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  1. Hang in there Cynthia... Hope you get more woods time... nothing better than that to clear your head
  2. I am in the same boat.. I did not see one single deer regular season until Saturday morning.. It was still awesome to get out during this busy time. I will not need to purchase and ammo for next year. Congrats to all who were successful and to those who were not... It all about being out there !
  3. Today is my last chance for the season... Saw 4 flatheads this morning and had a swing and a miss... 150 yd shot . I'm beautiful day today regardless
  4. I just bought a place, so ill be doing some remodeling...
  5. And.. from a few days ago, Sloppy Joes and a spinach salad
  6. Pot roast over buttered biscuits and cookies...
  7. I have personally seen some really bad work done by aftermarket installers... one in particular where you could pull the splices apart with your hands... one of those crappy splices didn't leave enough wire so they scabbed in a piece of 16 ga wire to lengthen. The wire they lengthened was 12 ga. Their lengthened wire had all the insulation burned off it... Good thing it didn't lite up. I would have the dealer handle this with factory parts. I would wager that aftermarket starters will effect the factory warranty.
  8. I am still in the group. In fact, I have not seen a deer for the entire regular season. Just bad luck I guess.
  9. I didn't see a butchering thread for this year so I thought I would start one. This is the first for the year for us .. a friend shot this big doe at the end of bow season in Machias. Unfortunately I could not hang around last night to help but I did drop off a grinder for them