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  1. I brined them for about sixteen hours, then left them in front of a fan for about four hours to seal them off. The fan part is very important to get that good glossy look before you smoke them. One cup dark brown sugar Half cup non iodized salt Two bay leaves Teaspoon red pepper flakes Five cups of water After the first hour I lightly glazed them with molasses every hour. You can see the fan in the bottom of the picture. The back pieces of salmon didn't get enough airflow so I put them in the fridge uncovered well the first batch was smoked. An extra four hours in the fridge is well worth the wait to have them smoked right. I'm no pro but results were great today.
  2. Absolutely pm me if you dont mind. Thanks so much
  3. 140 for about three and a half hours. Apple and a little cherry.
  4. Smoked sockeye salmon fresh caught from Alaska. I don't know if it will taste good but it looks and smells good. I have two more batches to do, I'm going to be up late.
  5. If anybody enjoys mild easy to cook snack peppers I can't recommend these shishito peppers enough. I already have picked about 30 and the more I pick them the more that come in. I'm going to pickle some, if anyone has any tips I'm all ears.
  6. I started to write about this in the dinner thread (I just cooked the halibut in the picture) but my dad and godfather just got back from Alaska. We lived there from 1988-1995 and I had a very unique childhood spending my young years there. Anyways my dad and godfather are now retired and took a trip back up there for ten or so days. They of course had a blast saw some caribou, moose, and bear of course. Fished the Russian River as they did thirty years ago. I'm so happy for them, they had a blast. These are just a few pictures from their trip and a few of me as a young boy. Alaska will never leave my heart, I've lived all over the world but there is no place like Alaska.
  7. My dad and godfather just got back from a ten day trip to Alaska. He dropped off about ten pounds of halibut and twenty pounds of salmon. I'll be smoking salmon all day tomorrow but we had blistered shishito peppers picked from the garden and pan seared halibut with caper butter sauce tonight. I was busy cooking but my wife snapped a picture. She also made a lemon meringue pie that was delicious. I'm happy they made it back to Alaska together my first memories are watching them fish the Russian river for kings. I don't have facebook otherwise I would share pictures from there trip.
  8. In order pimento peppers, a lonely pablano, potatoes that something topped off, jalapenos, shishito peppers, 6'' tomato plants, and corn that half fell down. Anybody know what eats potatoe tops? Anybody know why my corn fell down?
  9. 17 days! I need sports in my life again. UFC has been my sole outlet.
  10. Little bastard took my ground hog bait.
  11. My lone sunflower survivor! The ground hog took pity on me. First shishito pepper harvest I'm pretty damn happy. First peppers grown from seed and they have plenty more peppers coming in.
  12. Hanger steak was cooked in a cast iron pan and turned out better then any restaurant could make it (homemade chimichurri sauce from the garden on top) Fingerling potatoes poached with tons of garlic, butter and rosemary in sous vide at 190 for ninety minutes. Oh and my wife made some vegetable that makes my pee smell funny. First July 4th we haven't gone to see fireworks but we had a great day and got a lot accomplished. Hope everyone had a great day. Some awesome meals as I would expect on this thread today.
  13. My wife couldn't wait. Grilled swordfish over pecan wood, Kraft mac and cheese (my vice), and shaved brussel sprouts.