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  1. nyslowhand

    New Xbow legislation for 2019 introduced

    Again... that section allowing 55yo to use Xbows during the special archery season. WTH is that season!!?!!
  2. Strictly an FYI for those wondering whatz going on this year. Not meant as an open invitation to express your pro/con opinion, yet again! We all know where everyone stands, many times over! Got this notice from NYCC when cking my eMail late Wed evening. Most interesting provision, if I'm reading correctly, is to allow the DEC to implement Xbow useage, seasons, a legal implement, etc. The bad news is these bills were refereed to each house's Enviro Cons sub-committee. With only ~13 working days left before summer recess, it'd be some unheard of "swift actions" by our NYS legislators to get these bills thru the approval process & on Czar Andy's desk. I'm still unclear about the reference to a "special archery season", WTH is it!?! Anyways, here's the cut/paste body of the announcement, with membership & leg contact pleas omitted... New Crossbow Bills Introduced Last week Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner and Senator Jen Metzger introduced crossbow bills. These bills are not full inclusion but they offer significant movement toward it. A7627 (Woerner)/S5818 (Metzger) What do these bills do? Changes crossbow to the bowhunting privilege from the muzzleloader privilege Replaces the special longbow season with a special archery season and adds crossbow Allows 12 - 15 year olds to hunt with a crossbow (removes the prior prohibition on 12 and 13 year old's) Authorizes those 55 years old or older to use a crossbow in a special archery season Authorizes those physical unable to draw a longbow as determined by a physician to use a crossbow in a special archery season Allows youth to hunt wild small game and wild upland birds with a crossbow Changes the term bolt to arrow Removes the 200 lb maximum draw weight and the minimum 17" width restriction Repeals the prohibition on the use of mechanical devise with a bow and authorization (permit) for disabled hunters to use crossbows which may be discharged only using one's breath Authorizes DEC to adopt regulations authorizing the taking of wildlife using a crossbow and to include a summary of such regulations in the hunting syllabus Reduces the setback to discharge a crossbow to 150 feet consistent with a long bow
  3. I have a Redfield scope on my 22mag.
  4. nyslowhand

    Drive your hunting buddy's crazy......

    Funny! Have to make sure you mounted those so tracks appeared to be in different direct than the ATV was going. Look here Billy-Bob, this deer is following an ATV! Let's stalk em.
  5. nyslowhand

    New crossbow bill?

    Guess the folks in Wyoming Co are tired of waiting for legislators to pass a state-wide bill! If you viewed the link, it got refereed to the dreaded Enviro sub-committee where all Xbow bills linger until dying.
  6. nyslowhand

    It begins again

    I believe there is a little more than merely semantics. Most Xbow mfgers refer to them as arrows. Possibly attempting to keep their products more in line with vertical bow archery. Marketing smoke n mirrors. I'll admit to being guilty of buying wrong items when in a hurry or not paying attention! Shouldn't be an issue with Xbow projectiles. Don't recall ever seeing unfinished Xbow bolts/arrows. You're always prompted or it's clearly displayed on pkging their length, either 20" or 22". Not to mention you have to specify a nock style, either flat or 1/2 moon. Agreed.. would make things so much less confusing if Xbows used apples and vertical bows used oranges.
  7. nyslowhand

    Back in the day

    Must have been that beverage store just east of the porn shop close to the Rte104/350 traffic light. Only the porn shop survives, so whatz that say about us Wayne Co residents??? Sort of like years ago driving thru PA on Rte15, seemed like every 2-3 miles there was a roadside porn shop. So I've been told....
  8. nyslowhand

    It begins again

    ... Yes, historically a Xbow projectile was called a bolt, but a lot of name brand Xbow mfgers refer to them now-a-days as arrows. In your defense Eddie I do see Easton/Beaman call them bolts, while Gold-Tip does NOT call them either a bolt or an arrow. Confusing!?! Over past ~5yrs bolts &/or arrows for Xbows has sort of become an interchangeable term. Same mfgering process, material, diameter, weight choices for vertical bow & Xbow use, simply shorter with different nocks for Xbows. Not something I'm going to get obsessed over, what to call my Xbow projectile. Tomato.. Tomato', Puhkahn....Peecan. You call it a bolt, I know what you're talking about if we're discussing Xbows!!!!!
  9. FYI - Not many will be able to read the full report from WSJ, but you did forgot to include the by-line; "Both parties have largely given President Trump leeway on Beijing, but steeper levies on imports passed on to U.S. companies and consumers might change that."
  10. nyslowhand

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Nice lush lawns... if that's what you want. I can't wait for the late summer brown lawn when I use my weed-whacker to top off those deep rooted weeds and don't have to mow the lawn but ~1-2/mo.
  11. nyslowhand

    It begins again

    ^^^ 2nd that! Unfortunately, when current Xbow season (and legislation) was implemented in ~2014 the way it was .... a disaster. Probably have to be a special Xbow license and the requirement that bow safety course be completed. That'll make a lot of non-bow hunters that never took the bow course and still hunted w/Xbow for ~5yrs very unhappy. Same scenario if full Xbow implementation as a legal weapon for all of bow season gets approved. No way to "grandfather" them in since there's no evidence anyone actually used a Xbow, other than the ML license requirement or maybe a harvest report. NY legislators fumbled the ball back in 2014 trying to appease special lobby groups! Would be a whole lot different if the DEC were handed this hot potato from the start!!!!
  12. nyslowhand

    Halle Berry can run a gun pretty well

    Agree with Pygmy's intent, not so much with his lustful details though... She's definitely perdy!
  13. nyslowhand

    Antlers growing?

    Okay, so they're still pretty much fuzzy nubs by the end of May, but you can definitely see some racks growing at a faster rate than others. These will eventually develop into bigger racks, per my trail cam photos over the years. Disclaimer - Brush buck observations! Probably different scenario where agr crops could possibly help antlers grow at a different rate over different time frames!?! To each his/her own desires, but I check my cams weekly because I like to follow the buck's development, fawns frolicking, #s inventory and esp travel patterns that develop/change.
  14. nyslowhand

    It begins again

    I got one specifically for the mfger's Xbow I have since the fore stock has a molded feature to accept the pivoting attachment end. It extends 25-36", so it's pretty much a tree stand stick. DYK - You can use these shorter shooting sticks while stalking &/or walking to/fro the stand? Just adjust length and tuck end into your belt/belly area. Not perfect, but helpful when trying to hold your ~7# Xbow any length of time. If you use one of similar adj length, IDK but assuming you could use it same way up in a hang-on stand while seated..!?!
  15. nyslowhand

    Mother's Day

    Note to MOM - We had our issues, but I always told you I loved you and I still do with all my heart. My one wish is that where your journey has taken you has relieved you of any mental & physical limitations. I think of you everyday, but more so on this day dedicated to all moms. Be well mom, love ya and see you soon!