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  1. I really pray that is true, my only concern is that its much hotter in Florida but yet we still see spikes in the # of covid cases down south.
  2. Please pray for all of NY, my friend lost his mother the other day, didn't even make it out of the ambulance. My brother in law just lost his aunt this morning. I can go on and on.
  3. I think taking ventilators from anywhere or person in need is wrong, but if a hospital upstate has a couple or no cases of the virus but yet has 20 ventilators should be able to send some to the city. I do believe things should be done within reason and common sense. But what some are making me believe is that screw the city, just keep all ventilators upstate even if they are not needed. That's the mentality I have issue with.
  4. Amen Moog, I sorta feel that alot of upstate people are removed from reality. Are you all watching TV, are most of you that heartless? Living it everyday and seeing the death everyday here in the city, having friends and family in the NYPD , FDNY and health field, I can tell you that most of you upstaters sound like selfish little brats. I'm sorta ashamed now being a part of a group that would actually agree to withhold medical equipment for those in dire need NOW!!! Wow is all I can say. I can go on and on with people, family I know that have contracted and or died. I just can't believe the selfish mentality of some of you upstaters. What an embarrassment to the hunting community. Not a fan of Cuomo but atleast he trying to do the right thing by getting ventilators where thier needed now. Stay safe and i pray for all of you.
  5. The shoulders and neck on that cat look awe fully thick to be a bobcat or is the pic deceiving my eyes.
  6. Have yet to see one in 4F.
  7. Baby Bigfoot learning to crawl
  8. NYBowhunter

    Big beaver

    I would have bet my life savings that Pygmy was gonna be one of the first to respond...lol
  9. That sucks, prayers sent
  10. Thanks all, sorry missed my own birthday post. Had a great Birthday!!