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  1. Take the archery class online, pay a nominal fee and it's a no brainer. Alot easier now then when I took my class in person some 30+ years ago because at that time you also had to pass a proficiency class, actually had to shoot my bow at the class and had to pass that along with the written to get my archery cert. Right now you can just take the class online, take the written and they immediately email you your certificate which you can print out. My son took both his gun and archery online a couple months ago and did both in a few days. The only thing that's time consuming is the class as the system will not let you skip ahead even if you feel you are already well versed in any given topic.
  2. Lunch, homemade Spanish thx to the Mrs. Porkchops, fried plantains , rice and beans.
  3. Not something I would have expected to read this morning,, I'm choked up and teary eyed as I read your beautiful words.. I can't even fathom what you are going thru. Have faith and be strong for your kids, believe that Ana is in a better place with no suffering. So so sorry, my prayers are with you Brian and your kids. May God bless you.
  4. Prepped for dinner, venison backstraps butterflied, stuffed with cream cheese, Asiago cheese, fresh garlic, red pepper, scallions, sun dried tomatoes and prosciutto then wrapped in bacon.
  5. Lunch, rabbit with potato and onions.
  6. That would only bring un needed attention to your location, you want to allude deer not give up your location.
  7. +1 I've had limited success with drag rags to the point its not something I do . I have had great success with creating mock scrapes and urinating in them or freshen up existing deer made scrapes. Urinating in scrapes makes for a great trail cam spot, get all sorts of critters using them. But getting back to the OP and what was mentioned by double dose, the intent of a drag rag is not to lure the deer directly to your stand, but to a spot where a shot can be made, I will take that rag and hang in a tree.