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  1. Looking for 2+lbs of H4895 powder if anybody has any they wanna part with.. in the WNY area
  2. Correct the Martins is water based.. the gordons is not..
  3. Wasting your money on everything except the Permethrine spray... buy a bottle of 10% permethrine from tractor supply and dilute it down to .05% and call it a day
  4. Brand new VX6HD 4-24x52, 34mm tube, TMOA reticle, $1700 shipped to your door.. paypal F&F or you pay the 3% fees
  5. Been seeing lots as well in 9A... the dry weather has been very helpful as it dont drown the lil ones in the nest.. the hounds should have plenty to run this fall
  6. If you guys wanna save some money look into buying Martins 10% permethrin and dillute it down to whatever % you want.. i mix my own at 1% .. a 32oz bottle of Martins 10% will cost ya $20-22 and make you over 4gallons of .05% mix
  7. Crap time to try to sell but i have new builds about to be delivered and wife says i cant buy a bigger safe... price drop to $900 shipped firm.
  8. Csx railroader.. been there 15yrs
  9. Saywers works ok.. but for someone that spends alot of time outdoors theres better and cheaper options. Martins 10% permethrin dilluted down to whatever % you want is by far a cheaper option.. i do alot of beagle training all year long and have never found a tick on myself since using it. I mix a hotter solution than Sawyers and spray my clothes every time the nite before i hit the field for training. As for the dogs advantix and seresto collars suck for feild/working dogs. All my beagles wear a purple Python cattle tag year round
  10. Price drop $1000 for the package... also willing to sell gun without scope