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  1. Exactly. Takes a special kind of stupid to support this be it Biden CDC or media. Shit don’t add up to anyone with half a brain.
  2. Exactly! My wife was forced and has now had a lingering 3 month cough that will not disappear. Hopefully it’s not a future problem or worse but DEFINITELY was not an issue before the forced intrusion!
  3. Why only unvaccinated wear masks? Seeing though it’s just as probable that the vaccinated are giving it to the unvaccinated
  4. So they were part of that 2% seeing though 98 walk away. Yeah. Not real worried.
  5. For you to think that Biden is a step in the right direction after Trump says all I need to hear about you and your thoughts. What it’s been 120 days and we’re in a 13 year high recession? Bravo!
  6. Republican’s? Are you Fing kidding me? Maybe if those idiots would let some Real Republicans on that committee you would see and hear something. These fake couple Rino’s they have up there are far from Republican
  7. Funny how you say two wrongs don’t make it right yet your ok with charges and hearings against the Republican side and nothing about the riots murders and stealing committed by the Democratic side? Perfect Example
  8. 296 is my top. These are all on their 2nd racks. Lose more money if you keep them till 3yrs. This kinda shows the difference between 1yr and 2
  9. I am double fenced. They would have to pull the trick twice. Lol
  10. . A Whitetail is a Whitetail regardless of which side of the fence they are on. Besides the better blood, better care and no stress they are the same animal. Blood flow is what grows antlers and until the amount of daylight signals the glands of a whitetail to stop flowing blood they will continue to grow. Hence you see a bucks rack grey up a bit except for the points and tips, they continue to be darker because they continue to get blood flow and continue growing.
  11. Not in my world. Last 2 of July and first 2 of August continue showing black tips and black tips are making inches. Frames are done except points and mass is pretty much made but those points will continue into August for many.
  12. Was the question looking for advice on harvesting milk teeth?
  13. Truthfully the only difference in years is the difference in doe and buck fawns. And those of course spell out your bottom line for the year. If you can average 20-30 buck fawns a year and continue that pace and the market continues to go at 3 to 7 grand each the good/bad factor is the bottom line. Now there are bad years as far as luck if you lose animals to sickness or say yotes harassing some and they jump into fences or such and break legs or necks. The good is always there in the lifestyle and freedom of life everyday to decide what your day will consist of. To be abl
  14. Everything nowadays? After 23 years I would have to say you are a tad off on your estimation.
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