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  1. land 1

    Cabin builders

    the shell of the building was about 17grand that included floor joist, windows doors etc, i did not have cement pad just had gravel put down and compacted and used rigid insulation under the floor, building was 24 x 36 , im guessing another 4 grand in materials to finish inside includes everything from A-Z wood stove furniture rough cut lumber etc interior work i did myself. The building was put up RLS structures they had the it up in a day and half
  2. land 1

    Cabin builders

    just a thought i had steel pole barn built for my camp then finished inside with rough cut lumber, i have part garage/storage a bathroom and one bedroom with several beds in the general open area when i was looking around this was the cheapest way to go compared to actual log cabin....
  3. i found like 6 last year on my property, wasnt sure what type of turtle it was they were all in damp fields
  4. in all honestly any decent buck pic i get early are never around come fall, new ones move in around mid october but the summer pics of nice ones they see to move to a fall range
  5. you could plant beans but you most likely will not get pods just the plant for browse and depends on temps how long they will stay green,,,,corn i would say ur too late by a month or more
  6. agreed i believe the police have there hands tied by politicians who bow to these thugs
  7. Adk native pretty clear on video police where there and broke or attempted to break up the fight at the end
  8. land 1


    once meat is frozen aging process stops ,,,,u cant thaw it out and age it
  9. imperial white tail oats.....plant memorial weekend, takes browsing and last till very cold temps
  10. wont need rain till end of august thats when the grains should go in plant clover at the same time for next year
  11. yeah bb this issue has been beat to death in prior posts, lil angry for first post dont you think... Same as muzzle loader not im with rob 40 yrds is about it, my loader good for 150, i know many guys with compounds can shoot better then some xbows.... im sure traditional shooters had the same bitch about compounds back in the day, enjoy what u want dont be angry ...
  12. well not going to comment on movie, but dems are now trying to get rid of qualified immunity for police. Maybe some people dont know what this is basically it says if a police officer acts within his duties, dosn't act in manner that is not justified or illegal, he cant not be held responsible for civil penalties .... so in short what dems want is even if u do your job as police officer properly u can still be sued and then have to pay all cost if this actually gets threw all police should walk.... and from personal knowledge you can be sued for doing everything correct....
  13. they are in a combat zone and should be able to react properly but, as we seen in other states/city even when there actions are justified and by policy they are being fired and charged with crimes by politicians who do not support the police but bough to the rioters and the demands of the minority
  14. rye may grow on the trails, i would at least hit with spray to kill current grass then throw rye down heavy right before hard rain