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  1. Picked the biggest of 8 doe's. I don't know if she was in heat or what but she stinks like no doe I've ever harvested.
  2. At a friends place passed on a spike and ten does sunday. Not gonna happen today.
  3. It's only work if you don't enjoy it. Hell I wait for the minute i can disconnect from real work to work the land I own. As Nick Saban would say "enjoy the process". Going to flip an annual food plot into clover or a mix with chicory. Clear a 30 yard by 200 yard strip and start making amendments. Hopefully just taking care of and not replacing the pear and apple trees planted this Spring. Contact a very helpful and honest member of this forum for more fruit trees and add some pines for future Christmas trees. That and I can't think of how many other things I would like to do (hopefully a week with an excavator). My brother and I are working our asses off to make an amazing cabin and getaway for family, friends and loved ones for decades to come it's not all about hunting. I also sincerely look forward to more post on this subject in spring to further my small knowledge of these particular subects.
  4. I've tried wti extreme and the regular clover. In two years deer seem to prefer the chicory in extreme but 100% will walk past it for the regular clover. Fusion sounds good but I wonder what the Clover to Chicory mix rate is? I might call them tomorrow and ask.
  5. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Not dinner tonight but two birds in a brine 30 pounds total. Backstraps, green bean casserole, broccoli bake, two stuffings, mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, biscuits and of course homemade gravy will be done in about 15 hours. Spanish beans and french onion soup, I forgot my old man is adding some food.
  6. How big are the plots? How big is the property? Do you bow hunt?
  7. No luck today but hard to beat the view. 30 mph winds and snow hopefully tomorrow pays off. Congrats to all the hunters who had some sucess, some motivation for tomorrow great job guys!
  8. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Try it before you knock it simple as that.
  9. corydd7

    Samsung phone users.

    Android to apple group messaging is an issue. However android to android is a programming or company issue. Google the company you pay apn's your mmsc is your text programming is specific make sure it matches exactly. Also IV4 or IV6 must match in the box below. Send me an pm with your company if you cant figure it out ill look it up and send it to you.
  10. corydd7

    Age of buck?

    A week ago.
  11. corydd7

    Anyone seeing rut action???

    Lower tip of 5h I have this spike sparring with another four days ago.
  12. corydd7

    Age of buck?

    This is the deer I belive is the same buck from 2016.
  13. corydd7

    Age of buck?

    3 1/2 ? I had a buck two years ago that looks very similar almost the same exact rack. Last year I didn't have him on camera and was suprised when I pulled sd cards yesterday.
  14. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Tf, man you know how to eat! Pork belley on a hamburger is heaven. That meal with a Harpoon Ipa is a freaking winner.
  15. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Yeah i toss them. Just some rosemary, sage, and an apple.