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  1. This is why I chose to stay with bow.. I took that online hunters course having never shot a hunting rifle I wasn’t comfortable just buying a rifle to hunt. I’ll take my chances in the lower & Long Island regions this season.
  2. I’m all for that my brother I appreciate that. I’m still in the city. Rockland not far at all
  3. Thank you...I’ve been looking in the 3S zone besides the typical places to go. I’m gonna take a different approach preparing for next season. I’ve been looking for a mentor, Kinda hard. But imma figure it out.
  4. Yea just started I wasn’t quiet comfortable being in the Wood bow hunting while people are shooting guns so Westchester was always my 1st choice Eventually I wanna venture further north or west. Thank you good luck
  5. I have a few places in mind I wanna check out in Westchester...I wanna do coyote but not sure of the regulations totally. Especially in Westchester. In due time I wanna do it all GOD willing
  6. New bow hunter from NYC (1st ) season... Father ,LOVER OF ALL PEOPLE with Morales and self respect. If your looking for a hunting partner who wants to do it all ( Ethically & Safe )im ya man. I’ve never hunted but Been interested just wasn’t something you seen in my neighborhood growing up. I have all my tags equipment. Been out 2x this season even as a new hunter, I had a spike at 15 yrds and didn’t take it. Good luck to all