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  1. Torn between my Remington 700 SDS in 7mm.08 topped with Nikon ProStaff BDC or the new Marlington 336C in .35 Remington, topped with Leupold glass. I may not get a chance to fix/check the zero tomorrow, and if not the 700 it is...
  2. Yeah they should have taken more time to properly execute the roll out and field test them. Once the FW was updated, I have had zero issues. I cannot blame people who were the first to buy them being pissed off and dumping them, though. I simply have more patience to let the company work it out than most.
  3. Service was terrible. It was supposed to be linked to the ATT network, which I have. At my stand site my cell service was 4 bars, but the camera had no signal. Customer service was unreachable on the phone, only web chat, which was useless. I expected the terrible camera quality, comes with the territory in this price point but the customer service combined with the camera literally not working was a no go for me. Shutter speed was slow, and app was clunky and poorly put together. At this stage in life I have come to the conclusion that it is worth it to pay more for quality when it comes to things like this.
  4. I had a Spypoint Link Micro and was one of the worst purchases I have ever made when it comes to hunting. Then I splurged and got two of the Exodus Trail cams. Rollout was messy, small company and high demand. Now that they are working I will never go back. Good, easy to use app and super good quality product. Oh, and 5 year warranty on product, and bears AND theft!
  5. Day one, 3 on one side, no does or spikes. Sunday, it goes down to two on one side (assuming you strike out on day one), does are ok. Have seen some damn nice bucks on all cams this year so we are gonna be greedy, but I personally have two doe tags (as does my partner) so after day one it is game on for does.
  6. I carry a Beretta .45 in a chest rig while hunting, hip carry while in the woods off season, not for deer but for any predators I may encounter. I never go in the woods without it. My pancake holster goes tight on my hip or on my chest with the compatible strap harness. Pretty handy.
  7. How is the Link Micro working out for you? I gave it a try and ended up returning mine...
  8. I think this is the "Fake Rut". Saw two spikes sparring and one rubbing on a tree the past 10 days on cams (this is in 4U)....
  9. OK sorry I misunderstood you.
  10. It IS a violation. First time offender gets a $500.00 fine and loss of privilege for 1 year. The only reason it IS cheating HERE is because NYS sucks. Go down to Texas or some other state where it is completely normal and tell them they are pathetic to their face, see what happens.
  11. Ted Nugent is a fan.
  12. So far all my best pics are from the driveway cam meant to capture plate numbers of trespassers. I did see that Bobcat in person on Saturday leaving the lease, big cat not afraid of people at all...