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  1. Title says it all, covid has allowed many including myself and others on the forum to dive into gardening. Last year was my first growing from seed I believe I had 80 plants plus watermelon, corn, zucchini and sunflower from seed. I started my first tray of 60 plants today and plan on starting about 200 seeds. Hope I have the same luck as last year minus the deer entering and destroying my garden at the end of September. Looking forward to doing more canning as well, I'm inspired by Otto.
  2. I agree but the last three years my half acre clover plot is down to the ground by the end of October. I have other small plots but clover is always the first choice.
  3. First three shots from 20 yards with the recurve my buddy hooked up for me. At least I'm not the one in the background with the metal detector. Happy to get started while I decide on what to buy.
  4. I'm looking at a Bear Grizzly 55# 28". The way my buddy explained, because my actual draw is a 27" the weight I would be shooting is subtracted by 2 pounds per inch. Does that sound correct?
  5. My shoulder is done, it pops out of the socket and I had a real frustrating year with my compound last year. I went to my buddies house months ago shot a recurve and loved it. More importantly it felt great pulling back. I have two friends who only shoot recurve so today I went and spent some time planning out my new recurve. As others have said my friend gave me a 40# to learn and practice with. Anything that comes easy in life generally isn't fun for me so I'm very very excited to start my recurve journey. Already sold my compound and wont be going back.
  6. Do you have a specific area in Hamilton County picked out?
  7. Couldn't agree more at least around my cabin. Wish I could take one doe each year. I see 10 doe for each buck on trail cams. Part of this is because I have food plots but I believe the immediate area surrounding, has about the same ratio. Even out the doe to buck ratio and you can provide more space and food for bucks. Starting about december 1st I always have snow on the property and deer vanish. I always get the best buck of the year right after season ends but daily sightings of deer are extremely low after about four inches of snow.
  8. John, I just started making wings for myself with my air fryer. Do you think marinating wings impacts the taste? I tried and haven't noticed a difference between marinating or straight to the air fryer.
  9. My wife forgot to shut off the crock pot this morning, so she knew she had to redeem herself. I was worn out from shoveling all day, came inside and found this. All from scratch OMG so good. Also resulted in a insta nap.
  10. Me to thought I was the only one lol
  11. Well four months later my little girl is now six months old and she is a beast! All energy during the day, takes lots of work to keep her happy but she is. She gets along great with my two year old dog they play awesome together. She has taken way longer to train then my mutt but she is getting there. She is 40 pounds now but still thinks she is a lap dog, she hops right on top of me and falls asleep with her front legs around my neck. This is the first time in ten years my wife has to worry about another girl. She is very slick at trying to get human or my other dogs food and she l
  12. I'm pretty excited for the Mets (standing by for jokes). Hoping for Bauer but JBJ would also be a fit for them at this point. What a steal for the Cards, they ate Arenado's contract and will get every pennies worth. Until his opt out that is. I hate the Braves but Charlie Morton is a friend of a friend so I always root for him.
  13. FIL got us a air fryer for Christmas. We have nearly every kitchen piece of equipment possible, so I didnt think the air fryer would make it into the rotation but after seeing air fryer wings on here I gave it a go and oh boy are they good. I use baking powder to coat, cook them ,then sauce.
  14. My buddy got a cow tag in PA this year. He shot this one two days ago. I was suppose to go as help but life got in the way. This was state land no outfitter.
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