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  1. Love me some grits... Have to put that on the grocery list. I found a pound of venison maple blueberry sausage in the freezer ... I thougt that was all gone. Ill be having trhat this week
  2. Looks great! I am going to order my pressure canner this week and can any of last years veneson thats left in the freezer. Id also like to can some different kinds of local grown squash. Just the beginning!
  3. Lamb stew! Super good. I took inventory on my freezer and discovered 5 lamb chops in there and decided to make a stew with it. Truly delicious
  4. 36 years for me this year. I have only missed one opening day of gun season.
  5. Life doesnt get any better than that, Zeke! Congrats to the both of you for making this fine memory... Nice doe too! Shes gonna eat well!
  6. Its a wrap.... I went to a spot Ive been watching and wanting to go... but I watched the bills game and got there late. There was already someone in the spot. About 6:45 he takes one shot and connected. I watched him drag a medium sized doe out. Lesson learned.... get out there earlier and the heck with the game, especially a blow out!
  7. Awesome afternoon hunt yesterday. Went into a suspected feeding area and I got to watch 5 different deer, even had the hammer back on the first one I saw. The first one I could clearly see it was a spike at 40 yds, so it got a pass. Decent size deer too. The next two that came out of bedding ... one was a real nice buck followed by a large mature doe... They were at least 250 yds out but sure got the blood pumping. 15 minutes later, two SLAMMERS came out of a different bedding area.. they were at least 300 yds and I couldnt count points through the scope but the racks on these two were awesome... Big deer, both of them. I watched them both for the rest of natural daylight then backed out. Good intel for OCT bow. Eaten alive my mosquitos... I dont care if it stinks up the woods, Im bring the deep woods off with me tonight. Ill leave this feeding area alone and wont return until October. Going to a different area tonight where Ive seen a lot of does in the past. Good times!
  8. Nice All American... I am not wanting to pay the top dollar for a pressure canner so I have decided on this Presto 23 Qt model. I've watched plenty of videos on U tube of folks using them and Ill admit, they look trickier to use than the all american. Im sure I can get good with it.. I have patience! Anyone ever use one of these? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000BYCFU/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=AAFUY8Q6EU21B&psc=1 I am pulling the trigger on it. Also getting a 2 pack of dividers /shelves so I can do two layers. Plan on preserving venison, soups and broths and stews.
  9. I made it out for three hours last night... Dead calm and quiet. I kicked up a bedded something 20 yards from the parking spot and watched the tail take off running... Didnt even have a primer in yet. Other than that, I saw nothing except a dog walker. Better luck tomorrow!
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