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1 hour ago, fasteddie said:

A Navajo Indian Corporal ( had been busted several times ) was a survivor of the battle at the Chosen Reservoir . He said the carbines were not worth a crap as they didn't have the penetration of the M1 or the BAR . Corporal Yubara was a real character . 

With the Chinese troops wearing heavy winter clothing which was probably mostly frozen, there were many reports of enemy troops taking several solid hits from carbine rounds and staying on thier feet...Not so with the 30-06 rounds from the Garands and the Bars...One solid hit and down they went... One issue with the Bars was that they tended to freeze up.. The Marines would urinate on the action to free them up...Not an easy thing to do with a thousand screaming Chinese charging at you...Many Marines felt a much better option was a garand with extra bandoliers...

" There's a thousand Chinks coming through the pass playing burp gun boogie all over my ass...

I'm movin' on...I'll soon be gone...Well it ain't no joke when your M1's broke, I'm movin on..."


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