drink mine out of a 20 oz. Yeti to keep it hot.
  5. bigpaul

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    I'm about a 3 out of 10. But the right bird at the right time makes me look like a 10.
  6. bigpaul

    Who forgot to change their clocks ?

    Did it last night! Even the coffee maker and all the thermostats. Love more daylight after work!
  7. bigpaul

    new house

    BDA! Better days ahead
  8. bigpaul


    My neighbor always brings me a loaf of bread from Addeo's bakery in the Bronx. Awesome bread! About a dozen loaves a year. He is happy that I look after his place and keep his road clear for him.
  9. bigpaul


    Yeah, low end but vodka.
  10. bigpaul

    new house

    Nothing better than walking out your door and being able to hunt! Congrats!
  11. bigpaul

    sum up your season!

    I set my harvest goals pretty high this year. I had 4 bucks that I had on cam, all 8 pointers that I had my eyes on. I passed numerous 6,7, and small 8 pointers. When the snow came my sightings decreased. Then all I was seeing was 1 1/2 year old bucks. One good one got hit by a car and one might have got shot. I never released an arrow or fired a shot and I have no regrets. My mock scrapes were fun to watch and I had a blast using a buck decoy. Already planning some habitat improvements and new stand locations. I miss it already and I'm looking forward to next year.
  12. Well it was funny this morning, my girlfriend said if I were you I would head down to the bottom of the field, they've been coming out down there for the last 3 mornings. She doesn't hunt but I took her advice and so far 2 spikes have come through. I guess I should listen to her more. Hoping for a good one.
  13. Not fun coming out of the woods and having a deer between you and the road and a car drives by and stops. Nothing bad happened but I'm still shaking. I hate road shooters!
  14. I saw a buck that shed one antler last week and another one today. I did get a new buck on cam, 8 point no brows.