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  1. Same thing happened to my Muck boots. I used Shoe Goo adhesive and it has held fine for ~3yrs of occasional use with only the initial application. Apply Goop, put sole back on, put boots on and stand on them for several minutes. BTW - The soles on Muck boots is only a reinforcing layer. Nothing to do with water proofing.
  2. Footnote: When you make any noise to make a buck stop, he's probably going to end-up looking at you. So be prepared to shoot as you make the noise. I've stopped many bucks in their tracks using a doe bleat sound. Even after the (bow) shot they "may" stop for several seconds, reducing the retrieval somewhat or go down within sight.
  3. Good luck with your career change! Never too old to do what makes you enjoy going to work.
  4. Got my 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine Wednesday. A little soreness at injection site & somewhat tired for a couple days. None of the other more, drastic reactions people are reporting. Everyone will have a different reaction to specific vaccines.
  5. Believe she mentioned that no matter where she aimed, the arrow was still hitting the upper left of the target. JMO, not a sight pin adjustment fix.
  6. Assuming we're talking about a compound bow? Probably how your using your release. If you're able to video yourself or have someone watch you, assuming your moving the release at the time you're letting the arrow fly. Nice soft, but firm squeeze on the release and not a hard or jerking motion. Probably a stupid question & just out of curiosity, are you using your dominant eye? I know people that are right handed, but have a dominant left eye. Assuming you don't have this same problem with scopes or shotguns.
  7. Like others have suggested.. if you are hitting the same area of the bag/target, no matter where you're aiming, it's something in your form or release.
  8. ditto, but primitive MLs only, no scopes or inlines and maybe at least a couple weeks in September. Could possibly include primitive bows, long or recurve bows only.
  9. Some phenomenal middleweight boxers in that era.
  10. Esp when a member quotes another's post that has multiple photos, etc. I've seen a single page within a topic that 3-4 members have quoted posts with numerous photos. Anyone that does not know, you can edit (delete) items within a quoted post. Every member is responsible for doing their personal account maintenance by deleting old photos/attachments, messages, etc. Why keep anything that's more than 6mo old or esp older than 1yr??
  11. ... or not having any guilt when the weather isn't hunter friendly. When you're working M->F, you feel an obligation to hunt regardless of if it's raining, windy, bitterly cold, snowing, etc. Not so much when you can pick & choose any day of the week to hunt.
  12. Yes Duran was a great boxer, just not an American fan favorite. His fights with Sugar Ray Leonard were epic.
  13. I did the same as the OP, retired at 62yo, but I didn't want another job. Oh yeah, there's always the lure of looking at SS &/or your retirement fund and thinking how much more retirement income you'd have if you only worked a couple/few more years. Hell with that, I just made some budget cuts and don't miss having much disposable income! Happiness & your sanity are worth a lot!!
  14. It's what the anti Xbow crowd refers to a Xbow as.
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