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  1. Just look at Minnesota if you have any doubts. The idiot democrats are destroying the Deer and about every other four legged creature trying to protect these useless vermin. The last thing Ny needs are wolves and i’m sure the season would be 24/7 every day of every year for those also by many.
  2. After seeing everything going on these last two plus years I really believe the last thing he should do is tone it down. I kinda thought he might but after all Americans have been screwed for so long he needs to be very loud and remind them of such. The left will crush the guy from Florida if he goes in showing weakness. And if he can’t beat trump at that game he has no chance of being the leader of the free world.
  3. Little guy still hanging tight to that headgear out in one of the Bean fields.
  4. I’m in the same boat. I have them like crazy here and don’t even hunt them. I pretty much give anyone the green light to go in the property to hunt them just to try and keep the pests numbers down. As long as they don’t get to the numbers the coyotes once got to where war had to be declared I have no interest in shooting or eating one.
  5. Without a doubt. I have made sure our properties have always been managed towards us enjoying our hunts. Some choices had to be made at times be it right or wrong. Some may not agree but they are also not the ones paying the taxes.
  6. Are you really that dense? Where the hell do you come up with turkeys and high fence hunting in the same sentence? First of all on our 1000 acre farm only 50 of it is in any kind of fence with the rest managed for some of the best hunting in the county and second do you really think a person could fence in a bird? I know your not real bright but come on now. You want to see some of the other birds we fence in also.
  7. A simple mouth call from Primos will do the same job. A good Turkey Hunter most times is the better Hunter then the better caller. Not Rocket Science for sure.
  8. Exactly why you are still fighting the bugs and all the other hunters you complain about every year at the end of May while you are still out there trying to find a bird. Some of us are smart enough to put ourselves in a position to be able to go hunting anytime in the month of May and kill a great bird. You think there was any bitching because we take care of our birds and property so someone could have hunting days like this. Turkeys are really not that tough to figure out. Hardest part is finding the bird for most. We make sure that is never an issue.
  9. Exactly why we called all out war on every vermin on our properties. The stupid laws in this state do not work on the landowners side when it comes to that. Many landowners that bought their hunting properties to do just that are now doing whatever it takes to make sure their lands continue to fill their needs. The four legged problems are easy to fix but the winged are a different story. Coons are the biggest problem around here. Or were anyways.
  10. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe he would be better served teaching his karate buddy some lessons on hunting and how the system works.
  11. Just keeping an eye on them around here. Keep it pretty simple. Not much involved in filling a couple tags. We feed them well all year so the process stays easy.
  12. No sense? You get on here and tell a guy to put his call into the DEC to change a hunting season when DEC has nothing to do with hunting seasons in ny state. Yup your 2 state knowledgeable about hunting. Best stick to your you-tube videos.
  13. Yes copy and paste all day. We know. Yet you have no idea who makes the hunting seasons in Ny state? Gotcha!
  14. So you hunt in any state and you’re clueless as to who makes the hunting seasons? You couldn’t find that in a U-Tube Video i take it?
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