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  1. Lots of respect for that old warrior. And lots of respect for the for the old gent who harvested him. Congratulations! I think you nailed it, WNY Bowhunter.
  2. I remember those cardboard tubes as well. Wish I had a dollar for every time a spilled them with the top off. I could probably buy another Kimber Montana.
  3. Pronghorn cutlet parm with thin spaghetti and a couple of Augustiner Brau Edelstaffs. Chased it with some Cherry Garcia with hot fudge and Frangelico whipped cream. Sorry, no pics
  4. Interesting quote I heard this morning ...someone said if Mayor Pete doesn't win the nomination for president, he'd be more than happy to fill the number two slot.
  5. About every 35 years. I'm over due. I'm still using an '84 Hoyt Pro Vantage Hunter. Before that was a '76 Bear Polar II.
  6. I hope you never come up against some ghetto rat who's strapped up and have to defend yourself with just your strength + martial skills. Good luck with that.
  7. I carry because, I don't care where you live, schitt can go down anytime, anywhere, and I don't plan on being caught flatfooted.
  8. Do you know what the yearly real estate taxes are ? Also, an address or GPS coordinates?
  9. I know this reply is too late for your recent trip, but something to keep in mind for the future. I do a western hunt each year. Once I punch my tag, I debone all the meat and freeze it solid. When I fly home, I use my backpack as my overhead storage bag. I line it with one of those grocery store freezer bags and place 45-50 lbs of meat in there. If I can't fit it all, I can put 10-15 lbs more in a carry on under the seat. I dread the thought of putting it in my checked bags, with the very real possibility of them getting lost. I can only imagine the fetid stench after a few days, not to mention the loss of all that precious meat. Hope you had a good hunt and were successful.
  10. Register with Camofire.com and check them everyday. About once a week , sometimes more, they have incredible sales on all kinds of makes and models as well as card readers, memory cards etc.
  11. That looks sooo good. What are we smokin'?
  12. Sounds good. I'll check out Patey and Sons. In my earlier post, I typed New Brunswick, but I meant Newfoundland. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. I've read the same things about Anticosti and the beaches, though they do also hunt them in the timber traditionally. I while back, I read an interesting article about how the deer there have developed an audible means of communication where they kick their hooves on the buttress roots of hemlock trees. The guides there now call them by tapping rocks against the roots. Crazy, right!? I'm doing some research on Newfoundland outfitters, and would be very interested in which one your buddy used, if you know.