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  1. NYBowhunter

    What type of ML?

    TC omega 50 cal. For me and has dropped plenty deer, topped with a nikon BDC. Using 209 primers (3) 50grain 777 pellets and 250 grain shockwaves. Deadly combination.
  2. NYBowhunter

    Thoughts on this guy?

    Not very wide, maybe 15", but love the height, shoot him if you see him. Best of luck.
  3. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Wow, thats insane. Keep at it, seems he has natural talent that cant be taught.
  4. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Yeah at end of most games after pitching 7 hes in the high 80-90 pitch count, this was a nice low pitch count. Thats what should happen when all fielders do their job, makes it easier on the pitcher. Can have the best pitcher in the world but if the fielders are not making routine outs, its tuff. Good thing for the most part he has a good group of kids behind him. Cant wait for the fall already, thats when we start again in an all wood bat league. Im not a fan of these aluminum and BBCOR bat tournaments that seem to be prevalent all over NJ and Long Island. Put a wood bat in those teams hands and im sure most would not look as good. Coming around with an aluminum bat is much easier then wood, sorry just ranting..lol..
  5. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    My boy pitched at Baseball Heaven out on Long Island this past Saturday and pitched a gem. Played against the Long Island Ducks, he pitched a complete 7 inning game, gave up 1 hit, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and a pick off at first base, only threw 71 pitches to get a win 5-0.
  6. NYBowhunter

    Baby Biz

    Best of wishes to you and the Mrs.
  7. NYBowhunter

    Need to Channel my inner Turkeyfeathers today

    You see that i could do, but to actually take it serious, nah, not my cup of tea.
  8. NYBowhunter

    Need to Channel my inner Turkeyfeathers today

    Outside of business constraints, i never understood why people would play golf. Is it even considered a sport...lol...only joking, not really.. Enjoy. guess it beats being behind a desk. Sorry to hijack, just venting...lol..
  9. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Heres my other lefty (10u) on the mound tonight playing a league game in Brooklyn.
  10. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    No we played against the Langan Prospects which i believe are from Freehold, NJ. We are from Brooklyn, NY. Thanks
  11. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Yeah was a nail biter for sure, i aged about 10 years and got grayer by the minute...lol..but a heck of a game for both pitchers when its a 7 inning 1-0 game. Good luck for your grandson with football.
  12. NYBowhunter

    Youth baseball thread

    Coach entered our boys (14u) into a 15U tournament out on Staten Island, we played a team from New Jersey that were obviously older (15 &16 year olds) and rightfully so as its a 15u tournament. Good experience for the boys. The game my son pitched was a pitchers battle with a big righty on the other team that was throwing gas. My boy got 8 strikouts and a pick off at first base and gave up no runs and pitched a complete 7 inning game to take a 1-0 win.
  13. NYBowhunter

    School me on tractors

    Hydro tractot all day long, thats all i have owned and all i have ever needed. Never got stuck through mud, deep snow, side hill work, pulling 2 bottom plow, discs. Digging out trees, plot work., pulling out trailer loads of wood up and down side hills.....etc...the list goes on... my hydro tractor (a Massey) has done every task i ever thew at it. Never had the need for a geared tractor, simplicity of a hydro is a no brainer pick in my opinion.
  14. NYBowhunter

    On vacation

    We took my four kids there years ago and it was magical for them, great place!!! Sad if it is gone, but like someone said they still have a 2019 summer schedule and an active website?
  15. NYBowhunter

    Massive old bruiser...

    Im assuming being you mentioned he was on a decline that those previous year sheds were bigger then those he was wearing when he got shot?