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  1. ny hunter

    Happy birthday BigVal !

    Happy Birthday....
  2. ny hunter

    Set up cam

    if it is the Verizon guy you might want to charge him rent........My vote is a coon .......
  3. ny hunter

    Full Metal Jacket-- Jelly Donut Scene.

    Great movie..........
  4. ny hunter

    Some new arrivals in daylight

    The 8 is pretty big body wise....Good luck..
  5. ny hunter

    So You Want To Steal My Bike!

    Funny .....
  6. ny hunter

    The wait is almost over

    Saw 2 very big bucks on the SawMill parkway last weekend still in velvet......
  7. ny hunter

    Red dot versus scopes for deer hunting

    I have used red dots.....But went back to scopes.....But thats just me...Not saying anything negative about red dots..
  8. ny hunter

    Indycar at Pocono

    Coolpics thanks for sharing....
  9. ny hunter

    What type of ML?

    T/C Encore for me..... Love shooting it..Well bring to camp a few times a year just to play...
  10. ny hunter

    cleaned the inside of the wifes pilot

    1.86. Added to the new gun fund
  11. Not sure what I was thinking but man is it hot today.....Had to be done its been awhile 3hours and its brand new again..
  12. ny hunter

    Any cigar smokers here

    Been smoking Olivia lately real nice cigar....My Father is also a nice cigar.....A nice burbon and I am in my happy place....
  13. ny hunter

    Getting back into cars

    Love that SS Beautiful ride .......................