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  1. nyslowhand

    Bachelor groups

    What usually happens in my neck of the woods is - Early part of September the velvet comes off, most BBs go solo, smaller bucks may still be together and the big boys tend to disappear with only the occasional night time photo. The summertime bachelor group boys don't like each other anymore after velvet is off and eventually turns into a hate relationship with sparring, etc. Weird enough, following spring they are buddies again....
  2. nyslowhand

    the punt gun

    Never heard of this. Pretty bizarre! Has a regular stock in one photo, but assuming you wouldn't want to shoulder that cannon!!!
  3. nyslowhand

    Big ol' hooter

    Love those hooters, huh? Very nice!!!
  4. nyslowhand

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    Nearby in Carson City area I assuming you can hunt rabbits at the Bunny Ranch...
  5. nyslowhand

    Mystic CT

    Somehow I don't think Julia Roberts is still working at the Mystic Pizza since 1988.
  6. nyslowhand

    Small pick up truck questions

    No advice, just think it's weird what we consider "small trucks" now-a-days. And the MSRPs......nothing compared to full-sized truck prices, but sticker shock all the same. JMO!
  7. nyslowhand

    deer hunting evolution

    As a kid it was mainly about helping my dad put meat in the freezer, so let the lead fly! At some point it become more important to enjoy the experience. So, the up close & personal bow hunting (& ML) evolved as a more suitable style of hunting for me. Admittedly I'm guilty, to some extent. Don't consider myself a BB trophy hunter, per se! I do enjoy the anticipation and excitement of have an encounter with a big bodied, mature buck. Not to say I haven't shot a few younger 6pts, mainly because it was an exciting encounter and got my adrenaline flowing. Also only share my successful hunts with a few close friends and never via social media. If I think it was an exciting and successful hunt, that's all that matters. Not out to impress anyone other than my own ego.
  8. nyslowhand

    Problem with Raccoons

    Yeah, sardines as bait. Generic ones for ~$1/can will work. A coon or opossum aren't overly discriminating, if it smells, they'll go after it! Center bait in area behind the trigger paddle, otherwise they'll reach in from outside the trap & feast on your sardine bait. A well place 22LR or mag to top of head is instantaneous. Some blood, not a lot. If it turns out to be a skunk in the trap, have no advice. Have heard they won't spay if you sneak-up on the trap and cover it with a towel/blanket. Not sure what you do then......possibly the drowning method!?!
  9. Nanny McPhee at it again!
  10. nyslowhand

    Giving My First NYS Hunter Education Class

    I've read a lot of your post on this forum and think you'll be a great instructor. You'll be addressing a bunch of newbies with sponges for their hunting brains! Fill them with your wisdom & vast experience (& safety) to ensure they'll become like you some day!! Great that you can "Pay it forward"!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. nyslowhand

    Who Here Has Taken A Hard Fall While Hunting?

    Anyone that has hunted a few years has fallen on their face. Hopefully w/o any injuries, other than to their pride or expensive equipment damage. If you're like me, first thing you do after recovering from a fall is to look around to see if anyone witnessed it... embarrassing.Don't like to relive these...!!!
  12. Isn't this topic mostly about a hunter evolving, favorite game &/or weapon? Back in my younger (& foolish) days, I'd walk endless miles hoping to flush pheasant, grouse, woodcock, etc. My dad always had a couple beagles, so rabbit hunting with them was fun & enjoyable, even in the snow & cold temps! Also back then I loved hunting deer during reg SZ shotgun season, late Nov/early Dec in cold & snow. As I've gotten older matured, the snow and cold temps seem to be less tolerable and not a lot of enjoyment vs suffering derived from hunting those conditions. This is when Oct & early Nov bow hunting became more enticing. Always liked bow hunting, but it got way more of a tolerable way to enjoy deer hunting. Needless to say, any bunny & bird hunting has ended for me. Loved turkey hunting when I started in the 1980s, when there were quite a few around where I lived then. Recently live where the turkey population is struggling, so shooting one seems less desirable than allowing them to try and repopulate slowly. Sort of an ethical decision on my part. As far as a favorite weapon, had always lived in the SZ, so shotguns were SOP. Had them all!, single shot 410/20ga/12ga mag turkey shotgun, over/under 20ga-22 to semi-auto Rem 1100 & Browning LT 12ga Did get a rifle when they were recently allowed in my region. Do carry it, but would rather use my TC Triump BP rifle. Still prefer some sort of the "up close & personal" bow hunting and the addition of a Xbow has become my favorite. Esp with my aging less than toned physic, it is easier for me to enjoy and use successfully.
  13. nyslowhand

    Do you use pee?

    If you've used it in the past with good results - you'll swear by it! For me, wish I had the $$ in hand I've spent over the years on Tink's, Code Blue, Buck Magic, scent sticks/wicks, etc & real doe urine. None seemed to work as far as I know while in the stand! But there's a sucker born every minute, I still get 1-2 cans of Tinks aerosol with the hope it'll work...
  14. nyslowhand

    interesting study

    So, my question is; This revelation took a survey to publish a fact most hunters already knew? IDK, is there any state forest/public land in NYS comparable to this 114k acre location in Pa where survey was done?
  15. nyslowhand

    Older than dirt quiz

    What's older than dirt, fossils. Anyone qualify or own up to remembering the below fossil era things? Sky King and my 1st love, Penny, Or 2nd love, Mouseketeer Annette, Captain Midnight and those Ovaltine offers, Listening to Roy Rogers or Lone Ranger on the radio, B&W TVs with mini ~10/12" screens and a refrig sized cabinet, A pack of smokes for 25¢ out of a vending machine & there were 2 pennies wrapped inside cellophane as change, fallout shelters, reel push mowers, cars with fins & vent windows, shoveling out your parent's driveway, Oh yeah, mowing the lawn or clearing sidewalk for widow down the street simply because it was the right thing to do, and finally my all time favorite, days when you didn't worry about locking your doors when no one was home.