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Be Carefull Out There

Steve D

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Town of Hunter
Greene County
Flat Ice Rescue:
On Jan. 26 at 11:08 a.m., Central Office Dispatch received a call from Greene County 911 reporting two ice fishermen who had broken through the ice while riding a snowmobile across North South Lake. The men were towing two ice fishing sleds full of fishing gear from the South Lake spillway to a fishing spot on North Lake when the snowmobile fell through the thinner ice. Both men went into the water, but were able to self-rescue, crawling approximately 50 feet on the ice to shore. A nearby ice fisherman assisted the two men back to shore and called 911. Forest Rangers Hannah O'Connor, Steven Jackson, Robert Dawson, and Jeffrey Breigle, as well as Tannersville Rescue Squad and Hunter Ambulance, responded to the scene and assisted the fishermen out of the woods. The 49-year-old man from High Falls and the 61-year-old man from Washingtonville were evaluated by Hunter Ambulance and refused further medical treatment. Forest Rangers began to evaluate the scene to develop a plan to extract the snowmobile and ice fishing equipment from the remote section of the lake. A local vehicle recovery service was hired by the fishermen to get the snowmobile out of the water. A Forest Ranger using a flat ice rescue suit assisted the fishermen in retrieving and returning their personal belongings, which were scattered around the broken ice and the snowmobile. DEC reminds New Yorkers to visit the DEC website for important information about ice safety.

Two rangers in a canoe rescuing a man who broke through ice on a lake
Forest Rangers assist two fisherman who broke through the ice on North South Lake

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