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  1. Sorry to hear that. Feel better, broken ribs are tough.
  2. Yeah, I saw the hit and immediately text my buddy Mahomes has a concussion.
  3. Now that's some crappy luck. I'm in five leagues, three of which I play against Mahomes who of course is facing the defensively challenged Giants. I like your chances this week Biz.
  4. Hunted all day at my cabin, planned on hunting tomorrow but with an inch of rain tomorrow in the forecast I headed home after the evening hunt. Had a small fisher under my stand less then five minutes after I climbed the tree for the evening hunt. Passed on a small six in the morning and sat on a goose egg for the evening hunt, as far as deer went. Tons of sign rubs, scrapes and bucks sparring on the cameras (pictures in trail cam thread). Next week should be good hope I can spend two or three days at my cabin.
  5. A couple of these guys are repeat offenders of my camera lineup. Still not showing up during shooting hours. First three pictures are on a mock scrape.
  6. Good luck Otto! I've done backwoods ADK hunts and have more planned in the future, after my hunting buddy retires from the Air Force in 18 months. One of those special hunts were if you or your friend connect its awesome but regardless you will have fun. When shit happens as it usually does it just makes for a better story. Have fun and good luck! Let's see some pictures after your done with a wall mount in toe.
  7. Congratulations WNYTRPR nice bird! I need to cut out the ipas and try those sours, this explains the bags under my eyes.
  8. Congratulations Bionic! On the pizza that is.
  9. Sounds like you had a blast. I've been enjoying your post about camp.
  10. Pan seared salmon with garden brussel sprouts and fingerling potatoes. Don't judge my butter intake, it happens.
  11. Biz, you want the first waiver choice? I'll take williams in trade.
  12. Just read CEH is out for a bit. I thought finally having the top waiver spot has paid off! Then I see our resident Chiefs fan already has Williams.
  13. Wagyu carpaccio with raw quail egg, capers and horseradish. Grilled octopus with eggplant, olives, capers, polenta in a white wine sauce. Damn good meatballs. (Didn't take a picture) And patriot oysters that were very good with a slightly salty taste. Westtown Fare, was the first time for my wife and I. Was very nice we will go back, was kinda funny all four tables in our section were there for anniversaries. We are only five years but the couple next to us was 50 years!
  14. Imagine that and your dad being from the Bronx and a lifelong Yanks fan. I always bought him Yanks world series stuff in the 90s after they won the series. I remember one year he was dead series and asked me not to buy him anymore world series stuff because he had to many sweaters. Yeah as a mets fan born in 85 I don't have that problem. On a side note my travel baseball team went to a Yankees game and sat in the section next to the bleacher creatures I believe it was 1998. They were playing the twins I was 13 but I wore my Mets hat, in a later inning the guys from the bleachers started screaming obscenities at a then 13 year old kid. I waved my hat at them, they threw beer at me from 50 yards away, security came up to me and told me to remove my hat or I would be asked to leave! That's a true story of Yankee stadium in the 90s. We live in a different world now.
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