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  1. What did you roll it with and did you spray it with anything? I plan on doing that this fall with my buckwheat plots.
  2. I wheeled Silverado's for 30+ years. Recently my 2015 with the 5.3 and 55,000 miles had to have the lifters replaced. $3000 worth and out of warranty! GM reimbursed me 2/3's of that. GM claimed it was caused by Active Fuel Management which drops 4 cylinders out to improve fuel mileage. I traded it in for Toyota Tundra that I have only put 3000 miles on and so far so good. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  3. Heard some gobbling this morning at two locations. Then I hit a nice two year old that I called in for a friend. I’m having a fun season!
  4. Finished up my 2021 season at 6:23 this morning. He roosted about 100 yds of my blind. I set up a lone hen decoy well before daylight. He had several hens and a Jake with him and he slowly strutted my way. My first triple bearded bird, 8”, 5 1/2”, and 5”. 1 1/8” Spurs and about 20#. Fun hunt!
  5. On the board! Called once, never heard a gobble. Four hens and this guy came in to feed in the fresh spread manure.
  6. Had a hen intercept a gobbler off roost and passed an iffy shot on one walking by with 5 hens. Cold, windy and a dusting of snow. No gobbling since early.
  7. My Grandfather worked at Ballantine Brewery in Newark NJ in the 60’s. I guess Pabst brought it back.
  8. On Friday 4/23/21, Dick's in Oneonta had Winchester Longbeard XR's in 3". Also Federal Heavyweight TSS in 3 1/2 ( 5 for $65).
  9. Great time of the year to get outside and and walk the roads and pick up garbage. I filled a 13 gallon bag with cans just walking within 1/2 mile from home. Coors Light 16oz was the winner. I live on a one lane dirt road. The first year I did it I filled two 55 gallon bags. Now it's just basic maintenance. I just rode the tractor around the field and picked up all the loose bailing wrap also.
  10. 2nd shot of Maderna on Friday and no side effects. I drank 2 Pedialyte's immediately after the shot.
  11. Deer have been hammering the winter for a good three weeks now. Hands down my favorite plot. About time to disc it up though.
  12. Frost seeded three weeks ago and it is coming to life!
  13. I gave it a whirl this morning. I would never know if I didn’t try.
  14. Here in 4P we got about 2 feet on the Thursday of muzzleloader. My neighbor came up from Westchester and rode his sled. He lets me hunt his property, he doesn't hunt. I didn't say a word to him. The local clubs here don't ride until all deer seasons are over. Most trails here are on private property.
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