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Kevin Stocker an active S.C.O.P.E. and N.R.A member awarded an A rating from SCOPE as a political candidate.

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A win for Stocker in Senate District 60 is a huge win for sportsmen. If you live in the Buffalo area, be sure to vote and be sure to vote for Stocker. If you know people from district 60 in and around Buffalo convince them to get out and vote and for Stocker! Regardless of were you live follow second link to volunteer for his campaign.








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    • By CapDistPatriot
      Guy was burglarized about two weeks prior, they found a bunch of his stuff at one of the suspects home. Guys was so poor, he couldnt afford water or electricity,  so the county took his home from him as well. Case study in why this states pistol permit laws are so messed up, if he couldnt afford water and electricity, how was he going to afford to register the family heirloom his late father left to him? By all accounts, he would have passed the background check, he just couldnt afford the process financially.
      County DA said it was inappropriate to charge him with a felony,  if anything he would only go misdemeanor as he was just defending himself in his own home. Sheriff didnt even want to arrest him. Troopers got involved and threw the book at this poor man.
      I know the law is the law, but what the hell happened to prosecutorial discretion? It sounds like the damn pistol never left the house, and would have never left the bedroom had his life not been threatened.
    • By mike rossi
      Details coming soon!
      As mourning doves expand northward Canadian Providences are instating hunting seasons. British Columbia has hunted doves for some time. Southern Ontario instated a season in 2014, and now Quebec. There is also a pending proposal in Manitoba and discussion elsewhere. 
    • By mike rossi
      Air Shotguns add a new dimension to dove hunting. Note the comment about the overhead utility lines, we are going to recommend the DEC prohibits dove hunting within gun range of lines to prevent damage to them. They are taking Eurasian collared doves, which are similar to our native mourning doves. They are spreading and it is not too uncommon to find this introduced dove across NY. The impacts of ECD are not known at this point.
      If you want to hunt doves in NY, sign our online petition at this link: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/petition.html 
      For info on Eurasian Collared Doves go to this link: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/eurasian-collared-dove-hunting-ndash-endless-opportunity.html
    • By mike rossi
      Upcoming movie pushes back against the anti-bird dog movement, recommended by the AKC: 
    • By mike rossi
      Dove Hunting, Spying on Trapper's Convention, NAVHDA Bird Dog Training, and more...
      This page takes a moment to load... it's worth the wait.
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