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  1. Last night I made parmesan crusted Alaskan salmon with a drizzle of citrus soy sauce, broiled sprouts and couscous... The deer head is eyeballing the sprouts! TF... you are making me want an air fryer.. Those wings look to die for!
  2. Another old favorite of mine. Pasta and white clam sauce. No leftovers!
  3. Another favorite of mine.. French toast!
  4. I am sure we have talked on Ice Shanty.. I am Slipperyfish on there... have not been on that site is a long time ... I was at Honeoye all the time years back. I am only on Facebook for sharing the Family pictures... other than that, Facebook is a joke. I will say that I use the video chat feature with my out of state family and that I really like.
  5. Pasta and home made Marinara... One of my favorites!
  6. No looking back... up by 10 right now
  7. Arcade official prediction: Biz is going to be a happy man at the end of this game... maybe a daddy too! Best game Ive seen in a long time!!! Go KC
  8. 9H, 9P, 8G Need a lot more scouting in 8G and a climber