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  1. land 1

    How many is to many?

    my group took 7 of 90acres 3 bucks a 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5yrold and 4 doe but none of the does were the older ones i think 2 6mo.old and 2 1.5yrolds. only one buck was a regular the other two were roaming ... let a number of spikes 4pts walk and older does with fawns. one of the doe fawns shot had its mother hit by a car in august and do to it size i dont think it would have made it threw winter unless its very mild
  2. Yup lots of work but I enjoy it I do a little at time and relax at camp, I could do nothing and shoot deer no doubt but its just something I enjoy.....
  3. I plan on some more hinge cutting really starting to see good results from the own two years ago, tweek some food plots and add a couple small plots. Also after having the 1st enclosed tower blind this year going to add another one really helps in the rain wind.
  4. land 1


    some areas have lots of ticks others none or very little
  5. land 1

    Forgetting to Report

    I would think your co-worker could have got off , statue of limitations for a simple violation is 15 days 1yr for misdeameanor
  6. i have two clover plots currently one is whitetail instatiute the other is just a basic ladino they eat both but the wi gets hit way harder, even tho the ladino looks more lush and appears to grow better, also dont go by this past year as far as moisture rain was way above normal and even places that are normally dry where wet
  7. land 1

    What About a Limited Draw?

    i get what ur saying but what if ur the guy who owns land in that area and cant draw a tag for land he owns, i think the ones out west apply to public land
  8. land 1

    Heart recipe

    pickle it yum
  9. land 1

    Are DEC officers allowed???

    um if the cops get a call they can come on the landed posted /gated how else are they to make contact with the homeowner to investigate /interview any type of call , what the cops suppose to send u a letter hay need to speak with u lol , builidings / houses are no go.
  10. land 1

    Are DEC officers allowed???

    So Al they just picked you out at random.....I get there my have been a false comp. made but they still need to investigate all calls sounds like there may be a little more behind the unwanted attention, Not saying you or DEC were wrong just more to the story. I re-call on time a group of guys get stopped and everyone was friendly but one guy who busted the balls of ECO guess who got a ticket ....
  11. land 1

    Are DEC officers allowed???

    ECO have no special power then any other cop...they need a reason to be on private property a complaint a reason to believe something may be up just seeing some in hunting clothes is enough. As far as going into buildings if they look threw a window and see a violation plain view thats fair game no searching without a warrant or consent . looking and searching are not the same very fine line just saying... but most are great guys doing there job
  12. land 1

    Weather for Opening Day STier Gun 2018

    thanks good info
  13. land 1

    Hunting camp food

    One of the guys is doing a deep fried turkey friday other then that the normal venison chilie stew steaks
  14. land 1

    Live from the butcher block

    Nope your 100% correct i just let them clean the meat off then take the bone away