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  1. Im in the same boat, eddie. I missed two great opertunities last bow season because I couldnt draw the bow....one was on a big doe and the other a big bodied 6pt. I dont know if I was just too cold or lost too much strength but it seemd fine when I drew the bow while warm inside the house...
  2. Tons of awesome advice in this thread and only one other member mentioned something that is pretty important... And that is patterning the other guys and gals. I know of 6 or so "regulars" by the vehicles they drive and Ive learned over the last 4 years as to what areas they go to. Most of the time that will greatly influence me as to what area Ill go to and how to access it. The place I go is very difficult to hunt and easy access is not very apparent. Getting to the areas where the deer get pushed to public is a great stratagy. I do see a lot of deer this way. Naturally, this doesnt work every time, especially when gun opens, but during bow season, I see a lot of deer doing this.
  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Means a lot to me
  4. Happy birthday sir! Enjoy your day
  5. I have one of those, a few different size black ones and a few frog patterned ones. Ive caught all of my LMB this year on my largest frog pattern. Love it when they slam that thing
  6. Jitterbug for me. My favorite top water lure. I have caught 22 LMB so far this year on the same lure. I need to take more pics...
  7. This is my favorite piece in the collection !
  8. Get him Jay. Im watching you from work...lol
  9. Ha ha ha... I qualify for sure. Ill keep going but a little slower than before
  10. Nice collection, biz. If I were a little younger I would like to do a lope hunt
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