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  1. Pygmy

    Happy birthday SmokinTN !

    Happy birthday, Jeff !! Hope ya get lucky... <<wink>>…..
  2. Damn..$1700 sounds like a lot of money to me …. Why don't we just HANG the kid for sniping a deer with a .22 ?? I'm sure none of you self righteous folks ever did anything that might require such a fine when you were young and foolish... I know I never did ANYTHING illegal, except for that unsafe tire I got a ticket for in 1967...That still haunts me..I feel so cheap and guilty...
  3. Pygmy

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    I'd love to, but we have family coming in from all points of the compass for the Holidays.. Too much going on down here in Dogpatch...
  4. Pygmy

    Local Poachers Busted

    You must be a young pup...The store has only been gone for 35-40 years...
  5. I'm going out in mid afternoon for an evening sit...Built me a little blind near the southeast corner of my food plot where the deer have been coming out..I have been waiting for a south wind to hunt it...Got a light south wind blowing today and supposedly tomorrow..Time to get a deer for the son in law and then switch to fishing and chasing bunnies ahead of my buddy's beagles..
  6. Pygmy

    Local Poachers Busted

    I grew up within walking distance of Woods Corners...Right at the top of Freeman Hill... I used to buy a lot of beer at the Woods Corners Store, back in the day...
  7. Pygmy

    Local Poachers Busted

    Racetrack, Eh ?? That's about all there is to do in Woodhull on Saturday night except, well...never mind..<<grin>>.. I'm not being harsh...I've lived in the area all my life, except for a couple of years in the employ of Uncle Sam...
  8. Pygmy

    Local Poachers Busted

    Where are you from, Tracker ??... Ain't no law west of Addison....
  9. Pygmy

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    That appears to be what it was, Jerry....There was a vitamin d deficiency and a couple of other factors that MAY have led to the problem, but they are just guessing.. Hey.. I'm doing fine at the moment...Thanks, my friend...
  10. Pygmy

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    I have an appt this morning to review the test/lab results..
  11. When my daughter started dating, I made it a point to be field stripping a .45 or sharpening a large knife when he arrived..
  12. Damn, TF....If I had a daughter that pretty, I'd shoot myself...
  13. Pygmy

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    You da MAN, wolc...I'm sure Biz will accept your generosity...
  14. Pygmy

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    This thread went south in a hurry...It rapidly descended from buying a scale to animal husbandry....