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  1. You hunt from a ground blind in the woods?
  2. I wish I could find Core-Lokts ANYWHERE around here...
  3. This is the reason I never go out without permethrin treated clothing anymore.
  4. Southern Zone only. I don't understand why they don't include rifle, only Bow & Muzzy...
  5. I own both the 9 Performance Center and just recently picked up the Performance Center in .45. Carried the 9 for a couple years, put well over 1,000 rounds through it and less than 5 failure to feed/eject. It was bad range ammo coupled with well over a couple hundred rounds through it at one time. .45 Shield is surprisingly easier to control than the .40 cal. I rented a Shield .40 at the range and also spent some time with a Glock .40 that my friend who is an Albany Police officer carries and this .45 Shield shoots better than either of those two. I like the .45 because you get a much more powerful defense round than the 9mm, and only lose one round of capacity. S&W did an absolute fantastic job designing this gun, as it is almost the same size as the 9mm and carries almost the same. I barely notice the difference. Springs in the mags are super stiff at first. I loaded them up with range ammo and let em sit loaded for a couple days, problem solved. As for holsters, I run a Galco King Tuck and a Galco Combat Master (yes, I am a huge Galco fan), depending on the situation (how deep I need to conceal that day).
  6. Funny I came upon this thread, same thing happened to me. Had my cell cam strapped to my back deck and this esteemed gentleman decided to come by and pay a visit. This was in May. Our cul de sac has had 4 attempted burglaries from the start of the lockdown to now. He peered in the window, saw me and my wife and decided he didn't want any of this. My mistake was I forgot to put on my porch light.
  7. You are better than this man, c'mon. And you do know she is Slovenian, not Russian, right?
  8. He is now a resident of Florida, so he can vote down there. Just cannot double dip (vote both places)
  9. I want to buy an AR-15, or a pistol caliber carbine with a pistol grip. As far as mags, I would be happy with more than 10 in my handguns like most other states for starters.
  10. You must not have tried going to church last Sunday of March through mid May.