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  1. Better late than never... bear meat chili that i made last Sunday
  2. I liked the video also. Let us know when you make another.
  3. Arcade Hunter


    Welcome! You will like it here!
  4. Hello and welcome!
  5. A very uneventful sit in 9H last evening (10-10) I did not see anything except for squirrels and chipmunks but it was nice to be there. First sit this season where I did not see any deer, even on the ride home.
  6. I should have taken off today.... I want to be out there. Good luck everyone!
  7. Breaded haddock seasoned with Greek seasoning fried in olive oil.
  8. I am going to have to try this this year.. Looks amazing
  9. Welcome.. Great group of people on this site. Always willing to help. Good luck this season!
  10. Good luck today ! I hope to get out for the evening... I have a different area that I am going to try tonight.