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  1. Arcade Hunter

    Tractor supply chicken...

    Another masterpiece!
  2. Arcade Hunter

    Happy birthday Non-Typical!

    Happy Birthday
  3. Arcade Hunter

    New eagle WIP

    Super job on this one!
  4. Arcade Hunter

    Sad but nice day

    You are blessed with a great family.. thanks for sharing that, Jay.
  5. Arcade Hunter

    One of my favorite Dan Infalt stories ....

    Good read! Thanks for sharing
  6. Arcade Hunter

    Happy birthday First-light

    Happy birthday to you
  7. Arcade Hunter

    First Shot Daily Pics

    I wanna shoot it's antlers off...
  8. Arcade Hunter


    Love it!
  9. Arcade Hunter

    Lost my dog today

    My condolences
  10. Arcade Hunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Shrimp alfredo with a green salad... Yum
  11. Arcade Hunter

    Pattern Session at the Academy

    It's a good thing that's what I was aiming at! lol I must be a horn
  12. Arcade Hunter

    What's for dinner tonight?

    My fav!
  13. Arcade Hunter

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    I raised the mallards also... they too eventually flew away. Chickens and turkeys are where it's at. Raised a bunch of meat birds for the freezer and several turkeys. The turkeys were the absolute best tasting bird I have had. I would talk the kids out of ducks and go for a few turkeys. I could let the turkeys free range around the farm on their own and they became quite tame... they would sit behind the trucks once in a while and refuse to move... I would have to literally pick them up and move them ... good times
  14. Arcade Hunter

    I’ve been screwed!

    That's a good move for sure... Don't even have to take the tire off...
  15. Arcade Hunter

    Tonight’s Powerball

    I'm in... retirement here I come!