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A few years ago I purchased a Burris Timberline scope and the vender that I bought from also sold a Burris neoprene scope cover that would fit most hunting scopes. Since the Burris did not come with lens caps I bought one. I have come to like this cover better than the typical scope lens caps as they go on and off easily, work well for keeping the lens clean and also provide nice protection for the scope body itself especially when taking rifles out of a cramped safe.

Have a couple of naked scopes and poked around on ebay for covers and found the ones seen below, they appeared to be exactly the same as the Burris branded cover except four could be purchased for the same price I paid for the one Burris.:o

Bought four and they arrived yesterday, appear to be of very good quality, I am happy.:yes:

Have any bare scopes that need protection you will not go wrong with these, a search on ebay will turn them up.




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