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  1. What you seem to not comprehend is the fact that each person interprets the "science", news media stories etc. in their own way. You have your interpretation(s) and others have theirs. Otherwise known as opinions. If one's interpretation of the "science" or news story is not the same as yours they are open to be called whatever you see fit.
  2. Contributed by the one that writes members that don't agree with your way of thinking are stupid, ignorant, childish, etc.
  3. Not sure why but you have to click "play" twice to get the whole thing.
  4. Hey Larry

     Sent you a Pm. Just checking to see if you got it.

  5. Not sure what you are referring to but ok and sorry if I offended you.
  6. Same issue here in 8H. A little background for reference: There is also a treatment for it that I have no experience with but may be worth a shot if you one doesn't want to lose a tree:
  7. Nice 8 point Paula. Congratulations on your first.
  8. Belo That makes two of us. I hope I never have to choose between the two but if I do my choice will be archery.
  9. Good luck to you also!!! I never get excited about gun season or very optimistic about it though I spend a considerable amount of time doing it. I like being in the woods hunting and I gun hunt primarily to get at least one deer for jerky. For me it is anticlimactic. Bang, flop, drag. In this part of 8h there are a ton of deer but getting access to hunt them is a struggle. I have lost my prime properties due to property sales, deaths of land owners etc. After the main surge is over, I usually head for the state lands and have had most of my success there. It is hard hunting but can be rewarding and I don't have to deal with disgruntled land owners. There is quite a bit of state land around and I hunt 8h, 8n, and 8m because I have dmp's for them. I've killed some decent bucks on state land but never a slammer and have seen some real nice ones taken. As of yet I have not taken up muzzleloader and usually try to make it out during the late season with the bow a few times weather permitting. It is what it is and I take it as it comes but I am always disappointed when I don’t score during bow.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_8iLDlKWLk&t=118s
  11. Just got back from my last sit for archery. Windier than hell all day. Hate to see it end and can't believe my favorite time of year has passed. I made the best of it but didn't hunt as much as I would have liked. Terrible conditions this past month with the first part being really warm, the middle part being mostly wet, and a lot of windy days. Right now, we have water laying everywhere and no matter where you walk it is like walking on a sponge. A lack of acorns and beech has made it difficult to plan where they might be. Once the soybeans were picked sightings all but ceased. They are just picking the nearby cornfield today so if nothing else there will be more visibility. I did manage to get a total of a even 40 sits counting this afternoon and saw a total of 73 deer with 24 of those being bucks for sure. Only saw one decent buck during the day and cameras show them moving mostly at night when they do move. Unfortunately, I never had a good shot opportunity or one within a comfortable range that was bigger than a yearling. Now it is on to the "see no deer season" but if I do see one, I will be able to reach out a little farther and hopefully will be able to fill at least one tag. Here is one that will be on my hit list for sure but I suspect she is only moving at night. As fat as she is I doubt she hardly moves at all. Congratulations to all the successful hunters and their harvests, good luck everyone, stay safe, and hope everyone has an opportunity to fill his or her tags.
  12. As a far as I am concerned that is between the two of them. They both have their opinions and are entitled to them. I wouldn't call either one of them stupid, ignorant, or dumb. While I may not agree with one of their opinions I am not taking it upon myself to judge them publicly on a open forum when I don't "know" either one of them.
  13. If it is guys like you that keep this forum going that is pretty sad but I don't believe it is. There are some fine people on here that contribute some good info to the forum. And for the record Mr. know it all with all your superiority. I was a paratrooper with the 101st Aiborne, I have a Bronze Star with a V device, and three purple hearts. I think the childness is way behind me and as far as being an idiot most people that know me don't seem to think I am. I could care less what you think of me but bashing others all the time because they don't see things the way you do gets old fast.
  14. She puts it out for the wild rabbits that show up on occasion. Not a outdoor person at all
  15. Your opinion means absolutely ZERO to me. Your name calling and insinuations that everyone that doesn't agree with you is stupid, ignorant or what other adjective you decide to come with is really irritating to say the least. You have your opinions and I have mine. I will not continue to go back and forth with you over your attacks on others or myself. Like the past few months I will spend less time visiting the forum and reading your b/s. I have got better things to do than go back and forth with the likes of you and the one or two other biased individuals that come across like they are better than everyone else and above the rest.
  16. WA WA WA. Based on his reply to the reply of another YOU make the determination he is a ignorant fool. What a piece of work.
  17. There you go again. Making judgement and taking cheap shots based on your narrow minded opinion.
  18. My sister-in-law that resides in California (thank god) sent this picture of a coyote right outside of her dining room at 7:15 this morning. If you can zoom in on it it is collared. Wonder if NY collars any coyotes???
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