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  1. It was a joke. Come on man, honestly I was waiting for your input because you know your snakes (I liked your post). Breathe man
  2. I know you love snakes, for that comment there might be one less snake in the world soon.
  3. Not the best pictures but any help would be great. Just worry about my dogs because the snake hangs out right outside our front porch. Snake is never aggressive slithers away into briars when I get close. I would say about 4 foot long and we are 30 minutes north of Utica if that helps.
  4. What does this prison plate consist off? Looks amazing
  5. I made some venison fajitas at my buddies house. Had about five guys shooting recurve, what a blast. Even better I came home to this! Great way to use up a bunch of eggplant from the garden. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/moussaka-recipe-2011412
  6. Out of the 150 sunflowers I planted these are the only ones who survived the deer. Marigolds have far exceeded my expectations.
  7. Asian eggplant is abundant (I gave three away to neighbors walking there dogs today), as is yellow squash. I was away on business the last couple of days and the zucchini got way to big, probably make bread with it. Italian eggplant is getting there probably a week away. Cukes aren't healthy and I'm not sure what to do about that, still getting slicer cukes but the pickling ones are dieing off. My peppers that the deer ate are making a comeback and looking healthy! Hopefully they keep staying away with this deer spray I'm using! Not cost efficient at all but I grew these plants from seed
  8. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/spicy-stir-fry-with-scallops-8071816.amp Changed up some stuff, added peppers and onions, no baby corn but the sauce was great.
  9. Thanks for the idea! I dont like rice so we threw some ramen noodles as a substitute. So good.
  10. Halibut and swordfish cooked with a sous vide at 130 for 35 minutes, finished on a stove top. Swordfish sucks I give up on it, however the Halibut was amazing. Boiled potatoes from the garden were great.
  11. I can't ever find a use for bay scallops, they are on sale this week. I'm going to snag some and try this, looks great.
  12. So funny how that works, I have been getting about 10 a week from three plants but almost zero even green tomatoes. My butternut squash is just starting but they are loaded as well.
  13. All of this makes sense thanks guys.
  14. Seems white clover is more popular with food plotters. My question is why. Is it more compatible with other food sources used in mixes? Is it just a better draw? Better for the land? Last longer? It seems my red clover grows extremely quickly and goes to seed quickly, as my white clover stays pretty low.
  15. Plants look healthy, awesome setup good luck to you guys!
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