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  1. 10 minutes ago, SportsmanNH said:

    GH  Use the liquid spray bottle permethrin mix on your clothes . You can smell the aerosol  on your hunting clothes for days . Permethrin has no scent , but aerosol does.

    I use the Martins which is made by Controlled Solutions like others here have mentioned. Its a great product that saves a ton of money compared to buying the premixed Sawyers .  But one thing that everyone should watch for. Make sure you buy the water based mixes. Do not buy the pretroleum mix. Any mix that says its more than 10 percent permethrin is most likely petroleum based . Just check the labels before you buy . Even some 10 percent mixes are petroleum based. And they will leave your clothes smelling like engine oil.  The Controlled Solutions ( Martins ) 10 percent mix I know is water based. 

    Correct the Martins is water based.. the gordons is not..

  2. Saywers works ok.. but for someone that spends alot of time outdoors theres better and cheaper options.  Martins 10% permethrin dilluted down to whatever % you want is by far a cheaper option.. i do alot of beagle training all year long and have never found a tick on myself since using it.  I mix a hotter solution than Sawyers and spray my clothes every time the nite before i hit the field for training.  As for the dogs advantix and seresto collars suck for feild/working dogs.  All my beagles wear a purple Python cattle tag year round

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