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  1. I wasnt asking to compare xbow with compound. You did kindly pointed out very little in common between tradtional and todays compound so modern day bow draw with one hand and held with one hand,,, those are the two things todays bow has in common with traditional. SO many differences
  2. And modern day compounds are nothing like the tradtional long bow or recurve archery started with...
  3. i have several friends that can shoot bow accurately 60 to 80 yrds and they dont practice but more then a couple times few weeks before season there gear is dialed in from year to year .... go on you tube theres video of guy shooting elk at 120 with compound guys out west 60 is normal pronghorn shot or mule deer....
  4. In fighting just what the anti-hunters want from the hunting community....
  5. all the compound guys who say no to this and not fair blah blah should look back 40 yrs ago plus the only people that i respect in saying no are tradtional guys.....the current compounds and current xbows both have plus and negatives to a hunter ive used both there are some advantages to both....
  6. Some decent point here Do agree that hay let guys with long bows and recurves have a shot at deer 1st season all there own this would make the compound guys made tho... but then there mad about xbows too... still havent heard a reason that really holds water at least for me not to allow xbow in archery. rather hear the truth for some of the compound guys which is they just dont like and dont want more people in the woods.... i hunt with both compound and xbow... intresting note just saw a thing on youtube a guy shot a compound and xbow at 100yards 5arrows each shot 5 times so 25 shots, no rest with x bow guess which scored better compound
  7. yup 100% fisher
  8. yeah give me the ticket im using what i already have period
  9. well one was to wet in the spring the other was in a stream bottom i guess could say and its always much colder there with very early and late frosts,,, kinda of a weird spot where on windless nights all the cold air just sits,,, the trees would start to sprout leaves and they got hit with hard frosts killed them if you could have got them going a few years may have made it but the year i put them there was brutal
  10. well they dont believe in our laws well then , when some body gives him a punch to the nose for doing what hes doing then he better not look for our laws to protect him, but im sure he will want it both ways....
  11. I have never really got involved with Wolc's BS between him and others on this forum but he made it clear that he only cares about filling his freezer and nothing more....I hope this all gets resolved heard the state closed land around hatchery and creek and with the high waters now i would guess other creeks are to high to see the fish and the fish that spawned will get pushed out of creeks....still dosent keep them from taking over limit and out of season with rods or spear on the lake tho
  12. ok when they just start shooting deer no tags no season no rules they can go to your property
  13. the people that are doing this are not local they came down from St Regis they want to get ticketed and have a court rule in there favor so they can do it all the time..,,,this has got to stop will really hurt the lakes walleye population. And where does it stop they get away with this and next deer, turkey all game species and fish...not good and really ,,, also as far as "Poverty and doing it for food" they drove from Canada or at least some did per the plates on there trucks,,, thats alot of gas money
  14. cheapest way and easy to do is to buy nuts and start your own trees plenty on you tube on it did it a few years back started with maybe a dozen trees got about 6 growing good now others that did not make it were were bad locations
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