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  1. 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    I'm in.worth a shot!
  2. Biz-R-OWorld 2018 Season

    I'm already looking forward to following this thread.looks like a good season ahead!
  3. Hey Phade....Happy Birthday!!

    Happy birthday!
  4. Beatin the heat plan

    Have ac on inside but been in heat for past few days doing stuff.been hooking up the sprinkler and standing under it when I get too hot.finally relaxing in the a.c. today.mid 70's with a light breeze would be perfect
  5. Happy birthday LET EM GROW !

    Happy birthday!
  6. Tying The Knot.....Literally

  7. Happy Father's Day Guys!!!

    Happy father's day guys!
  8. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Hit the genny this morning with my cousin in scottsville from 630-noon.couple handfuls of cats and suckers.also caught my first walleye and only one of the morning!
  9. Ryan turns 9

    love it!very nice gun too!
  10. Who needs Quebec

    Few years back but within couple miles of where I hunt in South byron.You just never know!
  11. Finished my carved hiking stick.

    Well said!very nice
  12. Got all my ducks in a row...

    Great pics as always
  13. Redneck Blind 2 is in.

    Very nice setup!
  14. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

  15. Sis killed her 1'st spring turkey!

    Dangit!I missed this one.congrats to sis on the first and nice bird!!!best of luck this coming weekend if get out aswell