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  1. Coon’s would probably be first stealing eggs. After that I would guess poults worst fear would come from above.
  2. Finally found a morning I could get out back and enjoy a sunrise. Busy spring planting and building pen’s keeps time tight. Perfect Morning!
  3. I doubt they will. Possible though. They might say be out in a field and notice it getting dark and start heading towards their roost but then daylight come back pronto. Or jump up in a tree at brush whenever they stand if possible. Will freak them out without a doubt. The last think they like is standing on the ground in the dark.
  4. 189# And 206#. Most are 160-180lbs run down from rutting.
  5. The state land I hunt does not take much effort to kill just any deer. Massive effort to kill a top one. You can sit in a stand where you can see your truck and kill a deer.
  6. Exactly. I have 1000 acres of land out my back door of good hunting yet I travel 3 hours to hunt great state land. There are plenty of deer to be had for free with a little effort. When it comes to bucks I have two tags and they will carry something really mature or something 120’ or better. I have no problem not filling my buck tags when I have 4-6 doe tags that can be used. And it does not hurt the hunting area letting 15-20 smaller bucks walk every season. A smart hunter does not Ruin his buck hunting chances during the special time of year by stinking up their land harvesting does. All the late seasons we have in this state works fine for that.
  7. Filling all 6-8 maybe. Can’t believe I saw one that said they didn’t get any without having their chances and blowing it or passing them up first time or two around. And in this day and age and heavy deer population state there is few excuses of not going where there are more animals.
  8. So now you think someone that hunts for the top of the class does not get meat? Do you think by someone not filling their buck tags on smaller whitetail bucks does not have a half dozen other tags they can use on any givin day to fill their freezer? Filling tags is not a real tough problem.
  9. Well not sure how that would matter unless one is In a contest against other hunters using scores to beat each other. I have hunted for over 50 years and have went thru every step of hunting there is and matured with the sport. I have enjoyed every part of hunting there is possible every time I step into the woods. I get the same exact enjoyment as every other Hunter except I now also incorporate improving my skills to the maximum and take on only the best of the best of the animal I am hunting. I find 2-3 of the top animals in my area, while I enjoy that part of hunting, without a gun in my hand and then I Hunt Those animals until I either harvest one of them, have something bigger, more mature show up or I run out of time. In which case I eat my tag. A lesser animal harvested does absolutely nothing for me or my herd. I get the same enjoyments of hunting and harvesting a spike of 50 years ago as I do killing nothing but a very mature buck or one scoring 120in or better in a state that does not have them behind every tree. I actually get more out of the hunt when I am successful in the rack,meat and knowing I beat the best of the best in the woods. Not an easy task by any means.
  10. Not sure why anyone that hunts anything is missing out on anything. You think a guy that only kills 120in deer or better misses any part of the big picture of hunting? Hell No. They actually get more. They get the thrill of beating one of the smartest animals in the woods one on one on their turf. They get a great rack to put on the wall along with the most meat an animal can offer. The only person those kind of hunters that succeed need to impress is themselves. Who gives a crap about anyone else. That’s on their insecurities.
  11. The owner never moderated much when he was around. Hence all the others he had. It’s all irrelevant at the end of the day.
  12. Night before the opener at the bar, Opening morning at the restaurant at 4am…If the night before was not to rough and opening night back at the bar celebrating all the days harvests. I think that would kill me today. lol. Party permits, boxes of slugs and waiting in line to be checked into Letchworth. Now it a free for all with anyone welcome. Times sure have changed.
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