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  1. Where do you live? I know the great south bay is pretty non restricted. I always heard the nissequogue was good to go providing you find a legal place to park and launch? Follow al nys hunting laws and your good. obviously you would be mostly restricted to hunting the salty marsh areas near the mouth.nothing down by landing ave, etc.
  2. In theory, yes. I have received tickets hunting out of my boat or kayak in many eastern suffolk harbors and bays. The high water mark does not always apply. Try to hunt floating in the water in huntington bay and see what happens. Same goes for stony brook.
  3. As I venture into more duck hunting on long island, I realize how incompetent the state, towns, county, and dec is at giving out the proper information. I have received numerous fines, tickets, summons, etc. when I was told I was legal and good to go. Can we come together and put a compiled list together as to where NOT to hunt for one reason or another. Town of Southampton. No hunting where the town owns the "bottom". Can someone elaborate on this? Town of Huntington. No discharge of firearms anywhere in town of huntington inland, freshwater bodies, creeks, etc. No discharge of firearms in any of the harbors, lloyd harbor, huntington bay, not sure where the line ends if you want to hunt sea ducks in the sound. Maybe someone can chime in.
  4. Money is really tight these days. Looking for a rangefinder that will not break the bank. My Nikon finally crapped out on me after stupidly leaving her in the uninstalled garage. Let me know what you got, new or used. This is a big help for me. Thanks guys.
  5. I have 2 DMPs for 8M. I planned on filling them both up at the cabin this fall. When do you need this by? If I don't fill the second one say by the day before thanksgiving you can have it. I don't want anything in return by that point. Please keep looking though. I usually fill them every year in Letchworth. What Region are you offering out of curiosity? On a side note, somebody on this forum was kind enough to contact me and send me a DMP for 1C. Very nice of them! Hopefully this thread has good results!
  6. Martins 10% Industrial Permethrin is free of petroleum distillates. That is what would give the stuff the oil smell. With Martins 10%, you can just do some basic math. In order to achieve a 0.5% concentration, you mix 19 parts water with 1 part permethrin. Boom sawyers for 1/100 of the price. Between treating my clothes, packs, gear, harness, bins, interior of my truck, blinds, etc. I think I used roughly four 24 ounce spray bottles I filled up myself, maybe a little more with the socks. I don't know how I could even afford to buy sawyers? Now I have to re treat every 30 days, it just seems impractical. But to each their own on that. Just use this shit. It works!
  7. Been hunting 6 times since opening day. Here has been my observations. Washed all of my hunting clothes, backpack, driving clothes, etc. in scent free. Hang to dry. Soaked all of my socks, and sprayed all other clothes, rubber boots, hats, etc. in 0.5% permethrin. I also treated my driving clothes and the interior of my truck with a light spray of permethrin to be safe. Hung to dry, then put everything in rubbermaid bins. I always change my clothes when I go into and out of the woods, and try to keep everything in a bin in my truck regardless. I also tuck my socks into my pants, wear rubber boots, tuck my shirt in, wear a neck gaiter, and a hat. So keep this in mind. Over the course of 6 days, in a few different locations, pine, oak, low brush, tall grass fields, etc. I have been absolutely covered in adult ticks and larval/ seed ticks swarms at some point every single day hunting. At one point it looked like I had sequence on my pants there were so many, possibly hundreds. Another day i walked right into a nest and my face was covered in larval/ seed ticks. Long story short, this stuff WORKS! I have observed, on many occasions, ticks looking like they were drunk, and falling off my clothes. One minute I will be covered, the next minute they have all fallen off my clothes. I have founds countless dead ticks in my pants pockets and in the folds of my clothing. Every morning or evening when I come home from hunting. I immediately shower and check for ticks. In 6 different trips I have found ZERO TICKS on my body. I have never experienced this before while hiking or hunting using deet, picardin, etc. The mosquitoes did not seem to care. Maybe it helped a little; I could not be sure on that one. They are just too fast I noticed a number of dead ants on my boots one morning when I used fresh apples as a cover scent. Ants aren't much of a problem in my area. I also still managed to get poison ivy when I kicked off my boots to stalk a doe in my socks and I managed to have a nice 8 pointer duck my arrow at 20 yards broadside with his head in the leaves. So I can't say the permethrin cures or prevents stupidity. Heres the fun part. Smell and getting winded. I like to hunt from the ground a lot, spot and stalk, still hunting. I stalked a handful of deer through tall grass fields. So scent control is important here. I was a winded once that I know of. Can I say it was attributed to the permethrin? Maybe. It is entirely possible the deer smelled the permethrin. I wasn't wearing my pack, all I had was the clothes on my back and my bow; which I am pretty confident were as close to scent free as you are going to get. The real question is do I give a shit? Absolutely not. This stuff is so fucking good at what is does, and if I get winded every once in awhile, but steer clear of lymes disease, I am all about it. TLDR: I still don't know if this stuff has an odor and will get you winded, but I don't want lymes disease, and this stuff is practically magic so I won't go into the woods without it ever again.
