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  1. First discing attempt

    look for an old harrow spring drag, the last 2 years ive tried disc drags and some other stuff for atvs and the spring harrow works the best, old farms auctions and craigs list....
  2. How About Some Rain

    might be a break in weather next weekend cooler temps and chances for rain well thats what extended forecast says....
  3. Oak Trees ?

    Im no tree expert by far but have you looked into dustun chestnut trees from what ive read they start producing nuts way faster like in just a 3 to 5 yrs where i think oaks is more like 10 to 15yrs and are preffered by deer more... i plan on putting in a few next year
  4. How About Some Rain

    Nothing on long term forecast, for a steady wide spread rain, hopefully sooner then later went to get my planting done by end of july
  5. Its not to early to plant fertilize only when you seed same day, not before it will just feed the weeds and cause alot of growth. pack the dirt seed pack again.,
  6. fertilizer ???

    yeah dont even know if it will all get used this year, I just held of on the urea until i know i get a good planting and good germination
  7. I have the polaris 570 sportsman 2nd yr with it snapped front axel when the boot let water in and it froze up had issues with getting the part covered under warranty but after alot of phones calls got the part covered not the labor, second the 1 1/4 hitch is weak and will split with heavy loads. I will never get one with out power steering again after doing plot work my arms are dead tired. I bought it new based on lower price. Does what it has to do and I do alot of work with it plowing moving etc... but if you got the cash i would look at Can-Am
  8. fertilizer ???

    Thanks for the tip went to tully agway and got 1,000lbs of 15-15-15 no urea yet but they have it if needed
  9. Summer Planting

    Its funny to hear what certain deer really eat in other areas I had one mix last year with WW and they hit it a lil but not much now the turnips they crushed starting end of october and of course the clover was well browsed
  10. CWD. Are we just lucky?

    ummm where did he say it kills all mature bucks??? I also know we are talking whitetails but I just watched a show I think it was Wyoming they were taking survey and doing a study on CWD with mule deer and from what they said this area was so bad with CWD 1 in 3 deer have it and it has knocked the herd down 70percent.
  11. Plowing Started

    well just got back clover is doing great , will have just over 2 acres planted this year in plots got all the ground turned over now will wait till end of july to plant
  12. Predators.. and Turkey nests

    saw a group of about 8 lil turkeys this weekend size of basball
  13. Plowing Started

    nice plot started there, headed to camp in an hour to burn off the new plots that have been hit with weed killer twice now and then turn them over, wheeler is in for a workout...
  14. Predators.. and Turkey nests

    Normally when you have a high yote populations coons and at least red foxes are few and far between...
  15. Predators.. and Turkey nests

    I had a hen nesting near my camp and something got her nest she had about dozen eggs by mid may im hoping she had time for another nest, not sure what got it only found one egg that had a quarter size hole in its was about 50yrds from the nest no sign of anything else,