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  1. Check what the guys are selling there BH209 for on gunbroker.. its insane.. same with primers and other powders
  2. I scored some h4895 last week at powder valley.. it didnt last long on there site.. first time iv seen it anywhere in stock in months
  3. https://www.arrowheadrifles.com/product/brux_encore_barrels/
  4. Just buy a brux barrel already converted from Jeff at Hankins or Luke from Arrowhead
  5. Can just rebarrel a encore Hankins sells a brux for them i beleive.. cva hunter and scouts in a 45-70 can be converted to a muzzy
  6. 20ga Ultra Slug gun Nikon slughunter Bdc scope 3-9x Warne scope rings Listing the gun for my brother.. can be picked up in Niagara county or shipped to a ffl.. will give contact info to my brother for anybody intrested $600
  7. Dont want a smoker.. will be a smokeless conversion
  8. Im in need of a carry/woods gun so figured id see if i can find a apex first since its got a bit more barrel diameter..if i cant round one up ill just pick up a scout
  9. As soon as deer season ends i start running/training dogs back in the wild again.. dry summer helped to not drown rabbit nest so plenty around this year it seems
  10. When ya pull the trigger on that cannon bad things happen to the receiving end lol.. the scout conversions are great woods/carry guns
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