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  1. small spikes is what i call it most likely not 3in tho, its not a male fawn aka button buck, weights can very, To each there your own
  2. yeah i had a plot wiped clean already.....was about 110 yrds long ten yards wide just hammered it,,,,,
  3. well the one in his pic is not a button so just a diffrence in what one calls a button, but some one with 40yrs hunting should know what an actuall button is, and yes like the statics say a male fawn avg weight in NE is 85 lbs not a big stretch to hit 100lbs.. not the norm but possible same time ive seen a 1.5 yr old not hit 100bs lots a variables ....
  4. agree theres always the rare exception, to just about everything
  5. the close up looks like an old beaver pound that dried up
  6. yup lomax that i would say 1.5yrold late drop last yr or whatever small body but his spikes are still bigger then 6mo old fawn buttons buck
  7. ok just did a little research "Male fawns also know as Button Bucks" weigh an avg of 85lbs by November in North east,,,, so that being said 107lbs would be an x large male fawn but only say 20lbs above avg....
  8. if it has just buttons this years fawn yes they will rub what velvet there is seen them rub trees , about an 1in nubs just poking out of the hair, fawn yes 107lbs is possible early drop, good food good gentics. I have never heard of a 1.5 button maybe some very small spike like 2 or 3in and small body...
  9. You ever seen pen raised phesants ...dumb
  10. great "NOT " all this will do is get the tree huggers to try and restrict coyote hunting, It does not surprise me a wolf was found in NY had a relative that lived on shore of SLR up by Messina he use to say he would see the occasional one crossing the ice in the winter from Canada....I highly doubt there is any established population any where in NY
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