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  1. 4 hours ago, TheHornHunter said:


    CVA 45/70 I had converted to a .45 smokeless. Jeff Hankins at Hankins Custom Rifles did the work. It’s a tack driver and does sub 1” groups at 100. It also wrecks absolute havoc on anything it touches. Here’s a shoulder shot from last year.


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    I have a custom build from Hankins as well.. my county (Niagara) is shotgun only so i needed something to reach out and touch em

  2. 2 hours ago, TheHornHunter said:


    It’s a smokeless muzzleloader so probably closer to a rifle than a regular muzzleloader. Ballistics say it’s good to 400 but 300 is my limit and it’d have to be perfect conditions to take that shot. I dropped a doe at 260 last year with it and this is the first time I’ve missed with it I think.

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    Custom build or a savage?

  3. Savage 12BVSS

    Caliber 22-250

    126rounds down the pipe

    Vortex Hs Viper scope 4-16x44

    Leupold bases and rings

    $1250 shipped or local pickup.. buyer pays there FFL fees.. gun is in Niagara county, Ny

    Gun is in excellent shape and is a tack driver


    Bipod not included

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Rack Attack said:

    Same load basically that I'm shooting.  You're not running that out of an Omega conversion are you?  What action, Remington 700 CF, 700 ML, or large shank savage?  What ignition are you using? I'm still using 209, it works just fine for me and is simple.  I know the trend lately is to use LMRP module ignition systems. Just curious.

    Gun is built on a savage action with no barrel nut... so its a 1.250 dia for the first 5in then tapered to 1in at the muzzle so it can handle the mag loads.. using the Hankins ignition with the modules.  

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  5. 49 minutes ago, Pygmy said:

    Are you using it because centerfire rifles are not legal where you hunt, or  just because you enjoy the process of dealing with the front loaders ? Or BOTH....??… 



    Yep im in Niagara county so no rifles here.. what guys are doing with these guns is truely amazing 


    And Jeff Fisk from Bestill Creations Custom muzzleloaders explaining what it takes to shoot these builds at long ranges


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  6. 10 minutes ago, Pygmy said:

    Damn  !!  That's .378 Weatherby ballistics....I am no math wiz, but I know enough about simple physics to know that a rifle that propels a 275 grain bullet at 3000 FPS  would kick like hell, unless it weighs 20 pounds !

    Gun weighs around 15lbs... its a tank!  It wasnt built to be a carry gun thats for sure.. it also has a muzzle brake on it so it kicks less than a 20ga id say

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  7. 1 hour ago, helmut in the bush said:

    Cool stuff, what kinda velocities are you getting out of these with what bullet weight?

    Im getting 3050fps with 78g of IMR 4198 powder with a 275g pittman accumax bullet

  8. Jeff Fisk at Bestill Creations custom muzzleloader is the man to talk to about a smokeless Omega build.. i beleive Jeff Hankins at Hankins custom rifles has cva's already converted ready to purchase as well on his web page

  9. 5 minutes ago, loworange88 said:

    Curious....with the shooting bag, do you lay prone or was this just a photo op?  I was thinking of maybe trying the prone technique for coyotes.  Awesome looking build BTW.


    Laying prone at that spot... guns on top of a hill and i lay on the slope

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