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  1. Land does usually go up but unless a quick flip after many years of paying taxes u may be lucky to break even,,,,just saying
  2. well i dont hear as many gobbles later in the month but if you put some miles on your boots you get one fired up after 9am hes coming hard. the first part of may i hear alot but henned up and wont come in , not in favor of an earlier season
  3. hit the canal next weekend thats open should be some eyes staging, the males come up early
  4. your good as long as the area isnt covered by deep snow, not to early at all....
  5. one eye same as the above right handed left eye dominant rac hunter sounds like u may have same issue....easy way to tell put a your finger out infront of u and so it covers up an area say 20 feet away with both eyes open then do it with one eye closed ,,,, when u use your non dominant eye it will appear as your finger moved and u can see the object your finger was blocking
  6. For PTT/mix i would go with big N beasty frigid forage 3yrs going now and always grew very well
  7. my ins said they would i guess the important factor is if fire trucks can get to it which they can at all times of the year. I havent got it but i think would be a good the way this was State Farm ins
  8. 1st week september, seems to work well for me
  9. i have a DR brush mower that im happy with seems very heavy duty and takes a beating only issue is that i had to replace the belt but simple fix, not sure about finish mower
  10. I have had one on trail cam in 4yrs in chennango co...Never saw one in person tho
  11. He wants more laws but it seems he dosnt really want enforcement of the laws with the new no bail system, how about the laws on the books are enforced and bad guys actually go to jail....
  12. i had good season on 7m, but what was funny my worst weekend for seeing deer was opening weekend of gun
  13. time is running out if hes this much of a homebody wheres hes around every day, and you do bump him he will be around next year, get aggresive
  14. easiest thing and no really maint to plant i found is oats and rye grain and it takes deer pressure fairly well