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  1. True, but I was just looking at the irony of the situation. Obviously, this isn't an isolated back-up QB making good situation.
  2. .... and your deer is stacked next to these less than ideally field dressed ones. I was afraid of the answer, so I never asked a processor how long those deer laid stacked up. Not to mention at peak harvest times, those stacks can be .. big!
  3. The thing I find most interesting about this year's Super Bowl is that all the members of the Patriot's dynasty will be sitting in their man-caves watching their ex-backup QB they traded away playing in the SB. Karma....?
  4. Oh yeah, as enticing as the lower cost of Swisher mower products appears, they should come with a disclaimer about requiring continual repairs. Just not built to take a beating! Maybe this is why they have such an extensive online parts source? Paid my dues with a Swisher walk-behind brush hog doing R&Rs routinely.
  5. McGregor still has it, but is also still an arrogant A-hole.
  6. WOW, now that's even better reading - "Law & Order" section of the weekly Wayne Times.
  7. Interesting video, but does it need strictly Jif PB and a cig hanging out of my mouth to be a 100% effective bait mix...? IRC, the actual defendants in that Sullivan Co court ruling were not hunters. They were feeding deer for their own pursuit of happiness and possibly other constitutional rights. Which is what the judge considered in his ruling. This is why it baffles me as to how this ruling wasn't considered state wide...!?!
  8. I'm guessing these violations would be available to the public under the FOIA, but assuming you'd need to jump thru hoops to get access to it!?! As interesting as the "Cuffs & Collars" is, it by no means is a through bi-weekly report on all violations. Fun to read about idiots all the same!
  9. Kind of a unique ML system & powder cartridge! What will be more interesting is whether other ML mfgers will retrofit their barrel manufacturing to adapt to these new Firestick load cartridges. If they don't follow suit, Traditions will be left hanging with a unicorn and the Federal Ammo supplied Firesticks will be $$$. Assuming these Firestick cartridges will NOT fit/work with any existing ML'ers!?!
  10. FYI - I had one of these and abused the hell out of it with no issues. Hauling firewood, 1000# of gravel, toting ladder stands and tilting the bed to roll a deer into it. If you get the Haul Master and add ATV ties/wheels, you're in the price range of one of these Otter trailers. https://www.otteroutdoors.com/product-category/otter-trailers/
  11. Kind of strange, since most hunter's with vision issues levitate to scopes over open sights.. BUT ... Do know one person who had similar issues with a scope and installed TruGlo handgun type sights on his Xbow. Assuming it's all about where you sight-in the Zero on open-sights and knowing the over/under for different yardages. Thought he was crazy for doing this, but he loves the difference. So.. whatever floats your boat!!
  12. Fer sure! JMO, I'd rather see Pete Rose or Shoeless Joe Jackson in the MLB HOF than Rodriquez, McGuire, Bonds and so many others that used "performance enhancements". The great American past time, right!?!
  13. Whatz next, a bobble head version? Wait... they do come signed by the son as a sort of artwork piece.... (sarcasm).