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  1. Cool neck hair on the one!
  2. bigpaul

    Sharpening chainsaw

    Nobody at work has one but we were talking about this sharpener just yesterday. I'm sure someone will own one come Monday. Thanks for the review!
  3. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Adding a pic from yesterday's mow.
  4. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    The sun came out and my first cut of 2019 is in the books!
  5. bigpaul

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Neat things you come across on new land. Might be a town line as I found 4 in a line.
  6. bigpaul

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    It amazes me whenever I hunt public land that someone always pulls up by my truck and get out and start calling. If I see another vehicle I just keep on driving. It's called respect!
  7. bigpaul

    Roosting For The 1st Time Tuesday. Who Else?

    Luckily I can perform that task from my deck!
  8. bigpaul

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Oil and filter change is on the things to do list. Mowing is still a week away for me.
  9. bigpaul

    Dehydrator Recommendation

    I have the same one. I'll give it 5 stars. They also make a 160 liter.
  10. bigpaul

    No March Blizzard

    I got about 18" last Friday. Wet, nasty and mud underneath. Got rid of it yesterday with 68 degrees.
  11. bigpaul


    Like Biz, I buy beans and freshly grind every cup. I drink mine out of a 20 oz. Yeti to keep it hot.
  12. bigpaul

    How would you rate yourself as a turkey caller ?

    I'm about a 3 out of 10. But the right bird at the right time makes me look like a 10.
  13. bigpaul

    Who forgot to change their clocks ?

    Did it last night! Even the coffee maker and all the thermostats. Love more daylight after work!
  14. bigpaul

    new house

    BDA! Better days ahead