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  1. Ive had mine for a month now but have not needed to use it
  2. PS.... I firstly checked for powers and grounds, which I had.
  3. I had one do this shutting off randomly thing a few years back.... It would just shut down while riding it and not restart for several hours... I suspected the CDI module failing once it warms up. It did it, so I I removed the CDI and tossed it in the freezer for 15 minutes, then put it back on the machine and she started right back up. Replaced the module with a new one and it never did it again.
  4. Mooneys used to have a good bp&j burger on their menu ... not sure if they still do. Ill have to take my gal over to blackwater for one of these!
  5. Kelly and I both together were pulling the other end of the rope and it was just not budging and I didnt want to pull it from inside the garage for fear of making a huge mess... the mower pulled that sucker right out of there no problem!
  6. A scrappy little bass from last night
  7. Two years of racoons getting into the garage and I couldn't figure out how they get in until Saturday. This one got stuck and perished. That is a 3 inch hole that it is stuck in! I had to tie a rope around it and attach the other end to the lawn tractor to pull it out.
  8. Nothing to write home about... a few small ones while on my lunch break yesterday
  9. Super nice deer! Congrats
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