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  1. A geezer on a gurney ??
  2. The scene where Captain Brittles receives his gold watch from his men chokes me up every time....
  3. The Duke.....I dearly love them both, but I cry every time I watch " She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", and Clint has never made me cry...
  4. For hares I have always used my 20 side/side with 25" bbls choked IC and mod with an ounce of #6's.... If I were using a single barrel gun, it would be choked IC.....Most shots are close and hares are not hard to kill....
  5. I was walking across a bridge over the Chemung River in Corning NY, a few years back,,,There was a big beaver swimming upstream, and an older couple were stopped along the bridge watching him...I stopped along side them, and the old gent said " "Is that a nutria ..?" I said...." You're not from around here, are you ..?"
  6. Those things look like a muskrat on steroids....
  7. I am just an ignorant old man...I hate politics....There has been good stuff and bad stuff regarding the NRA... However, in my view, the NRA is the MAIN reason that we still possess our Second amendment rights... That's why the the leftist , liberal commie bastards hate it so much...
  8. My first 3" 12 gauge gun was a Browning A-5 with a 32" barrel....That gun was so long that if I stood flatfooted with the butt on the ground and the barrel pointed skyward, the gun was taller than I was...Hehehe... That was before the days a of special short barreled turkey guns, and it was hard to find a 3" mag without a 30 or 32" barrel... All the extra bbl length did for me was get in my way, although it was a great gun and I killed lots of turkeys and waterfowl with it... Early in the 1980s, Remington made a special run of 26" fixed full choke 12 gauge 3" barrels, and I just had to have one, so I sold the browning and bought a Rem 1100 mag with the 26" bbl...It was my main turkey gun for quite awhile, and I still use it on occasion.... However, for the last 25 years or so, most of my turkeys have been killed with my Rem 11-87 SP with it's 21" barrel.. I really like the short barrel, especially within the confines of a pop up blind, from which I do most of my turkey hunting these days....
  9. Oh yeah !! Nursie Nora.... She can make sure that you are not INFECETED, while you are ERECTED.....
  10. Congrats on your new toy, Bill...Hope you kill some big gobblers with it...
  11. I'd take the ewe hunts....A little bit of mutton is better than nuttin'...... I already have the boots...
  12. Pygmy

    Ice Fishing

    Thanks for the update....I had just gassed up the truck and was ready to roll...
  13. Pygmy

    Ice Fishing

    Wow, look at the spots on that rainbow..It reminds me of the wild leopard rainbows that I caught while hunting in the Alaska wilderness....They were prettiest, and by far the best tasting rainbows I have ever eaten...Never been too keen on local rainbows, either lake run or stream, but those Alaska rainbows were delicious... Of course the SURROUNDINGS may have had something to do with it....Cooked on the coals of a campfire 500 miles from the nearest road... In that environment, probably a DOG TURD would have tasted good.....Hehehe...
  14. Pygmy

    Ice Fishing

    Pretty trout, but not pretty enough to get THIS old white boy out on sketchy ice !!.....
  15. So sorry for your loss, My Friend....