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  1. CapDistPatriot

    Let the games begin!!!

    I miss western NY whitetails....
  2. Two things: 1.) I would have killed that coyote with my bare hands. 2.) I like how when the police use an AR, the media refer to it as a "Service Rifle", not a "Military Style Assault Weapon".
  3. CapDistPatriot

    2019 Trailcams Best deal on static trail cams I can find. Ran 8 of them on my property last season and continue to run 3 and not one failure. I run in HD and batteries last about 4 mos in extreme cold, 7-8 in warm weather. Picture quality is outstanding, video and night vision is awesome, for the money you cannot beat these guys.
  4. CapDistPatriot

    Concealed Carry in Onondaga County

    Yes. My permit is now held by Schenectady County. Amemdments take about a week or two on average, Albany it takes months. My bosses wife got her permit in Albany County, and then got a pistol. It took her 8 FREAKING MONTHS to get the pistol added. RIDICULOUS!
  5. The guy was a total LOB. He even chose not to wear his vest while on duty. True fact!
  6. Agreed. To protect LEO's from future crazy charges being brought by nutjob DAs, they need to be very careful how they word the verdict if found guilty...
  7. CapDistPatriot

    Concealed Carry in Onondaga County

    Transfers are no issue, if you are already unrestricted they generally wont add restrictions
  8. CapDistPatriot

    Concealed Carry in Onondaga County

    It is just ridiculous that you had to try three freaking times, then do a dog and pony show with a judge for over an hour in chambers just to exercise your rights as a citizen. As a taxpaying law abiding citizen, you do not deserve to be treated like that. In the next county over, I filed once and a month later got a phone call from Judge Caruso saying congratulations you are all good. 3 days later a letter came from clerk saying call and make an appointment to come in and pick up your permit. I called at 9:03 AM the next morning and left a message. The clerk called me back literally 5 MINUTES LATER and set me up for 11:30 AM THAT MORNING. I was walking out of the clerk's building to the parking lot, permit in hand by 11:41 AM. No BS, no gimmicks, no games.
  9. CapDistPatriot

    Concealed Carry in Onondaga County

    I tried for 5 years in Albany County, total of 2 attempts, got nothing but ridiculous bull$hit responses, excuses and wasted time. I tried for 1 month in Schenectady County, and got this.
  10. CapDistPatriot

    First bear sighting of the year

    That certainly is a Big Bear... Wait until he fattens up for winter!
  11. CapDistPatriot

    2012 Ford Raptor

    Just showed the truck to a wholesaler that was passing through, he said you are right on the button price wise moog. He has a 2011 Raptor on his lot with 92,000 miles not as clean he paid $26,000 for it. I know from experience that these trucks draw STUPID $$$ on the block. And you know what? People pay...
  12. CapDistPatriot

    Saying thanks to all on Memorial Day

    That was horrible. But you know what? People are so insulated from the reality of what servicemembers endure when we get sent over there, maybe it was a good thing...
  13. CapDistPatriot

    Saying thanks to all on Memorial Day

    We should all not forget that today is not Veterans Day, it is Memorial Day. It is not a celebration, but a day to acknowledge, remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while performing their warrior tasks and drills in service to our great country. While sipping a beer, turning over ribs on the barbie, or enjoying the company of loved ones, we should all take a moment, just a moment, to remember those who did not get to come home to enjoy the great country we all now get to enjoy.
  14. CapDistPatriot

    Snake type?

  15. CapDistPatriot

    Spy points new cell cam

    I haven't been up to the lease to install yet, am going up to mark two new stand sites this Saturday will report back with an update.