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  1. ... or Sgt Slaughter vs the Iron Shiek. Or Superfly Jimmy Snuka bleeding all over the place or flying off the ropes. George "The Animal" Steele, Jay Chief Strongbow and on & on! You knew it was fake, but tried to convince yourself it might be really good vs evil. It all went to hell for me when Lou Albano, Jimmy Hart and Cindy Lauper had bigger parts in the matches than the actual wrestlers themselves.
  2. nyslowhand

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    It only takes one meager or bloodless tracking when you question your choice of BHs. And that's w/o considering the previous 10+ deer you might have gotten with same BHs... Just one of those archery equipment or style of hunting debates that'll linger forever. Use or do whatever makes you confident when that moment of truth presents itself. All about personal preference!!!!
  3. nyslowhand

    Man Arrested For Shooting Down A Drone.

    I foresee a big come-back of the potato cannon...
  4. nyslowhand

    Man Arrested For Shooting Down A Drone.

    We're getting into an era where Big Brother is watching is no longer sci-fi. I thought it was bad enough a couple years ago when an insurance agent told me I would need to repair my roof & front steps before I qualified for a reduced home-owners policy. WTH! They knew this via satellite and real-time zooming in on my house. Now anyone can purchase a camera equipped drone and is within legal rights to fly/hover over your home!???! Shoot em! I'm all for having a drone as an RC hobby. Put a camera in one and JMO you should need a special license with limited rural usage. Just can NOT fathom why you'd need a drone with a camera in any populated area or where people gather like beaches, water parks, etc. Be interesting to know if registered sex offenders can buy camera equipped drones!??! Got my personal intro to this a few years ago. A co-worked invited me to a family picnic out in the boonies where they live. Went to Google maps to find the address/directions and merely out of curiosity went to satellite view to see what the house looked like in case there were no house #s visible from the road. Well... as I'm zooming in I see they have a pool... said to self, this is getting a little semi-perverted, what am I doing!
  5. nyslowhand

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    Naked & afraid is a joke. Give a couple of people ~$20-50k for spending 14, 21 or 40 days in the most inhospitable environment imaginable with no food source, critters that want to eat you or injection poison in you and debilitating regional diseases. I do watch it some just to see how the screening process and pairings were made of two completely polar opposite personalities, btw intentionally. One contestant came across the film crews living quarters and stole some stuff. Sent home! See the episode where the female talked about a possible jungle love connection, but after a couple of days it reversed to "No way"! Not being a pervert, but do wonder about the naked, night-time cuddling to stay warm...hum!?! Prize $$ for the Alone winner is $500k, IRC. But aren't they out there for 6mos?? I'm in awe of the woman that shot the squirrel out of the pine tree with a recurve bow. What do you think Moog, up for the challenge? When one of the Alone contestants talked about killing a moose, I wondered if that was really legal!?! One thing about Alone is there is much less scripted drama than there is intentionally built into Naked & afraid. Belo - Sling TV is $25/mo with two package options. One is more sports (ESPN) oriented than the one I get. There are some on-demand options for every channel in your specific subscription. You'll need an antenna to get local network channels. like with most other streaming services. Limited add-ons if you want more movies, kids shows, comedy, etc for ~$5-10+ additional.
  6. Oh hell yeah, garden fresh tomatoes or cucumbers sliced with real (Hellman's) mayo between sliced bread. Didn't come to mind or even think of it as weird food, but most anything out of the refrig in a sandwich; spaghetti, Spanish rice, baked beans, any left-over meat, there's more just can't recall. One stipulation, bread has to be anything other than sliced white bread!! Any of you have the OCD disorder where all food on a plate needs to be kept separated and can't touch other foods? Sorry if you have this fetish, but it is hilarious to watch someone doing it! This came to mind when I was thinking about garbage plates. A cruel joke for you folks with food separation anxiety. Word for the day, look it up - brumotactillophobia. BTW wolc123, garbage plates are built basically with the same foods, with choice of meats & slight variations. What can make or break them is the meat/hot sauce put on top. Some places (my preference) use chicken wing sauce instead of or along with meat sauce. Not one of my favorite all-in-one foods, but do order a couple times a year when not worried about my arteries.
  7. Packed my lunch for far too long to ever buy bologna or pickle load again! Horseradish occasionally mixed in with tuna or slathered on a roast beef sandwich is my wild n crazy food fetish! Sorry Grampy, but us old guys are boring, huh!?!
  8. I'm moving to Wisconsin, almost entire state is "red".
  9. nyslowhand

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    ^^^ Exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone seen the German TV ad for their women's soccer players? Same issue, around the world!
  10. nyslowhand

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    WTF have I started..... Un-friggin believable!!!
  11. nyslowhand

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    FYI - It's believed Kelley O'Hara was player that retrieved the flag off the ground. Have to agree with Culver, don't believe the women intentionally put the USA flag on the ground & walked on it as a protest! Definitely not agreeing with what they did, but in the moment the photo opportunity was just too overwhelming and they dropped the flag. Again, not justifying what they did, but if you were crowned the best in the world (at anything!) I'd have to think all common-sense, ethics &/or clear thinking are lost. Much like their drinking, dancing and booty shaking celebration in the locker room after their win in the finals. Not a lot of you were around, but JMO all respect & reverence for the US flag went out the window during the 1960s when all you saw on TV was flag burning protests. BTW - By USA's youth! Then they began putting the likeness of the US flag on everything from undies to shorts to shirts to bandannas to vehicle murals. Very few people born after the "baby boomer era" really know what the US flag represents.
  12. nyslowhand

    US women's team in World Cup finals

    You go girls team for winning World Cup! Pretty physical match, but US women's team showed what they're made of! Congrats to US men's team for making finals, but did come up short.
  13. No one watching or following the team? Granted I know nothing about soccer or the rules, but it's still entertaining to watch! Games against Spain, France and esp England were ... intense and very physical! Wednesday's Sweden vs Netherlands game was.. well after watching for 120+min was boring to say the least! Go you USA girls!
  14. nyslowhand

    OK-- Name Changes-- Who Has The Record?

    I'm happily tied for last place with many other members. Same user name for ~9yrs with same opinions, same haters, same followers - it's simply me. Take it or leave it!
  15. nyslowhand

    New Xbow legislation for 2019 introduced

    ^^^, I was trying to be a little more polite, but this is the issue in essence.