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    • By mike rossi
      Details coming soon!
      As mourning doves expand northward Canadian Providences are instating hunting seasons. British Columbia has hunted doves for some time. Southern Ontario instated a season in 2014, and now Quebec. There is also a pending proposal in Manitoba and discussion elsewhere. 
    • By mike rossi
      Air Shotguns add a new dimension to dove hunting. Note the comment about the overhead utility lines, we are going to recommend the DEC prohibits dove hunting within gun range of lines to prevent damage to them. They are taking Eurasian collared doves, which are similar to our native mourning doves. They are spreading and it is not too uncommon to find this introduced dove across NY. The impacts of ECD are not known at this point.
      If you want to hunt doves in NY, sign our online petition at this link: 
      For info on Eurasian Collared Doves go to this link:
    • By mike rossi
      Upcoming movie pushes back against the anti-bird dog movement, recommended by the AKC: 
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