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  1. I dedicate every season to my dad and my grandfather. I also carry each of their rifles at least one day every season. It keeps me connected to the two men who instilled in me, my life's passion.
  2. This is sad news. I'm very sorry for your loss. Sending you positive energy.
  3. Anyone else apply for Wyoming big game tags? If so, any luck? I drew my Muley tag with just one pref point. Already booked my flight.
  4. Do you use a surrogate hen of some sort, or do you have an incubator to hatch them out. Raised in the suburbs, I have no knowledge of these things.
  5. You sound like a man to be feared.
  6. A trip to Pa.or Ohio sounds like a nice change and a good time for a group of you guys, especially as you say, to start some new traditions to replace those that have been lost. I wish you all a lot of luck with that. I also agree with Lawdwaz. If family obligations and financial hurdles can be overcome, I would highly recommend a western hunt for mulies, pronghorns, elk or whatever. I've been going to Wyoming every year since I retired and I have a blast every time I go. Again, good luck with your adventure.
  7. You mean like the Dems have been doing for three years.
  8. Do you guys go DYI or do you use an outfitter?
  9. I understand, and believe me, I wish I could post photos. The problem is my old Samsung 3 is about 9 y/o and the lens is so scratched, everything comes out real hazy and fuzzy. Sorry. If it's a problem, I won't post on the thread anymore.
  10. Pronghorn braised with leeks from the garden, mushrooms, serranos, barley and beef broth served with a side of spinach. Like buttah As always, there was the ever present Augustiner Brau Edelstoff.
  11. No other seasonings besides salt and pepper?
  12. I don't care what he did the rest of his career. All I'll ever remember was, "NO MAS"