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  1. I agree with you, not mad about the cameras more pissed that I've been scouting and hunting hard for weeks for a let a spot settle for a few weeks for the last weekend and got my last weekend jacked by a jacka$$. Just frustrating!!!
  2. Not really happy this morning, had about about 2 hr sit this morning before having to attend a conference for work. I really wanted to pull my cards to see the activity for the last weekend. As I walk towards the spot where I placed my cameras, I noticed I don't see the straps holding them up. Yes someone came on private property 30 min walk from a road or field and jacked two fo my cameras. I will be knocking on doors later today, knowing I will never see the cameras again, it's just super frustrating someone would do that not on their property.
  3. I've been hunting this stud since I saw him mid bow season. Passed on a doe opening day at 20 yards. Been out everyday but Thanksgiving afternoon, when did he show, 4pm that day. Hopefully he comes tonight!!!
  4. Let's gooooooo. Good luck everyone. Great day for BBD!!!
  5. Saw the guy that made this scrap the other night moved my stand mid day hopefully he takes the same path tonight.
  6. Just got soaked, but I did see 6 deer this morning. 5 doe and a 4 pointer chasing them around to bad they stayed up on a ridge 80 yards. Oh well, hopefully this rain stop for this afternoon.
  7. Good Luck everyone, looks like a decent morning in the capital region. No rain til midmorning!!!!
  8. All these spots look amazing!!!! Good Luck, hopefully we will all see some deer on the ground soon. Im sitting in my office writing college rec letters. I would much rather be in the woods.
  9. I just got sniffed out at 40 yards. It's not windy here.
  10. GTL1205

    Rut Report 2017

    Anyone hunting in Region 5S/5R. I have seen alot of doe movement, but nothing chasing at all? Been out last two weekends. The doe are still paired up and no bucks following!!! Hopefully this weekend will be different.