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  1. That's actually a wall of an older shed that my dad built, the outside walls of that metal shed were also covered this weekend in board and batten to match the new addition. Half of that wall below is the new shed and the other half was the metal one.
  2. Blue is possible, more space for more bikes. Although I was never a yamaha guy.
  3. Built a shed over the weekend 8 x 12 board and batten with corrugated metal roof, made with rough cut from a local Mill.
  4. It's all relevant to the times, farmers got smarter and people continue to drive up the market. Its still the common man that I see hunting by me, they just have deeper pockets or have had these properties for quite some time. Lots of down staters like my self own a large portion of the private by me, but that has been the case for a very long time. Understandably if one can't afford private, we are fortunate enough to have a ton of public lands. I see some on here that do good if not better on public then those with private.
  5. I'm stating that there is hunting land to be had at reasonable prices assuming your in the market for just that and obviously assuming you can afford it. Its common sense to assume that if you don't have the extra disposable income to make that investment then it's a non issue.
  6. If people are willing to travel a bit or maybe not and put in the time to research an area there is land to be had at reasonable prices, you might be shocked.
  7. 3 burner is great can cook up a bunch of food. More then enough space to cook up food for a family of six. Doesn't get moved at all, but should be able to move around relatively easily on the 4 wheels it has.
  8. 2 eggs, cheese on pita with venison patties
  9. That's the only reason I stop to watch when my kids have it on...lol
  10. I only watch it in passing if my boys have it on, if I was not to watch it ever again that would be fine by me. Long are the days of Andre the giant, piper, iron shiek etc... I really could never understand how an adult would find this form of entertaininment appealing. But whatever floats your boat.
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