  8. Spraying and drying is not nearly as effective as soaking and drying. Your clothing should also be prepped well in advance. Spraying your clothing the morning of is not enough prep. Martins does not contain petroleum distillates. My curiosity is whether or not the permethrin itself has a distinct odor that a deer can pick up on. Most brands are claiming it is odorless, but I was hoping to get some first hand experience. Also, something I should have pointed out earlier. The price for Sawyers is absolutely ridiculous. The idea is that one treatment should last up to 6 weeks. I have been re treating once a month to be safe with the amount of time I have been spending hiking, scouting, fishing, etc. I also have more than one outfit come hunting season depending on the weather, and plenty of changes of socks, hats, undershirts, etc. Here's some rough math for you: Sawyers 12 oz. Bottle $10 Homemade Concoction 12oz. Bottle $0.24 This will treat roughly one outfit, maybe less if done properly. One shirt or jacket (3oz.) One pants or shorts (3oz.) One boots and insoles (3oz.) One Socks (1oz.) One Hat/ Bandana (1oz.) One Fanny Pack or Misc. (1oz.)
  9. I recently started using homemade diluted Martins industrial permethrin earlier this spring on all of my hiking and fishing clothing. This stuff is like magic. I soak my clothes in the diluted mixture and it kills or wards the ticks off on contact. I have never found a product this effective before discovering permethrin. I hike, fish, and hunt in highly tick infested areas. In the past, I have been covered head to toe in dozens of ticks. It can be a very scary experience. Basically right now I am using 10% Martins and diluting it 0.5% like Sawyers. I soak my clothes in the mixture, and hang them to dry outside of direct sunlight. I try to re- apply my clothing once a month or so. I treat my socks, underwear, pants, shirts, backpacks, and even my hat. I have not used this insecticide for hunting yet, and I would like to treat all of my hunting clothes. Does anyone have any experience. Does Permethrin itself have any odor? Have you ever been winded by the Permethrin? Does Martins have any more scent than the Sawyers? Is there a cover scent that goes well and covers the odor if there is one? Has anyone experimented with higher concentrations? Say 1.0%? Are there any health hazards to be careful of? The CDC and the FDA are claiming little to no health hazards other than mild rash, keep away from face, mouth, eyes, etc.
  10. Hi, Yes, this is where I screwed up. I didn't plan on evening being able to get into a bow hunting class this fall when I drew tags back on August 1st. Next season, I will be doing exactly what you have stated.
  11. Saw an old thread like this. Figured I'd try this again; seems like a good thing. Here is mine: In desperate need of 1C Suffolk County. Willing to give up 8M if you could use it.
  12. I really F'ed myself this season. On August 1st I drew a DMP for upstate thinking I would not be hunting on long island until January an would just secure DMPS on November 1st for 1C as I have always done. I just took my bow class and got my bow privilege, and would like to take does on long island during the month of october. It is rediculous considering they issue bonus DMPs either way, yet you have to start with the one. I called the local DEC officers and the wildlife office to no avail. There is nothing they can do for me. Basically, I am here, begging for a DMP for Region 1C. If there is anyone out there who is willing to sign one over, I would be greatly appreciative. I have been asking around the local shops as well. Thank you so much. I wish I didn't have to resort to doing this. But it was a good excuse to join the forum! Been reading through a lot of good information.
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