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  1. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    so i got 30 nuts with tape roots that i put in planters about 10 without that went back in fridge and tossed about 8 or 10 with mold....
  2. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    well checked some more of the nuts most have a tap root started from just starting a root to an inch long anything with a tap root will be transplanted this weekend into 4in seedling starters the rest ill put back in fridge and see if they sprout a root, threw three nuts out that had mold on them
  3. did it last year bought a bag of ladino white clover on amazon went a bit heavier then what the bag said per acre... I only did about a half acre but basically i just threw it on as soon as there was bare ground i think it was late march came in great, the area i planted was brassicas the fall before and the deer had really pawed up the ground , no equipment really need just a hand spreader.... Just to note the deer did use the clover but nothing like the WI clover i have
  4. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    so no potting soil...just regular dirt....havent checked all the nuts but the ones i did check have tap root
  5. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    yeah a week ago i didnt see anything and know the ones i checked are 1/8th to 1/4inch root.... just ordered seedling planters and mircale grow soil on amazon...soon as that arrives ill be on to next step
  6. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    just checked my nuts/seeds they are starting to sprout a root just shy of 60days in fridge im going to transplant them into cups with potting soil very soon and put them next to south facing window... i did some oaks like this and they are about 3in high with leaves on
  7. Just my thoughts i used one and it worked but not as well as an old harrow drag, sent you a pm glen
  8. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    WNY doing the same thing... my are in the fridge for a month now, also got 10 or so oaks and they are already sprouted and inside growing, I got my seeds from I think it was pike count chestnuts 3lbs for like 7 bucks I think...Theres a guy on Youtube that can give you lots of advise... Erie co.chestnuts
  9. db I agree 100% but if you dont own the land and National Grid does own it and wont have anyone come out and sign complaint for trespass what is ECO going do...Just what happened where I was hopefully it will work out good luck goosifer nothing better then having your own property
  10. goosifer unless your getting a good price that will be a total pain in the back side, I recall one guy would walk the power line every am and pm just about every day of the season, I get the land owner didnt own the land but National grid piece was like 50 or 70 yrds wide they gut would shoot at anything on the edge, and if he didnt drop it the deer would end up dead on the hunting property......
  11. I would check that the gas lines and power lines are just right of ways and not owned by the company hunted a piece of land where the power line property it was actually owned by National Grid and they would not do anything to keep people off, and since it was not actually owned by land owner had people walking the line all the time and there was nothing that could be done
  12. yeah i dont even have a clue how to get it from phone to my very old lap top lol...but thanks for the info maybe ill see what the gf can do
  13. I would but ave next to zero knowledge in posting pics
  14. Well its started dropped some trees that were choking out some old wild apple trees and trimmed up the apple trees hopefully with more sun and trimming them back some they will produce some apples If nothing else I will get some new growth in the area like briars and young maples deer really like the new growth for browse, and bed in those area
  15. what can it hurt to try out ...unless its a lease or something your buying if that where the case i would pass