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  1. found a dead doe town plymouth chenango co. was in small beaver pond im guessing EHD ,,,,
  2. just read an article basically it says EHD way worse the CWD basically because EHD can wipe out large numbers very quick were CWD many deer live up to 5yrs without showing symptoms or dying, and by 5yrs most deer have died of other causes in most areas,,,,
  3. 1700 state wide isnt much but i think the total is way higher and if ur in an area that git hit hard ugh....from what i heard there could be a total loss and 10miles away no loss
  4. friend in oswego co says they have been hit hard in his area
  5. heard oswego co is getting hit pretty hard with this
  6. could be anything deer get sick just like any animal
  7. i honestly think that this will bite the snowmobilers in the ass like others said they may loose private land where hunting for the owners was a priority if those owners loose this new late season
  8. well lots of reasons but since i got my own land and camp in 2016 its more about that then hunting dont get me wrong wouldnt have the camp or land if it wasnt for hunting, but just great to get to camp with the guys and lots of hunting buts lots of hanging out too.....
  9. i use to love to trap 30yrs ago as HS kid check a line before school coons were 15 to 35 bucks and a fox or mink was 30+,,,, if it was still those prices i would trap now....in fact one year got 45 for 3x boar coon
  10. the dog only had 3 legs to begin with, two front one back, and was old and u can see after attack one front leg broken that was heart breaking......always carry.... u never know
  11. hunt and have fun and enjoy it period as long as ur doing it legal,,if guys stopped worring about what other people are doing life would be simpler,,,
  12. maybe its just what they want to do and like it and have the cash to do so
  13. why do away with something that hard working people make a living from,,, never been at a farm to shoot deer or any other game , but why should it be done away with if people work hard and make a living...im guessing it dosent effect u either way
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