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  1. Pygmy


    There are few things more satisfying than the THUMP of a 10 pound goose hitting the ground after you fold him at about 30 yards up.....
  2. Looks to me like the "flat headed tallywhacker" mushroom...They are not fatal, but if you eat one, you'll wake up the next morning with your penis under your pillow...
  3. Glad I'm not involved...I can't even get mine up on the table anymore.....
  4. The apple crop is pretty dismal here in Dogpatch from what I've seen,,,, I blame it on a late frost...
  5. What the hell do expect when posting that crap in this overwhelmingly conservative crowd ?? You are just beaming with pride for stirring up shit....Go peddle your papers elsewhere...
  6. Pygmy

    Bird sound ID

    Not al all, Larry...They are very common, at least down here in Dogpatch....They really like dense brushy stuff, like multiflora rose and russian olive....Sis and I have lots up on the property, and they relatively tame...They'll come out for bugs within 10-15 yards of us and do not appear too alarmed at our presence..
  7. Pygmy

    Bird sound ID

    Seen my itself . rather than having a bluejay for size comparison a catbird can appear like a bigger bird, due to it's upright stance and long tail...
  8. Pygmy

    Bird sound ID

    Sounds like a catbird to me....
  9. Pygmy


    Gotta be local geese, Dave....
  10. Another SLOOOW morning on Keuka.....Caught about ten smallies, half a dozen rock bass and two dink perch from 8:00am until noon.... It was however, a lovely morning on the water with a refreshing breeze..As soon as we got ashore, the temp seemed to go up 20 degrees.....
  11. After a false start last Friday, I planning to fish Keuka this morning.... Picking up Two Buck Bob in Bath at 7:00 AM... Plans are to launch at Jake's Boat Livery on the west side, or if it is too crowded, the State Park at Branchport...
  12. It has been many years since I used them, but they were dynamite bait for big smallmouths in a lake I used to fish in Ontario, hooked through the lips and drifted near bottom in 15-25 FOW... Then one time I caught a bunch and tried them in Keuka Lake, fishing the same way..All I caught was a big pickerel...
  13. Awesome....I can honestly say that in 70 years of living in a rural area with lots of deer, I have never seen a buck on the hoof as big as the one in the lead in the third picture...Good luck, my friend...
  14. It can.....Depends on how long since she's showered....