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  1. What Lawdwaz said....Energy dump does NOT kill deer....Shutting down the CNS or disrupting vital organs does... Break the shoulders or hit ( or come very close to) the spine or brain and the deer falls down right there, with just about any reasonable game bullet... When the you take a shot at less than favorable angles the copper bullets such as Barnes really shine...Not all of us mere mortals hunt ( by choice or otherwise) from a stand and have the luxury of waiting for a perfect broadside shot...Especially if you drive deer, stillhunt, or track deer, you have to take the shot that is presented or not shoot at all... Your only shot may be at the south end of a rapidly departing northbound buck... The prima donnas among you can moralize about taking such shots, but that is the way it is... The last few years, I have hunted exclusively from a fixed tower stand, and now I have the luxury of waiting for a good broadside shot....Not everybody has that opportunity or may prefer to hunt a different way... Oh and by the way....Those copper bullets kill deer just as well as other bullets on broadside shots, and they ALWAYS exit, which tends to leave a better blood trail just in case you need to track your deer any distance.. Two holes are better than one...
  2. Good fix for your rifle, Cynthia....Unfortunately the front sight ramp on my old Hawken is flush with the end of the muzzle, so that won't work for me....However a strip of electrical tape or duct tape will...
  3. I shoot a tang peep sight, so I have to be able to see my front sight...Kinda limits me to tape...That's OK, though..Tape has worked fine for me... Dang, most of the snow is gone and it just FEELS like the kind of afternoon that the deer will be out feeding...Maybe I better tape up my mud dozer and spend the afternoon in my tower over my food plot...
  4. The only skull hooker I remember was a toothless native girl I met outside my motel in Montreal on my way to a caribou hunt.. REAL friendly girl....She asked me if I was new in town...
  5. Depends on the sex....My buddy shot a sow that weighed 175 and it was the best wild pork I ever had...I shot a boar that weighed 100 pounds with guts and he was not bad, but was starting to get a little gamey..Not nearly as good as my buddy's sow...
  6. Very kind of you, Larry....I'd like to adopt her myself, but if I brought her home The Mermaid wouldn't let me keep her....<<SIGH>>….
  7. I just hope Bill can make it so I can give him a big HUG !!…….
  8. Looks like a big ol' nanny doe... CONGRATS !! Never ate a doe I didn't like...
  9. Charcuterie....You mean it is some kind of FOOD ? Sounds like some kind of weird French sex technique to me.... In either case, I'll gladly TRY some..!!
  10. He's not paranoid....If he WAS he would have changed his username a few times and done some other weird stuff, like drive around a forum GTG, take pictures and not go in...Hey...errr..wait a minute....
  11. Come on, Bionic....I am looking forward to shaking your hand...…<<grin>>...
  12. Roscoe Diner....Great memories of that....In the early 1970s, my ship was home ported in NYC, first at Brooklyn Navy yard, and then at Fort Schuyler, just below the north end of the Throgs Neck Bridge... After liberty weekends at home, a couple of my shipmates and I would head back to the city on Sunday night, usually after closing down one of the bars in Corning.. We had to make it back to the ship for quarters Monday morning...The Roscoe Diner was an oasis....If we made it there for coffee about 3:00 or 4:00 AM we figured we had it made...Damn near fell asleep and went off the road several times, but somehow we always made it..
  13. I'd be game if any of the WNY guys are coming past the Corning area on 17 and have room for one more short pervert.....