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  1. Elvis sure is good looking. Even at 4 months people get intimidated with the the look of my pup, not sure why but they do, until they get to know him. Nothing but a big jelly roll...lol..
  2. Thank you. Like you already know, its not the breed, its the owners that gave pits a bad name back in the 80's-90's..
  3. Yes, hes an American Bully and his pedigree has razors edge and gottiline blood (which at that time were a blood line of pit that were massive) , but from what i have read were bred with Staffordshire terriers and ? to get a dog that resembles a pit but much more stout, more laid back, great temperaments, not very gamey, massive bone structure, heavy bodies. His Mom and dad are both at or very close to 90 lbs.
  4. He really is, not a bad bone in his body. Loves to meet people, other dogs and is crazy for kids..But hes a hog when it comes to eating..lol.. To be honest im shocked at how much abuse she takes from those two clowns, they just want to play, lick her all over, she will take only so much and then show them whos boss. They definitely know their boundaries with her.
  5. Hulk Turns 4 months today, went for the last of his shots last night and weighed in at 38lbs. Got him at 2 months old and was 16lbs. Hes such a big mush!!! Getting along great with our cat and our rat terrier pup Chase.
  6. Thats awesome, my hat goes off to you. Those pups will pay you back with unconditional love.
  7. Sorry to the OP, didnt realize i posted to his FS post. My apologies.
  8. Not in my house. Raised as a kid where we all sat down together at the kitchen table to have dinner. My father would not allow anything else. Me and my wife instill the same values we grew up on. Even if we have late dinners due to kids practice, games etc...we wait for all to get home to eat a nice meal together and talk about the day. Couple days out of the week we may have dinner anywhere from 7-8pm, but we have it together. No cell phones at the table, but my 15yr. Old likes to push my buttons sometimes, gotta remind him every now and then.