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  1. Chapter 5 is right up my alley I have almost 40 acres of a 6 year old clear cut. Seems like great info just from quickly skimming over it thanks!
  2. Maple Syrup Season

    I'm trying maple syrup for the first time and will have more sap then I can handle. However I have no clue what the best low budget way to boil down the sap would be. I hope to make 3-5 gallons on syrup (200 gallons of sap). Suggestions?
  3. Can you frost seed now?

    What would be the downside to a spring planting of winter wheat? Seems like a good way to add organic matter.
  4. Wonderful Quote From The Late Charlie Alsheimer

    There is no way FSW isn't trolling. Reading what and how he writes there is no way he is being serious. I say cage them all so we all don't have to be jealous lol.
  5. time to start

    What's your ph level in that bignbeasty plot? My soil is 5.3 so I need to decide on trying a brassica plot or a combo of winter wheat, triticale, and cowpeas to condition the soil. Deer crushed winter wheat this year so it' not the worste option.
  6. time to start

    I'm a week behind you. I plan on taking down about 150ish trees. I hope to additionally add 3 acres of food this year. Good to know about the turnips your not the first person to mention that.
  7. I know March would be better but I'm heading upstate to check on my cabin and I expect to have exposed soil, do to the recent rain. Should I get it done or wait till March and expect better germination?
  8. Logging Lease vs Public Land...... Torn

    I have an area I love but I'm doing just what you say next year. Hunt state land ADK park 10 minutes away. Always fun to have a variety of ways to hunt big game.
  9. I was headed upstate for the weekend to kill some time and a coyote or two but -17 changed my mind
  10. NYS Tree Seedling Sale

    Treeguy, any insight as to why you had such succes? Your user name seems like you might be some help. First time buying trees I can read all I want but real world succes is way more important thanks.
  11. NYS Tree Seedling Sale

    Thanks. A few other counties do the same thing. Madison and Herkimer for sure but I don't believe Oneida is doing a tree sale this year. Madison County list also comes out this week, search their website to request an email of available trees.
  12. i need some help

    If you have an sdcard slot on the flip phone place one in and it should backup to the card. After that, place the sdcard in an adapter and it will load to your computer. Could go to a CVS and explain you want the video backed up to an sdcard and they should be able to do it for you.
  13. Backpack hunting the Adirondacks

    Why not try a float plane? If your talking about a week hunt in October that's a lot of gear, unless you can load a couple kayaks and drag them but yeesh. So many spots with what your asking for Metcalf Lake is nice.
  14. Right. For me I see very few people who have luck the first year (unless the deer have another source of them close). I think I might be forcing deer to eat them more then drawing them to my property. More risk reward then I would like for all the effort I put in. I was going to try them this year and a friend who knows by failure told me to go another route. Somebody would really need to sell me on the upside for me to try them.
  15. Goosifer, with this experience will you try again next year?