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  1. Exactly. Only in Ny. Hence the reason many pay no heed to the stupidity and do them.
  2. The Asshat is to blame for sure. But the Asshats that sit back and say oh this kid threatened this and this kid said he was going to do that and did absolutely nothing are included under that hat.
  3. Exactly. And do you notice these idiots say this kid threatened this and that 3 months ago, was on line saying exactly what he was and his thoughts yet they are not smart enough to even throw a red flag up to Nic’s when he went to buy weapons? The government is almost as much to blame as this kid. Then the Democrats push and use the “White” kid as their scapegoat when 2 weeks ago their “Black” shooter in Ny might have gotten 10 minutes of air time. Again would take an idiot to not see thru their agenda and vote for that crap.
  4. Seems your Democrats were all about telling people what to do with their bodies for the last couple years but are singing a different tune now. Those Damn midterms ya know.
  5. And if they are going to let hunters use a weapon to kill a deer why wouldn’t they let them use the very best possible of said weapon? Exactly why people make their own rules anymore. Not just in hunting but in life itself. So many idiots in charge making stupid rules for people. Do You, Is what I say.
  6. And exactly the reason that many use whatever crossbow they bought. Ones that can afford the best bought the best and use them accordingly. Can’t say I have ever seen a dumber law. Beside coyote having a season maybe.
  7. No spin needed. Death from string,arrow and broad head. Archery
  8. Wrong again. These properties are a wildlife paradise. They don’t have vermin running rampant so they actually still even have small game and game birds. They say god made all creatures equally but when it comes to property that’s built and Maintained for the sportsman there are many creatures that are useless and must be dealt with regardless of where or when.
  9. I believe if you reread the words written it says… many landowners… and I can tell you for a fact that the many that I know are at both ends of the state and are part of a group of landowners with many acres involved. And you would be hard pressed to find better all around hunting grounds.
  10. I own land in both ends of the state and yes I hunt both at times. The public land is much more of a challenge and carries more of the class of Whitetails I chase. The changes nothing to the fact that many landowners will do whatever it takes to make sure their hunting properties remain to the standards they bought them for. And if that entails making their own decisions on when and where harvests are needed then their ok with that. Right or wrong it’s just the way it is.
  11. I am well aware of who makes the hunting seasons and dates in the state. Which means absolutely nothing to some when it comes to managing their own property. Maybe someday you will own a number of properties and know exactly where some are coming from.
  12. That still can be a personal choice even with full inclusion. You can make it as hard as you want with a wooden bow and arrows and you can make it as easy as possible. Choices… Many play softball. Some fast pitch… Some slow pitch.. Still Softball.
  13. I Think you are getting a little carried away with your connections here but to your questions. A meth house? A couple in the area but not my concern or am I the only one that believes so. The other two I would probably have to open up. In the case of private hunting property purchased and taxed on being ruined in part by some fool sitting in an office that is totally clueless to what’s going on with a piece of ground is not flying. Now if someone else wants to pay 250 grand for property and then get taxed 10 grand plus a year to allow someone else to ruin it for them then that’s on them. Many in these parts have not and will not let that happen. Call it what you will but one could even say the little ticket one might get in return for their doings would be well worth the price when it comes to investments. I hope that does not sound like I am Boasting about others doings for any Karen’s out there. If so I deeply apologize !!!
  14. Now be careful. There are Some out there that might just call your statement Boasting!
  15. Now be nice. Some fools have to make up that 30% approval rating. Hard to imagine any of them are sportsmen. Maybe that shows!!
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