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  1. If I can I will start a fire and cook the heart while field dressing the deer and eat it before leaving the woods. I cook the liver with onions and butter. I boil the tongue and eat it sliced with a horseradish sauce on crackers. Tried the lungs this year in a tomato sauce, good but has the texture of clams so I may try it in a white wine sauce this year. I will try the kidneys this year. Thinking of making some type of sausage from lungs, liver, kidneys and put it in casings from the deers intestines. I feel an obligation to use as much of the deer as possible even cut the ribs off and cook like spare ribs. Enjoy the whole process from hiking in to a remote spot, to the drag out, the aging and butchering. All of it brings enjoyment and makes me look forward to the next season. Butchered lots of deer over the years and love it.
  2. Sir,


    I am looking to join a rod and gun club in the area if you have a waiting list I would appreciate it if you could add my name to it. Should you have any questions or need additional information you can reach out to me at 201-741-1738 Jim Corcoran.

    1. eaglemountainman



      Thanks for the interest. Currently, we are only able to offer fishing memberships, due to the amount of guys we have during deer season. If you care to join under those circumstances, when a hunting slot opens up, you would get first consideration. Let me know if that would interest you and we can talk.



  3. When will OCFSC put their Pheasant stocking schedule out for 2020?
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