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  1. Ill 2nd the kolsch tastes good today.1 more day of work cccmon thursday,has been a longggg week
  2. Gotta give my brother from another mother(cousin)a big thumbs up for this one.called me lastnight while at store n said well stocked.brought over 2-12pks for me and now havin a few with em
  3. Looks like a new target,solid buck!!!
  4. Like this one??wish whoever had it before my uncle didnt have it plated.i inheritated all his long guns when he passed and this was one of them.model 1890
  5. Have a simmons on my 12ga mossberg.hasnt failed me yet..and an atta boy @Nomad
  6. Rain it is.have had ponds in the yard off and on sence 1pm.a well needed soaking!plants should love this
  7. Forecasting rain here in roch area.Hoping it happens,sick of watering plants everyday.need good ole rainwater
  8. Still no fruit off the squash plants here,all male flowers so far.cousin put in a bunch of hot pepper plants as thats his thing,deff not mine!!flowering but no peppers yet.
  9. Nice truck,cant wait to see one flopped in the back!!!I'll 2nd the weathertech statement,love em!
  10. Never got to see him but loved his songs RIP