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  1. Obviously the first couple of things you'd have to do IF you won that much money; get a super good tax attorney and literally disappear. Then you can make all the secret plans of how to spend the money w/o people knocking on your door with their hands out. Anyone remember the old TV show, IFC called "The Millionaire". Hire someone to find people in need and help them out. While watching their lives change, all anonymously!
  2. Hope you know she will always be looking down upon her family, until all of you reunite again. My heartfelt sympathies go out to you & the rest of the family!!
  3. Too funny, when the dude tells the bigger buck to sit and then pets the smaller one to calm it down.
  4. Hire it plowed &/or disced for the 1st time by someone with a tractor if it is accessible. Then you can use much lighter ATV pull behind equipment in the future if you change plot seeding. Don't think you'd be happy with what a "ground hog" accomplishes. Or just copy Culver's invention!
  5. I've heard of those that have gotten calls from outfitters to fill-in for a last minute cancellation. Typically outfitter's cost will be much cheaper due to original hunter losing their deposit. Problem is being ready for a spur of the moment call and getting time off from work then. From what I've heard, some outfitters let you be added to a call list for such occasions.
  6. I also looked into an elk hunt several years ago. Never booked a hunt, but had almost decided on NM or AZ, not as mountainous. If you have your heart set on a true mountain man elk hunt in the Rockies (CO, ID, etc), better start your fitness routine now. Lotta mountainous terrain & thin air! IRC, KY also has an elk hunt lottery, but not sure of the odds. Think KY only issues ~600 elk permits and PA issues ~165 permits with very few antlered tags. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. What did I win?? Okay, so I'll admit I'm only ~60% of posted age.
  8. You have to upload videos to another web storage site (ie;Google Photos, etc) and then you can copy that site's link here.
  9. Felt adventurous, so I tried a new Puerto Rican dinner that recently open near me. Not sure what I was expecting, but it was decent just not spicy & was pretty bland. Needed at least some garlic &/or tanginess. Ala a garbage plate style; yellow rice, red beans, stewed pork and a ground beef empanada. Probably try it again as a take-out and doctor it up to my taste at home.
  10. ^^^ Stalking is what I think of when you're slowly walking around constantly looking for a shot opportunity. Still hunting to me is sitting still in one spot. Suppose there's a hybrid or combination of the two methods, stilking. Add that to your deer hunting vocabulary...
  11. I used to use an inflatable seat cushion. Super tough material & held air great, but sort of like sitting in a bean bag chair, rocking & rolling. Now use the same ~2" thk seat cushion I also carry for my ladder stands. Strap w/clip hooks to my turkey fanny pack & is super easy to use. Just me, but I prefer to be sitting on the ground than toting around a turkey chair/seat.
  12. Oh yeah, remember those peg board & rope climbs in gym class. When your HS is 75% rural kids, those farm boys did very well in the gym class exercises! So you either kept up or got laughed at.
  13. Sicilian or Italian, it's not really Christmas without Pizzelles.
  14. I've had 4-5 different ladder stands over the years and all had adjustable gun rails. Obvious dumb question - Sure your's aren't adjustable? Should be sqr channell pieces with knobbed set screws on each front side of both arm rests. All the ones I've seen were adj by these! BTW - I have a short shooting stick for my Xbow, which I rarely carry. Can place one end on stock & other into your lap. Or just find a branch the right size with a "Y" yoke at the end. Or this ^^^... Couple small-ish C-clamps attached to arm rest to change gun rail elevation/angle.
  15. Years ago I shot a buck that had a couple of grossly infected wounds. Called an ECO to get a replacement tag due to "unfit for consumption". I was told the DEC would take the dead deer away & I could not keep the rack. If I wanted the rack, no replacement would be issued. Eventually the ECO apparently didn't want to deal with loading, hauling and finding a disposal site for the deer, so he asked if I had a place to dispose of the body and he'd give me a replacement tag anyways. So the rule is; if a replacement tag is issued, you can not keep any part of the deer unless.......