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  1. That's what toy do, people that kill them purposely are dumb. Good man.
  2. Leave them alone and they won't bother you. Good for rodent control.
  3. This is a sincere question, would you have still done the above if you still lived on LI and had a full time job. I do extremely well for a city slicker, but I could see things change if I lived at camp and didn't have a full time job. I think we all have reasons for what we do. The problem is there are some on here that speak to others in condescending ways because they don't aspire to harvest what they consider a trophy.
  4. I can back that up for you, shot some nice bucks thru the years or some of the nastiest, windy, snow blowing sideways days...on a couple of those times I can remember that most guys wouldn't even venture out in.
  5. My 7 point opening week and my sons 11 pointer Thanksgiving weekend.
  6. So just ignore those people, it's very simple.
  7. Come on people, I'm not bashing either site, I have interests in both. To say your loyal or such? This is not family, it's a forum for us to all enjoy the love of hunting, fishing etc...to not join as many forums to discuss your love of this sport is just plain silly!!!! I was probably one of the first members that joined here many moons ago and still enjoy being here but to not join the other site out of allegiance to this site for what is just plain silly. Again, I like both, so I'm not defending one or the other and neither should any of you. I just don't get it, this is entertainment, not your kids, wife, parents , etc...so the reference to loyalty, etc...just boggles my mind. Enjoy all you can about this great sport and if it means joining 10 forums, so be it, who cares!!!!!
  8. My Sons 11 pointer, with a split brow. Seems only pic that would load is of him caped out.
  9. This is a 7 pointer I took on 11/21 , I also shot an 8 with the crossbow and my 15 yr. old son shot an 11 pointer this past weekend on 11/25 but having trouble loading a pic of his buck, I'll keep trying.
  10. Sorry for your loss and I know exactly what your going through, lost my dad, my best friend, my hunting partner 2 years ago. It's tuff, think about him all the time. My son who me and my dad mentored got his first deer on his first season hunting and my dad wasn't there to share, lost him a few months prior. When me and my son approached the downed deer we both cried like babies, without a word we both knew why we were so emotional. I say all this because it's hard as hell, doesn't get easier, but keep pushing and continue to do the things you both loved to do!!! My prayers will be with you and your family.
  11. I dont find it as being hard, maybe because I've butchered quite a few over the years. But I do tend to take my time to ensure it's all off.
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