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  1. land 1


    Does any one know where I can get bags of powder ag lime in CNY I've checked with Tully agway and deruyter co op they have pellitized and bulk but not just regular powdered lime in bags bulk didn't work for me and pellitized is more money
  2. well it was found the the acid level was low just got a new one the old may have been able to be saved but after reading i found the sealed one is more heavy duty and recomended if you have a winch winch
  3. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    37 trees most are 15in or better
  4. Well charged all night on 4amp charge was fully charged this morning and after like 5mins hooked up to wheeler it was reading low at 10.0 so im guessing battery is shot and wont hold charge when a load is being put on it
  5. i only got one area done today the rest was to wet,,,,,,but sending in soil sample in tmrw for three of my plots
  6. so I got a 2016 570 Sportsman and it seems to have a battery issue, In about early February went out to use it and battery was dead charged up fine good to go until today doing some work and everything was good about the 6th time I went to turn it over dead battery, battery is back on charge and seems to be charging up any ideas bad battery or is not getting a charge while its running. I did use it enough since february I think that if it wasnt charging it would have been dead sooner then this
  7. there may not be much freezing but clover seed is very small just spread on top with no raking the rain will get it good seed to dirt contact im doing mine tuesday
  8. headed to camp tmrw to finish cutting....the deer hammered all the tops threw winter, just going to clear a touch more and trim a few more apple trees
  9. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    up to 34 trees and put 3 more seeds in starters . I dont think the other 5 nuts i got in fridge will start a tap root.
  10. pygmy sounds good just remeber clover is slow growing dont excpect seeing results to mid late may
  11. land 1

    Frost Heave

    friend had the same issue turns out wasnt the septic line but frozen ground moving actual camp it was on piers
  12. no the ground can be frozen when it thaws during daylight and freezes again at night is actually what frost seeding is
  13. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    i plan on a weed mat , and from what i read and learned they do grow fast, maybe ill try tubes and cages and see what works the best for the future thanks for info G-man
  14. land 1

    Food plots on public land

    winter rye can grow about anywhere , get a generic 50 pound bag and spread it thick