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  1. Beef roast g/f wanted me to smoke instead of crockpot.marinated overnight in Worcestershire, garlic salt and red pepper flakes.threw some poke chops on too.smellin good!!!
  2. Charcoal Smoker is rollin while cleaning garage
  3. Same here.have heard all the talk so decided to watch the game.out of all the games ive watched in past,this one was pretty sloppy with both teams!!!go bills!
  4. Im at a lost for words.Im very sorry for you and your's loss...Please dont hesitate if need anything,20min drive away.prayers sent!
  5. Am hoping to sneak out this weekend aswell.good chootin!
  6. doebuck1234

    Pflueger trion

    My UL setup has a pflueger reel,just cant remember model.hasnt failed me big on fenwick 6'6 med action rods.
  7. We use in bedroom is a roku tv and living room we got the roku stick.sometimes theres something she wants to watch n either have to do subscription or pay if needed but usually we just stick to what it offers.plenty to watch,im not one to sit down and watch stuff for any length of time...i usually use youtube for The Hunting Public and thats about it
  8. Agree with Gman....expected more loosened up patterns but checked cam and still nighttime pics in this area but happy to see movement still.give it a few more months and they should loosen up more.preseason/velvet pics are awesome!
  9. Darkness here but have a green light handy if needed for whatever reason
  10. The goat is bock!Score!!