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  1. Deer Sightings

    Must have been 40-50 deer in a field my buddy took me to. Black dirt in Orange County holds large amounts of deer. Found three sheds on a 10 minute ride unreal. Go upstate see three deer in a field and I'm excited each area in NY is very different.
  2. Crispier Fried Chicken

    Was taught this way by a guy I served with that said about 4 words a year. He told me real fried chicken only came from the south and he was from Alabama, listen and learn he said. When a guy never talks about anything but gets excited about fried chicken you listen. Ten years later I see no need to try any different way. Buttermilk isn't cheap though.
  3. They have apple trees as large as 12 feet for $15. Liberty Apple is the specific Apple which is cold hardy to zone4. Only about ten in good shape that are left over. Can't figure out how to rotate the picture sorry.
  4. Worked great for me on an old logging road. Chicory was preferred at least the first year over clover. I'm planting a 1/4 acre kill plot because of the buck action, add a licking branch and 80% of my buck pictures came from one camera. Seemed last week of September and first week of October it was crushed. I have bear, turkey, and mature deer that enjoyed it.
  5. Throw N Grow

    I use and think after reading and learning a ton over the last two years WTI is the best seed company but if you look at what's in their throw and grow bag you are getting overcharged a ton. I would just go to your local ag dealer and ask for oats and cerial grains, add some red clover. As a perennial wti extreme worked great on an old logging road with low ph last year. Just needed a rake and I added a ton of lime and 200lbs 19-19-19 deer crushed it first week of October.
  6. Seed Identification

    Black Walnut? Just a shot in the dark
  7. What would you grow

    Are you talking about two new plots or flipping a couple clover plots over? If adding plots it seems you have spring and summer covered even though top seeding some chicory into clover wouldn't hurt and the deer by me like it over clover. If adding plots oats because they are easy and brassicas in the other, brassicas can get mold, be eaten quickly and suck nutrients out of the ground and should only be planted a couple years in a row. A lot of people like radishes and turnips but I get too much snow for that. Winter Wheat can be top seeded if your brassicas if they are slow to grow as mine were last year. I had awesome luck with wheat and deer loved it, also great for soil.
  8. Freaking driving me crazy, three different bags of seed just sitting and waiting! Still 8 inches of snow at camp. My wife and I went up last Sunday and I am hoping to frost seed two areas. Still not even close I need a good hard rain! Spring turkey in the snow might happen.
  9. Healthy deer?

    I wish I could post a video but this is at my mom's house. We have always had deer all times of year but to my memory I don't remember any with a coat like this. There were about 20 deer the last two both had a white coat. 22 years we have never had more then 6 deer at a time. This winter has been tough in our area and these deer looked rough.
  10. Apple I cloud scam

    Every type of phone has some scams and more are coming. In the next year the mobile phone industry will be changing technology and while that's happening providers and customers will be more prone to fraud and information theft. Be very careful of "cleaners" that you download to your phone to help battery life and memory. They are 99% full of shit and harmful to your phone.
  11. What's for dinner tonight?

    I should have pictures of the bar covered with empty Long Islands but this will do. Snow sucks but makes for quite the fun party. I also had a pulled pork belly panini with avocado lettuce and tomato, that was amazing.
  12. I think I was about 10 my dad and I were hunting caribou close to the valdez pipeline. We were on an atv, while on a ridge my dad spotted a grizzly about 300 yards away in a gully. The bear paid us no attention and we watched it for a bit, I remembered being scared even on the atv. The same trip I fell in a campfire luckily my dad scooped me up quickly and I only burnt my coat. Surfing in Hawaii I almost bit the dust twice, there is no feeling like the panic of running out of air. The sharks didn't bother me but big waves always got the blood pumping.
  13. time to start

    How much snow did the deer go through to get to the turnips?
  14. Best guys mall

    I make a stop almost every time I go to my cabin (20 minutes away). Lime at Lowe's, everything at bass pro and work boots at tractor supply. Those five guys burgers are hard to pass by.