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  1. Cool......Back in the 1970s a buddy and I killed a bunch calling at night with an electronic caller that used 45 RPM records... Best night we ever had we shot 8....Rarely called a red into shotgun range, they seemed to be more wary than the greys....They would come to where we could see thier eyes and squall, but seldom came within shotgun range...Greys were bringing $50 a pelt and reds were bringing $75....We killed a lot with a 20 gauge side by side and #4 shot, which was effective out to about 35 yards, but when the prices went higher we used my Browning A-5 3" mag to take advantage of those 40 and 50 yard shots...
  2. We had 20 foot drifts here in Dogpatch....It took a town employee, ( who happened to the the Mermaid's father) two days to bust through a 20 foot drift about 150 yards south of our house, with a grader....
  3. The bear is Boo-Boo......The buck's a dandy....<<grin>>...
  4. If I could only have one scope it would be a fixed 4X Leupold....Actually I have two of them, both bought at gun shows for about $125 IIRC...I have used them all over the continent for whitetails, mulies, pronghorns, moose, caribou and hogs, On rifles as heavy as .338 Win mag and 9.3 x62 mauser, at ranges from point blank to 400 yards, with absolutely no complaints or problems.... Actually, my present main whitetail rifle wears a Burris 2 x7, which is the only variable I have on any of my rifles...Ther is a story behind it.. About 40 years ago, Ron Shirks had Rem M700 Mountain rifles for sale, and if you bought a scope with it, you got free rings, bases, and mounting...I wanted a Mountain Rifle in 7-08 and I told them I wanted a Leupold fixed 4X on it... They didn't have the Leupold in stock, so I went with the Burris as second choice.. I admit the Burris has been a good scope, though...
  5. I just hide behind a tree and make a noise like a carrot.......
  6. I must be worth a fortune....
  7. Glad to know there is some available;;; However at the rate am expending it I probably have a lifetime supply... I have expended six rounds in the last two years..One round each year to confirm my zero and one round apiece for four deer...
  8. It was 5 degrees according to my truck thermometer on my way home from the Legion This afternoon...I had to hit the brakes to avoid three penguins and a polar bear...
  9. Looks like Saturday night down here in Dogpatch in the early/mid 1960s.....Except for the rabbits.....Hehehehe...
  10. Why am I not surprised that Christmas is your birthday..??..Hehehehehe.... Good luck to you, and I hope you get another button buck liver plus a set of nuts... As por moi, after processing two deer this year, I quit...Never even loaded the smokepole...
  11. You beat me to it, Mike !!....Getting slow in my old age....
  12. When I got my job in 1974 with Corning Glass Works as a weekly lab technician, I was making $130 a week....
  13. I have a T/C Hawken that my ex-wife bought me for my birthday in 1973...It was always dependable with black powder and Pyrodex, but while gearing up for an elk hunt in 2004, I switched to 777 because that's what my partners were using ... After that hunt, I began to have ignition problems, so I bought what is probably the same 209 nipple conversion that Al has.. 100% reliable ignition now, but as Al says, it is slow to reload and also offers the possibility of losing it in the leaves or snow, rendering the rifle useless, unlss you want to use it as a club, as Jerimiah Johnson did at times..
  14. It's dated 1972....At that time I was halfway through a 2 year active duty assignment on the USS Moale, DD-693.....
  15. I remember them,,,,,,I also remember some earlier ones I belive I paid $49.95 for my Ruger 10/22 in 1969... ai Nichol's Discount City ....
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