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  1. NYBowhunter

    Happy Birthday NYBowhunter!!

    Thx all, had a great day with family.
  2. NYBowhunter

    Happy Birthday NYBowhunter!!

    Thx all.
  3. NYBowhunter

    Happy Birthday

    Happy 1st birthday to my buddy Chase
  4. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

    I mix venisom 50/50 with fatty ground pork that i get from a local asian market, much fattier then your typical ground pork. We eat it as an appetizer, something to pick on for snack, or eaten with cheese and a good brooklyn brick oven italian bread.
  5. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

    Im confident with my manhood so im okay with it...lol..
  6. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

    Thank you all, like anything else its a labor of love.
  7. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

  8. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

  9. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

  10. NYBowhunter

    Dry sausage all done.

    After 2 weeks of hanging they are all done, dry with some moisture. Came out great. Cut up and packaged today.
  11. NYBowhunter

    What it’s all about

    That right there is awesome!!!!
  12. NYBowhunter

    Gut shot next day recovery

    How do people find the time to navigate this site and resurrect topics that are 3 and 4 years old? Is that a flaw on this site or are people checking that far down the line of threads and resurrect them without looking at the post dates? Seems idiotic to me that people can even find and restart these old posts. All theae old threads that have not seen a post in over a year should be archived.
  13. NYBowhunter

    Venison Jerky

    Rotate racks every few hours and move smaller pieces to the top rack. This last batch had all different sizes, smoked for 20 hours and all cooked great, none were britle. I have in the past also removed those smaller pieces a couple hours before the larger pieces, do this enough you can determind which is done based upon color.
  14. NYBowhunter

    Venison Jerky

    Its not harder, just more time consuming. But to me the end product is well worth it.
  15. NYBowhunter

    Need to vent.....

    I wont sacrifice my families comfort to save $, my thermostat is set to 70-72 all winter.