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  1. eaglemountainman

    How many Hunt alone ?

    The guys in my club come to camp only on weekends. I drive up for the entire season from Fl, and so I have the place all to myself all week long in between their short stays. They always ask me, " Isn't it lonely up here all week, alone? ". I always reply that, I might be alone, but I'm never lonely. I love the solitude of being the only one on the mountain and in camp. My wife suspects that I might be a sociopath. There might be some truth to that. I do admit to deeply missing my dad and grampa, but in reality, they're with me every time I step in the woods.
  2. eaglemountainman

    How many Hunt alone ?

    Initially, I thought you meant spiritually, because that is how I feel whenever I'm successful. Very glad I was wrong. I miss those cherished moments with my dad and grampa. Wish you many more years with your dad.
  3. eaglemountainman

    Another Bear...

    I know, but that one is very large and inverted from any I've seen.
  4. eaglemountainman

    Another Bear...

    Oh yeah, he'll do. He's got an unusually large white chest V. And it seems to be opposite of norm.
  5. eaglemountainman

    Hunting Leases - Southern Tier

    Jeremy K, take him up on that invite. There are few things in life as special, to my mind at least, as being part of a good deer camp every year.
  6. eaglemountainman

    Remington model760 308 win

    There's a vintage 5 diamond (checkering) on Gunbroker. Buy it now price is $500 with a scope in 270. www.gunbroker.com/item/818960893
  7. eaglemountainman

    Hunting Licences on sale

    If it said, "Selected", you're golden.
  8. eaglemountainman

    Hunting Licences on sale

    Log back in to the DEC site and work your way back to the, "Licenses and Priviledges", page. There will be a column on the left of the page. Scroll down to where it says, "Previous DMP Selection". It will show your 2019 and all previous years. Good Luck.
  9. I get a land owner DMP the last 5 or 6 years. But, when I wasn't, I believe it was a random selection. I too have been turned down only to receive one later in the mail from the left over draw. Slightly OT, does anyone know when licenses will go on sale for 2019-2020 seasons?
  10. eaglemountainman

    Hunting chairs

    Don't know your specific setup, but the Any Angle seat can even be placed on a horizontal log.
  11. eaglemountainman

    Hunting chairs

    How about one of these: https://shop.hawkhunting.com/any-angle-tree-seat/ or one of these: https://shop.hawkhunting.com/hangout-tree-seat/ CamoFire has them both on sale all the time for $24 each. I'm an ageing stillhunter and my back gets very tight at times, where I need to sit for awhile and rest it/stretch it. I bought several of these and have placed them at various locations all over our property. They are quick and easy to install and take down. They're padded, quiet and they swivel.
  12. eaglemountainman


    I like Tupelo, clover and buckwheat. I like to switch them up. Also, use pure grade A dark amber maple syrup in my coffee and as a general sweetener. I haven't used conventional sugar in years.
  13. eaglemountainman

    NY Buck of a Lifetime

    All three great bucks. I like the last pic pose best. Gives more angles for better perspective.
  14. eaglemountainman

    Bear on camera

    Ooooh,that looks like a good one.
  15. eaglemountainman

    2019 Rut Predictions

    I might be mistaken, but doesn't D&DH still do predictions based on his theories and criteria?