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  1. Before i jumped into the smokeless game i tinkered with alotta bullets and guns and loads with Blackhorn.. always came back to a Barnes bullet of some sort.. there is no doubt in my mind they are the best muzzy bullet for guys shooting blackhorn or pellets!  Now that i shoot smokeless out of a custom bolt build i like to send these missles at a blistering 3170fps! Bang flop!


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  2. Hankins 45cal smokeless
    Built on rem 700 ultimate action
    26in #17 contour Kreiger barrel
    Muscle Brake
    Nightforce scope base
    Jewel trigger
    Dual sizing die ( smooth and full form)
    Boyds pro varmit stock (bedded)
    3pc ramrod
    Aluminum bronze priming modules (25)
    Loading funnel

    $3200 shipped with no scope
    $4700 shipped with Nightforce 5.5-22x50 NXS Moar T reticle
    6 screw nightforce rings

    For someone in a shotgun county or hunts big ag fields this gun is for you

    Can search Hankins custom rifles on Youtube to see what these guns are capable of

    it will shoot a 275g Pittman Accumax bullet with 78g Imr4198 at 2950fps or a 300g pittman aeromax w 102.5g H4895 at 3100fps into one ragged hole at 100yds


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