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    Otsego/Deleware counties NY
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    Browning 300 mag stainless- A bolt with BOSS system and a marlin 336 in 35 caliber, muzzleloader thompson center 50 caliber
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    Mathews Switchback XT. Crossbow -Ten point Titan Extreme

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  1. NYBowhunter

    What's your ML load?

    TC encore topped with a nikon bdc, use (3) 777 50gr. Pellets and 250gr. Shockwave.
  2. NYBowhunter

    How many deer do you think are on your property?

    I can say with certainty there are 3 less on my 41.
  3. NYBowhunter

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    I shot a doe with the bow who had substaintial amount of fresh corn in her gut and mouth, there are cut corn fields around but not the direction she came from. How can they say im baiting if they find no pile, whos to say it wasnt my neighbor?
  4. NYBowhunter

    What the heck?

    Got his eye on you
  5. NYBowhunter

    Deer Season Flying Bye

    Personal life has reeked havoc on my deer season this year, but my kids come first. You have 4 more sits then me...lol...but in the sake of filling the freezer in those sits i went 3 for 3, so no complaints from me. Just hoping to finish off with one more at the tail end of ML.
  6. NYBowhunter

    Deer Season Flying Bye

    Definitely an age thing, feel like life is blowing by.
  7. NYBowhunter

    New Deer Dropper

    Kimber montana in either 257 roberts or 6.5 creedmoor.....i like oddballs, so for me if i had to choose would be the 257 Robert's hands down.
  8. I agree, if baby was even strapped to his back and even with earmuffs thats not good. No deer of anysize would be worth a shot with any child so close to the muzzle blast. I really do hope he had some ear protection for that infant.
  9. NYBowhunter

    Venison for dogs

    My young rat terrier loves venison, i always give it to him cooked. Why even take the chance with raw meat when you can just cook it.
  10. NYBowhunter

    Fleetwood Mac--Landslide.

    Great song!!
  11. NYBowhunter

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    So sorry, 16 years is a long run, you guys took great care of him and made great memories.
  12. NYBowhunter

    Lost my oldest pup this morning.

    Sorry to hear.
  13. NYBowhunter


    Wow, where did all the snow go? Good luck!!
  14. NYBowhunter

    Steve Rinella.......

  15. NYBowhunter

    Steve Rinella.......

    For me i dont need to hunt for food but i enjoy venison so much that its would be extremely hard to live without it. For me its just a matter of trying new things, if i dont like it thats fine but i will still try it. Guess its just how some are raised up.