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  1. Get well soon to you, Kathy and the family from Sis and I ....You know we love you guys...
  2. TC III 's beautiful post reminds me of my one and only fishing adventure in Colorado... Three of us were bowhunting elk near Cimmarron CO, and the hunting was best early mornings and late afternoons... I drove up to the headwaters of the Cimmarron about mid day and it was full of spawning brook trout.... They would hit ANY fly with ANY presentation, as long as they did not SEE me...I could drag dry flies upstream and they would hammer them... I wanted to take a few back to camp for a meal and the limit was crazy high, like maybe 14 or 16 fish per day... I kept enough 8-10 inchers for a nice meal in camp...
  3. Obviously you have never dated a Rathbone girl......
  4. Bullheads are called horned pout in parts of New England, hence the "horns".... Never heard common eels called anything put eels... I have eaten them a few times, and they are quite good... No bones other than the ribs and spine, and a flavr similar to bullheads or small catfish...
  5. The "V" in Vmax stands for VARMINT !! Sure, you can stick one in a deer's rib and get a quick kill, but here are SOOO many better choices of bullets and chamberings... ESPECIALLY if using them in situations where you may not get a perfect stationary broadside shot, such as deer drives...
  6. Welcome aboard, Pilgrim !!
  7. I had a Ruger tang safety M77 in .338.... Very accurate, but it kicked the snot out of me.... I had it ported and that reduced the recoil some but then it was loud as hell Darn near deafened a hunting partner who was lying on the tundra beside me when I shot a caribou... I finally peddled it and bought a 9.3 x 62....It handles big bullets well out to 300 yards and doesn't scramble my ( meager) brains nearly as badly shooting from the bench..
  8. Nope....I'm a brunette...Or at least I used to be when I had hair....
  9. Farm fed fatty.... Reminds me of my younger days.... Nothing like a fat, sweaty blond in a haymow on a hot afternoon....<< SIGH >>....
  10. The dingleberry tree has fragrant brown fruit suspended from a curly, hairlike strand....
  11. Poor Buckles never stood a chance......<<SIGH >>......
  12. The " Queen ".... You mean bees are gay too ??...Damn !! That must HURT..!!........
  13. Especially the liver.....And the testicles....
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