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  1. Keep pissing in it, you will get all kinds of critters, all animals are curious by nature. When I put out mock scrapes I would get pics. of doe, bucks, raccoons, coyote..makes for a great spot to hang a cam, but I never put out a mock scrape this early, typically created mine around September. Should be interesting.
  2. Good luck with the new place, gorgeous area, my family has been hunting up in the Worcester and Harpersfield areas for the past 50 + years. I love it up there.
  3. Last of my homemade venison sausage smoked over applewood.
  4. That's what it's all about, same here while in Boston we did site seeing with kids and parents, a bunch of us went to Fenway and watched the Red Socks get destroyed (always fun). Good eating and drinks.
  5. Came back this past weekend from a Massachusetts tournament with my 17yr. Old, unfortunately we lost 2 days of ball playing due to rain. Was suppose to be a 4 game guarantee but due to weather teams got to play 2 games. Due to only 2 games the coaches wanted to get all the PO a chance to showcase thier stuff so we're only given 2 innings a piece . My boy started the first game, pitched 2 innings, 4 strikeouts, 1 hit and gave up no runs. Was suppose to be in Gerogia for a tourney all this week but we opted out, heading to a tourney on Rhode Island the end of this month. My 12 year old will be
  6. Got mine in the mail today.
  7. Snake is harmless, best left alone to keep the rodent population in check. Sad to see one killed like that.
  8. Best of luck in your new endeavor!!
  9. My sons 12U team took the championship in a local league, team works really hard and the win was well deserved.
  10. Son pitched an immaculate inning in his last game to end this year's High school season. Threw 9 pitches, 9 strikes and 3 strikeouts, not an easy task.
  11. My boy pitched 3 innings to get the save at the Super 16/17's tournament at Diamond Nation, 6ks, 2 hits and 0 runs. His team went 3 and 0 and based upon point differential they placed 5th out of 60 teams.
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