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  1. Amazing buck and mount.glad to see u around!!!!
  2. Nice list!!!!!!Luckily i dont have too much as i dont plan on staying in this house for too long.looking to up the land amount and such.this year has been alot of working on vehicles,need a new mower,building an awning/ lean to off back of garage for outdoor storage(needs to be done still).lumber prices are ridiculous!!!!!
  3. Congrats @Swamp_bucks!!i wish you the best of luck!!
  4. Neighbors,which get along with well.have had to go over there twice to retrieve deer.told em if he needs help dragging to call me!
  5. Happy to still see a bird showing up here n there.deff gunna try turkey this spring!!!Plenty of deer pics!
  6. 3/8 oz sinker at bottom,single octopus circle hook 6-12" above it tipped with crawler.dont set the hook,just reel fast!
  7. i myself am in the machining field and have wondered if this is what ill want to stick with.love what i do,just sometimes it seems to be a bit much and where my back will be in 10 years of standing on concrete floors.still young and have time to figure it out.i wish you the best on the change,sounds exciting!!!!!!
  8. Fiance isnt too happy with it being our third vehicle either but didnt mind it when she wanted to pick up carpet that wouldnt fit in her honda accord
  9. No offense at all.seems it so far with the work ive done to it,body work is next,has the chevy rust starting and dont want it to get worse haha
  10. Is in good shape for a 98 and purr's with 263k miles on it.deff not something looking to get rid of anytime soon as has more sentimental value as it was my grandfathers.am happy to hear the reactions on how these trucks run though!!!!put it on road 2 weeks ago and so far am happy with it.playing around with evap issue now,going to start going down the list
  11. New to the truck game but will see how this old pig sucks gas.was my grandfather's truck and have put work into it making it road worthy.luckily only has v6,hoping that'll help me
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