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  1. Yeah man transferring to larger pots, cups whatever sucks and is tedious and takes time. Usually a Mets game and a couple beers helps, of course the Mets were rained out today. Fours hours of my time today with only Spaceballs and Goose Island to help.
  2. Great point by Nomad! Transplanted another 30 peppers today that's about 100 peppers. I put two brussel sprouts in the ground today along with a couple eggplant to clear some room. Its early but I don't believe I'll have another frost here in the Hudson Valley. Cant catch this damn groundhog but he hasn't done damage yet. My larger peppers are starting to developed fruit already, same as my eggplant. Not ideal but as soon as I fix my fence they will go in the ground. I tried to stay ahead of the game because I had nose surgery Friday but it really shut me down for four days.
  3. Got carrots in the ground today, also five fingerling potatoes and five russet. Lettuce started inside as well as lettuce from seed goes in tomorrow late evening after the heat wave. Cant believe how well the romaine is doing in solo cups. Iceberg is alright but not as hardy.
  4. You guys are blowing my mind today, freaking awesome.
  5. Stuffed poblanos with sausage, shrimp, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and home grown basil. (First harvest of the year) Two with cream cheese and bleu cheese the other two with cream cheese and sharp white cheddar from Adam's fair acre farm (all those from the hudson valley are singing the jingle in their head I know it).
  6. Anything ever eat your garlic at that stage? I have above 40 cloves coming and something decided to try just one special one.
  7. Somebody hit the nail on the head. I dont check the political section but this seems to be a never ending back and forth between people with different ideologies. I do understand this topic is under that chat forum but it shows up at the top the page when you enter the website. And it's been like this for months. Anyways good luck to all in this thread it's my last post when it comes to this stuff. Somebody please tell me how to for ever clean my food plots from weeds and I will agree with them on any discussion such as these!
  8. So my point is, this is a hunting forum. You specifically have clearly stated your impassioned case. Unfortunately the people you disagree with are still going to disagree no matter what you say. In turn what happens is these posters will not respond or just troll you on most of your topics now. This takes away from what we can learn from each other about hunting and things that should pertain to this website. This website because of topics like this is taking a downward turn. You knew what you were getting into with this thread and now your being pretty aggressive because your not
  9. Where the heck is Fast Eddy to lock this thread? May, June, July, August, September..........hopefully some actual hunting dialogue pops up here by October.
  10. Sometimes the meal jumps out of the picture. Looks amazing!
  11. Hmmm think it will be local government officials under family members names? Happens all the time!
  12. Getting there. Tomatoes and eggplant are a little ahead of schedule. I started hardening them off today for about thirty minutes. Started some flowers and squash inside yesterday. My wife decided to turn down the heat in my grow room (spare bedroom) which killed about half my pepper seedlings so I had to start over a bit.
  13. How do you cook your stuffed mushrooms, mowin?
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