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  1. Here in 4P we got about 2 feet on the Thursday of muzzleloader. My neighbor came up from Westchester and rode his sled. He lets me hunt his property, he doesn't hunt. I didn't say a word to him. The local clubs here don't ride until all deer seasons are over. Most trails here are on private property.
  2. If somebody wants something bad enough, they'll get it. Most of my cams are on my own property so I don't have many problems with theft. I do lock up some of my cams to protect them from bears. Camo, not using a black strap on a silver tree, and elevating your cams will help keep them out of sight.
  3. Learned on an old Willy's at deer camp when I was ten. My first auto trans I owned was in 2001.
  4. I always pack my coat in. I'll sit in the stand and cool off before putting coat and gaiter on. Using a boot dryer ensures my boots are dry.
  5. Gonna bail soon as I have a few things to do around the house. Be back at it this afternoon. Heater body suit make it feel like a spring day!
  6. 10 degrees and calm. I was amazed at all the deer tracks on my short 300 yard walk in. I’m pretty excited! Good luck all and stay warm.
  7. I had this Scentite blind given to me, all I had to do was go get it before the neighbor sold the property. I elevated it on 8’ 4x4’s. I absolutely hate it. I can’t see out the windows and I’m always humped over in the chair trying to peek out. Windows are just too low in my opinion and the plastic walls are very noisy. When building blinds make sure your windows are big enough and at the right height.
  8. Main goal was to get a Christmas Tree. Along the way I saw 5 does and I cut a bear track. No mature bucks on my cameras.
  9. One of the guys brought his kids to deer camp this year. He said that's all they talk about. They can't wait to go back. We already set a weekend aside in January to head to camp just to drink, eat, and relax. So looking forward to it!
  10. Only cut one track on my way in. I’m not far from the road though. Quite a few deer out in the winter rye last night. Not sure why they’re so nocturnal, I seem to be the only one hunting them around here. Couple hours on stand this morning and then I’ll check cameras. Good luck!
  11. I hope this spike hangs around my stand as much when he turns 3 1/2.
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