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  1. OMFG, I'd rather listen to a "flat-earther" defend their belief.
  2. Yeah, that was just a matter of buying up your competitor before they surpass you. Good old Bass-Mart.
  3. FYI - Deer near the orchards up here will jump an 8' fence when apples ripen.
  4. Funny! Didn't he sound like a middle schooler - Can't blame me, I didn't know. And this comes from the state where the CDC is located! Pathetic, but funny also!
  5. Not only that, but even if you've contracted Covid-19, not been tested, have no symptoms and can still infect many until the symptoms show-up and you're officially quarantine. Nasty little trick of this virus!
  6. OP's photo looks like one of those double (frt & rear) foot prints creating what appears like a single foot print. Phenomenon has fooled Bigfooters for years. Saw a TV show where this was tested with a grizz and it did make the dbl imprint in sand.
  7. ^^^ Seeing this in Russia as well as China.
  8. Dude, you could be shooting at a postage stamp.. all shots are still in the kill zone.
  9. Theory is men are more likely to use alcohol, tobacco products and abuse their bodies putting them in a higher risk category. More so than women would. Un-scientific, but don't you think men would also be more likely to resist any government's forced social distancing restrictions??
  10. Saw an article several days ago mentioning this pandemic has brought to life every person's real nightmare. No, it's not isolation, getting ill, debts, ect. It's dying alone with no family members at their side. Anyone that has/is going thru this, they have my heartfelt sympathy!!
  11. Probably a thing of the past, but certain "boondock" bars used to serve fried smelt in the spring time.
  12. Fence better be electric or 10' high.
  13. Ahh, sort of, but see the above John Hopkins report, esp section on Covid-19 life span on surfaces. This all depends on how folks at retailers protect themselves & the customer when stocking shelves. Or who has handled or contaminated item you're purchasing. So whether paper, plastic of reusable bags - you're bringing it home. If you were a germaphobe before this pandemic, you're definitely OCD about it now!!! My rule - If in doubt, wash your hands!