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  1. Well it was funny this morning, my girlfriend said if I were you I would head down to the bottom of the field, they've been coming out down there for the last 3 mornings. She doesn't hunt but I took her advice and so far 2 spikes have come through. I guess I should listen to her more. Hoping for a good one.
  2. Not fun coming out of the woods and having a deer between you and the road and a car drives by and stops. Nothing bad happened but I'm still shaking. I hate road shooters!
  3. I saw a buck that shed one antler last week and another one today. I did get a new buck on cam, 8 point no brows.
  4. I've had a very tough season up to today, I even got to hear one of the big bucks get hit by a car the first week. As we all know, things can change fast!
  5. Years ago I would have been happy with them but I still have a couple of goods ones I'm looking for and I still have time to do it. If I don't fill a tag, oh well it's nice to have had the opportunity. Good luck to you!
  6. What a great day in the woods! I saw eleven deer in total, including one seven pointer and two six pointers. I passed them all. Action all day long. The best part is when I got back to the house, there are fawn tracks on my deck stairs! Amazing what a deer will do for a pumpkin.
  7. 2nd six point of the day just got a free pass.
  8. I passed on a seven pt. This morning and a six about an hour ago. Eventually one of these eights will show themselves.
  9. Just saw my second buck of the day from the house. He made a rub and fed for about an hour. Pretty neat to watch.
  10. My neighbor got his truck stuck in a 3' drift when I was walking out this morning. This guy let's me hunt it so I had no problem firing up the tractor and plowing his driveway for him, about a mile long. I gave some leftovers a good home, and now back in the stand. Beautiful afternoon.
  11. Spikehorn 300 yards from the front door.