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  1. eaglemountainman

    Bucket List Rifle Acquired

    Congratulations on your find. It looks very clean. I have a '50 99RS w/ Redfield L70 receiver sight in 300, a '50 99EG w/ open sights (I filled a doe tag last season with it), in 300 and a '57 99F in 308 with a vintage Weaver K4 on it. The Holy Grail for me is the 1899 250-3000 made between 1914 and 1918 in very clean condition. Came close a few times but still looking.
  2. eaglemountainman

    Pa changes opening day..

    Like I said, we each have our own reasons for preferring a Saturday or a Monday opener. You stated yours, and that's fine. But please, don't go characterizing me and others as as selfish elitists. You don't know me or anything about me to make such a ridiculous statement. Just so you know, I worked my whole life in construction and if I didn't work a day, I didn't get paid for it. I retired 2 years ago and never missed opening day, ever. Most years, I took the entire first week. Some people can do it, and others can't. But the point is moot because we've gone to the Saturday opener. And now, you don't have to take any more tests with bloody hands.
  3. eaglemountainman

    Pa changes opening day..

    That last line illustrates my point. There has not been the huge infusion of new hunters that the state claimed would occur. Forgetting about tradition for a moment, which is still a major factor with the camps in my immediate area, the single biggest affect has been the hit to the small town economies that depend on seasonal income from tourists and sportsmen.
  4. eaglemountainman

    Pa changes opening day..

    Do you really think the Saturday opener has recruited more younger hunters? I don't see it in the area of the Catskills where I hunt. We used to arrive at camp Friday night or Saturday morning. Had all weekend to set up camp, relax, visit with neighboring camps, hit the local bars for gun raffles, make last minute purchases at the sporting goods store or grocery, visit the local fire hall for a fundraising breakfast or dinner, have a huge game feast and massive card game at camp. Some guys hunted Monday and maybe Tuesday, then went home. A bunch of us, including myself, always stayed the entire week.. Now I see a lot of guys hurrying to get to camp Friday night or O'dark:30 Saturday morning, hurry to get in the woods, and hurry to leave by mid morning Sunday. It has really killed deer camp tradition and hurt local economies. Different people have their own reasons to prefer a Saturday vs Monday opener. These are mine and yours are yours.
  5. eaglemountainman

    Fishing tomorrow

    That's exactly where my camp is, village of East Branch. Used to spend a lot of time over your way at the Long Eddy Motel and Arnie's Scrounge Lounge, back in the woods, near Hankins. Good luck with the fishing. Some nice native brookies in some of those local creeks. PM me if you need some specifics.
  6. eaglemountainman

    Fishing tomorrow

    Are you near the East Branch or West Branch Delaware River? My camp is on the East Branch. We might be neighbors.
  7. eaglemountainman

    2019 leeks and morels

    The guys in my camp in Delaware County all call them ramps.
  8. eaglemountainman

    Packing Heat; IWB OWB Choices?

    Simply Rugged Defcon 3 for a CZ PCR. Can be worn inside or out and is surprisingly comfortable either way. Also have a UBG OWB that I like quite well.
  9. eaglemountainman

    What's Wrong with Shooting Young Bucks?

    Couldn't have said it better! Thanks.
  10. eaglemountainman

    Northern lights tonite

    While you're sneakin' a leak, take a peak.
  11. eaglemountainman

    Northern lights tonite

    Saw them almost every night while caribou hunting in the Arctic Circle a few years back. The green and magenta. Very cool!
  12. eaglemountainman

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    You're entitled to your opinion, same as I'm entitled to mine. I stated mine, you stated yours. All good.
  13. eaglemountainman

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    I have zero use for Steve Rinella or his ego.
  14. eaglemountainman

    stalking/still hunting

  15. eaglemountainman

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    In Africa, they have a saying, "Let sleeping lions lie."