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  1. Isn't this a "Guy" thing? Regardless of item - Open box, set instructions aside and proceed with any assembly or operating the item as if we know what to do!!?!! The instructions or user manuals should be saved, just in case we don't know what we think we know..... I'm guilty!
  2. Fair enough! Still like to see what data was based on...
  3. Data w/o any explanation can be deceiving, so I had to look-up FAIRUS.org. Below is a quote and not my words or opinion! "The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a non-profit tax exempt organization in the United States that self-identifies as an organization seeking to reduce both legal and illegal immigration. ... The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies FAIR as a hate group with close ties to white supremacist groups."
  4. I have the Game Saver version and love it. Works great. but.. you do have to ensure end of bag is nested into vacuum pocket & flattened across the sealing wire strip. When filling bags, you do have to keep the area you want sealed clean so it seals properly. Haven't tried any other brand of bags, the FS continuous rolls work great. Just not as convenient as the pre-cut ones. Have found a couple of small quirks I'm not overly satisfied with when using my FS. I always cut bags to size & double seal, so the sealer can overheat after a while causing me to wait for it to cool down before proceeding. There is a "Liquids" sealing button, but when I see liquids starting to be drawn into the top of the bag, I immediately switch to the sealing function. Not sure bags with liquids have all the air drawn out before I prematurely seal them... But they do appear to freeze well! Annoying quirks, but merely slight work-arounds! In the past have come across ground (links) meat that have been in chest freezer almost 3yrs and have NO freezer burn.
  5. nyslowhand

    Happy birthday Cabin Fever !

    How'd I miss this?? Happy birthday and get well soon, bud!!
  6. nyslowhand

    Toyota Tacoma 1.2 Million Miles (so far)

    Great testimonials that auto mfgers may have mixed reactions about. If every vehicle lasted 500K to 1M miles the consumers would be elated, but the entire auto industry would be bankrupted. Not exactly sure when this mfg philosophy started, but "built-in obsolescence" is evident in everything from vehicles to appliances & all things between. IE: When was last time you purchased an appliance with the anticipation it'd last 15 or so years?
  7. nyslowhand

    Wtf happened to Remington

  8. ^^^ exactly! Side note, there seems to be a "push" by the DEC to not only verify legally tagged deer at processors, but if those are also reported in DECALS.
  9. nyslowhand

    Ozone Closet

    Interesting. Wonder what it is about those units and elastic waist bands & bib straps??
  10. nyslowhand

    Woodstock 2019

    Since you're the 1st to actually admit this..I did the same, but joined AF in '67 to learn a possible civilian career as my recruiter had promised. Well... long story shortened, had no choice after basic but to work in munitions, (aka;a bomb dump) where almost all guys ended up in Viet Nam or Thailand. WTF have I done. Where's that recruiter, want to choke him!!! Suddenly amidst all the SE Asia reassignments comes a few for Germany. Anyways, that's where I was in 1969 and wasn't even aware of Woodstock at the time.
  11. nyslowhand

    Windows 10 Is A PITA!

    Ahhh, back in the day when "computer" meant being able to play Pong, Space Invaders or PacMan.
  12. nyslowhand

    Woodstock 2019

    No thanks! I lived in Watkins Glen at the time of the Summer Jam and survived the chaos! Once in a lifetime is enough for me!
  13. ^^^ The DEC plays with the statistics of deer harvest. Last I knew reporting was at ~45%. To give a more accurate total DEC uses a "fudge factor" to boost the numbers up to what they think is a more realistic annual harvest. Clearly a case of - the numbers can lie or be misleading.
  14. nyslowhand

    Windows 10 Is A PITA!

    Like most, I resisted the free Win10 upgrade. Just TOO social media embedded in the home page & start-ups. Well... had to get a new PC which came with Win10. First thing I did was install an app to retain the Win7 homepage & file mgr. Been flawless since, for what I use a PC for!! Win3, that's going back in time! Anyone remember the stack of 3.5" disc needed to install Win1 or Win3. Even worse was the PILE of installation discs for MS Office from same time frame! Hell I even remember the 5.25" floppy needed to start an IBM clone PC back in their infancy. Then to run a program, needed a 2nd floppy disc. AND.. a lot of DOS commands. Then to save something, needed a 3rd floppy disc. Believe I've used every version of windows, except Win8 which I also avoided. Holy crap I'm old!!!