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  1. Hmmmm...Interesting....I usually leave the belly/flank meat in the woods with the ribs and neck, but I may have to give it a try...
  2. My maternal grandfather was born in France...My Mom used to let him in the house when he came to visit for the Holidays, but my Dad wasn't too crazy about the idea...
  3. I'm betting they got one in Monterey.......
  4. He must be a pretty cool dude, though...Check out the hat and glasses....
  5. Someone please shoot me if I ever appear in the woods with an abomination like that.... K.I.S.S.........
  6. If it hadn't sunk to the bottom of Seneca Lake somewhere between Watkins Glen and Geneva, I would be using my Rem M700 Mountain Rifle in 7mm08 with a Burris 2X7 and handloads featuring Barnes 120 grain TSX.....
  7. There was an old lady from Glouscester Who dreamt that a man had seduced her... She awoke with a scream from this amorus dream T'was a lump in the mattress had GOOSED her.....
  8. The guy probably has a coon tail on his antenna, too....
  9. One of my hunting buddies who lives in southern Ontario told me that they had what he called "jackrabbits" near his home in Prince Edward County when he was a kid...
  10. I KNOW a few limericks, but I can't post any of them here....
  11. Breast out geese and skin and save legs and thighs..There is as much on the legs/thighs as there is on the breast.. Place in crockpot with sliced onions and a can of Italian style stewed tomatos, plus some dry red wine...Cook all day on low...
  12. I was still working at the time and will never forget sitting at my desk and watching the event unfold on my computer screen.... My other great shock was when I was sitting in a 7th grade study hall and heard over the school PA system that JFK had been shot...
  13. Good... So am I...... And DAYUM, I just can't resist those EYEBROWS !!...
  14. I won't be hunting this year because all of my firearms were lost in a mysterious, unfortunate boating accident in the middle of Seneca Lake... Instead of hunting I am going to volunteer my time to the Committee to Re-elect Governor Hochul....
  15. The locals drink "pop" down here in Lower Dogpatch, but there are hundreds of "criks" around...
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