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  1. I always make it a point to follow the LOCALS around...Hehehehe…. Reeltime still caught more by himself than TCIII and I did together..
  2. Never thought much about it...But generally I keep 20-40 rounds for each of my centerfire hunting rifles plus components to load more.. I currently have about 1500 rounds of .22 LR , 30 or 40 rounds of magnum turkey loads, about 100 rounds of duck/goose loads, 400-500 rounds of small game/bird shells in 20, 16 and 12 gauge, and perhaps 500 rounds for my revolvers... I also have perhaps 200 rounds apiece for my various military surplus rifles since I hate to have a firearm in the house with no ammo for it..
  3. Sounds good....You bring the flies, I'll bring the K-Y jelly and the peanut butter...
  4. I agree...Despite the " ghetto targets"...….Hehehe....
  5. Sounds like the stuff The Mermaid and I suffered through for two weeks... The symptoms were EXACTLY like a virus I had about a year ago....We both have a lingering dry cough but no fever or shortness of breath..
  6. Hands off !!…..The Big Guy's MINE !!…..I'll scratch your eyes out BITCH !!…..Hehehe...
  7. BALLS !! Said The Queen, because she HAD none !!
  8. You know, I think I could do the raw liver on a bet, but dipped in stomach contents ??? NOPE !....
  9. I bait 'em with nightcrawlers and then catch 'em in a cannon net... Keep it to yourself, though..It might be slightly illegal...
  10. My all time favorite is woodcock gizzards....I have a quart of them in my freezer from last season that I've been meaning to cook up..
  11. No, they were all female ( I think)…..I knew the jig was up when one said to another " Haven't we SEEN this asshole before ? "..
  12. I went to my local clinic the other day for a routine blood test..First time I had been there since this stuff started.. Inside the main entrance there was a table with three big nurses standing there, all gowned, masked, and gloved... One nurse grabbed me and bent me over the table, the second one jerked my pants down, and the third one stuck a thermometer up my butt... I went back three times before they got wise to me....