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  1. I have killed appx 130, and my biggest spurs were 1 7/16....I can count the 1 3/8 on one hand and I mat have killed a dozen or so 1 1/4.... That's a hell of a bird....Congrats...
  2. It's near mid-May.....Nothing unusual for deer to be dropping fawns anytime in May...
  3. Happy birthday, Taco !!..Hope ya get lucky....Hoping you're still young enough....<<sigh>>....
  4. Congrats, My Friend !! That is about the size of my first striper..I caught it from a jetty adjacent to the Destroyer piers in Newport, RI , in June of 1973 on a chunk of cut mackerel....
  5. Don't know what happened...Please forgive me, Eddie.....<<grin>>...
  6. They seem to have lockjaw down here in Dogpatch....Two jakes came in early opening morning and my Canadian guest killed one of them.... Second morning we heard nada on the same property, so this morning I took him on a tour of the best gobbler country that I know....Perfect quiet conditions and not a peep...I did a bunch of calling to try to raise a gobble, but had no response.. I told him that sometimes I could INSPIRE a bird to gobble, but I could not FORCE them to gobble if they don't want to...
  7. I had one back in the late 70s, early 80s...I never remember having a malfunction....The double/single action took a little getting used to
  8. Happy Birthday to you and Willie Nelson ...<<GRIN>>....
  9. My property was quiet as a morgue this morning... No songbirds, no crows, no gobbling... Oh well, tomorrow is another day....
  10. I saw little difference in my physical abilities until about 50...Between 50-60, there was a noticable decrease, but not extreme...After 60, I started going to hell much faster..BIG difference between 60-70...Now that I am in my 70s, I see a big difference every year...<<sigh>>.....
  11. If I dropped 30 I'd be nothing but pecker and eyeballs.....
  12. Many full choke 20 gauge guns will give you killing patterns out to 30 or 35 yards, as Dirtime said you will need to pattern it to find out... Number 4 shot is pretty coarse for the 20 gauge lighter shot loads..I would suggest trying 1 or 1 1/8 oz loads of number 6 or 7 1/2 shot for a denser pattern and more pellet hits on target... Good luck !!...
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