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  1. TCIII is correct on waivers. Just an observation, settings are four playoff teams. I think standard for a 12 team league is six. I'm fine with four but just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
  2. I would wish for endless strippers with glitter. Is that wrong? My wife loves the smell and glitter after I come home.
  3. Otto if you ever need an extra body I'm in. You will have to deal with me picking your brain but I will work as hard as you can work me. Information and knowledge is priceless.
  4. Left to right Melanzane Sott'Olio Eggplant in oil with pimento peppers garlic and rosemary Six quarts of pressure canned tomatoes. Otto I have no clue how you do 100 quarts what a pain these were. Cowboy candy- pressure canned pimentos and jalapenos in a sauce that tasted like a honey mustard sauce. Haven't tried them and dont plan to crack them for a couple months. I read the longer you wait the better they taste. Pickled jalapenos deli style (my favorite) and hiding behind them zucchini pickles. I did nine pints and they are a big hit with family and friends. I also did three pints of roasted red peppers in oil not pictured. I have some poblanos I want to preserve but that's about it for my first year garden. After my first year doing this I have a new respect of anyone who does any pressure canning or pickling but I love the process.
  5. Braised Veal shank with potatoes and sauce. Veal shank was bought from Italian Pork store in Middletown, that I have the pleasure of having access to. We had some smoked mozzarella as an appetizer. Damn good stuff
  6. Biz, please dont forget about Zeke. Jacobs has a good game but Zeke is sealing my first victory.
  7. I might go out monday. I got the first deer of the year last year, this year hopefully the first bear.
  8. That means your going to win 13 in a row after you lose to me week one I guess.
  9. Download the yahoo fantasy football app and you should see the league.
  10. I'm still in but I have another yahoo draft same time. I usually pick quickly but I might slow you guys down a little. Could always play a 10 team league if we can't get 12.
  11. Also it wasn't my original plan but I will now be hunting (taking revenge) behind my house. Even better I pulled the sd card in my cam and forgot to put it back.
  12. Was upstate since Saturday just got back and my garden is destroyed after having no issues all year. My whole fence is torn down, watermelons, tomatoes, corn, pablano peppers, jalapeno peppers, potatoes, and bell peppers are demolished. WTF I found deer poop and tracks but do deer really eat all of the above? Could it have been a bear? The fence was only about 6 foot no reason a deer couldnt just jump over it.