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  1. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Help me out, how did ypu cook them what temp etc....they look damn good.
  2. corydd7

    Breakfast of Champions

    Bacon, potatoes, shallots, pablano peppers, lots of garlic and about 6 over easy eggs to go right on top.
  3. I seem to have horseweed growing all over my clover plot. After reading up it seems to be glysophate tolerant so I mowed it down today. Am I correct in my identification? What shall I do to eliminate it? Clover has been crushed by deer but I would assume getting rid of this weed would benifit the clover.
  4. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    45 minutes away.
  5. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Wow. Im going to make a point to visit soon.
  6. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Not a pizza guy but this works.
  7. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Between house hunting employee's quiting and pretending to be an old man hurting my back I haven't been cooking a ton. No sides but some awesome baked cod tonight. Biz I need the name of your butcher your steaks always look great. Bionic I was looking for you Friday night no service up there but your food looked good as always.
  8. corydd7

    Logging Time

    I think your on the right track with those choices. Looks great, do you have any idea of how the soil is? How large of an area?
  9. Wheat and rye on a new staging plot with some radishes lightly sprinkled in. I should get my soil sample back in the next day or two, if the ph is higher then expected I will add turnips to the plan. Turned over annual plots I've been building soil quality and planted WTI clover in April. Top seeded the clover plots with beets and greens which I had awesome results with last year. Questions for everyone, my property is filled with briars with that being said I have been thinking of turning over a clover and chicory plot and replacing it with beets and greens. With all the briars on the property should I focus on late season food source or stick with the clover mixure?
  10. corydd7

    What is this Tree?

    Well I went zero for eight on my pear trees surviving so you might want to find a sub contractor for that job.
  11. corydd7

    What is this Tree?

    I have some on my property if my vote counts I agree with gman.
  12. corydd7

    Lab Results for Food plot soil

    Antler King sells two products plot max to raise ph and Jolt which is a liquid fertilizer. Both have worked for me, you can also buy smaller amounts of plot max but the link will allow you to read about it. Last but not least it can be added with glysophate if you have to spray an area.
  13. G-Man what do you prefer and why, winter wheat or rye? For me wheat seems to pull deer much better.
  14. All these deer look small compared to the still growing buck that looked like an elk at the Newark Airport exit tonight. Biggest rack I have ever seen in the wild and it's only July.
  15. corydd7

    How does your garden grow 2019

    Getting there. No luck with ghost peppers yet.