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  1. Happy birthday tommyc50 and Otto

    I missed it aswell.happy belated birthday guys!
  2. Snow day!

    Me too!c'mon trout season!!!
  3. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Thanks!not a monster by any means but felt like it on the 5'6" ultralight.cabin fever setting in bad and getting the itch.pain in the arse with the iced line guides but oh so worth it!need to invest in a longer float setup at some point.hard to keep the line at a good height
  4. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Got out this morning with cousin.hit up oatka creek.conditions are pretty good for the upcoming april 1st opener.should b stocking this coming week or so i would think.only fish caught and a solid brown at that.didnt get length or anything.hard enough trying hold the feisty thing for a quick pic then back in water.caught it on a small hair jig 3 feet under a float.hit in a deep pool
  5. Really Bummed Out!

    Sry to hear about the loss
  6. Happy birthday Pygmy!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Happy birthday Moho81

    Happy birthday and awesome!
  8. Actual shot time?

    Hard to really place it as others said above.depends on cover etc etc.normally shots seem to be under 10 secs by time draw steady and release.have had a few times i had to draw back down and thats tough.have blew it a few times and others times have gotten away with slowly drawing back down without being spotted
  9. What's for dinner tonight?

    Buddy at work suggested Palmers market in henrietta.gotta say,not bad!
  10. This made me proud

    Agree with all above!Awesome with all the support
  11. Shot a few ducks today.

    Great pics!
  12. Favorite Fish Fry in Buffalo

    Not to screw up ur topic on buffalo but any suggestions for henrietta fish fry?talking about it has me wanting!
  13. You guys can keep this one!be safe
  14. Pics remind me of the storm that rolled through western ny in the first week of march last year.had crews from "hydro-quebec" around helping with restoration efforts
  15. Happy birthday Rebel Darling !

    Enjoy your day! Happy birthday!