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  1. Thought real men used leaves..? Kidding!!!! What did I forget - just how friggin cold it can be in mid/late November sitting in the tree stand during sunrise. OMG, I love early bow season!!
  2. A hunting partner in a blind makes it more interesting & takes your mind off the temps.
  3. Garmin fer sure! Have had Magellen and Garmin, but Garmin out performed the other one by a ton! Hope you (OP) are ready for sticker shock! A decent, easily used handheld GPS should have a decent sized screen. Those dinky 2"x2" screens are almost worthless! Isn't this what you're planning on doing with a GPS. Did this with a Garmin 62.
  4. Some people think they are their deer!
  5. Just when I thought I was the only pessimist around... Assuming Grampy has an idea where a 40yrd shot would impact!!?!!
  6. Any one that can predict a whitetail's behavior regarding being spotted in a stand, please inform me. After almost 60yrs of chasing deer, all I know is to expect the unexpected. Each individual deer will react somewhat differently to being spooked. From simply walking thru or away to blowing and skirting around the stand to bounding off with tails up! Clearly they'll react differently to simply seeing a motionless & usual blob (you) 15' up in a tree as opposed to seeing your movements to seeing something not normally encountered (shiny cup). Just when you think they're way too smart to return to that area after being spooked, here they come again!
  7. Most mechanical BHs have mixed reviews & success rates. Seems to be either a love 'em or hate 'em with none in the middle or mediocre reviews. Obviously it depending on whether you've had a malfunction. I've used NAP mechanical BHs with success, but if I get a FUBAR with a nice buck probably move on to another brand or style and then I'll hate what I'd been using.
  8. Maybe we're onto something about using Alum arrows in varying temps, lot of expansion & contraction. Suppose after numerous varied heat cycles the vane adhesion might loosen!?! Or maybe a combo of arrow material and vane adhesive in varying temps!??! Any other members frequent other bow sites and came across this issue? I use Alum arrows with my Xbow when temps vary quite a bit, so I'm super curious also!! Sorry OP, know you were looking for answers and I just added more questions?
  9. Well organized drives, hell yeah! Loosely organized drives, I'll sit them out!! It only takes one or if you're really brave a couple of sketchy deer drives to sour you taste for them. I would rather sit in my stand and let the deer drives happen on adjacent properties.
  10. Educate me...! ^^^ This sounds like an oxymoron. Seems like a 44mag would have a very significant recoil and subsequent shots would be unlikely, although not impossible. Y-N? Would ammo loads compensate for this? You obviously have a substantial collection of long guns in a lot of different calibers, but would the 44mag be your 1st choice as a suggested deer rifle? Not criticizing, just wondering!!?!! Clearly a true brush rifle is a unicorn or myth!
  11. If I'm reading your post correctly, you're frustrated with the un-cooperating deer and not so much what weapon you've been using!??! They don't like to play the game by our rules, in general! If you're persistent, something good usually happens, eventually! Go get 'em!!!!
  12. Bingo...! Pseudo-experts will not admit this and try to rationalize what they've seen/done to be true across the entire NYS.
  13. FYI - It's the tag# in large print that needs to be displayed that is your DEC ID#. Mine has been the same forever, at least last 10yrs or so. Each individual tag you put on a harvest (deer, bear, turkey, etc.) are different each year and those are not ones you use as DEC ID#.
  14. ^^^ really, an electronic caller?? Paraphrasing Grampy's post - My hands are full of the bow & ready to shoot as soon as I get them to stop!
  15. ^^^ exactly, a bleat sound a doe might normally make! Or I suppose like a sheep, if you're into that sort of thing!?! Sorry, couldn't resist.