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  1. I have my dad's 336 RC. It's a '54 chambered in 35 Rem, with a straight grip and a Lyman receiver sight. I take it for a walk at least once every deer season in the Catskills.
  2. Lost 11lbs first 14 days in.
  3. Was just gonna suggest checking the deck for level, and adjusting. That was my problem a few years ago. If your blades haven't been sharpened in a very long time, they might be beyond reconditioning by now. Might want to just replace them.
  4. I started Keto 9 days ago, along with intermittent fasting 18-20 hrs a day. Also did a 24 hr fast the other day. Caloric intake between 1000-1400 a day with less than 12 net carbs a day on average. No results to report until first 2 week weigh in on Tuesday. The Keto piss strips have me in the optimal ketosis range consistently though, so hopefully I'll see rapid results. I did have a few days of Keto flu beginning around day 3. Nauseous/spongie gut, headache, low energy, achy joints.... Wishing continued success to all.
  5. Looks like a Fritillary.
  6. UPDATE: After not receiving merchandise or any correspondence from the vendor since 3/31, I filed a grievance with PayPal. They immediately issued a full refund to my account. What really sucks is that the site I ordered from looked to be the Keen official website. Hope nobody got hurt in this.
  7. You're probably right. The reason I said this one might be a marten is because it doesn't look to be more than 3-4 pounds. The fishers I've seen were 8-10 pounds, and maybe more. They were also much longer, at about 40-45 inches. Plus, any fishers I've seen were a uniform darker brown throughout, where this example has the big area of lighter buff coloring, more consistent with a marten. But I've been wrong before...
  8. This one looks a bit small for a fisher. Wondering if it might be a Pine Martin.
  9. Just imagine it's big brother, the wolverine.
  10. Sorry, I've never worn rubber boots, so can't speak to your question. I can say that, for the few times I've worn the gaiters, in deep snow and wet CRP, my legs have stayed dry. I am seriously considering a pair of La Cross Burly Side Zips for this fall.
  11. Use this link. https://www.keenfreedom.shop Just ordered a pair of Pyrenees for $29, normally $145. These are my early season Wyoming muley and antelope boots. Already have two pair but couldn't pass up the deal.
  12. I have these in camo, which is a softer, quieter material. I always pack them but don't often find a need for them. In three years I've maybe worn them 4 times.
  13. I carried a full sized 1911 for years. Size and weight were not an issue for me. The only reason I switched was because I wanted higher capacity and don't like carrying extra mags. I moved to a CZ 75 PCR with 16 round mags +1, when I left NY. Its a double/single with a decocker, which I've really come to like a lot.
  14. I have a camp/club in the Catskills overlooking the junction of the Beaverkill and East Branch Delaware River. Unfortunately, all the 'ole timers that I fished with have passed. Camp is only used for hunting, anymore. So, I'll stick around Florida till turkey season opens and the boys show up. Good luck to all you guys that make it out.
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