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  1. hung jury, no intent, knee was on neck at times other times shoulder during course of incident ,,, dont do drugs, and it appears he was on some heavy ones, and follow police orders, and dont resist if u have a bad heart......
  2. i tried flex seal looks great and works about a month then cracks and peels
  3. those field do look good tho.....
  4. broke off at some point
  5. Same exact question u asked in the past same answer ..... Confused?
  6. no reason to grease the palms put it in the logging contract and really should not dip into ur profit at all if your just widen areas that are already clear,
  7. And did you read those court case very specific circumstances, theres been case were police have been fired and criminally charged for failing to act/protect
  8. so this post started out not with an unjustified shooting not abuse of power, but a cop dealing with an out of control situation and he did it correctly and you called the cop a thug ,,, and when you become a police officer you take an oath to protect the citizens ,,,, not saying theres not bad and unjustified actions by police humans make mistakes, use poor judgement and can be just dumb and cops are humans but it is a very small percentage of , but again this post was started with a clip of a cop doing what was correct....
  9. this has been asked before and has been answered so many times, and you were involved in that post......look back to old post or read the regs....
  10. pigeons 100% legal for training
  11. all depends on sun etc, but if its low sun and not great ground , rye in the fall, imo spring planting take more work, to keep weeds out
  12. i got a few of these cross braces are a must two guys can stand one up easy
  13. ok how do you know what the officer observed prior to entering the video scene looked like complete cluster possibly he was dealing with something else looked a little hectic and heard guys got a gun ive got no idea nor do you, yeah put him against the truck where the gun is good call, and actually police or sworn to protect people, and the cop being fearful yeah of things getting out of hand, police showed up de-escalated the incident.....again the guy with the gun i dont feel was wrong
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