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  1. Wild Berry Bushes

    Love wild blackberries, there are quite a few on my property. My dad grows a blackberry variant where there are no thorns on the stems and the blackberries are 4x the size of a wild one. He also makes a great jam from blackberries.
  2. Great job, love to see the benefits and rewards of our hard labor. I enjoy all aspects of food plotting and land mgt. for all animals. Everytime i go to my land i try to work the land either big or small The work is never done, but to me its fun and very rewarding. Keep at it. seems to be working out great for you based upon those pictures. Good luck.
  3. Poults update-- 8/1/18 and on.

    Saw 3 hens and 16 poults outside my bedroom window at camp, milling in the fields after a heavy rain for bugs and worms.
  4. Implements you’ve killed deer with ?

    Bow, 50 cal. ML, crossbow, 30-06, 35 rem., 243, 300 mag.
  5. Dog Days..

    As with deer, coyote populations need to be kept in check as well. Im not saying eradicate them like some would like, but they do need to be thinned from time to time, within season.
  6. What kind of MZ glass ?

    My 50 caliber TC Omega is topped with a Nikon BDC 3-9 X40. Use (3) 50 grain blackpowder pellets sight ML out to 100 yards and the dots are good out to 300. Its has nice clear glass and reticle/dots are clear and noticeable as well. Has put a hurtin on quite a few deer.
  7. Putting in new food plots

    Damn that mower looks bigger then the tractor. Nice rig.
  8. DMP's for this season.

    4F - High for first and PP needed for second.
  9. The New Massey

    Thx, yes i frequent that site once in a while.
  10. The New Massey

    Thx. Really is therapeutic. I have a feeling you know where im coming from. Im sure you have very fond memories.
  11. Seeking Rochester NY Area Lease

    Well i think my one way is a tad longer...lol..its 3 1/2 hours one way, but i get your point. Its still a 3 hr. Round trip if you only go for the day and thats alot of driving. But if the spot is worth it, then why not. Stay at home nomad, why not just get a cheap $500-1000 trailer and put it on the land. Gives you place to get out of the elements, rest and also a place to stay overnight if needed. As long as its on wheels i dont think it will have any tax implications. Unless its not your land then i can see why you dont have any structures. But yeah traveling 40 minutes twice a day i can see that being annoying after a while.
  12. Seeking Rochester NY Area Lease

    Damn you guys got it easy , i drive 3 1/2 hours one way without traffic. But when we do go its usually for a long weekend or during the week for a few days. But then again its also a place we go to not only for hunting but to enjoy with family. Id drive 1 hr. easily to hunt and go home the same day. That seems like a no brainer, but then again after driving 3 1/2hrs a 1 hr. Drive is a piece of cake.. But everyone has different priorities and obligations so to each their own.
  13. The New Massey

    Sure should, hopefully they make them like those good ole tractors. Thx.
  14. The New Massey

    Yeah i got the joke..lol.. Was just pointing out that my properties incline is not that far off from the pictures.
  15. The New Massey

    Lol...Guess you'd never been to my property , there are some trails that are at a very nice long steady incline. Put that tractor in turtle gear and chug along. Its actually a good thing because it forces you to slow down and take in all the beauty. Theres nothing like riding a diesel tractor up a mountain at a snails pace as you travel wooded trails to your food plots. I get excited every single time i go!!!!!