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  1. Late morning, 11:48. Came in hot! Good luck everyone and be safe!
  2. That's awesome! I'm jealous.
  3. Delaware County. About in the middle between Albany and Binghamton.
  4. I average $100 a month on electric for the year. No gas. Outdoor wood boiler heats house and hot water during the winter months. Oil back up along with a couple of heat pumps which mainly run A/C in summer and some heat during fall and spring.
  5. I'm in 4P in central Delaware. We got a foot up on the hills and less at lower elevations. Friday 12/23/22 is supposed to re a rain event with a high of 50 degrees. Weather forecast is subject to change!
  6. When I was a kid, the 80's, my dad's camp was packed with guys for the whole first week and had a good sized group of guys there for the following weekends. Between people dying and lack of interest from their kids it is pretty quiet now. This year two friends came up with their boys. My friends didn't even buy a license and never left the cabin and their boys didn't put much effort in but they had fun hanging out at camp. My neighbors camp is the same, just the owner hunted the first and second weekend. Meanwhile I took 4 weeks vacation since bow season started. I didn't hunt everyday but pretty close. I am more picky of what I shoot and I'm happy if I put one deer in the freezer.
  7. Most hunts I have my camera set up. I have never recorded a harvest. I have come close but the camera comes 2nd when I'm hunting. I just have basic equipment and it's always enjoyable to bring home footage of the days hunt. Good luck! Thanks for sharing!
  8. In the spot my Dad’s tree stand was. I first started hunting here which him when I was 6 or 7. His tree fell many years ago but I decided to put a ladder stand up. Let’s see what happens.
  9. Looking forward to seeing friends at camp, always a good time! I'll be honest, every year I hate to see the archery/crossbow season come to a close. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!
  10. Just out here enjoying the day. No desire to shoot a doe. Hoping to catch some rut activity on camera.
  11. We’ll, first sit in the new stand paid off. A six pointer with no brows came in at 6:30. 30 minutes later a four pointer came in. Long morning but he’s hanging.
  12. First time in this stand, ESE wind. Good luck all.
  13. Feels kind of lonely on here. Had to relearn how to dress for this weather. No sightings yet.
  14. 2 does, a fawn and a 4 pointer tonight. When the sunset the cooldown began.
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