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  1. Harvested all the basil yesterday then made some pesto. About one LB by weight
  2. Nice deer! I wouldn't be able to hold back! Good luck!
  3. I have had my old biscuit ice up as mentioned on here.... I like my drop away..(Thanks tacks!)
  4. Happy birthday! Have an awesome day today!
  5. Ive watched a bunch of elk hunts on youtube and it really gets you wanting to do this... I sure wish I would have done this earlier in life cause there's no way I would be able to pack out something without lots of help or an outfitter.
  6. Pulled venison.... Crockpot on low for 18 hours, orange juice, sweet baby rays and a touch of liquid smoke. I like it smothered in horseradish... Good stuff
  7. We tried our favorite little fishing lake last night.... Nothing to write home about but it was a beautiful evening.....
  8. I seen it before ... Enjoy that show. Also, THP the hunting public
  9. I managed to keep 4 weeks of vacation this year.... Ill have 11 days in a row starting halloween then another 10 days in a row for opening week of gun. Bring it on!
  10. Same here Grampy. I try hard to make that first one count. Sucks getting old