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  1. Walked about 4 miles and only heard two very distant gobbles. Only excitement I had was spotting this yearling buck. He let me get about 10 yds away before he would move. I’m guessing someone nearby feeds him and he somewhat used to people.
  2. Just picked up 10 50lbs. bags of 15-15-15 for $22 a bag. Didn’t think that was bad at all. I was going to buy it no matter what, I enjoy it way too much. That should get me through the year.
  3. I’ve set up on birds every morning so far. They seem to fly down and head the opposite way. Hens! I walked 6 miles the first day, 4 miles yesterday and 5 today. No late morning gobbles. All I have to show for is this dead head.
  4. I hope it gets done! I would rather go to work in the dark and have daylight when I get home.
  5. $4.07 for regular and $4.69 for non ethanol today. Most stations around here are at $4.20.
  6. I had heard fertilizer prices were going to be high this year so I checked at the feed store today. None in stock and they haven't started making it yet. I was also told the price will be doubled from last year. I didn't even ask about lime. I am just on the food plotting end but imagine what the price of food will be with this increase.
  7. I'm sure he will still hunt/poach. Several years ago a local guy lost his hunting privileges for a few years. Funny part was he didn't have a license when they took it away from him. A hunting license is just like an order of protection or a driver's license, it's just a piece of paper.
  8. $3.46 at BJ’s in Oneonta today. Always a line anymore.
  9. I plant buckwheat as a summer cover crop. Deer eat it but don't destroy it. It is a soil builder and referred to as green manure. Very easy to grow in just about any soil.
  10. I found myself to enjoy hunting much more than my friends so I'm pretty much a loner when it comes to that. Mostly every weekend I head to one of my buddy's garages or they come over to my basement and we indulge in some adult beverages and talk about the good ole' days. My one friend and I usually hit a nascar race every year and hit some of the local dirt tracks. I'm 53 and these two guys are 48 and 51.
  11. I've got multiple pics of both.
  12. Saw some chat on the live from the woods thread. Thought I would share these. Two different dogs. One looks like the leg was shot off and the other one is pretty well healed up at the shoulder.
  13. I shot my buck 15 minutes before sunrise. Very happy with this change, especially while hunting field edges.
  14. Over 10 years ago but the Lifetime License was a no brainer! Probably about 10 years ago the Peet Boot Drier. A dry foot is a warm foot.
  15. I'll be following along. I'm down 40 lbs. since mid September. Counting calories, low fat. and low carb. Also walking more. Best of luck to you!
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