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  1. Finally the fence is enclosed! Still another day of work but deer shouldn't be able to enter now. About 40 peppers, eggplant and okra in the ground, another 40 to go. Spinich is coming in great right in front of the garlic. Carrots the same, I'm still not having any luck with parsnips. Celery, brussel sprouts and tomatoes will go in tomorrow. All potato plants are blooming and look good.
  2. G-Man don't black walnut ruin soil? Little to no gain for wildlife? You purely keep them for income? If so that cool, just would enjoy your feedback on how they affect wildlife.
  3. I wish lol. I've already mowed three times. Grass was halfway up my shin today and I mowed six days ago.
  4. Went out to Bashakill today. Saw three eagles, caught no fish. Had fun used some top water lures, plenty of bites just didn't land them.
  5. No, that's a bit of a ride for me but I will check it out on the way to my cabin, hopefully soon. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Oh boy so good. Brick oven outdoor pizza and clams posillipo. Giovanni's Inn Wurtsboro NY. Owner has been making pizza starting in queens during the 60's. Had a great conversation, then he took some wild mushrooms he found and gave a magic taste. On cloud nine right now. I've been there four times in two weeks but today was a celebration. My wife went from teacher to assistant principal to principal in consecutive years.
  7. Tried but I don't have Facebook. Good luck though.
  8. Cool stuff. Chef,Carlos, have you guys ever grown this way, versus straight into the ground? Doing about 800 square foot of mostly potato and would like to see the difference between into the ground vs some other techniques.
  9. Couldn't wait for the fence to be installed. Fifteen plants in the ground assortment of peppers, an eggplant with four okra plants. Really hope the deer leave them alone for a couple days.
  10. Went there a couple times when I had a store in Danbury. Very good.
  11. Ten pm and now hungry. Thanks alot
  12. My fault guys my buddy won't be able to snag these, apparently kids swimming lessons are more important then food plot seeds, what a jerk. Thanks for the opportunity Goofiser.
  13. Wolc, if I can't get them Goosifer will get a pm right away.
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