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  1. Pygmy

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    About 100 years ago, a fellow named WDM Bell killed a few hundred elephants with a 7x57, which is essentialy ballistically equivalent to the 7MM08.....
  2. Pygmy

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    I love that bullet in my 7MM08....I used to shoot 140 Nosler BTs....Switched to the Barnes 120 and it kills just as well with more penetration and less meat damage...
  3. Pygmy

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    That's cause you're naked from the neck down, Big Fella !!…..Hehehe...
  4. Pygmy

    Did one of you guys leave this on my property?

    Yup...Looks like Ol' Yogi has a pretty big turd cutter.....
  5. Pygmy

    I hate coyotes.

    Bless yore heart, Wolc… I never do any illegal either....Glad there are a COUPLE of us good guys left.... Of course, I must admit that I got a ticket for an unsafe tire back in 1968...The guilt from that STILL haunts me....<<sob>>…... I am hoping that all of those thousands of dollars I have donated over the last fifty years to the Widows and Orphans Fund have squared me with the Big Guy up above...
  6. Pygmy

    Any cigar smokers here

    Neither did Monica Lewinsky....
  7. Pygmy

    I hate coyotes.

    I wonder the same thing...Was it the Spaniards ?? Perhaps it was the Pueblos or the Navahos... Probably it was the Hebrews...The Nazis seemed to think they were to blame for everything... I'm glad we got THAT figured out !!...
  8. Pygmy

    Baldy takes a muskie?

    Probably a fish that was injured, possibly caught and released by a fisherman who hoped/ assumed it would live... Hard to believe even an eagle could catch a perfectly healthy muskie that size, unless it was floating and already struggling for its life...
  9. I prefer to consider my contributions as SEMI pornographic....Hehehe...In any case, THANKS for your support...
  10. Pygmy

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    We're all proud of you Andrew....My singing probably would have added a couple more fish to the box... I could have predicted at least one chummer….Hehehehe...
  11. Someone IS doing that, with the change of one letter....And I could care less... I have had the same username since I started posting on forums back in the 90s...My friends know who I am...
  12. Sweet JESUS, Bill..did you change your name again ??...I can't keep up with you and Stormy and Belo and Rob Bob and a few other of you guys... <<sigh>>...
  13. Pygmy


    Any details on CR 1, Rob...?? Perhaps I should take an alternate route on my way to the legion this afternoon....