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  1. im not using any fertilizer on it , soil test looked good but im guessing it wouldnt hurt anything if u did
  2. land 1

    I hate coyotes.

    nope nothing like dogs have no issue in shooting them, but like it or not they are and most likely always will be part of nature and to be honest humans can devastate the balance way more then a yote can. Its also been proven that there diet is mostly rodents , bugs and plant matter yeah they kill fawns and some adult deer.
  3. So I picked up the seed and did a little trial run threw about 100 seeds on a bare patch I had on my lawn , obviously lots of rain but in about 24hrs the seeds were starting to germinate small little white root coming out of them, plan on putting some out on the 24th then some mid september.
  4. land 1

    brush hog suggestions

    i got a D&R tow behind tow with 4 wheeler think its 44in cut takes everything down that i can drive over with wheeler
  5. land 1

    I hate coyotes.

    Its all part of nature, I get if they are getting livestock or pets, but they are just doing what yotes do. Ive found when prey #numbers get low they move on kinda like natures cycle
  6. 50lbs for $12.00 seems like a decent price, just something to try
  7. Thanks for the info just something new to try out
  8. CNY, Northen Madison Co, Im going to call Tully Agway Tmrw other then that its the only place i can think of that may have it
  9. So I was after doing a little research I was thinking of top seeding my oats in the end of september with some winter rye/ rye grain as Im told it last long into the colder month where oats commonly die on the first hard frost but where can I find Just plain Winter rye/ rye grain found a few places on-line but shipping 50lbs cost more then the bag of seed
  10. land 1

    Growing Dunstan Chestnuts

    well just ordered tree tubes plan on putting them in end of august first part september
  11. land 1

    My 2019 plots

    planted yesterday and rain hit a few hrs later so i think my timing was good just have to plant oats very end of august ,1st september
  12. It's a sign of the times , thats why I just looked and bought my own piece, back when i first hunted i could just knock on doors and get permission easy for free, most it would cost is giving the farmer a deer and even then i would just leave the deer at his barn wouldnt even need to butcher it, but after loosing properties to change i bought my own......nothing wrong with lease hay if the owner can get his taxes paid good for him
  13. land 1

    Late season plot

    i have noticed a differance in attraction from wi clover to regular ladino clover they just nip and pass threw ladino but stay and crush the WI clover. and ive only used big n beasty for brassica mix and they crush that
  14. land 1

    Trial and error Plot

    im going to try one plot this year well actually two areas terminate both with gly then spread seeds. one area is mowed regular ill leave that alone once seeded the other is taller after seed hit it with bush hog. just to see how they do