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  1. DAMN !! THATS's what happened to Uncle Herbie...!!…..If only Aunt Lucinda was here to see this....<<sigh>>...
  2. I'd gladly snuggle up with any of them, except for maybe the STERN looking one in the last picture...I'd steer clear of her until she got rid of the knife...Really COOL single shot rifle, tho….
  3. As I understand it, he sat in the bathtub, put the barrels of his favorite bird gun in his mouth, and pulled both triggers.... YUP...Coulda been a little messy....
  4. Neither did I, wherever or whomever it was... That's my story and I'm sticking to it....<<dum-de -dum>>...
  5. " Snatchchat"..??....Hmmmm..Now you have my interest....
  6. I was staying at a humble little cottage on a small, local lake... I had been catching crappies, slab sided, calico colored fish that looked almost too pretty to eat... The girl from the cottage next door came out on the dock to ask if I was having any luck....Her young, pubescent nipples showed clearly through her supple cotton blouse... She told me that she had just heard on the radio that Ernest Hemingway had died... I tried to reply, but my voice changed and caught in my throat.... I finally managed to say, " Maria, I am very sad to hear that...I hope he went out well"....
  7. I can still remember hearing that EH had committed suicide in 1961..I was only eleven, but I had already read " The Old Man and the Sea" and was a fan....I remember being both shocked and sad...
  8. P.S. I learned about M1 THUMB in basic training...Hehehe... When I attended Navy Boot Camp in 1970, WWII small arms were still standard issue...I trained on the M1, BAR and Thompson SMG.. Never even saw an M 14 or an M16... The destroyer I served on from 1971-1973 had the following firearms in its small arms locker,,,,Perhaps a dozen M1s, 3 or 4 BARs, half a dozen Thompsons,,half a dozen parkerized Win M 12 trench guns complete with ventilated hangguards and bayonet lugs, perhaps a dozen M1911 45s, one air cooled m1919 Browning .30 cal. and ONE M1 carbine.... I guess the carbine was there for whatever officer that was to lead a boarding party...Hehehe...
  9. I have an Enfield #4 Long Branch circa 1944...Good shooter....I'd take it up in my tower blind and feel confident on shots at deer out to 100 yards or so, but it is currently on display at a local legion post...
  10. What is " Facebook"...??….Must be it hasn't made it down here to Dogpatch...The Pony Express...YES !!
  11. Chef...I believe it is an S&K mount....I'll confirm that next time I talk to my buddy and let you know...
  12. It is not a C or D.... I'll get the details and let you know...At one time he had access in Canada to some M1 Ds ( along with others) at a good cost and did a brisk business selling them to Americans until US import regs shut him down...I do know that he has only the Winchester left and whatever mounting system he has does not alter the rifle in any way...
  13. Never got into fantasy too much, with the exception of the CONAN books and The Tolkien Trilogy.. I LOVED Ian Fleming's James Bond novels....Hate what Hollywood has done to them...They were truly excellent espionage tales and the first couple movies were pretty good, but when they started embellishing them with a bunch of high tech stuff I lost interest.. Hemmingway is awesome....My daughter gave me a first edition of " For Whom the Bell Tolls", which is my all time favorite novel...I re-read it very couple of years... That reminds me...I am due to read it again...
  14. As an aside to this, I was judging a NYSNWTF Championship calling contest at West High In Corning, back sometime in the 80s... A caller showed up late for the sign up.... The judges asked the previous contestants if they would accept a contestant who showed up late.. One of the guys said " I will as long as his name isn't Paul Butski"....