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  1. Hankins 45cal smokeless Built on rem 700 ultimate action 26in #17 contour Kreiger barrel Muscle Brake Nightforce scope base Jewel trigger Dual sizing die ( smooth and full form) Boyds pro varmit stock (bedded) 3pc ramrod Aluminum bronze priming modules (25) Loading funnel $3200 shipped with no scope $4700 shipped with Nightforce 5.5-22x50 NXS Moar T reticle 6 screw nightforce rings For someone in a shotgun county or hunts big ag fields this gun is for you Can search Hankins custom rifles on Youtube to see what these guns are capable of it will shoot a 275g Pittman Accumax bullet with 78g Imr4198 at 2950fps or a 300g pittman aeromax w 102.5g H4895 at 3100fps into one ragged hole at 100yds
  2. Custom 45cal smokeless muzzleloader
  3. Beleive they are the same.. dont beleive they make these anymore though
  4. Used on a few hunts excellent cond if you want warmth this is the set for you Parka size XL Bibs XL $375 shipped
  5. New with tags size XL $150 shipped
  6. Brand new with tags Parka is XL Tall Bibs XL $350 shipped
  7. Looking for 2+lbs of H4895 powder if anybody has any they wanna part with.. in the WNY area
  8. Correct the Martins is water based.. the gordons is not..
  9. Wasting your money on everything except the Permethrine spray... buy a bottle of 10% permethrine from tractor supply and dilute it down to .05% and call it a day