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  1. Grape and beefsteak tomatoes and some stringbeans.
  2. I would l Iike to think that I could protect my home and family , but if you have seen the sheer numbers that these crowds produce is crazy. I don't care how many guns you have or your neighbors have, when surrounded by 3,000 angry people theres only so many you could take out before your overtaken. Not sure of the amount of protesters that attend upstate, but here in Brooklyn and NYC the protests have had 3k + strong attendees. As tuff as you think you are standing out on your porch with guns in plain sight, i dont think theres much you can do against a crowd that big and I'm sure a good # of them are also packing heat. Myself, I will be inside with guns loaded and dogs at the ready.
  3. Should always let your ingredients including the cure absorb into meat and sit in the fridge overnight before you stuff. Atleast for me its always made for a great product.
  4. Venison tenderloin and backstraps, hot off the grill.
  5. So sorry Moog, prayers sent for your family. Easier said then done but try to keep up the faith and be strong for your wife and kids. You and your family will be in my daily prayers. God Bless!!!
  6. Yeah that trick worked for me for a while, not anymore. Even edited pics I have the same issue.
  7. never had an issue with ticks in my area of central NY (4f) in all the years I have been going up there. But in last few years its been getting worse. Went up to camp two weeks ago and was doing some clean up work and pulled 10 off me. These mild winters are causing a tick explosion, the state really needs to do something. Those son of bitches are even harder to kill, ever try to crush one between your fingers, thier indestructible little bastards.
  8. everytime I go to post a pic. I get an error message stating something to the affect that pic has reached max limit then gives a number??? Have not posted a pic in a long time for this very reason.