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  1. land 1

    The ATVers are back

    call encon lots of times you will find they know them from other complaints they get
  2. land 1

    Too late???

    45lbs of oats on approx 18,000 sq ft... so it was a pretty heavy seeding,,,, 45lbs is good for approx22,000sq ft
  3. land 1

    Downstate hunting

    7m has alot of state land and decent hunting a few years back last weekend of gun 7 dmps were filled by 6 guys
  4. land 1

    Too late???

    Well i just got done re-planting one of the failed plot it was the larger of the two , pllanted wi oats and after dragging it spread a touch of brassica mix i had left over, I left a small area that had lots of turnips but really no green plants ... We will see what becomes of it
  5. land 1

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Nice job Luna, cant do nothing if its a poor shot,
  6. land 1

    Food plot costs

    Some of that is true steve but I think most of us do it to improve the over all quality of habitat on lands we own or hunt . I use to hunt southern edges of adirondaks and loved it no plots just big woods and lots of still hunting, but to each there own I just enjoy doing the work and yes i see more deer now and ccould kill deer without plots if it was just about fillin tags i would never have bought land and built a camp. I would just hit the state land like in the past and fill those tags
  7. land 1

    Got your opening day spot picked out yet?

    ill be at work no biggie i never start seeing decent bucks on cam until mid october have no idea where they are up until then its weird they just show up one day always after velvet is off,
  8. land 1

    Food plot costs

    u do it because you enjoy it, hell if you added up the cost of hunting you may not want to do that either
  9. land 1

    Asking for trouble

    Very wrong
  10. land 1

    Problem with Raccoons

    upstate guys dont have an issue with this , we just kill them..
  11. land 1

    Too late???

    Well i just ordered a bag of wi oats from amazon soon as it arrives im planting it also got a small amount of left over brassicas ill toss that to,, and see what happens nothing to loose i guess
  12. land 1

    Too late???

    Also ive only used seed that u broadcast and let sit should oats be dragged over...
  13. So with two of my plots failing i ordered WI oats hope they get here mid week the planting dates for the area is up to September 15th,, so i hope i can salvage something,,, never really planted oats do u guys think its to late...
  14. land 1

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    really enjoy reading ur posts keep them coming
  15. land 1

    failed plots

    not the flooded ones and the flooded ones came back