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  1. Maceration is def the way to go
  2. Fluid film for me... put that stuff on everything
  3. The bullet is still loaded through the muzzle on the nitro fire
  4. Have a few sets of tools im looking to unload... local pickup is prefered (wny niagara co) shipping will be on the buyer if i can even ship lithium Ridgid Octane set 18v with 4 batteries (2 9ah and 2 3ah) 2 chargers, drill, impact driver, 4in grinder.. $300 Kobalt 18v drill and impact.. 2 batteries and charger. $50 Ryobi 18v set.. drill, spotlight, flashlight, worklight, sawzall, circ saw and charger.. only 1 battery.. if i can find the other battery that will go with it as well.. $125
  5. Beetles are alot of work to keep around if your thinking about getting some.. i have a good amount of skulls that have been done by beetles and the results have been good.. better than boiling thats for sure... my prefered method now is maceration.. longer process but the results have been excellent and theres very little actual hand work to be done
  6. Selling a garmin livescope lvs32 transducer.. works as intended iv upgraded to the 34... its transducer only.. $300 shipped
  7. Beleive hes closed... theres a new archery shop where the cabin range was
  8. Yep very clean shop.. my buddy and his wife own the place.. i usually cut my own but with temps like this i dont even bother
  9. Chopped lovin in wilson is open for any Niagara co peeps
  10. Ha no have a cva scout 45/70 that is converted to a smokeless muzzy as well thats used on small plots or woods/bedding hunts... this one is for hunting big ag fields
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