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  1. Putting in new food plots

    Looking good nothing more enjoyable then working your land.
  2. Winter Rye

    Agreed but if I remember the throw and grow pictures I don't think you will have success with radish.
  3. Buffalo Bills - Shady, say it aint so!

    No clue if this stuff is true but this is his fourth or fifth time accused of misconduct like this. Where there is smoke there is fire. I hope it ends up being false because he is accused of some terrible stuff. Beat your kid for peeing the bed should get you ten years in my mind.
  4. Summer Planting

    Great info I'm trying winter peas this year, if it doesn't go well it will be one and done.
  5. Summer Planting

    What area are you in I'm in 5h? I had the same exact experience last year. Deer would choose wheat from the co-op over the big bag mix.
  6. 7/2 card pull coyote bear and deer

    Yeah winter was tough for sure. I have a ton of spring browse (briars) and clover to help them out. Haven't seen one fawn picture and I had about 10 different does on cam, not good at all.
  7. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Looks great! What temp did you pull it out at?
  8. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Do it right and no to little sauce is all you need, helps not drown out the smoke. Ribs look awesome enjoy.
  9. Dates are wrong on cams but I have triple the amount of small bucks as last year. Coyote are a problem up here I need to fix it. A couple with potential which is nice to see but in general nice to see an notice in deer population with all the work I've put in.
  10. Summer Planting

    Well I'm early but beets radishes and turnips are in the ground. Two more late season plots to go in the beginning of August. I agree with sailing finding some rain right after planting is more important then planting on a certain date. I had this 1/2 acre plot seeded about 20 minutes before a hard rain.
  11. Summer Planting

    Yeah I broadcast into brassicas last year two weeks into September. Deer hammered it after a couple weeks. They preferred wheat over oats that grew great but for the most part weren't touched. Also grew very well lightly broadcast into a first year low ph clover plot. I only bought it do to other posters on here having success knowing it grew well in almost any soil.
  12. Summer Planting

    I'm going to stagger my plantings as a lesson from last year. Turnips, sugar beets and radishes are going in next weekend, then August 1ish kale and rape. Top seed winter wheat first week of September.
  13. What year is that plot in? I'm jealous looks amazing.
  14. Pork sausage woes

    Late to the thread but fat. This goes against most opinion but I would add a little heat if you can without popping the casing as well.
  15. This Is Weird!! Picture taken at 8.30am.

    I grew up in Pine Bush they just had the annual alien parade I believe.