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  1. brassicas/ turnips usually will keep growing till hard freeze,,,,,
  2. land 1


    beach nuts , oaks etc also any new growth, or briars,,,,may not be one main source but just browse
  3. some of it looks like brassicas/ turnips
  4. Ive seen massive winter kills up north in the spring and with those its brutal and normally all the fawns die , never heard of anything like this in the southern tier mother nature can sure be brutal
  5. so what is the solution chef riots , burning everything down, rise against the police, im pretty sure that its the other side that brought that, ..... maybe these actors, high paid athletes and etc should put there cash where there mouth is and put a decent canidate up for election,,,,,, im not a huge DT fan but hes better then the alternative ......
  6. well this sounds like it is really bad if you hunt in these areas and i would hate it in my area dont know much about EHD but if these midges have always been around seems like nature doing its thing,,,, I did see one video on this few years ago and the guy on it sprayed bug killer around his water sources as the midges come from the mud on the banks and it was some what localized dry years were the worst ......
  7. ok have seen people want this some dont even heard it will ruin families ,,, well 1st if this is the down fall of family life you have bigger issues,,,, but any chance for extra hunting in NYS is a plus . I would guess that not many hunters will take advantage of it and then ones who do will be very happy with it....As it is now i dont hunt last week of rifle give the deer a break and hunt the last two days of muzzell always see good numbers do the same with bow the last day of bow for me is normally 5-6 days prior to gun may hit state land but stay off mine,,,,
  8. always just grind shanks never noticed any difference from other grind, did have them slow cooked in crock pot with vegies good that way too
  9. use to hunt that area many years ago wasnt bad hunting seemed to be pockets of deer and other areas it was hard to see much lake effect snow can effect your hunting up there big time hard to hunt when one storm drops 3ft, happy valley is a good place to start
  10. lots of hoppers too but not many turkeys had daylight pics of a couple yotes getting them tho
  11. i have seen them browse on dead or dying ones but imo not a heavy sought food source
  12. just for ny deer either round is perfectly fine, if your going out to or pass 400 plus yards maybe 30-06 has a slight advantage.....
  13. Thats weird ive had no issue growing B&B but i have had issues with low ph and growing clover
  14. i try to shoot a 1.6yr old doe try not to shoot the older ones, older ones are home bodies and young better eating and not as good a lot easier to replace a young doe in the heard from this years fawns then a mature one