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  1. CapDistPatriot

    Just To funny

    Reliving a scene from the bronx circa 1989, where all the guidos in the Golds Gym jackets are on the hoods of their Irocs squawking @ each other trying to impress the girls walking by. Sounds like the roids are getting to his head.
  2. There's 'no way' Epstein killed himself: Former MCC inmate
  3. I think I'll just leave this right here...
  4. CapDistPatriot

    Hunting Licences on sale

    Stupid question as I have never crossbow hunted before. If I take a deer with crossbow during late archery, that means I cannot take a buck during muzzie?
  5. CapDistPatriot

    Hunting Licences on sale

    Got mine and was instantly selected for both doe tags for 4U & 4T, never had it that easy LOL
  6. CapDistPatriot

    Got rid of the ram.....

    Not to mention they build something like 42% of Silverico's in MEXICO That is a solid choice, the 6.2 is one of the best motors out there, you should get many years of good service. The 250's have been super solid for a long time, congrats!
  7. CapDistPatriot

    Political humor

    God Bless America
  8. These people are so far gone that all that is left in their evolution is violence.
  9. CapDistPatriot

    RIP to my first Covert cam

    These should fix your problems. I have these, they take awesome photos and videos whether day or night vision. Best value for the money ($66 per cam). I have run 8 of these so far for a year straight, only had to change the batteries once in the spring. IMHO, best value for the money, and so far 100% reliability.
  10. CapDistPatriot

    Political humor

    To no.3 on the bottom, CHEERS!
  11. I have come to the same realization this off season. The drive cam on my lease which I set up for trespassers has gotten more bucks, and just more wildlife in general.
  12. Guy was burglarized about two weeks prior, they found a bunch of his stuff at one of the suspects home. Guys was so poor, he couldnt afford water or electricity, so the county took his home from him as well. Case study in why this states pistol permit laws are so messed up, if he couldnt afford water and electricity, how was he going to afford to register the family heirloom his late father left to him? By all accounts, he would have passed the background check, he just couldnt afford the process financially. County DA said it was inappropriate to charge him with a felony, if anything he would only go misdemeanor as he was just defending himself in his own home. Sheriff didnt even want to arrest him. Troopers got involved and threw the book at this poor man. I know the law is the law, but what the hell happened to prosecutorial discretion? It sounds like the damn pistol never left the house, and would have never left the bedroom had his life not been threatened.