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  1. Hard to tell but looks like a big 6 still in velvet on 9-8...cam has been going haywire taking pics every 5 sec of nothing.had 1400 pics this time !!!!!gunna swap batteries next time out there.see if that does the trick.been a while sence i changed em
  2. Sounds like my current situation before work everyday.c'monnnnnn bow season!!!!
  3. Backyard beer after deep tissue massage.dam knots under my shoulder blades are wreaking havoc on back,shoulders&kneck.gunna be sore tom morning,thats for sure
  4. Congrats bill!!!!!apparently we arent twins @Nomad(my birthday today aswell) ive got 30+ years to go and already ready for the good life!!!!!!
  5. Birthday beer.my kinda ipa...not too crazy,juicy n smooth.recommended by my boss
  6. Thanks everyone!!!just another day at work,might try to scoot out early for a couple back yard beers,thats an everyday thing though
  7. Great pics and some solid bucks,that's awesome!!!!!!!!
  8. What @Robhuntandfish said.i wouldnt be able to wait!!
  9. Wow!pulled first shot at 25...damnit!!!!!!3 more at 25 so i felt a little better
  10. Congrats on starting this thread off whoever harvested!!!!!!!!!
  11. Spent my day cleaning out garage(for bow season),cutting lawn and installing new motion led light outside of garage.cmon 10/1!!!!!!!
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