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  1. My Verizon prepay is $40 a month with unlimited talk and text with 3 gigs of data.
  2. 15lbs. of jerky in the dehydrator, basement is smelling good!
  3. I would be embarrassed walking out of any store with a cart full of corn. I see it every year though. First weekend of bow season and a bunch of guys in camo walking out of TS with corn. One guy even admitted it when I was walking in and he was walking out with corn. He just said "Yeah I'm feeding deer, so what", I knew the guy and I said I didn't say a word. That happened a year after he got caught hunting over bait.
  4. One of my best! Seems like I couldn't do anything wrong! Every time I checked cameras most of the pics were bucks. Whenever I hunted I saw mostly bucks. Never spooked a deer going to a stand. My only regret was passing a real nice eight point on 10/4 hoping to get a shot at a real big seven which I saw the next day and then never saw again. That deer just vanished. Harvested a big 6 with crossbow and a nice 8 with rifle. Then got taunted by the nice 8 for the rest of the season. Looking forward to catching up to him next year!
  5. Closing out the year in the same stand I started it in on October 1st when it was 80 degrees out. I had one of those years when everything went my way. Now we have 9 months of planning and prepping. Looking forward to next year!
  6. A doe (at least I think it was) and a spike fed in a turnip plot around 8:00. Just couldn't tell if she was a he and shed already. Whatever it was it walked away.
  7. Beautiful afternoon! Haven’t seen a thing today but it sure is fun trying!
  8. My girlfriend thinks I’ve lost it. Bailed out of work a couple of hours early, plowed the driveway, loaded the wood stove, and now I’m sitting in a tree overlooking a small turnip patch. I’m armed with nothing but my phone and video camera. I’ve been seeing a good buck but I don’t have a tag. I really just enjoy this more and more as I get older!
  9. I didn't see much deer sign in Bramley Mountain. Pink Street along Scutt Mountain Road had lots of deer sign but also has a lot of road frontage. I recommend areas with little road frontage and a difficult hike in and or a drag out.
  10. I do some turkey hunting on quite a few of them. I usually see a lot of deer sign but I just never get back to deer hunt them. Some of them get road hunted pretty hard.
  11. Weird year for me because that's all I'm seeing is bucks, live and on camera. But I've had years where I'm not as lucky. Keep after them! I've seen the same eight point the last three afternoons at the same time heading for food. Love late season!