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  1. Gotta love when something comes together.congrats biz!!!!
  2. My father ran into this problem this morning,his heat tape is prob 20 years old,deff due for a changing.luckily enough it thawed enough today to start running again.needs to be plugged in!!!!
  3. Props to the neighbor for running the sled through the field earlier this week!made it easier walkin, fox enjoyed it too!few pics from this pull.happy to see a few decent made it through!
  4. This sounds like me and I'm 29..I'd much rather spend my time in the garage,doing honey do Iist projects/hunting or fishing.only time I turn the TV on is when I lay in bed for the night n that doesn't last more than 20 mins usually(have been watching homestead rescue!!!!!).never been the bar scene guy/big get together guy
  5. Got a fair amount here aswell,didn't measure but local weather reporting 17" so far for "ogden".just didn't the driveway for 2nd time
  6. Boss's brother txt me n said 3 people at work when he showed up.guess I don't feel too bad now!!
  7. Just said screw it,will see how road conditions are in a little bit.got up at 345 to do driveway and have seen 1 plow go by in both directions in the last 2 hours.if I had a 4wd I'd make the attempt but the old short box chevy 2wd spins in 2" of snow,not 12!!!!
  8. Our shop never shuts down but will see what happens,doubt it!if I don't feel safe/can't get out I won't be going.kinda ticks me off as i took off 3 days this past week being sick.....is what it Is though,not worth risking me or my vehicle in it.
  9. Brrrrrr,it's chilly.not looking forward to Monday morning's wake up,snow blowing to get out
  10. My grandfather and great uncle scooped up my mossberg 500a from their brother as my first slug gun and i carry it to this day.havent made any changes to it. Could use a rifle but dont see the need to as most of my shots are within 100 yards.Puts me a bit at ease knowing the projectile coming out is going to drop faster as their is others properties all around us aswell.she barks and knocks em down paired with copper sabot's!
  11. Same situation here with local auto stores in chili center and spencerport NAPA...hard to find some parts and no clue when they will be in
  12. Am glad to hear all is going well,best wishes for a fast recovery!!!
  13. Next thing you know that'll sky rocket in price too!
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