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  1. If you go to buds, they are selling 9mm FMJ for OVER a dollar a round, .99 with a subscription
  2. What brand, load of 7mm .08? I will, of course pay a reasonable finders fee...
  3. I just logged on and saw this thread. If you are still in need I will sell you a box of Longbeard XR 3inch #6 if you PM me.
  4. It would certainly set the tone for the magazine limit challenge currently percolating in the 9th circuit. That will be ready to go to the supremes by 2022.
  5. I am fully recovered and feeling fine, thank you for asking. I will never judge someone who makes the decision to get the vaccine, as I view it as a personal choice. I am young and relatively healthy, take pretty good care of myself and have no underlying conditions (that I know of) so even before I got sick I wasn't really that worried about it. Elderly people, people with severe underlying conditions and those amongst us (this does not pertain to anyone on this board as far as I know) who live their life gripped with fear and wear N-95 masks in their cars with the windows ro
  6. I am definitely NOT getting the jab, for all the reasons already discussed but mainly for the fact that I have already had the virus. Everyone I know that had the virus then recovered and rushed out and got the vaccine was either super sick or violent ill.
  7. Yote. Doubt a fawn would be cruising solo this time of year. Have you seen any deer recently on this cam?
  8. Scope on my rifle coming down my stand morning of opener. Luckily I had a backup rifle, which helped me connect on a doe in the afternoon. So it all worked out in the end, thank God.
  9. Welcome! I was in the same boat, stopped hunting when in the Army and mostly hunted PA state land before starting up here again. I have gotten a lot of useful information on this board over the years. 30-30 is a good woods gun, but 45-70 is a bit much for whitetail or even black bear for that matter. If you want an option in a lever action that gives a bit a bit more knockdown power than the 30-30, look at .35 Remington. I did, and never looked back.
  10. This thread is from 5 years ago, anybody on here that currently uses this stuff? Thoughts? Asking because I just bought some Pete Rickard's Indian Lure, and come to find out it is not doe urine but some synthetic stuff, and am now super skeptical...
  11. You hunt from a ground blind in the woods?
  12. I wish I could find Core-Lokts ANYWHERE around here...
  13. This is the reason I never go out without permethrin treated clothing anymore.
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