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  1. I sold my rifled shotgun barrel to a member on the forum a few years back...Hoping he had good luck with it... As por MOI, if I ever hunt an area where rifles aren't allowed, I'm hoping my Big Buddy Moog will lend me his beautiful ENCORE again !!...<<GRIN>>....
  2. Good luck to you guys in getting your ammo... I am just happy I don't have to use the abusive damn things anymore....Hehehe....
  3. I remember one opening morning I decided to count the shots I heard ...By 8:00 AM I was up to 125 shots and quit counting....
  4. In 55 years of deer hunting, I have never missed being in the woods at daylight on opening day in NY.... When I was on active duty in the Navy I always managed to draw leave for the first few days of deer season.. One year back in the late 1970s, it was around zero opening day and my fuel oil furnace was OUT.... I hunted from daylight until about 8:00 AM and then went home to work on getting my furnace going....I didn't get much hunting done that day, but I WAS in the woods at opening time, and I DID get my furnace working that day in time to keep my pipes from freezing...
  5. Nice legs ! Got a date for next Saturday ?.....Hehehe...
  6. Anybody who would marinate deer tenderloins should be shot, which is much less cruel than crucifitcion... ALWAYS let them rest for a few days, cooking them super fresh will always result in tough meat.. I like to slice them about 1/2" thick and sautee them in hot butter for about a minute on each side until medium rare... Exposing them to strong marinades or overcooking them is a crime against nature.. Other than that, I have no opinions on the subject...
  7. Nailed it.... Just use your head and realize that this IS a unique situation....
  8. The bullheads and smaller cats have my mouth watering... YUM !!...
  9. Might be a possibility..I get clean kills on chipmunks with my 6" S&W K22 at 20 feet or maybe a little more.. Sounds like you have lots of ammo...Just might have to shoot them 2 or 3 times...That dust shot in the .22 shotshells may not penetrate the breast feathers too well, but if you concentrate your aim on the head and neck they should work... Sounds like fun..Wish I was coming with you... BTW, they are very good eating and easy to clean..Just open the skin on the breast, peel it back, and cut the breast loose from the carcass..Takes about 30 seconds per bird...Layer them in the crockpot, along with sliced onions, salt & pepper or whatever seasonings float your boat...Pour in a couple of inches of dry red wine and cook on low until fork tender , perhaps 8 hours...Good stuff...Every time I eat them I wonder why I don't hunt them more often...
  10. .22 shot shells would work and would not punch through the roof...The limiting factor might be the range..They are effective to perhaps 20 feet.. BTW, unless you happen to have a smoothbore .22, shotshells tend to pattern better from a handgun than a rifle.. Sounds strange, but I get better patterns from my 6" bbl revolver than any of my rifles..It may be because in a longer barrel, the rifling whips the shot around more, blowing the pattern...Just a theory...Be sure to wear your safety goggles if you shoot them inside a building...I have never been hit by a ricocheting shot pellet, but it is a distinct possibility...
  11. Pigeons are great fun to wingshoot, but you'll probably never get then all that way....One way to really put a hurting on them is to shoot them inside the barn at night with a spot light...You can pretty much clean them out that way..You need to use a BB gun or pellet rifle that is low powered enough to NOT shoot holes in your roof, however
  12. Cost me $26 this year for big game, small game, trapping, turkey , muzzleloader and DMP.... Then I screwed it up by paying $25 for a duck stamp, which has so far netted me two mergansers..<<.sigh>>...
  13. Pygmy


    Down here in Dogpatch, that buck would be 2.5 all day long, or possibly 3.5.. !.5 ?? No stinkin' way.......
  14. No Jerry, they are for the last two people who asked " What are the two crosses for"....Hehehe....