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  1. Beautiful day to be out on top of the mountain, took most of the day but we got it done. Stand is in place, now just need to order the redneck.
  2. Now if that's true, that is just silly. What's not to like, they are cumbersome yes but fun as heck to shoot. I've heard everything from the bowhunter aficionados that the reason we want to hunt with a crossbow is because we are lazy,we are a buch of hunters that want instant gratification, we don't want to put the time in to be proficient with a bow etc... but not one valid reason to not include crossbow. It boggles my mind...lol.. I just don't get it. What makes these people tick....lol
  3. They can grow outside and inside, however those growing inside would not be visible, the "inny" tumor would either be affixed to an organ or to the chest cavity. The outward fibroma atleast those I have seen don't look like that. Just my opinion.
  4. I've seen deer with those warts, doesn't seem to be what I see in the pic.
  5. I still don't see why we need graphs and stats. , we have a slight upward trend in the recruitment of hunters, that's great. But I still have not heard one valid reason as to why we should not include crossbow in the archery season, what are you bowhunters so scared of? I have not heard one valid reason? I just don't get it. Why the kickback?
  6. I think Fibromas are mostly found on the interior of a person / animal, typically masses found on organs or affixed to the chest cavity. Looks like an old wound.
  7. Not nuts at all, but I think as parents we need to be realistic, atleast my goal is to use sports as a stepping stone to get my kids foot into a college (I'm not even concerned with MLB), sports help in getting a kid a faster look especially if they are gifted in a sport. Just a side note if he plans on going to college make sure his grades are priority as there's very little sports scholarship money and thats only if he gets into a d1 or d2 school, d3 schools offer no sports scholarship. All the money to be had for all 3 tiers is academic money (grades are key). Having said that my 16yr. o
  8. Can't wait to get started, looks like High School ball may start up soon, first HS practice tomorrow. My 16yr. old is very excited, hes been working hard during the winter and up thru now with his travel team. He committed to a national team so alot of traveling nationally in the near future, end of May we head to Florida for a few days with the travel team, hopefully some spring HS ball then in the summer is alot of traveling, need to make sure I save alot of my vacation time..lol.. there's one tourney in Georgia in June and that alone is like 6 days of ball. Also excited for my 12 yr
  9. My sons team played against Nazier this past fall, his velo off the bump was up to 96 mph, insane for a 16yr. Old, he recently committed to Miami university.
  10. Your a braver man then me, I have dealt with reptiles my whole life and I know gators can stay under water motionless for hours on end without surfacing, my luck I would walk right on top of one...lol. and with all the invasive fish like giant pacu, piranha etc...not me..lol
  11. Lard bread for breakfast. Beyond good.
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