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  1. Thanks, Jerkman for the info. I'll be doing some research. I know that I don't want to send anymore money to the NRA, unless and until they make a major change in their administration.
  2. Consider planting some pears. The owner of one of those big orchards in Columbia county once told me, " The deer will walk through my entire orchard to get to the pears in my door yard."
  3. As an aside, I know that there are other groups that advocate for the second amendment. Any recommendations here, as to which ones do meaningful work in an effort to preserve our rights, and are worthy of my/our membership money.
  4. What a beautiful and eloquent sentiment. I'm happy for you and the time you've had together. Sending positive energy to you and your loved ones.
  5. Suffolk county will not let you co register handguns.
  6. I have a feeling this country is going to be in much more turmoil in the next four years, than it was in the last four. Quite possibly, even a civil war. God save The Republic.
  7. It's great to be young and in fine shape. I highly recommend it. For those who, like me, are getting older or worried about being out of shape, there are easier elk hunts than high altitude, rough mountain hunts. Eastern Wyoming, for example, has high plains elk hunts at altitudes around 4000 feet, with open terrain that is flat to gently rolling. Picture typical pronghorn country. I'm retired 3 years and have been hunting eastern Wyoming for antelope and muleys each year, while I build a few points for an elk tag. I'm 64 and consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but the reality is, I'm just not the 35 y/o swingin' dick bull I was,anymore. When I put in for my elk draw, it will be the high plains and not the mountains. There are options in other states as well. Like others have stated, DO IT WHILE YOU CAN! I have a buddy that I've been friends, and deer hunted with, for 20 tears or so. Every year when I ask if he'd like to come along on an out of state hunt, his reply is always, " I'd love to...some day...". He's always had the means, and he used to have the health. Well, guess what...Paul is now in his 70s and all but physically unable, and "someday" has come and gone. Now, it's "shoulda, woulda, coulda..." Please, don't deprive yourself like Paul did until it's too late.
  8. Same. Only cancelled when I retired to Fl a few years ago. Still have the hat!
  9. He's a handsome little boy. Best of luck with him. I'd love to get another pup, but my age has become a very real factor to consider for long term ownership.
  10. I use a POS Big Chief smoker with non-controllable elect element. I fill the chip pan with a heaping load of damp applewood just one time. When that's gone, the unit is basically just a dehydrator. I like it to have a kiss of smoke, rather than taste like a burning house. About 10 hrs and done. I cut mine 1/4" - 3/8" thick. I use Hi Mountain, 1/2 Original, 1/2 Inferno mixed together.
  11. General B for mulies. Sorry, hate to be an ass, but can't divulge the pronghorn unit.
  12. I'll be heading back to Wyoming again for mulies and pronghorn. I think I'll be able to draw on a Special with no points for either or both. Have an absolute blast out there! Also have some irons in the fire for a New Mexico mulie hunt. And, of course, the entire NY southern zone rifle season up on Eagle Mountain.
  13. It's been years since I hunted on the county land, but you used to have to report and sign in at the Yapank check station and pick (first come, first served) for your daily spot...real big pain in the ass.There was also a "bunny permit" that was available late season when just rabbit and squirrel remained open. With this permit you didn't have to report to Yapank. You could hunt any and all areas. Like I said, that was along time ago. Things may have changed.
  14. Been a bad year. My camp/club lost another one of our founding members back in June. Condolences to all here who lost a cherished hunting buddy this year and in years past.. The best we can do is honor them by remembering them and keeping the traditions alive. Hold into the wind, Dad, Gramps, John, Craig and Danny.
  15. I stillhunt, so I have some options to control my comfort level. I usually wear a light base layer under Kryptek Vellus pants and jacket, or old school Woolrich buffalo plaid coat and Johnson green woolies for colder conditions. Feet get sprayed with scent free antiperspirant, then a pair of Coolmax polypro socks under a pair of Darn Tough merino wool socks, all in a felt lined pak boot with plenty of wiggle room for my toes. Hands get 1/2 finger glomits with a light pair of merino wool glove liners. I wear one of those hand warmer muffs with a couple of chem packs or Jon-E warmers in it. Basically, just the energy spent slowly pussy footing around is enough to keep me comfortably warm without sweating. If I do start to get too warm, I can open outer garments to dump heat, and I can slow my pace down even more. Conversely, if I get cold, I can increase my pace a bit or work up a steeper incline to generate more body heat.