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  1. 0 movement so far.very odd season for me so far with no action
  2. Brrr chilly walk across field.settled in and ready for light.feels deery.saw some on way up in fields
  3. Up for coffee.wind could slow down a bit!can hear it coming across the tree's.
  4. Sat this one out.Sister,BIL,2 niece's and nephew are moving out of state so visiting them this morning for a bit.good luck all
  5. Staying till 10 also.few squirrels so far and ALOT of wind.yuck
  6. Saw em!15 yards from my stand haha.o well.hopefully they come back around
  7. doebuck1234

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy birthday guys!
  8. Deer out in fields on the way to see em on their way back in!
  9. 35 degrees n winds 12 wsw.perfect wind but brrrr on the face.going with a heavier face mask this morning for sure!
  10. Got the day off tomorrow!woot!looking forward to getting out after seeing a few scrapes and a rub this past weekend
  11. Felt deery when I went to leave for work.sheet of ice on the car.good luck to those out.hoping to take tomorrow off
  12. doebuck1234

    Stand height

    15-17' ladders here.also have a 9'ish that's setup in a small pine patch 25yrds off a trail.have got shots with gun and bow in the short stand.all depends as others said