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  1. Got this picture on camera , what do you think the cause of this ?
  2. JR60

    How many Hunt alone ?

    How many of us go hunting alone ?
  3. JR60

    New Xbow legislation for 2019 introduced

    Any updates on the crossbow bill yet ?
  4. Need some input if its to early to plant a fall plot , My ground is all ready worked up . I am looking to plant Winter oats and Fall annual blend of seeds. Worried that it might come up to early and be gone by October
  5. JR60

    Hunting related sayings or thoughts...

    There's nothing out yet .....
  6. What’s a good number of acreage for deer management?
  7. With this warm weather my concerns is processing as quick as possible , and deer not moving as much .
  8. JR60

    Trail cameras

    Need advice on a good trail camera to buy that is user friendly and captures good pics
  9. JR60

    things you find along the road...

    Found two Stihl chain saws in there cases within a mile apart. No damage at all !!
  10. JR60

    Kansas hunting

    Yes, Broken Arrow Outfitter's
  11. JR60


    How about Bolivar / Richburg areas if any one knows ?
  12. JR60


    Savage Bolt action 270 , so I guess its ok ..
  13. I was giving a 270 with a thumb holed stock, are they illegal in NY ?
  14. JR60

    Anyone hunting 9p out there

    One of the worst years we had in over 20 years on our property , deer sightings during both archery and gun were far and few. Two weeks of gun season only produced 4 doe sightings on over 100 acres . None taking, also only heard a few shots on opening morning none during the Thanksgiving weekend . Richburg/Wirt areas. Anybody hunt these areas ?
  15. JR60

    Bike week

    Been there a few times , its not what it use to be . Ill wait till the weather gets warm around here !