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  1. Well it was a shit show on stateland for me, I've never seen even half the amount of hunters on the piece I hunt and the kicker.........not one shot all day! Probably head to my brothers tomorrow for a bow hunt, after Sunday I'll head back to stateland. Congratulations to all the hunters who harvested an animal, especially that huge bear (very cool). Keep the pictures coming it's great motivation for those of us having a slow year.
  2. Well stateland in 3m looks like a laser show, great. Last year the road I hunt had two other cars, this year 12! And I'm sure more to come. Ughhhh
  3. Quarter inch of oil in a cast iron medium heat three minutes or so each side. Pound the steak thin put them in a milk/egg wash then press into flour. Let them sit 5 minutes and press into the flour one more time then fry them.
  4. Chicken fried venison with some homemade country gravy biscuits didn't make the picture. Damn good
  5. Sous vide ribs say whatttttt! Haven't tried them yet but they have that good wiggle, I'm sure they will be good. My weakness kraft mac and cheese and TCIII favorite pillsbury layered biscuits. You might have kicked my ass in fantasy football but the biscuits are all mine!
  6. Found a lot of sign in the morning but it rained the whole time. I had to head home at nine and saw the largest buck I've ever seen in person in NY state, he was crossing the road a couple miles from my house. He was HUGE, so of course I'm pumped to see big deer moving so I decide to go back out at 12:30. A mile away from where I saw the buck as I drove back to my hunting spot I saw a doe on a dead sprint in a brush field with another nice buck trailing by 20 or 30 yards. Besides almost hitting a small spike on the way home, they were the only bucks I saw. I passed on a nice doe, I'm not to the point of dragging a doe a couple miles yet. Work tomorrow then back at it for the weekend. They are in the rut in 3m for sure.
  7. Out in 3m on some stateland. Found some rubs in the same hot spot as last year, not many deer on this piece but there are some nice ones and I have the woods to myself at the moment. Sixty degrees and a little rain in mid November wtf.
  8. Bangers and mash with a homemade onion gravy. Gravy was awesome bangers not so much.
  9. Who ever has Rodgers is kicking ass right now!
  10. He is a beast! Good luck and let me know if you need help tracking or dragging when you get a shot at him, I'm right down the road.
  11. Eight sits for me so far zero bucks. I have a camera in my backyard for giggles and I had 150 pictures, four small bucks chasing or hitting a mock scrape and lots of doe last night. They are moving in 3m.
  12. Wow looks amazing! No pictures but I had a great plate of schnitzel red cabbage and egg noodles with gravy from the Ohio Tavern, good food in the middle of nowhere, I was quite surprised.
  13. Got on the dirt road to my cabin and saw a doe then another 200 yards down the road had a stair off with another doe, when she took off onto my property a small buck jumped out of the woods and chased her. I thought today was going to be a harvest day after that but I saw nothing from 1pm till dark. Lol I guess that's hunting but it was a beautiful cold day to be in the woods. I'll be out in the morning and staying out as long as heavy rain holds off. Congrats on the harvest today! Daylight savings time dont wake up late tomorrow.