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  1. I hope he is just busy
  2. I used to fu k with them but it seems to do no good...I just dont answer if I do not know who it is..If No message is left I block the number..
  3. Thankyou was not sure....
  4. Can a crossbow be used this week during ML.....I am not sure.
  5. Not really sure how many hours I hunted....Did not see a shooter buck gun or bow season....Took a decent doe for some meat. All in all had fun and enjoyed the season...
  6. There is a guy selling the camx cross bow in the classifieds......I bought one and I am very happy with it so far..
  7. I heard 10 inch’s not really sure... Gonna go up Saturday and check things out... Not sure if we can get on our property.
  8. I would like a a nice o/u 12 gauge...Browning or Beretta .......