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  1. Its called Trench art, you can find similar ones on ebay if anyone is interested.
  2. No, an albino is a color mutation of the skin and fur, typically will have pink nose, hoof and around the eyes and all white fur and it does not affect the deer ability to grow a normal rack and body size. Being piebald is a genetic defect and with that you will typically see abnormal looking deer, short legs, bad spines, small bodies and other internal defects.
  3. Thats an albino, not a piebald. Has a pink nose.
  4. I can take my bow out a week before the opener and shoot very tight groups, out to 20 yards, i dont practice to the extent I use to, family and professional obligations take priority. But then again, i will only take shots within 20. Im sure with a weekly practice regime I could increase my yardage, but I choose not to therefore I limit my effective range to a max of 20 yards.
  5. couple bears in one of my plots.
  6. Salmon, pasta with pesto and spinach
  7. R.I.P, one of best pitchers ever in the Mets franchise. Here's a recent picture of him (right) taken at his vineyards in Napa Valley. Picture taken with my sons baseball coach, younger brother John Franco. Two Met Icons, Seaver had that wicked stride and great mechanics, where his back knee pants were always dirty. Died way too young.
  8. That could get expensive...lol.
  9. All those arrows and not one robinhood, you guys are lame.
  10. Use my jet sled for deer , hauling fire wood, pick up grass clippings..etc.... has endless uses and is very durable.
  11. "Spending quality time with family",
  12. Tractor with a loader all day long, I've had many atvs, currently have a UTV and by far my Tractor is more versatile. Use my tractor for snow removal, food plotting, grading work, digging, dragging trees, hauling firewood.. etc, etc..
  13. Haha, well the roids reference was in regards to his body being one huge muscle and well the mellow reference is his very laid back demeanor, well that is until he needs to protect us and home.