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  1. Now up through the end of February is a good time to prune , all good advise. One thing that I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned and is very critical is that all your cuts should always be on an angle, slant. Don’t make straight up/down cuts. The worst thing you want is for water to lay on exposed cut areas, leads to rot and potentially disease.
  2. Yeah I guess, but for some reason I just hate wearing any glove even when working on things outside in the cold. To me the gloves just get in the way. I always have a plastic shopping bag in my backpack to hold the liver and heart.
  3. I have never used gloves , to me they just get in the way. I have a stream and just wash up after I’m done. I don’t break the ribs or rear end, I just reach up (long arms) and cut the throat and pull out the heart. Depending on the time, usually if it’s dark out I’ll just gut the deer back at camp, if early enough just gut them where they lay.
  4. Congrats, life as you know it will change for the best. Enjoy, she’s a doll!!!
  5. Never had the opportunity to ask or meet my FIL as he died when my wife was a young child. I did however ask my MIL to have my wife’s hand in marriage, I love her mom just like my own. It just shows so much more respect when a man asks the future in laws for their daughters hand in marriage.
  6. Mexican night out at PICO’s in Rockaway Beach.
  7. There are so many cars with southeast state license plates driving around in the tri state area that the Virginia plates will blend right in. Hmmm, wonder why..lol..
  8. Here’s a pic of a video that my cousin sent me, it was taken behind his house on Staten Island,. In the video they were tickling horns with each other., there was a doe to the left of them. Messed with the colors to edit the pic. best I could. In any case no denying these two are giants. This is what age gets you. To think this is only a 20 minute car ride from my house in Brooklyn, insane!!!
  9. Lol.. I figured that much, not worth it.
  10. I would find it very hard to believe that if a PO deemed your ML to be a firearm that only $200 fine would come of ithat. It could potentially lead to your arrest and seizure of the ML.