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  1. We've been pondering a TTR125L for a bit - I thought the electric start didn't come on until 2006? Congrats on the sale, looks like it was in great condition!
  2. Sorry for your loss, you gave him a great life, and I'm sure he gave you some great memories.
  3. I had dreams of a tornado last night, wind was moving!
  4. We have an old pasture field from the 60s that has grown over. Lots of wild apple, bush honeysuckles, hawthorne and red maples. We are in the process of clearing out majority of the honeysuckle and hawthorne. I've found that if the honeysuckles are smaller they can be pulled up by hand. This time of year seems best for it - right before they leaf out and the ground is still wet. Their root system is pretty shallow and as soon are you get a few roots up the whole thing usually comes with. Only been here for 3 years so not sure if they will regrow like g-man mentioned, but this is land that we will be mowing pretty consistently.
  5. Tapped my first trees ever on Sunday. Didn't want to go crazy when I'm not prepared to handle a bunch of sap so I only went with 5 taps. Will probably be slugging it out on a turkey fryer this year just to get an idea of how much sap we get and if all goes well then step it up next year to either a barrel or cinder block arch. Tapped Sunday at 2 pm and by Monday 4pm we already have 4.5 gallons...not sure what I've got myself into!
  6. All about the dirt for me. My daily is a 2012 DR650. I ride that to work most everyday I can as well as hitting most forest roads along the way. Woods bike is my 2005 CRF250X. Used for the tight trails and dice runs. Plated and inspected, but would be screaming at anything above 60. Wife has a 2005 DR-Z400SM, lowered a few inches to let her flat foot.
  7. I've had this happen periodically with my lab mix, and usually its a small piece of wood/stick that he was chewing stuck between one of his teeth. I usually just check his teeth/gums for any foreign matter and keep an eye on it for 24 hrs. If it doesn't get better, vet time. Glad to hear things are looking better.