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  1. great job where were the deer hit ....
  2. yeah getting help is real hard to find since you obviously dont want it if you can tell the diffrence between ground from front legs vs back legs in say chillie or other dish i call bs
  3. clover seed can stay on the ground for long time its a hard seed and also maybe there was some root left
  4. Why would you leave the font quarter/legs that is a waste nothing wrong with shoulder meat, makes good ground meat or slow cooker stew meat,,,, thats just a waste, what your reasoning for not using it
  5. from what ive been finding the bait fish are not stacking up like normal and there hasn't been any real hot bites just pick one here and there, not like last yr with getting limits in ten minutes
  6. well your moving when rattling i would guess and drawing there attention right towards you/source of sound so i would say yes
  7. not if you are perfectlty still, but if you dont have a good back ground and they pick up you moving
  8. my land /plots are full of rocks and shale you may want to get a harrow drag instead of a tiller rocks are rough on tiller get soil test and go from there, low ph go with rye or wheat, or add lime, brassica mix grows fine for me, its not the rocks that dictate what you grow its ph
  9. start casting for eyes now good job
  10. justified shooting.... they will protest anything just because ,,,, thank god the police went home safe
  11. same time every year, can be surpressed by warm weather etc but if you look the does are bred, or at least a majority are bred the same time every year, and dosnt matter if u see it or dont it happens,,,,and being in the right spot matters alot on a 90 acre property one day i saw 8 diffrent bucks another guy same day same property saw nothing
  12. one thing i would point out u say its like adk's woods nothing is like adk's they rate snowfall in feet up there and you can go miles upon miles with out seeing a road and deer numbers are low and are controlled by winters not sounds to me that its not a price issue but more that theres not farm ag and hedge rows.....if you dont like the property or its not your style then pass, and as far as a shed as a deer camp ,,,,that to me is great but if u want water and electric may not be your cup of tea