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  1. TheHornHunter

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    Thanks! I'm fortunate to have several good properties, but am always trying to get more - typically will knock on 50 or so doors during the offseason and get 3-5 new spots per year. It amazes me how much a spot can change in a year - some of my best spots last year were duds this year and my best spot this year was pretty slow last year.
  2. TheHornHunter

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  3. Throwing a Hail Mary and packing in deep for one last hang and hunt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, we’ve had some bucks already drop too. Supposedly it’s a genetic thing and not related to health. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just got set up. Good luck everyone out! It’s a chilly one here in 8H Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Been getting the cops called on me every time I use a gun at one of my best spots so took the bow out and sent a rage down range tonight. I was hoping to see antlers but she was at 20 yards at 435 and I couldn’t say no. One either sex tag left. Going to one of my best spots for a hang and hunt after a nice 140ish 4 year old 8 pointer I have some history with. He’s been hanging up in thick shit before last light but hoping the cold gets him moving in day light tomorrow. If not hopefully can knock another doe down. Good luck to everyone else going out tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Had a pretty exciting night on a cut corn field. My buddy hunted it last night and missed a doe so I was a little worried they’d be skittish today but I lucked out. I had 15 deer feeding within ten yards of me which is probably the closest I’ve ever been and I was sitting in tall brushy shit by a power line so definitely cool to experience that. I wanted to shoot one of those deer but was surrounded and no way to move. Long story short, several does end up behind brush where my wind was going and bust me but run back in front of me to another group of does maybe 150 yards away. I’m pretty sure there was a buck in the woods watching these does so I was tempted to wait but a few deer started to run back in the woods and I figured i might as well shoot one. By the time I reloaded there was only one deer left in the field 215 yards away. She looked a little small but I have a lot of mouths to feed and farmers to keep happy so I settle the crosshairs and fired away. Good blood trails on both deer, recovered first within 70 yards and second within 150. One doe is the largest I’ve ever shot and the other is definitely the smallest lol, it’s much harder to judge their size when alone. Gave them both to two buddies that need it more than myself but I took the heart, tongue and tenderloin as my bounty. That’s 6 does for me and 1 buck this season. I have a buck tag left and one more doe tag that was co signed so hoping to punch both over the next few days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I’ve done it before, it’s awesome. Sometimes I slice it thin and top with gremolata. It’s actually probably my family’s (who were mostly non venison eaters) favorite appetizer now but I’ll typically take the center to 120 degrees when I do it for them so not quite as rare. If it’s just me I don’t even bother taking the temp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I got out on a new spot across the road from one of my other spots tonight but was a really slow evening. I was sitting on a fresh cut corn field and only saw 3 does around 430. Not sure what’s going on, but the last two nights have been my worst hunts this year. These spots have had almost zero pressure all season but deer are still holding back in thick shit until last light. I haven’t been hunting mornings but i think I’m gonna switch it up and try to go after them back in the thick stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Went out last night and knocked down two more does off the same cut corn field I got the last two off. The farmer was running the combine on the next field over and was a great distraction. I had 15-20 does in the field and after my first shot (which dropped the deer in ten yards) they all scattered to the middle and huddled up about 150 yards away. I reloaded the muzzy and ended up getting off two more shots, one of which connected. The second deer stood in the field for 10-15 minutes and I was out of ammo so I just had to watch her. My shot looked and felt good and I saw blood dripping but she eventually bedded in a hedge row and I decided to give her the night. Found her ten yards from the hedge row this morning and I hit within a couple inches of where I was aiming. I thought she was broadside and she must have been quartering more than I could see because it ended up exiting about half way back so think I caught her liver, one lung and some guts. It was tricky trying to shoot around other deer (you can see them huddled up in the pic) but I guess I should have taken more time to assess her angle to me. She’s stiff as a board so I’m just gonna skin her, quarter her out and cut out the backstraps and neck. I’ve got two doe tags left that got signed over to me I’m hoping to fill this weekend then a buck tag once muzzy starts. My freezer is full so all my deer are going to friends and family less fortunate. My farmers are happy, my friends and family are happy and I’m happy to share the wealth that is venison. Good luck to all you other hunters trying to fill tags the last few days. The next few days look awesome for the Rochester area! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I was chasing a huge public land buck (160+) last year that was bedding on a peninsula of timber backed up by a creek. There was no good way to hunt it so I snuck in with my climber one night at like 2am and slept until day break. Ended up seeing the buck at 60 yards but no shot (bow only area). I’ll never do it again, I love antlers as much as the next guy but not enough to spend the night in a tree. I’ll spend more time scouting and trying to figure a better ambush. But I’d never look down on someone else for doing it, just a step too far for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Went on doe patrol tonight and knocked two down within 20 yards of each other. Made recovery easy! Congrats to all the other hunters with a kill tonight! Sounds like a lot of deer hit the dirt! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. TheHornHunter

    Deep dive on cold fronts and how to hunt them

    It's my favorite by far. I also like it has the historical weather so I can go back and check weather conditions for when I see a ton of activity on trail cams. I love the charting on it and being able to see the temp, what it actually feels like, barometric pressure, wind speed / direction and cloud cover all on one screen (below is an image of my set up). I have a much easier time being able to look at charts and interpret the data rather than reading forecasts or looking at temperature tables. The fact it is all on one screen makes it even better. The Drury bro's app called DeerCast basically copies the wunderground format (and actually uses wunderground data I believe) and overlays their own proprietary movement forecast on top, but I find it harder to read than wunderground's because they put the wind on the same chart as the temperature one. That said I still find the app useful so if you haven't checked it out I'd highly suggest it. Their forecast's aren't perfect and I don't pay much attention to them because they are driven by the same things I focus on, but whenever the app says great conditions and I've been in the woods it has been a great hunt.
  14. TheHornHunter

    Deep dive on cold fronts and how to hunt them

    People pressure is another great catalyst for movement, but unfortunately that's a tough one to predict
  15. TheHornHunter

    Deep dive on cold fronts and how to hunt them

    They barely touched our big ag during the coldest temps, but they hammered our neighbor's small tucked away brassica plot and I saw quite a bit of foraging in one of our creekbeds. Thanks for the input on the TSI! Have you used it to try and direct movement? That's the primary reason I want to do it and of course have the added benefit of additional browse. We have a maybe 50 acre square shaped timber plot surrounded by pretty good staging areas of tall grass / brush and then like 400 acres of ag (only 175 of which is ours, but all of the 50 acres and most of the staging stuff is ours too). The issue we have is deer bed mostly in the timber and come out all over the staging and ag so it's tough to hunt them because there's no natural pinch points or funnels. We see tons of deer and deer sign there, but it's tough to get them in range or to get in close without having deer get downwind because the travel is so unpredictable. I was thinking if we did some TSI in the timber we could create our own funnels and essentially force them to certain exits. I killed a nice 120 class 8 point there last year (he was only two unfortunately, i screwed up and misaged him on the hoof), found sheds from three deer this spring were 130"+ (we didn't run any cams) and the neighbor killed a beautiful 3 year old 140 class 8 pointer this year that we were hoping to keep around for another year. I have a few cams on it this year and we have several more 130-140 class bucks and I know there are bigger ones there but all the cameras and all the hunting we do is on the fringes so we rarely see them. Long winded way of say it has a ton of potential I just need to put in some sweat equity and make it more huntable, especially for bow. I'm hoping TSI and a few small food plots in the staging areas next year are the ticket.