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  1. Uodate on Judy

    thoughts and prayers .......
  2. What you totin on sat and why....

    7mm MAG if it's raining my 30-06
  3. Middletown

    Ha ha chicken farmers.....
  4. Wow

    Wow !!!!
  5. Middletown

    Middletown has been gone awhile now.
  6. Middletown

    Dicks in the crystal run mall..
  7. Seriously?!

    Looks like a real nice deer...I would also show him offLOL
  8. Thank You Veterans

    Thank you Vets!!!!!
  9. I call dibbs

    Oh BABY!!!!!Good luck
  10. Cold Weather Gear

    I fleece pants under an insulated bib.
  11. Fellow hunter lost

    Man that sucks.....Thoughts and prayers for the family
  12. How we looking in 3H???

    I have to miss this weekend...Good luck if you get out..
  13. How we looking in 3H???

    Things starting to heat up .....Found a bunch of fresh rubs and what looks like pretty active scrap last weekend...
  14. New truck

    Sounds like an awesome truck....Best of luck hope it does everything he needs it for..
  15. Happy birthday nyantler !

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!