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  1. I heard it was coming its unreal, well all some one has to do to beat a DWI is request a blood draw instead of a breath test no way will the results be back in 15 days. And why would cops bother making arrest for minor crimes the criminal just are getting let go, and you will see alot of body and dash cameras get discontinued, i mean look at larger police departments where maybe there are dozens of arrests each day review video down load video for every ticket written and arrest man power and money alone will be lost and still not make the 15 day,,,, and 3 types of contact info many criminals dont even have an address, and home owner can legal shoot some for a burg2nd but the judge cant issue bail.....
  2. ur putting ur time in for sure haven't sat in stand yet the shore line night bite is on,
  3. yeah im actually north of norwich town of plymouth, smyrna line
  4. havent hunted much yet but seeing some small bucks and numerous does,,, Its funny im hunting Norwich area and never have any issue with ticks in fact in 3yrs never had a tick on me and have only seen one on a deer that i killed down that area
  5. dont mean to be rude but they tripped, not my norm but dont think the the town should not pay they offer a park to walk and enjoy by all maybe people should pay attention where they walk
  6. not for nothing but have checked out any state land cicero swamp is in 7f not saying u would get the big one but theres lots of oaks and less and less pressure every year
  7. my x-bow quiver holds 4 its from parker so good luck finding one , trying to find anything parker is almost impossible since they closed up shop
  8. land 1

    Moon guide

    agree with sniper and i , don't believe the moon triggers the rut
  9. Nope taking my time lots of time off in Nov. and just waiting till it gets good and no big buck on cam yet
  10. I dont care what some people say and everyone has there own thoughts but no matter what i've always seen the most activity chasing, bucks on there feet etc between Nov 4 and the 11th dont care what any moon charts say been hunting over 30yrs and its the the same every yr.... Now you will always have that one day hear and there outside this time frame but year to year the 4th thru 11th
  11. Live of 31 on the lake in Sullivan work over by stota, was it an off colored hen pheasant
  12. Rob lots of ducks in the area your lease is and sometimes i see a rooster pheasant or two that come over from N.Main where they are released....dont hunt that area but drive over that way all the time