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  1. Way to many Doe’s out in the corn while we were out with the combine this afternoon. One less now.
  2. Exactly CWD is just something agency use to push their agenda and white coats use to get more Government funding. More deer died in Ny state alone this year from EHD then CWD ever thought of. CWD is rarely ever found until after a healthy deer is harvested.
  3. And…. It’s none of your business. I know plenty that use crossbows during archery and plenty that kill vermin day or night and day of the year. To each their own. They accept the responsibility of their actions so that’s on them.
  4. Yes and no. You see the states do have a live test that could be used and it’s been proven over 80% effective. They say that’s not good enough yet they accept a Tb blood test that proven around the same effectiveness. Things they don’t want the common public to know.
  5. Hello. They have to be dead to be tested and for the 3rd time they do test 100% of dead animals on farms!! And no they don’t need to Every harvested animal BUT they should in fact test more than 2700 out of 260,000 hunter harvested if they think this is the big bad boogie man they say it is. The fact that they test 100% of farmed animals in a state that does not even allow importation from other states shows the true agenda. The statistics speak loudly for themselves.
  6. Good news. Kinda. They have a slim chance of getting those 2 deer for testing. Probably dead as I write this. They need to get out there and grab 50 samples or so from around that area. Say a 20 mile circle and see if anything comes up. To have 2 that look like that in 1 area is strange. And to not find other positives in different stages of sickness would also be strange.
  7. I can show you pen’s full of positive deer looking perfectly healthy after 3 years and counting. CWD kills very few although many may have it. CWD is no doubt the Covid of the deer world.
  8. You would think. But not so sure the tax man is used much.
  9. Yup and then it was all over. Can’t find something your not looking for. And the numbers prove they are not looking for it. CWD has been a white coats dream disease. Keep throwing money at research for something that’s been around for 60 years and has done no harm. Funny thing is CWD is the same exact thing as Scrapies in sheep and you hear nothing about any problems in the sheep industry. That would not help their agenda.
  10. Lol. More high fence equals less tags sold by states. I know your not up to speed on the industry but as hunter numbers drop across most states the high fence industry continues to expand and they know the money involved in high fence and they also see the less and less tags being sold in states. You really would be shocked at the number of private properties that people have fenced in and do their own thing. Ny is actually one of the smallest when it comes to the numbers of private and pay to hunt places and there is a shortage of animals every single year because of demand. If they were really worried and looking for something they would test a hell of a lot more then 2700 deer a year and they would look for it more on the Pa line where there is no doubt it has already walked right into the state.
  11. Yes they do pick some out of taxi shops for sure. The numbers tell the true facts. 2720 animals tested out of how many animals in ny? There were like 253,000 hunter harvested alone. Add road kills in the picture and the % of tested drop even more. I’m sure we already have it in this state already seeing that it has been found on the Ny/Pa border. Regardless it’s still a harmless disease in the big picture of the whitetail deer.
  12. Well that’s not to difficult of an answer. They shut down farms…Which accomplished nothing. While at the same time have no control of the same stuff in the wild? CWD has been around for 60 plus years with no harm to any herds anywhere. Hell Wisconsin jumped off the handle years ago a killed every deer on site year around to try and stop something that is spontaneous in nature. And now that state is still loaded with CWD in about every county and have more deer now then before they killed them off. CWD sucks to see but causes no harm to man or beast anywhere ever. EHD is a yearly disease that kills more deer in 1 year across the country than CWD has in the 50 plus years it’s been around.
  13. Sooner or later? I think I just told you above that all captive deer need to be tested already. And paid for by a state that says it’s to expensive to test more of their own? Yeah that sounds like they are real worried about a disease. If they were that worried they would test all deer. Resources costing dollars? By making the statement that hunters can’t bring deer in whole from other states??? Words cost cash? Please do tell what else they have done? I see you failed to do the research on the numbers of deer tested looking for this disease that has done absolutely no harm to any herds in any state behind fence or in the wild? Typical.
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