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  1. Sure hope so.have had much better group's,just one of those days.have been shooting 12-20 arrows a day atleast,making sure im in tune with the new to me mathews i picked up this year.might be over doing it as i could feel it in elbow joint today Just keep pushing as season is so was one of those days where u know to call it quits!
  2. Saweet!!!love following ur nighttime adventures.hoping for some dirty dog pics this season!
  3. Redemption at 20,poor group at 30.just cant focus,bow put away for night!!!
  4. Not like this one.first at 30.brutal!!!!!couldnt steady my arm and complete shit shot.should of just let down honestly
  5. Picked up a 6 of burner after work.appropriate glass as its upon us
  6. Stands checked Clothes ready to go Alot of shooting done with bow,BH's fly same as field points. pack all set with calls etc,gotta add a roll of emergency TP to it!!!! Knives/hooks all sharpened and ready to bloody up
  7. Garage roof time,had to try my angles!!4 at 20ish.last shot was a white hair shot.deff weird stance at pitched roof
  8. More local brew.light and refreshing,juicy
  9. Been watching it too and liking what i see!last year was brutal,75 degrees,skeeters,sweat
  10. What those 2 said^^.ridiculous and far too common these days
  11. Have talked to my cousin about this.luckily all of neighbors hunt their own property so things shouldnt get crazy for us.really hoping its a safe season for all as going to have a lot of inexperienced hunters running around
  12. Fire night before bow starts.smells like we havr a skunk within 50 yards,brutal!!!!!!!
  13. Not sure of this counts but looks like someone had a good time!thinking maybe velvet rub
  14. 4 at 23ish.first was left of heart