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  1. Extremely healthy looking, they get hurt and cut just like us, probably an old wound that healed over.
  2. Why? Because I'm calling you out on nonsense. If you want people to play nice then get your facts straight.
  3. So your saying that 95% of home based downstate hunters vote Democrat? I call your bullshit. I can tell you being a person that resides downstate I know alot of hunters that reside near and around the city and the vast majority are conservative Republicans. Yes there are probably many hunters that vote Democrat statewide not just NYC, it's blanketed statements like yours that make hunters look silly.
  4. Yeah, upper west side people have thier heads stuck up thier a$$. F'em.
  5. The article is spot on, I also work in NYC and live in Brooklyn and similarly to what was mentioned in the article, thru the years I can't recall meeting any anti hunters. People have this preconceived notion that all people from the cities are anti hunters, so untrue. Actually, quite the opposite, I have had conversations about hunting with people and coworkers and most are intrigued and curious. I have even in the past brought to work venison jerky, dried sausage and they loved it.
  6. I typically would take a doe early, but being my son got a buck in the youth season, I'll be a little picky for now. One deer in the freezer already, no real pressure to fill it.
  7. Trimmed the skull a little more to make it more polished looking and mounted it on plaque along with the spent cartridge.
  8. made this plaque to mount my boys first buck, first deer.
  9. My cabin is in CNY as well and I'm about 30 mins. From Cooperstown, beautiful area with lots of AG/corn fields that roll up into mountains, mature deer both doe and buck tend to have larger then average bodies as they eat well. These are CNY bucks to get your blood flowing, not easy to kill, but they are out there. Go and enjoy, only live once buddy. Weren't you looking to relocate in that vacinity? This will give you the chance to explore that areas beauty.
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