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  1. nyslowhand

    Tree stand stolen

    I also had a fairly HD ladder stand stolen from the backside of a property I'd owned. Unfortunately, didn't realize it until ~April when I was scouting for turkeys and the ground was bare. Had to have been a snowmobiler as it's about 1/4+mi to nearest road. Inquired with neighbors about anyone having permission to hunt or snowmobile on their adjacent properties - None! Although PO'ed, my hope is some one is using it and it wasn't merely stolen for scrap metal. What I did the following deer after deer season ended was to remove the bottom ladder section & horiz brace and hide them in the brush ~100yrds from stand location. Seemed to work, never had another stand stolen. Or maybe neighbors were more alert to trespassers after I'd mentioned this issue.
  2. nyslowhand


    UB still in tournament, while "Cuse is out. Who'd a thunk...!
  3. nyslowhand

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    Congrats to the hunter & PH/guide! BUT.. someone is a dumb-a$$ for posting this hunt on social media and not expecting any negative responses!!!!
  4. IRC, this action by Dick's was prompted by their sporting goods customers complaining about the gun sales. Dick's caved-in to the pressure, but they could have just as well put a ~6' tall partition around the hunting related section. Whatever..., not my personal preferred place to buy firearms anyways.
  5. If you've ever been lurking/drooling around the gun counters of places like Dick's, BassPro, F&S, etc - you've overheard some hair raising conversations between customers and the sales clerks. Obviously there are people who qualify for pistol permits, buy one with almost no knowledge about them, take them home a couple days later, go to the public range with probably NO instruction or safety rules explained. If I were a frequent user of a public range, I'd want to be assured the person next to me was at least semi-competent of handling a weapon safely and how to use it properly. Asking too much!??! So some do not want any govt agency involved in this type of weapon handling and safety training. At the local R&G there are several seminars or training sessions put on multiple times a year by 3rd party companies that specialize in this sort of thing. Make the consumer responsible ($$) for having this type of training before any initial handgun purchases. Maybe I'm living in some sort of alternate universe, JMO it just seems to be common sense. Don't hear anyone complaining about the decades old hunter safety course. Similar scenario...!?!
  6. nyslowhand


    OMFG, way too much OCD & time involved in making the 1st cup of coffee for me when I wake up. Need my caffeine injection fast! Do respect you for being a coffee connoisseur, so am assuming you drink it black!?! Mine takes only a dribble of 1/2 n 1/2 to hide any bitterness. Oh yeah, gotta be piping hot, not room temp stuff.
  7. nyslowhand

    Cut cable !

    TV antennas now-a-days are much like the old style rabbit-ears. Only get the strongest "over the air" signals from local network stations, IE: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. IRC, shopping for antennas, they'll have signal reception strength listed in miles. All the news, weather & sports are regional but revert to network programming after that. Most TV sets have internal decoders to convert signal to view-able TV shows. So you basically install antenna, connect cable, adj aiming of antenna and you're good to go with TV remote controller. Check before you plunge, my Visio TV has no decoder/converter. If you want to store/save programs using an antenna, need an additional TI-VOish box. Some streaming services have an add-on for network TV viewing at a $$ if you don't want to be bothered with the equipment issue. And some streaming services offer program storage (cloud) add-on, again more $$ typically.
  8. nyslowhand


    Now here's one for the other thread about nostalgic things. Still remember going to the market, down the coffee isle, dumping the bag of beans into the big red grinder, selecting grind fineness and hoping no one put any .. foreign objects into the grinder before I used it. Wasn't it mainly Eight O'clock beans, at least when I shopped at local Acme supermarket???
  9. You also can get a lot of shooters with varied backgrounds and experience at gun clubs. Never shot at a public range, but assuming you get a more safety conscious & diverse background of shooters at a gun club's range, even w/o being monitored other than mere entrance to the range...!?! Gun club I frequent requires a one-on-one range safety orientation prior to issuing an entrance key card. Don't know so asking the obvious dumb question - Do public ranges do this? Not meant to be a lecture or any criticism, but we all started out shooting as a newbie. At least for me, back then I needed some interpretation or reinforcement of the Rules Of The Range. Pretty sure most newbies would accept constructive criticism, reinforcement of safety rules or polite instructions as being helpful. Not to get into the gun laws controversy, but JMO - ALL NYS counties need to have a 1st timers handgun training/safety class before buying a 1st handgun or initial permit issuance. Some do, some don't! Not a 1-2hr cursory class and definitely not an on-line course either!!
  10. nyslowhand

    Cut cable !

    Yeah, ~$40/mo for an all-in-one streaming service seems to be the sweet spot or target price. Did use Direct TV Now when I got their 3mo intro price and was pleased with service & options. Just more than I want to pay/mo for the regular price service from them. Even the dreaded Spectrum (biting my tongue!) has a couple of interesting options. First is Choice (??), where you pick your favorite 10 channels from an expansive list, network broadcasts included and you can even add-on premium channels (ie; HBO, Showtime, etc). Promoted at ~$22/mo, it's actually ~$30/mo with added broadcast fee for network stations. Premium channels added on for +$15/mo. Used to be an open-ended offer, but IRC see in fine print where it might be only a 2yr pricing offer...!?! Spectrum also has another interesting offer coming out this (March 2019) month for lots of entertainment channels, less news & sports for ~$15/mo. And of course Spectrum's hidden fees could be added on..!! Can't seem to find many details, but did see it was for those of us cable-cutters still stuck with Spectrum internet. To set the record straight, I HATE SPECTRUM! Just giving an idea of some of the options out there. Something out there for everyone's viewing preference. Just have to find the right fit!!!
  11. nyslowhand

    Poached Eggs

    I saw yesterday where the medical experts are on the anti-egg kick again. More than 3-4/wk is too much cholesterol. Doesn't this change about every 10yrs from eggs are good for you to very bad??? Been dying to try poached eggs done in the microwave, just too hesitant to experiment with recipe &/or timing. Any one do them nuked?
  12. nyslowhand

    Cut cable !

    Ugh.. My #1 pet peeve, cost of cable TV and guessing satellite providers are about the same. Did my cable cutting about a year ago and reduced my TV viewing bill from Spectrum's std service (~$110/mo) to Sling plus one add-on (~$30/mo). Unfortunately still stuck with Spectrum's absorbent std internet fee of ~$65/mo, less any equipment rental. Have to admit cutting the cord was super intimidating at first for this old fart. Once you do it, it's not that overwhelming... so I say now! Almost all the streaming providers have at least a 7 day free trial and w/o any contract. Lots of info available about DIY or how-to do cable cutting.and reviews of services and equipment. Once you wade in and get your feet wet, there's a ton of streaming services available. FYI - There is NO best service for every one! Depends on your budget, viewing preferences, ease of use, etc...
  13. nyslowhand

    Season dates .

    More specifically, in the SZ Xbow season opens for the 14 days preceding the regular SZ deer season opener. More or less, the 1st couple weeks of Nov. The SZ deer season opening date is always the 3rd Saturday of Nov, so back date 14 days for Xbow opener each year. Or until our legislators get their heads out of their a$$es.
  14. nyslowhand


    I've always removed the sling (& quiver) once I'm situated where I'm going to sit/hunt.
  15. nyslowhand

    Shock trade: OBJ going to Cleveland!

    Exactly!!! Okay, so maybe there's a certain segment of professional athletes that just can NOT seem to leave the aggressive nature of their job in the locker room before going out in public. These individuals give the whole sport a proverbial black-eye! Unfortunately, this behavior is more common place than athletes that might be considered role models and get much less "press" for their good deeds.