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  1. scrape freshened up on way out.others now covered up with leaf's. No chasing that ive seen yet
  2. Wow that things nasty lookin!!!x2 @turkeyfeathers
  3. Crisp quiet morning so far.nothin but squirrels.deff the toughest start to a season in a few years
  4. First time this season ive seen 0 deer in fields on way here.really surprised with this sky.hopefully they put the feed bag on this morning
  5. Grampy started up a thread on this^^ Up having coffee.A brisk 33 deg,clear sky and SW wind @3mph.expecting the deer to be in the fields all night and a crunchy walk in haha.cant get em from the couch though!!!
  6. Welcome!!great website with alot of great people/information to read up on
  7. Just saw a stud in someones front lawn on way home.high and wide.need to change after that!!!
  8. 0 deer halfway out at could hear one running prob 50 yards past stand i was in.ggggrrrrr
  9. First quick tree nap of the season happened,gotta love ready to give one of these deer a mud nap.lettttts gooooo!
  10. Back home for some lunch and going to sit the stand i got setup last week.alot of deer activity in the area.shall see what happens
  11. That sounds spot on,good luck!!haha....all quiet here so far,1 squirrel.looks like a new rub 2 tree's from my stand.checkin cam when get down