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  1. Was some avail at cabelas online yest
  2. Gander outdoors has verizon and att in stock for anybody lookin
  3. Large dog crate with insulated removeable cover $75 picked up in Niagara county
  4. $100 picked up in Niagara co... in good shape
  5. Check what the guys are selling there BH209 for on gunbroker.. its insane.. same with primers and other powders
  6. I scored some h4895 last week at powder valley.. it didnt last long on there site.. first time iv seen it anywhere in stock in months
  7. https://www.arrowheadrifles.com/product/brux_encore_barrels/
  8. Just buy a brux barrel already converted from Jeff at Hankins or Luke from Arrowhead
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