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  1. You did a great job telling the story, almost better then the result of the hunt. Lol I do the same thing not looking the deer in the eyes I swear it works. Congratulations on your first bow buck it happened for you much quicker then lots of hunters, your doing a lot right. My first bow buck was September 29th, early season pays off with cool temperatures. I live literally 2 minutes from true life, had work done there. Expensive but good work, quick turnaround.
  2. Such a cool picture. Food plot looks amazing I'm very jealous.
  3. Went to help track straight from work just got home. He went 100 yards no blood but we found him in thick mountain laurel. That's an elk and bear in back to back years for my little bro.
  4. Well my brother just shot a bear. Looking for a bear at night will be fun lol. Update waiting on permission to track. Thos what the arrow looks like. Just started to rain.
  5. Btw the guy on the top right really likes his martini lol
  6. Not to speak for Bill but hell yes. I wouldn't even bother with Stewart because of overcrowding. As I said above Orange County is tough even in low density areas. Gun season forget about it, I don't even bother most years in my favorite stateland spots. Pretty sure I went on a rant last year on this forum about silly people in the woods. Lol I've seen guys 50byards into the woods sitting behind a log, one guy in sneakers with a baseball cap, it's weird. If i head put opening day gun season I'll take pictures.
  7. Bill is 100% correct about people sleeping in their cars at least in orange county. I hunt a low density deer area but low hunting pressure on state land. On a random Tuesday bow season last year on my walk out after last light there was a young guy from the city late 20s with a headlamp reading a book in a lawn chair outside of his hatchback car. I had to ask what he was up to. He told me he was new to hunting loved the area and his girlfriend wouldn't let him pay for a hotel (very few around). I laughed told him good luck gave him a hot area to hunt and told him to find a new girlfriend. Few and far between but it happens. Same stateland about 4 years ago 2 guys from New Hampshire were doing the same thing at a different parking area.
  8. Awesome deer good luck. He doesn't even look old.
  9. Two years in a row I get tiny black bugs that eat the leaves. I throw de everytime I can but they are tough. Not sure what I can do to stop them. It almost makes me want to stop growing them do to length of season, space required and amount they produce. My plants are the same size as yours. I'll take pictures soon and would love your advice, as your garden produces amazing results.
  10. Just picked my last 2 watermelons. Brussel sprouts still need time unlike NYtracker mine are still small even though I started them inside from seed in March! Lots of peppers and butternut squash is close.
  11. Well to my surprise I had an amazing hunt. Four bucks only one shooter and six to eight doe and fawn. Started with the four point in the first picture. The fawn in the second picture almost busted me so I decided to focus on hunting instead of photography. I won't shoot past 25 yards with my recurve so it takes a perfect setup to succeed. I had the four point at 20 yards but just to small especially this time of year. The last deer was a shooter 6 point that was 10 yards away from seeing his demise. I believe a bigger buck about 20 yards behind him in thick woods grunted to him and alerted him something was up. He took a hard right and walked the edge of the food plot but wouldn't go in. That was the end of the fun no more deer after that. But from 4:30 to 6:30 was a blast. Also something was up at the front of my property. As a guess at 6 o'clock from 150 yards away I heard a loud snort three times. Either the bucks were bothering the does or a bear or coyotes were hunting. Lots of bear pictures the last two weeks. By far the most deer I've seen in one day since I bought the 40 acre property six years ago. Now I know why the food plot is down to the ground. Decided to drive home tonight so I don't miss my wife's sonogram tomorrow.
  12. Pretty sure I heard a moose in the distance, it's gonna be a bitch to drag out of these saplings.
  13. Sat in the rain this morning and saw zippo. Cams are still slow. Sitting on the edge of what's left of a food plot now.
  14. Somebody needs to explain to the deer on my property brassicas taste better after a frost because mine are almost all down to the dirt. Pretty dissatisfied with my food plot season.
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