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  1. eaglemountainman

    Can some one please identify this big bastard?

    Looks like a 458 Socom
  2. eaglemountainman

    Favorite jar sauce

    Uh oh, he went there! Last time I had jarred sauce, (not gravy), was about 6 years ago. It was Raos, and it was pretty decent.
  3. eaglemountainman

    Air Travel With a Pair Of Rifles

    Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably go with desert tan also.
  4. eaglemountainman

    Air Travel With a Pair Of Rifles

    Yeah, I guess I need to come out of the dark ages. I was leaning towards aluminum because that has been the extent of my experience for the last 35 yrs or so. My old Outers protected my firearms without even the slightest issue, ever. Been researching the Pelican 1750 and haven't been able to find a bad review. Probably going to take a leap of faith once I find a killer sale somewhere. Father's Day sale, maybe. I have till Oct.
  5. eaglemountainman

    Air Travel With a Pair Of Rifles

    What are y'all using to keep your firearms safe and secure during air travel? I'm looking to replace an old Outers double scoped rifle case that I've had since the 80's. I would prefer aluminum w/ wheels , like the ICC 5214AW. I've seen a lot of them in a lot of camps throughout the years, but having a real hard time finding a vendor with them in stock. If I had to go plastic, the Pelican 1750 looks like it gets favorable reviews. Not looking for a one and done deal. I want something that will be as tough and reliable as my old Outers has been all these years and hunts. Additional suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. eaglemountainman

    Whats Your favorite knife that you own

    I had to rehandle a Browning too, after my dog chewed up the original.
  7. eaglemountainman

    Whats Your favorite knife that you own

    The Henckels on top was my primary for over 35 years. For about the last six years, I'll carry either the Grohmann #1 or the #2. But, the Henckels has earned a permanent place in my day pack, so I guess it's still my favorite. BTW, those Grohmanns are nimble, ergonomic little beauties.
  8. eaglemountainman

    Yours or your kids first gun

    Believe it or not, my dad gave me a Marlin .22 for my First Communion. I don't think my mom was pleased. I believe I was 6.
  9. eaglemountainman

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    Yeah, I thought that's how it was a few years back, but was uncertain if that was the current regulation. Thanks.
  10. eaglemountainman

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    Not 100% sure, but I think honey and syrup burns are legal in NY.
  11. eaglemountainman

    Live From The Maine Coast

    What he said. It's been getting more and more crowded up there the last 15-20 years or so.
  12. eaglemountainman

    Bergara Rifles

    I started giving the Kimber Classic Select a good hard look. I kept waffling back and forth. I just saw that Buds has the Woodsman for $699 while they're selling all other calibers for $849. I took that as an omen and jumped in. Now I'm just hoping my luck holds out with the wood lottery.
  13. eaglemountainman

    Bergara Rifles

    I like that the Kimber Classic has traditional Mauser type controlled round feeding, just my personal preference. It's also lighter at 5.12. I see them new on GB in 7-08, even though their web sight doesn't show it. They're also available in 257 Roberts, one of my all time favs. Build quality is there and they sure are pretty to look at with that grade A French walnut and ebony tip. I haven't heard much about their accuracy potential. Do they have a reputation as being shooters? I'm not a long range game shooter for personal ethical reasons. I do shoot steel out to 600 yds a few times a year with friends. If I was looking at a monster at 400 yds, and conditions were perfect, I'm sure I would take the shot. I much prefer to stay inside 300. Hhmm....damn you, Rattler....
  14. eaglemountainman

    Bergara Rifles

    There's plenty of time. I'm retired and hit the range at least once a week. I could have it all sussed out and ready to go in less than 6 weeks much less 6 months.