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  1. Remember, she is not even popular in her own party. The stuff she wants passed, like microstamping has to be passed by the legislature. The bills have been there for years, never passing committee. Why would they work with her now?
  2. I completely pulled out while I could using the CARES ACT.
  3. Buffalo bore, ammoforsale.com. kirammo.com doesn't even charge sales tax, and carries .35 Remington from time to time, I was able to stock up a couple months ago.
  4. That is awful, so sad. If anything, good motivation to start predator hunting.
  5. All this would be moot without land access, so I would have to say my lease renewal. People who have never hunted state land are the ones that scoff at the price of a hunting lease.
  6. This place has some. I buy a lot off of here because of the free shipping and during normal times good pricing too. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/hornady-custom-lite-7mm-08-remington-ammo-120-grain-sst-80572-p-59015.aspx
  7. The government's own data, below is a link (about a week behind) that is easy to read boiled down version. https://openvaers.com/ If you are more inclined to go to the government website (very clunky but I have been in there, the data is all there), here is the link below. https://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html
  8. I bought 4 cases off Amazon after the Great Steal. 1 MRE has enough calories for 1 Adult per day. I estimate 4 cases should last about a month and a half for my household.
  9. What was the damage on those guys? How many come in a pack? The look almost so bright that they would spook a deer...
  10. I wouldn't do anything to the trigger if you are going to be carrying the gun.
  11. I said same thing. In 4Z the forecast calls for high winds all day, rain all morning, then it subsides 1-3PM, then picks up again from 4PM on, which is when all the action happens. Deer aren't gonna be moving in high winds, much less high winds and heavy rain. Tomorrow is looking to be a masterpiece, however.
  12. Just got done watching your Nov 29th video, nice buck bro! Just curious, what is your hunting setup? Gun, caliber, etc.
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