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  1. Is bubba back?

    Good luck!!!! Nice deer!!!
  2. Whitetail hunting movie

    Watched half yesterday nothing great might finish today...
  3. Finally got the Clay machine set up today.

    looks like a great day right there.............
  4. Hunting Chairs

    A nap in the woods even 15 mins. Is hard to beat.
  5. Bears go on vacation?

    Guess he allows pets....
  6. Hunting Chairs

    I have regular folding chairs in a few spots.... A decent chair makes all day sits a lot easier..,
  7. Shot MP Shield for first time ... and left

    looks good for your first day ...
  8. Cherry eagle

  9. One month of antler growth...

    Real nice deer!!!! Good luck !
  10. Cherry eagle

    Looks great so far... Can't wait to see the finished product....
  11. Guns you want to buy next.

    Would love a revolver in 22 mag...
  12. Hey Phade....Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday....
  13. Any Members Here Into This Expensive Hobby?

    Have a buddy thats into those planes..He builds them from a kit.Not for me but he enjpoys it..
  14. Hunter safety course

    Try calling blue mountain sportsman center in montrose