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  1. u can try rye grain seed too grows easy plant in early september
  2. chestnut hills something like that ordered duston chestnuts, they were out of seed nuts so i ordered food nuts worked just fine
  3. order seeds/nuts now and grow your own trees lot cheeper i did last winter planted trees early fall they are doing well so far tree tubes are the most costly item and you need those either way, or some type of protection from the deer
  4. not sure buy since xbow opener i have seen many more bucks then doe
  5. i had really good luck with buck forage oats they were still green on the last weekend of november and getting hit hard, planted first week in septmber and grew very well
  6. owned my property since 2016 and have seen steady increase since doing plots and habitat improvements no monsters, its weird tho saw many more bucks this yr then doe, that was a 1st in 4yrs....
  7. well if you hit her where u think shes dead and piled up within 100yards.
  8. already had to put my days for vac in took the weekend of nov 6 and the weekend of 21...
  9. I think the impact was a little lower then you think the dark spot u said is the entry, I think was just her elbow, it appeared that spot was there prior to impact and u grazed the brisket missed the far leg just got hair maybe fat
  10. shot 3 deer with xbow using rage 2 dropped in sight the other ran 60 yards and dropped, they worked just fine
  11. And if the if there a protection order in effect the person protected it covers but not you and there are several types of protection orders its all in the wording, just saying. sounds like a cluster tuff spot to be in