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  1. great looking dog.. He looks right at home!
  2. I have never seen a snowblower that has an air filter... there is indeed a box around the carb and at least part of the muffler. The warmer air in the box prevents carb icing
  3. Yup... It has been a long time since I tore one down and I couldn't tell you what's inside this one!
  4. What kind of car and engine size? A quick guess is that maybe they didn't bleed all the air out of the cooling system...
  5. Sounds to me that there something more than carb trouble going on here. Does the engine have good compression? You would have to look up the specs on that and test it with a compression tester. My guess is the problem is caused by low compression not being able to push and pull the reed valves correctly, hence fuel starvation... Years ago these 2 strokes were notorious for worn piston rings, hence low compression.. I haven't worked on one of these in years so I dont know if yours even uses reed valves
  6. Thats awesome, Larry Congrats on a super nice buck!
  7. I grabbed a fresh duckling from BJ's... 18 bucks. I've seen the frozen ones for twice that amount, anyways, I couldn't resist. It was fantastic. Moog... notice how clean my oven is!
  8. I was out squirrel hunting yesterday... beautiful day. I saw six or so but from a distance. I know where the concentration of them are now.
  9. Always clean up afterward. I hate cooking on a dirty stove
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