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  1. I was 13 and sitting in Ms. Barrow's 6th period study hall when the news came over the school PA system...
  2. Another possibility is rust in the chamber from shooting plastic shells...Scrubbing the chamber with a bronze brush and solvent might save you a trip to the gunsmith..
  3. Sounds to me like you have issues with the extractor, probably due to wear from years of use...Any competent gunsmith should be able to replace it...Good luck...
  4. Reminds me an old expression..." Nervous as a porcupine in mating season".......
  5. Her backSIDE isn't bad, either.....<<GRIN>>...
  6. Way to hammer em Lee !!!! Still running that Burrville Bomber ?? BTW....I want to tell you once again how much it meant to me to have you and Judy, Andrew, and Larry show up at Sis's service...
  7. Those are some slob perch....I'm heading to Cayuga tomorrow with a couple of buddies..
  8. If I had a dog that ugly I'd shave his a** and make him walk backwards... Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun....
  9. I agree with Bugs, those suckers are YEW-GLEE !... John Browning is rolling over in his grave....
  10. Thank you very much for your comforting words and thoughts....
  11. It is very popular in Europe and Africa... As Lawdwaz said it' ballistic equivalen to the .280 Rem and I can attest to the effectivness of that round, having used my .280 to kill everything from woodchucks to Alaska bull moose over the last 40 years...
  12. I believe it was, Eddie..
  13. I just watched it again...What a great depiction of coming of age in the 1960s.... The little town I grew up in was so similar, albeit on a smaller scale... Not a smart phone in sight, either...hehehehe.. We even had our semi- outlaw fraternity, " The Shifters".....Nearby Corning had two, The Viscounts and The Epicureans....
  14. I got a significant burn on my leg from carrying one in my front pants pocket... glad it didn't shift a couple of inches to the left......
  15. Remember the old Jon-E handwarmers ? They even had an opening in the metal cap so you could light your cigarrette...
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