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  1. Sinus issues kill me while hunting plus the "medicine" gives me extra energy to climb to peaks.
  2. State Lean-to, there are 3 on the lake. Everything else you listed we have. Mountain house meals, protien bars, rocket stove, water purification cup, wool clothes, compass, headlamps, flashlight xtra batteries. Below is my list and other important stuff like tp i didn't list.
  3. I didn't want to hijack Dirtimes thread so I will start my own. First I welcome any input, suggestions or corcerns pertaining to this hunt. I grew up as a kid in Alaska as a young child hunting bear and caribou, when I hunted NY as a teenager I always missed hunting big woods. I'm 34 now and a year ago my buddy and I decided we wanted to rough it and do a 4 or 5 day deep woods hunt staying in a state lean to or tent. He is active duty in Georgia and I'm a busy bee with work so we knew we would be going in with no actual scouting except for maps and reading whatever we could about the area. We have both done this before but not in coldish weather (30s at night 40-50 during days). We have been on top of everything we could but I definitely have that good nervous feeling now that we are eleven days away. We understand low deer population and a low chance of success but to be honest it is the experience we are both looking forward to. Of course we are looking at freezing rain (firewood will be a challenge) the entire hunt as of todays forcast, so rain gear will add some extra weight in our packs. Anyways I won't have service during the hunt but I will post pictures of our campsite and hopefully a harvest of a mature buck or bear. He has a marsh filled with pines in mind and I will be targeting a saddle about 300 feet in elevation above him. Of course we will follow sign but we do have an original plan. Of course life always throws you a curve and my wife and I bought a house and will be moving in right after the hunt so I will have a busy few weeks.
  4. My buddy called me at about 530 for help dragging this guy out. He was behind some doe's and reacted to a grunt call. Deer was shot in Orange County, and the coyote were on him an hour later. I believe we pushed the coyote off him just in time to salvage all the meat. We found two fresh rubs from today on the track job.
  5. Nope. I spent a couple days doing that myself.
  6. Good luck! I know the feeling of not making a shot I think I should have, hope you find him
  7. Yeah i seem to have overestimated.
  8. Lol yeah im suprised. Butcher said the deer was 140 pounds. There is pork added but almost all venison.
  9. Six hours they had everything done. Over a hundred pounds of meat including 20 lbs of sausage. Been before but figured I would spread the word.
  10. Yup thats actually exactly what I did. Three different plots the original plot planted in brassicas the last two years was flipped to clover this year. Radishes planted this year was a brand spanking new plot. I will even give you some credit, I decided no-till after reading some of your post.
  11. The first year i did radishes and turnips they were barely touched till late November and even them some rotted without being touched. Last year they hit them at first frost, this year by the first week of September they were already hitting them hard. From what I've read and my experiences it might take a year till they learn to like them.
  12. Could it be true do I win first harvest of the year? Almost bailed on going to camp do to being sick, glad I didn't. First buck in four years shot him at 6pm 20 yards broadside couldn't have asked for a better shot. I kinda rushed it he came from over my left shoulder and all I could see was his body which was very large. Saw how wide he was and went for it. I was up in my climber at 10:30 and saw nothing all day till he stepped out. He was feeding on some radishes and rye on a new no till plot I planted this year (ph was 4.3). He came from a extremely thick briar patch and he went right back to his bed to die which was only 40 yards away. Easy track job couldn't have been a better hunt. One sit one kill. Getting him into my wifes suv was a different story. He was shot in between the two shady patches in the last picture. For me he is a trophy for sure. 5H Oneida County
  13. I saw a giant fisher last year pretty cool he was on a dead sprint and took me a second to figure out what the hell he was. I was planning on driving up to my cabin Saturday night so I could hunt Sunday and Monday but as I sit at work I can feel myself getting sick, of course what great timing.
  14. Close together is the theory. Weather underground has a simple chart that I use. Whitetail habitat solutions has a good YouTube video on the subject.