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  1. They have been hitting the winter wheat and the flock is a lot bigger. I will have to reposition the camera...hopefully today.
  2. It looks like an older one to me. Is that a Jack Russell in the last picture??? Great dogs
  3. To the 58,000 plus that lost their lives
  4. When I was able to reload, I used this one from Frankford. Nice unit that comes with multiple shell holders: Amazon.com : Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool with Case for Reloading , Black : Sports & Outdoors
  5. I have been on two charters in NY. One was on Oneida for Walleye and the other was on Canandaigua for trout. Both trips were a good time and we caught fish. Are they worth the price?? Good question but when you figure the cost of their boat, fuel, equipment, insurances, time, etc. it is probably less expensive than buying your own boat and equipment. When I owned my own boat we could fish for hours multiple days and never catch a thing. We limited out on both of our four hr. trips and all we had to do was show up on time and reel in the fish. On the walleye charter the guide even filleted the fish and packaged them for us. . I used this guy on Canandaigua Lake and can vouch for his ability. Last I knew he was only doing his charters on the south end of the lake but has since added Lake Ontario. Good guy to deal with. Meet Captain Dave Wolinski: Lake Ontario's Master (valleyoftheshadowfishingcharters.com) Walleye caught on Oneida on a 4 hour charter:
  6. I 've been seeing a flock of 20-25 in the winter wheat field behind my house. They only show up every week or so but they are mostly gobblers. There is one huge gobbler in the flock and he seems to stay pretty much by himself but very close to the group. They are about 300 yards away so it is tough to get a picture. May have to put a trail cam up to see if I can get some shots of them.
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