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  1. Lol...sounds like a good idea.
  2. Why did you wrap them in paper? Too ripen mine, I keep them on trays on my patio in full sun and they turn in a couple, not sure about the fully green ones, but some that had a tinge of yellow turned red in no time at all.
  3. The last of the tomatoes picked at the cabin.
  4. Great job, that's a ton of work, nice to sit back and appreciate it now.
  5. My fall view on the front porch of our cabin, nothing but mountains.
  6. Have pics of this guy last few years, never seen him while hunting, for all I know he's still around. One in velvet was from last year (21') and other was from 2019.
  7. Dropped my boy off last week at college, that was heart wrenching. It's all sad but is the next stepping stone in his life. Two other children start HS tomorrow, daughter a sophmore and my youngest boy a freshman. Time sure does fly.
  8. My haul of tomatoes from this past weekend at the cabin.
  9. My man, great choice. I'm assuming that's the M series with all the bells and whistles. You will love it, enjoy and take it slow. Is it geared or hydro?
  10. My haul at the cabin this morning, Amish paste . They are like a San Marzano on steroids, sweet and very few seeds.
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