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  1. Doe's ears trimmed

    Maybe she got loose from some kind of farm?
  2. Movie recommendation

    A few people have said good things about Wind River..
  3. Rifle for my daughter

    Look at a T/C Venture or Compass ...
  4. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    I also heard the flu shot does nothing...I have never got the shot myself.If I am gonna get sick I ride it out...Never like to put anything in me as far as meds go
  5. Humphrey’s first

    Love the pic...
  6. Dads latest toothpick creation.

    Thats amazing................
  7. Movie recommendation

    Anyone ever watch the Bowery Boys? I have the first of 4 editions i am gonna watch today after church..
  8. Finally arrived

    Nice looking pistol....Enjoy....
  9. Antler burr cross..

    Thats very cool..
  10. Grow Alot

    The spamer has got BIZ...............
  11. NFL Final 4 Team Photo's

  12. Happy birthday erussell !

    Happy Birthday...,
  13. Hit the hard water

    looks like a good couple of hours.........
  14. Grow Alot

    She is s good person I am sure she is missed already
  15. Moose snow plow

    That is just awesome.....