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  1. ^^^^ That's what I use. It's always in my possibles bag.
  2. Used to be a pretty good population of them around Port Jervis about 30-40 years ago. Used to see them quite often right on the side of the highway.
  3. And there's global video of Biden proudly relating the story of how he strong armed Ukraine, but you failed to address that. As far as the kiddie groping, that's why the payoffs happen... to keep it down low. And, not my fantasy, Joe's fantasy.
  4. God only knows how many parents had to be bought off after inappropriate behavior by Creapy Joe. And it was Biden who put a gun to the Ukraine's head and threatened to withhold $1,000,000,000 unless the prosecutor was fired that was looking into illegal activity and money laundering by Burisma, who just so happened to be his son's employer.
  5. Maybe some money changed hands in exchange for endorsements. Holy shit! Imagine that! Democrats buying dirty political favor. Believe what you want.
  6. I don't buy it either. More Dem BS. Comes around every two years. You can set your watch by it.
  7. I've had a set of Irish Setter Elk Trackers for about 9 years now. Every year I brush them off and apply a good coat of SnoSeal with heat from a blow dryer. I use a scentless antiperspirant spray, then Coolmax polypro liners and a pair of good merino wool socks. Bone dry and warm.
  8. That goat looks like it's in great shape considering it's 50-60 years old! The doe looks plain mean. I realize everyone's situation is different, but I'd find a way to keep them if they were my dad's or grandpa's.
  9. You might want to get fancy and pick up one of those padded swivel bucket tops. They're cheap enough.
  10. Just pulled the trigger on that Muddy Infinity 2 Man. My daughter gave me a $100 gift card for BlackOvis on Father's Day, so it only cost me $50 with free shipping. Eager to give something new a try...but only if it rains hard.
  11. I've been a still hunter my whole life. Never sat in a stand or a blind. Lately thinking of buying a Muddy 2 man Infinity pop up for those days where it looks like a hard, steady rain. I love still hunting in a lite drizzle, but I'm getting older now, and a cold heavy rain just might get me sick and put me out of action. At least I'll be in the game instead of back at camp feeding the fire and drinking beer. Jala Rut, your blind should look great once the woods are in fall/winter color. Good Luck
  12. I think that's actually one of those flag pole mounts attached to the structure he/she is standing on.
  13. I use a Gatco diamond hone system with course, medium and fine stones. Finish by stropping with Bark River black and then white compounds.