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  1. NYBowhunter

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Funny when i was younger i would mod every sports car or truck i owned, some of my soumd systems were worth more then the car..lol..As i got older i began to lease trucks and have not sunk a penny into cars for many years now. Now i just see a car/ truck as a mode of transportation, get me from point a to point b. To each their own i guess.
  2. NYBowhunter

    Favorite jar sauce

    Doesnt get any fresher or better tasting then how these two ole timer Sicilians make it, tomatoes grown in yard, cooked and jarred.
  3. NYBowhunter

    Favorite jar sauce

    Michaels as in Michaels rest. Near Nostrand Ave., if so im not far from there. Good food in their Rest.
  4. NYBowhunter

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Thats just not natural, just looks plain silly. I know theres mega $ in deer breeding, but these deer do absolutely nothing for me.
  5. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Today we played a tournament in Staten Island at Richmond county youth Complex, great fields. We are a 14u team but entered a 15u tournament. So far we swept thefirst 2 games we played today. My boy took the first win, pitched 6 innings, gave up only one run. Ended in the 7th with a 3-2 win. Second game pitched by our other big lefty with a 1-0 win. Thankfull for the win, the righty on the other team was throwing gas, but managed a few hits to get and keep the one run game. Tomorrow morning back at it again
  6. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Beautiful here at baseball heaven, 70 and a nice breeze. We split yesterday and coming back today for our third game.
  7. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Oh okay because getting pegged by a ball at 80 mph would not tickle...lol..the ump did take one to the grill off the catchers glove, even with the mask he looked shooken up for a while. Alot of these umps take a beaten back there.
  8. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    That would be totally uncalled for considering these kids dont get paid to play ball and umps aren't getting rich. I will however make it known to the ump if he continues to make bad calls. One of the umps in our championship game this past weekend thought the opposing team only had one out, he actually looked back at the parents (us) because we were telling him no its two outs. He actually signaled over the the fielding ump for help and the ump held up 2 fingers. Some of these guys cant even calll a strike zone let alone keep track of outs. But i have to say for the most part the umps do an okay job.
  9. NYBowhunter

    Happy birthday grampy !

    Have an excellent day, enjoy!!!!
  10. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    I hate when umps open up the strike zone, it does absolutely nothing to help these kids progress in the game. The only thing that does is confuse them and to teach them to swing at pitches they have no reason swinging at. I understand the protect on a 2 strike count, but some of these umps are blatantly outside the zone. Trust me when i say that some of the calls dont get better as the kids age, i saw a few calls on strikes this past weekend where the ball was biting the kids ankle, how can any kid swing at that. The only thing i can say is that atleast the ump was consistent with both sides...lol
  11. NYBowhunter

    Nephew in the hospital due to tick bite.

  12. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Wow. Thats alot of ball, enjoy.
  13. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Couple action shots of my boy from this weekends USABL tournament that one of the parents just sent me.