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  1. eaglemountainman

    Which day pack do you use.

    The X2 looks like a terrific pack, also. It was actually the front runner until a friend suggested I check out the Pop Up 28. At $100 less, it might still get the nod.
  2. eaglemountainman

    Which day pack do you use.

    I don't use a day pack for still hunting whitetails in the Catskills, but I've booked a pronghorn hunt in Wyoming for this October, and think that I should have a pack. I need something to carry addition clothes so I can change out with the weather conditions, a tripod for my binos, lunch/snacks/water, a kill kit and whatever else might find its way in there. I've been giving a hard look at the Mystery Ranch, Pop Up 28. It seems like a perfect size and has an overload expanding feature. You can even use that feature, along with a minimalist internal frame and meat shelf, to haul meat. At $279, its seems a bit spendy, but I have yet to see a bad review. And since I intend to do a western hunt every year, now that I'm retired, I'm kinda thinking buy once, cry once. Curious as to to what y'all are using, and if anyone here has any experience with the Pop Up 28.
  3. eaglemountainman

    Online Ammo Purchases

    You're probably right. I retired and got the hell out of NY a couple of years ago.
  4. eaglemountainman

    Online Ammo Purchases

    I go on AmmoSeek to find the best deals. Usually Academy, Graf and Son, Grabagun....
  5. eaglemountainman

    Tripod suggestions

    At first casual glance, I thought he was shooting from a cannabus grow.
  6. eaglemountainman

    Social Security???

    I'm going with Tangle Ridge Outfitters. If I have a good experience, I'll book a Muley hunt for next year before I leave. I've been messaging with a few guys who have been repeat clients there for years. They all have nothing but good things to say, and are booked again this year. That's exactly what I'm looking for, a place that I can return to and feel comfortable year after year.
  7. eaglemountainman

    Social Security???

    Me too. I'm a retired IBEW electrician and have a great pension plus 401K and other annuities. But the SS makes a nice boost. Thirteen years is a long time just to break even, but what ever works for each individual is what matters.
  8. eaglemountainman

    Social Security???

    I have to draw, and I don't know much about it, but outfitter says there are 2 types of draw and the pricier one is just about a lock.
  9. eaglemountainman

    Social Security???

    At 62, I got while the gettin' was good. At 24K a year, it would take some time to break even. i'm using that money this year on a Wyoming pronghorn hunt, and next year on a Wyoming mule deer hunt.
  10. eaglemountainman

    Name the cartridges

    22 Savage Hi Power
  11. eaglemountainman

    Great Day Today, What'd YOU Do?

    Finally started tiling the bathroom I gutted down to the studs two weeks ago. 12x24's go up fast. Wish I was up in NY on a snow machine.
  12. eaglemountainman

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Nutrisystem Margherita pizza.
  13. eaglemountainman

    did I sin?

    Hey, they're your guns. You do what you want with them. Me, I treat firearms like puppies. Once I get one home, I just can't bring myself to give it up.
  14. eaglemountainman

    New pond build

    Would drilling and blasting have been an option? Good luck with your project. Your kids and you are gonna build some great memories. I have a 5ac pond on my property in Maine that was built way before I bought the place in '05. There are brookies up to 2+ lbs and I let the local kids play hockey on it.
  15. eaglemountainman

    Not the best way to test a helmet

    That was a real knucklehead maneuver. He got a free one.