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  1. I tried some grunts but it didn't work.
  2. Well you have to know the town to understand what was going on here. I lived there for the last eight years and love Montgomery. This has been a hot topic for a while with many anti medline signs all over town. Fact is that it's a upper middle class town that many including myself feel will change the whole structure of the area. The town won't benefit from the 1000 jobs the other surrounding towns will. Montgomery residents aren't hurting for work. Towns like Newburgh, Middletown and Maybrook will have the majority of residents that will be hired for these jobs. Stop by Copperfields on a Friday night and ask locals how they feel about this. As normal, this comes down to politics and a few people really pushing their narrative. I see know way in 10 years this doesn't change the blueprint of the town. I hope it's for the better but I doubt it.
  3. Man that looks good. How did you cook the pork belly? Please don't say Korean style.
  4. Off of Dolson Ave? I just went myself, he is a big hunter, a really fun guy to talk to. That balsamic is to die for.
  5. Weekends are hard for me but Im in depending on the date.
  6. I have had success planting brassicas about a month after I seed the soybeans. What also might work is if you seeded rye or wheat in the fall, you can top seed the soybeans and roll over the rye or wheat to create a thatch. It will kinda hide the beans and give them a head start on being eaten before your desired time. If you haven't done that I would suggest some red clover frost seeded and wait a little later then usual to plant your beans.
  7. No but they have all sorts of stuff (non venison) that you can buy.
  8. I second this. Even the bear I shot didn't go 20 yards.
  9. Last thing on Wheeler about 8 years ago Ben Cherington's father in law who was a white sox scout told me Wheeler had all the tools to be a big star but anyone who watched him could see that his arm would be a problem long term. Long story (kinda long) he was right in every category that he spoke about when it came to young pitchers (not just wheeler). His daughter Mrs. Cherington also ran the Hudson Valley Renegades at that time and I had a chance to take a amateur scouting job that paid zip. I passed on the job but always remember what he told me about Wheeler.
  10. Jarred Kelenic is a beast. Dad is a coach he is a true five tool guy that was sold off after being a first round pick. Cano's comments on Diaz before he ever put on a mets uniform were telling. Once again I want to cheer for my team but there are major pieces that seem to be in the wrong place. I watch a ton of minor league ball and follow the mlb draft in depth, Kelenic seems like the real deal.
  11. Kill the grass off. For me that was the answer instead of planting one crop. If your planting in 5h that's where i do my plots and how i have had luck.
  12. Wheeler at almost 24 mill a year is just too much. Big talent but big injury history with an arm angle that is begging for another injury. Mets will miss him but no thanks at 5 years for 24 mill. He was all class and I wish him the best. That said the Mets are trying to dump Familia and Lawrie apparently for salary relief. Ok cool but what will they do with that relief? Mets aren't close at the moment and the lack of talent in the minors will be exposed in the coming years. It's not a fun time to be a Mets fan.
  13. This is Powerplant from WTI. They don't produce pods but create an immense amount of late summer early fall forage. The year I planted Powerplant my deer numbers on camera doubled. Im in a low deer density area so this plot made it until frost killed it off. I top seeded radishes about six weeks after I seeded the Powerplant and it came out great. Forage wise that's been the best combination I've had in four years of doing food plots. The beans hid the brassicas and allowed them to survive deer browsing much longer then any other brassicas I've planted.