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  1. Diamond jigs work just fine for lakers, too ....
  2. Is that a Hopkins hanging from his jaw ?? Thanks for sharing..I have done a lot of jigging for lakers in the Finger Lakes, but never on the Great Lakes... Once I found out how easy and fun it was to jig them, I put my heavy trolling gear into semi-retirement
  3. The Mermaid and I worked up on the property today...I left before she did, but when she pulled out the driveway to go home there were three hens with three broods of poults in the driveway. She said the biggest were pheasant size and the others were smaller, but all were feathered.. Nice to see we got some successful hatches !!....
  4. I shoot the TSX 120 in my 7MM08 ...Never have tried the TTSX in that rifle because I have had such good results with a TSX for a couple less bucks per box, so why change ? 44.0 of RL-15 with that bullet groups under an inch in my Rem 700 Mountain Rifle... I do shoot the 140 TTSX in my .280...Doesn't group as tight as the 7MM08, but that rifle, while always maintaining acceptable hunting accuracy, has never been a bughole shooter.. .it's a M70 Win lightweight and groups between 1.5-2 " at 100... I've killed everything from woodchucks to Alaska bull moose with that rifle, including som
  5. I just pee my pants..At my age people expect it...
  6. Pygmy

    Eire Eyes

    I love both, but ain't no way perch tastes as good as walleye..At least not to my palate...If you give me a choice I'll take walleye every time....
  7. I have met Pete Clare several times at NWTF functions..He's a fine gentleman... I see he's getting older, just like the rest of us <<sigh>>....
  8. I have killed several whitetails with a PRB in my TC Hawken.....Longest shot I made with one was about 65-70 yards... I have killed deer with everything from a .222 Rem with a 50 grain bullet to a 9.3 x62 with a 270 grain bullet, plus shotgun slugs... If any of these killed deer any quicker or more efficiently ( given good shot placement) than my .50 Hawken with PRB I can't remember it...
  9. Pretty cool aquiring property in New Zealand.....Good luck !!.......
  10. Fine rifle, Al....Love the walnut, love the deep blue, love the quality, love the caliber, no doubt one of the very best medium bore chamberings... But DAMN, what an ugly design....If I had a dog that ugly I'd shave his ass and make him walk backwards....<<grin>>.....
  11. Cow parsnip is caustic, similar to giant hogweed..The hogweed gets the attention of the DEC because it is an invasive species, where the cow parsnip is native...They are both nasty.....
  12. Cool, Greg... If you find the initials FF on one it stands for Fred Flintstone....
  13. As far as I know there is nothing illegal or immoral about shooting a grouse from a tree with a handgun, as long as season was open and it was within legal shooting hours...
  14. A man after my own heart !!
  15. You have a way with words, Al....<<wink>>.... Nice rig, BTW...One of my most accurate rifles is a CZ 550 in 9.3 x 62... A friend of mine has a CZ 452 in .17 HMR that I have borrowed a few times for squirrel hunting, and it is deadly accurate too...
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