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  1. Okay, it's a go then....I'll get it set up and tell you where to send the check...This is going to be FUN...We can do some real male bonding...
  2. That hunt was going to be my next AK hunt, when my divorce came along and screwed that up.....Hehehe.. The bucks have relatively small racks, but their beautiful capes more than make up for it...Definitely the prettiest deer species.. I have also heard that the meat is the very best venison of all the deer species... I'd love to do a boat hunt for them, but it's no longer an option at this stage of my life.. That would be a perfect hunt for you, Biz, with your passion for taxidermy...You could come home with a beautiful Sitka Blacktail, ( how many of your neighbors have one of THOSE mounted) plus 3 or 4 different species of beautiful, exotic North Pacific duck species ….In fact, if you pay my way, I'll come along to cook, cape and butcher your deer and sing to you in the evenings...I might even shoot a duck or two myself !!
  3. In Alaska, nonresidents need a guide to hunt, grizzly, sheep, and I think goats....An exception is if you are hunting with an Alaska resident who is first degree of kinship, such as your sibling , your child or your parent..
  4. Everyone should hunt bull elk during the rut at least once.....
  5. Nearly all of my hunts in Alaska and the lower 48 have been DIY...In most parts of Canada, non-residents are required by law to hire the services of a guide and/or outfitter to hunt most big game species..
  6. Happy Birthday, you Old Fart !!….<< GRIN>>….
  7. Cool....Super cub drop ?....I love those little airplanes...Amazing how small an area they need to land and take off...
  8. Bionic's better half is drop dead gorgeous....But who's the ugly bastard in the lower left corner of the picture ?
  9. You got anything against sheep ?? Some of my best friends are...….Well, never mind....
  10. Perverts.....My ex wife and my daughter are both southpaws...I used to harass them about being handicapped....Hehehe...
  11. The revolvers the cops carried in that show were 6 inch S&W K 38s....Wish I had one now....I DO however have a 6" S&W K 22....The first handgun I ever purchased and the last one I'd ever part with...
  12. The bolt is STILL on the wrong side of the receiver....I keep telling you about that...Must be you have your negatives backwards...
  13. Not unusual at all.....Same as whitetail bucks still engaging in rutting behavior in January ( or later) as long as there are still receptive does around...