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  1. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Now that is a wedding I would attend no matter the company.
  2. I'm upstate in a winter wonderland and frost seeding is not possible until late April. My question is should I frost seed in late November or wait till April? I had success this year frost seeding in April but would like to try November in hopes that I will have success staying ahead of weeds. After improving soil for two years I would like to put this in clover so I can put effort into new food plots. The 3/4 acre plot is currently in radishes and turnips with little to no weeds. Thoughts?
  3. corydd7

    Stand height

    I have two 25 foot stands 20, and 16 feet. The 25 feet stands are not for everyone.
  4. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Thanks to some help from my local chef I had better luck with Sous Vide brisket. I left two pieces in overnight, I'm interested how they came out. Scalloped potatoes and roasted habenero peppers for the fillers.
  5. corydd7


    Was hoping to find a thread like this. After years of waiting for more room to stretch our legs my wife and I adopted a dog. I know ziltch about dogs and we were told he is a Mountain Cur. I looked at pictures and I'm not so sure. All though I love the stinking dog from moment one, I would like to know what his breed is. We picked him up from the local Humane Society and all they knew was he was 8 weeks old and from Georgia. Thanks in advance for input. Btw he had a brother as well, their names were Alan and Jackson, what a sucker I am can't believe we didn't take both. Jackson will have a happy home.
  6. corydd7

    NZ Muzzleloading opener

    Im in 5H as well (Remsen) I'll be up there! No bucks on my small property yet but a lot of bear all over 5H from what I've heard and seen.
  7. corydd7

    Horizontal Rub Q and A

    I've seen these let me know how it goes. Another project next year, for me.
  8. corydd7

    Shot placement of bear.

    Yup i would go i little below where I aim on a deer. My bear last year went 5 yards with a 7mm08.
  9. Lol he works there. Six months till he retires, he pays $60 a month to park his camper.
  10. My dad lives on prison grounds there must have been 20-30 deer bedded in the field he can't hunt. Ten minutes down the road we almost hit a big 8 on the side of the road. So with all these local deer sightings we are driving three hours to the Dacks to hunt. Doesn't make much sense at the moment.
  11. corydd7

    2018 mushroom hunting

    Love the thread. I tried an app but I think this site could do better, any help would be great.
  12. corydd7

    Late Summer Food Plots- Insert Moisture

    Rye is coming in well. Small hard to get to area that I'm trying to improve the soil for turnips and radishes. In my main plot radishes and turnips grew beyond my wildest expectations. 100s of bulbs. Deers have already crushed the tops.
  13. corydd7

    seggested reading for sitting in the stand

    Same problem I really feel it holds me back, I always feel like I'm missing hearing something.
  14. corydd7

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Gyro is better. If your in Monticello, Salt and Pepper kitchen is a hidden gem if you like Korean food.
  15. corydd7

    Processor in orange county

    Deserto's in Fair Oaks but depends where in Orange County you are. There are a bunch