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  1. NYBowhunter


    Heres Chase, my 8 month old Rat Terrier, smart as hell, fearless, tenacious and guards us and house like no other. Also here is Chase with his cat friend Lucia. What he does to that poor cat, hes lucky she has a lot of patience.
  2. NYBowhunter

    What kind of Snake is this??

    Many moons ago before they passed laws in ny about keeping monitors, i had them all. I agree and by far i would not want to get bit by a monitor lizard. I once had a 6' croc. Monitor, that thing was nasty as heck and rows of curved teeth, the claws was equally dangerous, i probably still have scars from its claws. I have been bitten by a 10' albino burmese python and had over 21 pin holes in my hand to show for it, but would be nothing compared to a monitor lizard bite. I have always been and still am fascinated by all monitor lizards. I have had tons of monitors and at one time i was breeding GT leachianus geckos. I have tamed down over the years and now just keep/breed varieties of platy fish.
  3. NYBowhunter

    So whats the best shot youve ever made?

    I have a ton of exciting shots, but the one i felt most good about was when i was in a tree overlooking a beaver pond and a small deer came in about 100 yards away and was walking funny, hunched over. The deer immediately bedded in the cattails. I had no intentions of shooting it. I got down a few hours later and walked up to the deer and it jumped up and i could tell it was hurting. It ran 10 yards stopped and looked at me to say " please put me out of my misery". I put him down and turns out someone shot him near his spine and another shot in his foot. If i didnt shoot him he would have had a long agonizing death.
  4. NYBowhunter

    Crossbow help.... sighting

    For me 100gr. Slick tricks fly same as field point for both my bow and crossbow.
  5. NYBowhunter

    42 acres

    Me and my dad have raised apple trees from seeds, about 10 and they are now roughly 5 years old and range from 6-8 feet tall with wide tops and have begun to produce alot of fruit this year. Thats just another option for you if your in it for the long haul and want to start with a specific apple in mind. We found this certain crap apple tree that produced tiny cherry size apples. Odd thing is my trees are producing much larger apples then the mother tree, must be all the fertilizer.
  6. NYBowhunter

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Must be a man thing because thats 1st thing i noticed was that girl in white left of home plate. What a game, walk off for brewers.
  7. NYBowhunter

    My Dads Rifle

    So sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you and your family.
  8. NYBowhunter

    Removing stank from rubber boots ?!

    I like moogs approach much better, let us know how that turns out.
  9. NYBowhunter

    Removing stank from rubber boots ?!

    Cut some pine branches and stick them in the boot when not in use, thats what i do.
  10. NYBowhunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Venison sausage wrapped in bacon smoked over mesquite.
  11. NYBowhunter

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    Homemade venison sausage wrapped in bacon smoked over Mesquite.
  12. NYBowhunter

    So whats a "shooter" buck.... For you.

    Hate to break the news to you but there are alot of wmu's that already have AR, which by the way has nothing to do with shooting button bucks. By the rules and regs a BB is considered a doe and im sure are factored into part of the annual anterless harvest totals. Even if AR were to go statewide, how would that protect a BB?
  13. NYBowhunter

    So whats a "shooter" buck.... For you.

    But its meat and very tender. I have seen some mature bucks do some pretty dumb stuff as well that got them killed. To each their own. Your sort of passing judgement when you say only kids and beginners should be the only ones shooting butron bucks. My theory is that we as hunters should not pass judgements on others as long as our activities are within the confines of the rules and regs.
  14. NYBowhunter

    So whats a "shooter" buck.... For you.

    Well i know the OP said buck, but to be brutally honest i will shoot anthing that gets me excited that day. Im a meat hunter by far, have nothing to prove as i have taken my fair share of mature bucks. To me i really enjoy eating venison, making sausage, jerky etc., it has been and will always be about the hunt, quality time with family and just enjoying what mother nature has to offer. I LOVE THE FALL AND WINTER WOODS, theres nothing nicer and more peaceful.