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  1. land 1

    test date WI

    directly from WI
  2. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    Well most of the trees lost there leaves and it looked like they were a lost cause but now they all but two have new buds or started new leaf growth
  3. so i ordered a bag of chic magnet from wi on the bags there is always a label saying when seed was tested it says 1/19 upon closer inspection there is another label under it i tried peeling top one off cant see the month but one under it shows 2018..... This I think is BS obviously an old bag of seed, and this was directly from WI..
  4. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    so my trees were doing great put them out side for a day or two temps were 40 to 55 degrees and got rained on pretty good now most are dying any ideas what happened
  5. onondaga will pull the permit with just a 1st misd. DWI
  6. land 1

    Antler King Products

    went to large box store picking up afew things and took a look at seed all where tested almost a year ago some longer the only new seed was WTI clover
  7. Well it was voltage regulator and there is no recall i asked the dealer about that his reply was as many as he has replaced there should have been a recall but there is none as of yet
  8. Well it was not better same issue with new battery brought it to the dealer and they are saying most likely voltage regulator says its a big issue with 2014 and newer sportsman models he said they have had to replace hundreds of them....
  9. land 1

    Antler King Products

    Two years now with big n beauty works well for me....theres a label on all seed bags stating when it was tested to ensure u buy fresh seed
  10. land 1


    Does any one know where I can get bags of powder ag lime in CNY I've checked with Tully agway and deruyter co op they have pellitized and bulk but not just regular powdered lime in bags bulk didn't work for me and pellitized is more money
  11. well it was found the the acid level was low just got a new one the old may have been able to be saved but after reading i found the sealed one is more heavy duty and recomended if you have a winch winch
  12. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    37 trees most are 15in or better
  13. Well charged all night on 4amp charge was fully charged this morning and after like 5mins hooked up to wheeler it was reading low at 10.0 so im guessing battery is shot and wont hold charge when a load is being put on it
  14. i only got one area done today the rest was to wet,,,,,,but sending in soil sample in tmrw for three of my plots
  15. so I got a 2016 570 Sportsman and it seems to have a battery issue, In about early February went out to use it and battery was dead charged up fine good to go until today doing some work and everything was good about the 6th time I went to turn it over dead battery, battery is back on charge and seems to be charging up any ideas bad battery or is not getting a charge while its running. I did use it enough since february I think that if it wasnt charging it would have been dead sooner then this