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Americans want stricter gun safety measures. Gen Z will help us get there.

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More proof that our children are NOT being taught to think rationally because they lack the ability to analyze the truth. 

The article states “She’s putting her faith in her fellow Gen Zers: Give them facts, and they will change the culture of guns.”

"Give them the facts"?  The common denominators in violent crime is the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs, the failed mental health care system, the failed public school system that is unwilling or unable to deal with violent youth, the failed corrections system needed to keep violent people out of society and the failed welfare system.  Those are the facts.  Try fixing those society diseases before advocating for more useless "gun safety" that does not cure the problem of "People Violence".  If they do not, They will be left wondering why SAFE Acts and Conceal Carry Improvement laws do not stop criminals.

“Culture of guns”?  Just another false slogan from the anti-gun psychological warfare playbook used against the weak minded.   The fact is “Gun Violence” is “People Violence”, and “Culture of guns” is really “Culture of violence”.  Sadly so many are too ignorant to understand the truth.  So the problem never gets solved.



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