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  1. Eben's Hearth in Potsdam was always my go to restaurant when I was a youngin' at Clarkson. Nothing crazy, but just some good eats if you are in the mood for a sit down meal and a 33oz big beer.
  2. I went last week and saw a bunch of dead gypsy moth caterpillars on our oak trees, facing head down on the trunk. Didn't look like they were pupating, but actually dead. Did a little bit of googling and I think this fungus hit them: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/entomophaga_responsible_for_dead_gypsy_moth_caterpillars Seems like the rain we finally got last week sparked the fungus and hopefully took a large portion of them out.
  3. From my understanding it's based on your usage. So depending on pipe size, PSI from the well, the amount of faucets or appliances you expect to be on at the same time, then you get the correct size GPM rating so you will get the correct UV dosage. That's just my rudimentary understanding having not actually bought the system myself. Thinking about it now I bet our farm faucet puts out faster than 8 GPM, which would mean we should probably have a higher GPM rated UV system.
  4. We have a Viqua (formerly Sterilight) S8Q UV filter, 8GPM. It was already installed on the house from the previous owner, as the well had failed the bacteria test. I have to replace the bulb every year at around $100 a pop. Seems like they have been bought out by Trojan though.
  5. I assume since it's an 03 / 400 that it's carbureted? In my experience with simple air cooled / carbureted machines, if something is randomly shutting off and turning right back on, I would look towards loose connection on safety switches, or grounds. Since if you cycle the key it starts right back up, I would maybe focus on the ignition cylinder and its connections.
  6. Anybody have a Ontario Knife Company product? Been looking for a new EDC and didn't realize they were local to me.
  7. I believe the difference is in if the coyote is deemed "nuisance" or deemed "damaging". Nuisance - "May cause property damage, is perceived as a threat to human health or safety, or is persistent and perceived as an annoyance. Examples include a skunk or fox living under the porch or shed." A permit is needed to hunt a nuisance coyote. Damaging - "digs up your yard, eats your landscape plants or vegetable garden, kills or threatens your livestock or pets, fouls your lawn, eats the fish in your pond, damages your home." A permit is not needed to hunt a damaging coyote.
  8. Ouch, sorry to hear that Jerry. It is odd to me how they picked who gets it vs who doesn't. The houses right across from my road are not in the project boundary. Glad to hear the wait will be worth it. Our DSL works for most of our needs, but download speeds are lucky to hit 2mb/s. Don't really stream too much besides the occasional Netflix or Youtube video but every now and then it has its hiccups.
  9. I'm one of the lucky fellas who still has DSL and has been watching the Armstrong progress here in the Southern Tier. I check back on their project page about once a month to see if anything has changed. The original completion date for my area of Catt County was end of 2019 and that kept getting pushed back, now to "Pending Construction 2021", but I'm not holding my breath. Although it looks like a good portion of Steuben and Allegany county have either started or finished construction. I was wondering if anyone here has tested the waters with Armstrong and what they think of it before I go off and try to find some other solutions. http://armstrongny.com/Home/Map
  10. I've got a 2006 Big Tex 7x18ft utility pipe trailer, had it for the last 3 years. I've rewired it and it needs the deck redone, but no major issues. I just got back from putting 200+ miles on it getting a ~4000lb tractor. Did a 500 mile trip last year to get hay equipment, hauled cars to the scrap yard. It's done what I've asked of it.
  11. Finally got boil #1 in the books. Only 10 gals of sap collected but I was itching to try out the new setup. Easily doubled my GPH from last year.
  12. I put my 5 taps in 10 days ago, went and collected what wasn't frozen yesterday and got about 4 gallons in those 10 days. Still got about a foot of snowpack here, hopefully the thaw today and tomorrow will helps the trees to start flowing. Getting the itch to boil!
  13. Unfortunately I don't, but I do know what I did. I used 2 16x8x8 cinder blocks from home depot and one 4x8x16 solid concrete block. I had the bottom cinder block set normally (solid side towards fire) but the top cinder block I turned 90 degrees so the hollow side was towards the fire. I used 6" stove pipe and pushed a 90 degree elbow in one of the openings, and covered the other opening with the solid concrete block. It wasn't pretty but it worked in a time crunch. You can kind of see a similar set up from this cinder block evaporator on maple trader: http://mapletrader.com/community/showthread.php?17764-Expanded-cinder-block-evaporator
  14. Add another to the small operation army. Last year was my first year, 5 taps, also ended up with about a gallon. Didn't expect the amount of sap we got so I quickly went from the grill to building a small cinder block arch. Stepping it up to a drum barrel this year, and maybe next year I'll get a 2x2 pan. Just making enough for us to enjoy and give some away as gifts.
  15. We've been pondering a TTR125L for a bit - I thought the electric start didn't come on until 2006? Congrats on the sale, looks like it was in great condition!
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