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  1. nyslowhand

    A scoring challenge.....

    Really unique rack and a memorable harvest! If you're happy, we're happy for you & "F" the score! He's your biggest buck to date, so isn't that the score that counts! Great, unique buck!
  2. nyslowhand

    Sooo..Folks With Mechanical Knowledge....

    click, click = dead battery, alternator not recharging it, bad wire or connection draining battery, starter solenoid engaging whir, whir = starter thump, thump = pounding your head for a solution ka ching, ka ching = replacing parts that might not need to be Take vehicle to a shop specializing in auto electronics. I did a few years ago, guy found problem in 3-4min with a voltmeter, no diag charge, gave him $20, about a $15 part, installed it myself and problem solved. No more musical car problems!
  3. nyslowhand

    Crossbow string mishap

    Maybe a few years ago a manual rope cocker could give uneven string tension. The gripper gizmos that attach to the string have been improved so that isn't an issue. The mechanical, ratcheting cockers do apply a more evenly distributed force on each side of the string. JMO, either method with today's tech improvements are pretty negligible with newer Xbows. This could be/have been an issue using a manual rope cocker for Bionic...? Just semantics - When you refer to a rope cocker, it's the manual type you carry in your pocket. Never heard anyone refer to a ratcheting or mechanical cocker using the word rope. Still understand what you're saying anyways!!!
  4. nyslowhand

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    My "pair" will be under at least 4X layers of clothing, so a selfie would do them justice. Oh, you mean my weapon!?! Savage 111 in 270 and still a virgin.
  5. Agree with most everyone, except Biz. He mentioned two separate scenarios, longer bow distances and steep inclines. A RF with angle compensation would mainly be helpful in the later situation. Any doubts, find a website that will solve (trig) right angle problems. Only tricky part is to figure out just how high you are off the ground within a couple of feet when you're ready to release an arrow to plug that into the trig solver.
  6. nyslowhand

    Field Ageing Fun

    Can't believe I actually got sucked into this train wreck thread!!!!! ... and all this aging matters, why? Seems to be more about trophy hunting and little to do with the OP's claim of land management. Or just maybe social media bragging rights, or not!?!
  7. nyslowhand

    Crossbow string mishap

    Interesting question considering all the stress put on a Xbow string simly cocking it and the huge amount of energy released upon pulling the trigger. No easy answer considering all the differences between a compound vs Xbow. Gotta think it is much less than a compound bow string, BUT really relative to how much you shoot. I probably shoot my Xbow <10X each year, including confirming scope settings and shooting deer. JMO, a small % of what vertical bow hunters shoot/yr...
  8. nyslowhand

    Bear vers 12ga

    So... anti-tank relates to being brown bear approved!??!
  9. nyslowhand

    Crossbow string mishap

    Had this happen to a ~2005 vintage Barnett Xbow. Second time practice shooting, string broke and launched arrow into the woods. Good thing I wasn't in a backyard!!! Fixed that issue by sending Xbow back to Cabelas for a refund.
  10. nyslowhand

    Bear vers 12ga

    Where can I get a 20mm rifle? Any scope suggestion? Would I need a recoil pad? Don't think my tree stand is large enough for a turret mount!?!
  11. I'm the world's worst judge of distance there ever was! So I bought same RF as above ^^^ several years ago when going $$ was ~$150 and up. That model is only 100yrd max RF! Found using one during the moment of truth when a deer/buck is coming in to be a PITA and creates a lot of xtra movements. Although I still carry mine & rarely get it out, I typically only use it setting up yardage makers (25 & 40yr) with orange surveyors tape in September. JMO, Rangefinders aren't that useful as substitute binoculars. They have generally 6X mag, but field of view is a lot less than binos. Borrow one, s/u yardage markers, return it to owner, carry less crap to the stand and use ~$100 for some other toy. Or look for one on Black Friday or Cyber Monday at a bargain $$.
  12. nyslowhand

    Crossbow safety question

    Here's another little cocking quirk I ran into, possible only on my Xbow mfger/model (10pt Turbo). In the dark one AM, only had interior SUV lights to illuminated my cocking of the Xbow. Faintly see the string set the safety to on. So, was assuming it was fully cocked. Fast forward a couple hours .. arrow in place, BB comes out behind my stand at ~12yrds broadside, aim, safety off, pull trigger, NOTHING. Reset safety to on & the off again, pulled trigger 2nd time - NOTHING. WTH, as BB is leisurely walking away. Guessing .. there is a certain point in the cocking process where string initiates safety, but not fully engaging it!??! What I now do & haven't had that problem since is to watch string set safety and keep ratcheting another maybe 1/8 a turn of hand crank. Don't want to get TOO over zealous, could damage string, safety, etc.
  13. nyslowhand

    Crossbow safety question

    The more you shoot & handle your new toy, the more confident you'll get. BUT ... be warned a Xbow has a lot of moving parts and stored energy when cocked. Being a dumb-a$$, I got over confident and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing when shooting my Xbow the 1st year I had it. Almost lost the end of my index finger when I unknowingly got it up & onto the strings path on the forestock. WTH was I thinking.... A lesson learned the hard way for me that I do NOT want others to experience, so I share my dumb-a$$ness. lol
  14. nyslowhand

    Crossbow safety question

    As you found out, the safety will should always be off when getting ready to (re-) cocking it. There's no reason I can think of to have the safety on before cocking a Xbow...!?! At least on mine when the string is fully cocked the string sets the safety to on. As CORY mentioned, some Xbows have a secondary safety, not allowing trigger to be pulled if an arrow isn't detected nested to the rear of the rails. Dry firing a Xbow is a big "NO-NO".
  15. nyslowhand

    Don't Shoot The Messenger

    Voluntary AR is the only "fair" way to allow hunters that have purchased licenses to harvest what they want. We've seen what happens when trophy hunters want to limit what their neighbors are harvesting, the DEC is coerced into making WMU, county or zone mandatory AR regulations. JMO, mandatory AR is BS. Esp true with today's hunting property size, basically old farm land broken up into ~100ac or less lots. Obviously, if you don't shoot 2.5yo bucks they will become better quality bucks in a couple years. BUT ... you also have to live with the fact your neighbors might shoot these same 1.5/2.5yo or basket 8pt bucks and be ecstatic with the harvest. Who are we to criticize or decide how our neighbors hunt and what enjoyment they should get out of it?