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  1. Not near you, but I just shot, and I'm no youth! Pic to come!
  2. 2 spikes, 2 does, 2 fawns. Can't wait for a new wind direction!
  3. I really need some more NE wind setups. Predominantly NW winds here. So I’m in a pop up where I usually do a decoy set up later in the season.
  4. A spike and a large button buck. 5 deer all bucks this morning!
  5. Had my top priority sparring with a small 8pt. about 100 yards out. Then a 4pt. came through. All quiet now.
  6. Discipline! or I lost my mind! 6:30ish I had a spike, a small 8pt., and a good 7pt. at 20 yards feeding without a care in the world. And i let them walk. I have my sights on a bigger deer so i held off for now. But wow was that exciting!
  7. Boy how I missed sitting in this tree! Sitting over an apple tree and a patch of oats and brassicas. Southwest wind in my face.
  8. 10/01, couple hours after work in the PM.
  9. Got my projects done around the house so I decided to sit in a blind til sunset, it is so green.