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  1. Leftover pronghorn stew and corn bread.
  2. Hi Eagle., can't find your message, 

  3. All good advice. If you think you're moving slow, slow down. Lose the sling. Hunt with the sun at your back. Always, stop near a tree or sapling to use as a rest. If conditions are dry and noisy, or crusty snow, move when the wind blows. Be still when it doesn't. It's great if you can hunt into the wind, but if I did that where I hunt, I'd walk in a 60 foot circle all day. I do use milkweed fluff to stay aware or the wind however. A couple/few times a day, in an area that looks especially promising, I'll take a seat on a rock or log for a 1/2 hour or so to stretch my back out. It also gives my eyes a bit of a break and I feel fresher when I continue on. Been hunting like this my whole life. My dad and gramp taught me how. I may not see game everyday, but I have a great time every time I go out. And I have been very successful at it. Wouldn't hunt in the eastern woods any other way unless there was fresh snow on the ground.
  4. Thanks, Al. I was very confident in that particular 99F out to 350, though I much prefer not to shoot game beyond 300. That goat was getting mighty close to the limit. This past summer I spent three days in Pa. with a group of Savage 1895/1899/99 collectors. There were all kinds of variants present, and I got to shoot quite a few of them or witness them being shot. I don't recall a single one that didn't impress me with it's accuracy.
  5. They started chambering the Winchester calibers, 243, 308 and 358 in '56, in the R, RS and new F model which was introduced in '55, but initially only chambered in 250 and 300 Savage. Pictures to come, hopefully, as soon as my guide can get a cell signal. Stay tuned...
  6. Just got back from a pronghorn hunt in Wyoming. Used a '56 Savage 99F in 308 Win, with vintage K4 B-60 glass, to tag a very nice buck at 286. I'd post up some pics, but my guide is incommunicado at a wilderness elk camp for at least a few weeks, and so, can't text them to me.
  7. Early 70's. State land, up Flugertown Rd near Willowemoc Campground and head waters. Hunted out of the old Paramont Hotel in Parksville. Before I was old enough to hunt, from the time I was 6, my dad had me tagging along with him in the Adirondacks near North Creek. Buckskin Valley Lodge.
  8. After losing a bunch of weight, I needed to buy all new hunting gear. I looked at Sitka, Kuiu, First Lite and Pnuma. That wasn't happening. I ended up going with Kryptek gear. I bought three different weight pants and two jacket combos, plus a vest, a packable puffy and a few of their other pieces for layering no matter the conditions. From cool early season to single digits, I should be good to go. It's light weight, has excellent warmth to weight component, seems exceptionally well made and I didn't have to ransom one of my grandkids for it. Not wanting to sound like a fan boy here. I just posted up for those who might be looking but weren't aware of this option.
  9. Browning Wasp. I've had the same bow since around '72
  10. Ok guys, let's keep those hands where we can see em.
  11. Since I'm retired, I can take all of it. I'll probably head out from Florida and get to camp by 11/10. I'll stay till the end of muzzleloader season.
  12. Ha! And I'm doing either a muley or an elk hunt next year. Which ever I don't do next year, will be the following year. However, A Newfoundland moose hunt is trying hard to niggle it's way in there.....I do love moose meat!