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  1. Welcome! I'm just west in Bovina. I've hunted a bunch of the DEP properties, mainly during turkey season. I run in to a lot of stands year after year. I believe your suppose to take them down yearly but most people don't. Some of the parcels get a lot of road hunting pressure. The DEP website has maps and all the info. Feel free to contact me anytime. Where are you from?
  2. Last year I dug a hole and put a 25 gal. stock tank in it. I put water in it once and rain and runoff keeps it filled. Everything that walks by it takes a drink. Date on camera is incorrect.
  3. Now, now! Trapping only! I do seem to be overpopulated with them though. I've only seen 4 or 5 with my eyes but I've gotten hundreds of pictures of them.
  4. Here is a series of pictures of a Fisher collecting what appears to be turkey eggs. Ever wonder why you don't see many poults?
  5. One of the better gobbling mornings of the season for me. I'm thinking around 10 I'll grab a couple decoys and go sit in the blind. I heard at least 6 gobblers this morning.
  6. I’m out here wishing I was drinking coffee. Had a couple on roost and they headed away from me. Called a hen in and now all is quiet.
  7. Makes me wonder why nobody makes a scent free clothes wash with Permethrin in it!
  8. Possibly! Actually I never knew it till I got home. logging trail plot
  9. Is that a Ford Series J? I backed mine into a tree and bent the axle. Recently replaced the whole gang. Great disc though.
  10. Malfunctions happen. In a high pressure situation things can go south quickly. A simple jam can be caused by an ammunition failure or a faulty mag. Sometimes a smack and rack will solve it. You might need to strip that mag out and replace it with a fresh one. Sometimes during a jam an operator error can happen, you might accidentally drop that mag and be left with an unloaded weapon.
  11. I'm with Moog, Badlands. Can't remember the models but one is a small pack that I use for everyday deer hunting around here, and the other one is larger that I mainly use out west. Again, you can't beat the warranty. Buy it right the first time and you'll only buy it once!
  12. I use it as a summer cover crop and soil builder. I disc it under before it goes to seed. Last year i planted some with Winter Rye. i
  13. I usually get a handful of pics of fishers every year. I've only seen 4 or 5 in my life.
  14. Those brows sure look it! I'd say a match.