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  1. Ok All You ATV Experts

    First time you load a deer onto your new ATV & dump trailer, you'll wonder how you ever did w/o them! As you'll find out (hopefully!) there's a technique to putting a decent sized deer onto a dump cart and getting it latched for transporting. I used to relocate ladder stands with my ATV & trailer/cart. Convenient, fer sure!!!
  2. Setting up a trail cam to take videos is the way to go! Get many more "looks" at deer & other critters compared to photo bursts. Downside is battery usage and you really have to only save vids that are important onto your PC. Can quickly eat up storage space. Also can get some really interesting vids you wouldn't have gotten by taking photos. Trade-offs...!
  3. Ok All You ATV Experts

    Size does NOT always matter...! Yeah, still talking about ATVs. It's not necessarily about the CCs, it's a combo of engine size, torque produced, tire patterns, what you expect from your ATV and budget restraints. Don't believe there are many ATVs available that will "do it all", for every situation w/o breaking the bank. Kia-esque ATVs have a set functionality determined by the mfger, as do the BWM/Vette-esque models. Choose your poison!?!
  4. Nice!! All I've even gotten are videos of BBs strolling past a stand I was in earlier in the day or a stand I'd contemplated sitting in, but decided not to!
  5. Ok All You ATV Experts

    Yeah, IRC most homeowner's &/or theft or property damage types of insurance on your hunting property exclude an ATV. Also (IRC) if your ATV & trailer are connected to your vehicle and anything happens, it goes onto your auto insurance claim. Another little quirk in ATV regulations &/or licensing, is if your ATV is trailered & on a public highway, it is suppose to be licensed. Anyone know if this is correct. Obviously, not every ATV is licensed if it never leaves private property.
  6. Ok All You ATV Experts

    Yeah, those Traxters were geared for pulling and not speed. Once I got a better hitch on mine, I could pull ~1000# (gravel) in a plastic dump trailer. Granted it took quite a bit more throttle, but try that with a Sportsman...! Moog... did the dealer (??) give any reason for not using rear axle for tie-downs???? Not like you'd bend or distort the axle tube with the amount of tension needed using ratchet strap to simply keep ATV from moving side to side or frt to back on the trailer.... Baffling to me!??!
  7. Hunting Chairs

    ^^^ or the tell-tale pile of flat rocks stacked against the base of a big tree that could recount some hunting tales. Oh yeah, gotta have a comfy seat with good back support or my hunts are limited to a couple hours max, after fidgeting the 2nd hour! Worst are those 2-man ladder stands. Most uncomfortable seats of ALL stands!! Ground or blind hunting - Check along the curb-sides as you drive around, esp in "ritzy" neighborhoods. People throw away those plastic deck chairs all the time after they begin to fade. Most are beat-up, but occasionally you can find good ones. Hardware stores sell spray cans of paint for specifically plastic items, just in case you need to tone down a pink, yellow, blue, etc freebie chair. Carry in a dry foam seat pad and tie the chair to a tree so it doesn't blow away. Even if it finds a new owner, you're out nothing.
  8. Ok All You ATV Experts

    FYI - A couple HD ratchet straps around rear axle to trailer tie-downs are easier than how you've rigged yours. Same for front! I had a Bombardier (CanAM) 500cc CVT Traxter for 11yrs and never had a problem with it... that I didn't cause myself! Typically put more hours than miles on mine each year. Changing oil & filter (on mine!) was a breeze, once you get the 2X special sockets (metric & Torx) and over the $$ of the synthetic engine/CVT oil. Another special tool I needed, a very thin walled spark plug socket. Most shop labor rates for ATVs, small engines, etc are comparable to dealership car shops.. ~$90/hr. I had to learn this the hard & $$ way, read & understand the owner's manual. Buried within my manual's text, it mentioned to NOT use a pressurized wash for cleaning the ATV. Mine had a pretty deep well the spark plug was at the bottom of and if it got water in the well - you literally were F'ed until water was removed & plug changed. Your beast may be different, but see what manual says! Never got mine stuck, other than in deep (12-15") of snow on top of unfrozen/wet ground. Depending on ATV's ground clearance, the skid plate underneath could bottom out and wheels won't get any traction, regardless of how aggressive the tire treads are!!! Winch time! Here's a couple accessories I always carried and highly recommend to you! An ATV winch accessory kit (or one similar) and during deer season add a 50' roll of HD rope to extend the winching distance. As you know, deer don't always pick the most accessible spots to lie down & die!!
  9. What movie is this quote from ?

    Let's have a "******** *****" with chicks and guns and firetrucks and hookers and drugs and booze! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! All the things that make life worth living!
  10. Buck rubbing already?

    I've seen rubs when bucks are in velvet. Never aggressive, just simply an "itching" rubs barely scaring the tree. Definitely not peeling back all the bark as shown by OP! Like Doc mentioned, their racks are growing, full of blood vessels and assuming nerves, so they're probably somewhat tender to be doing any typical rubbing.
  11. Interesting deer - coyote observation

    This is kind of a strange story. Read awhile ago where whitetails are the only mammals that will not protect their young.
  12. Potential or no?

    Where I hunt there's no grain crops, so by about the 3rd week of July the bucks display pretty much what they'll be in October. Of course, less a few inches, some girth or bonus points/stickers. May be a different story if they're eating soybeans during July & August. IDK!??! Can generally tell if a buck is going to be phenomenal if he has excessive above average growth during early stages of velvet, ie; May & June time-frame. You'll know when you see it!!!!! Lets see some more photos later in July!
  13. Remember these ?

    Jarts, camping and alcohol - Never a good combo!
  14. Roberto Duran-- Hands Of Stone.

    BTW - There's also a movie of the same name on Netflix. Not great, but DeNiro (Raging Bull) stole the show as the reluctant boxer's manager trying to keep Duran focused and control his rage.
  15. A Forum Title Spelling Needs Correction

    No offense, dude, but ~8K forum members and this missing "n" bothers only you.. ? Kidding...!! Spell check was greatest innovation, ever! Auto correct is worst!! I'm more PO'ed having to look-up acronyms, compressed words with missing letters, etc than misspelled words. Texting & social media both have their own language(s) with an appropriate dictionary.