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  1. I use it as a summer cover crop and soil builder. I disc it under before it goes to seed. Last year i planted some with Winter Rye. i
  2. I usually get a handful of pics of fishers every year. I've only seen 4 or 5 in my life.
  3. Those brows sure look it! I'd say a match.
  4. I got myself a vasectomy one Valentines Day. It didn't go over very well at the time, especially when I asked her for a ride. But now she admits it was one of the best Valentine's gifts ever. I always get her a dozen roses every year and she's happy with that.
  5. My Verizon prepay is $40 a month with unlimited talk and text with 3 gigs of data.
  6. 15lbs. of jerky in the dehydrator, basement is smelling good!
  7. I would be embarrassed walking out of any store with a cart full of corn. I see it every year though. First weekend of bow season and a bunch of guys in camo walking out of TS with corn. One guy even admitted it when I was walking in and he was walking out with corn. He just said "Yeah I'm feeding deer, so what", I knew the guy and I said I didn't say a word. That happened a year after he got caught hunting over bait.
  8. One of my best! Seems like I couldn't do anything wrong! Every time I checked cameras most of the pics were bucks. Whenever I hunted I saw mostly bucks. Never spooked a deer going to a stand. My only regret was passing a real nice eight point on 10/4 hoping to get a shot at a real big seven which I saw the next day and then never saw again. That deer just vanished. Harvested a big 6 with crossbow and a nice 8 with rifle. Then got taunted by the nice 8 for the rest of the season. Looking forward to catching up to him next year!
  9. Closing out the year in the same stand I started it in on October 1st when it was 80 degrees out. I had one of those years when everything went my way. Now we have 9 months of planning and prepping. Looking forward to next year!
  10. A doe (at least I think it was) and a spike fed in a turnip plot around 8:00. Just couldn't tell if she was a he and shed already. Whatever it was it walked away.
  11. Beautiful afternoon! Haven’t seen a thing today but it sure is fun trying!
  12. My girlfriend thinks I’ve lost it. Bailed out of work a couple of hours early, plowed the driveway, loaded the wood stove, and now I’m sitting in a tree overlooking a small turnip patch. I’m armed with nothing but my phone and video camera. I’ve been seeing a good buck but I don’t have a tag. I really just enjoy this more and more as I get older!