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  1. " tight hole".....I LOVE it when you talk dirty....Hehehe....
  2. I agree on using the light loads...Also, don't try to shoot over 20 or 25 yards at first...It is much easier to determine center of pattern with a small pattern at close range...Get it dead on at close range with the light loads and then confirm with a couple of your hunting loads at longer range to make any final adjustments, if necessary...
  3. Jobs like that aren't for me...I can't run that fast anymore.... I'd have gladly helped, though, by standing by ( 50 yards away) to dial 911....
  4. Not this old white boy...I get too jervous and nerky... Without the pattern spread of a shotgun, I may very well have missed all of the 100 plus turkeys I have killed..Hehehe.. Just as a note, rifles ARE or have been legal in a number of southern and western states, Virginia and Alabama being two of them, but still shotguns are the overwhelming choice of nearly all serious turkey hunters....
  5. I can't think of many things we need LESS than a bow only gobbler season...<<sigh>>.....
  6. I have an old pair of Muck Boots..The only thing wrong with them is that the sole has separated from the rest of the boot....Seems like it would be easy to apply some kind of adhesive to re-attach the sole...My buddy tried Gorilla Glue and he said the dried glue was too rigid and the repair cracked...It needs to be somewhat flexible... Any suggestions on what adhesive to use ? I see Flex Seal stuff advertised all over the TV, but I'm not sure which of thier products, if any, would be suitable... All and any suggestions would be appreciated..
  7. Scale trout ? Never heard of such a thing....
  8. I can fart louder than I can whistle...
  9. I hope those poor beagles BITE you for that....JK...Hehehehe.....
  10. Nice catch, Tacks...That brown is colored up like a wild fish, but the worn down tail suggests " stockie"....
  11. Only if you're paying.....GRIN....
  12. Go to Rosita's Tower of Tuna Tacos in Monterrey, Mexico... Get a full order of Consuela and a side of mesquite broiled goat loin.. Ask the madame, Dirty Pilar, if she remembers " Gringo Loco" from back in 1977.....
  13. I had goat, in Mexico broiled over a mesquite fire....It was delicious, but not quite as succulent as the senorita sitting beside me...
  14. I have a 9.3 x 62, Bob....A little excessive for whitetails, but if you ever decide to hunt elk, moose or grizzly bears, it's just the nuts...
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