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  1. doebuck1234


    Bread and butter for this guy.that horseradish one sounds good TF!
  2. doebuck1234


    The kolsch going down good tonight between talking to the realtor and the mortgage officer.getting all my ducks in a row!
  3. doebuck1234

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Very nice buck and great work as always WNY!!
  4. doebuck1234

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Im in for the me some veggies and shrramp to top it off
  5. doebuck1234


    Me too.seems like a nice summer time beer.can almost chug it down.can be a good or bad thing.a must buy for me from now on!
  6. doebuck1234


    Went to wegmans for pizza making stuff and bam!surprised there was any there and a first time try.had to with all the hype and dam its good!
  7. doebuck1234

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Took today off from work for a home inspection and there was no qay i wasnt hitting up the creek in this weather...Another day at the oatka.higher and muddy but still fishable.the sun feels amazing!one fish surfaced so far and just saw a dec tank truck heading up the road.couldnt tell if it was full or not
  8. doebuck1234

    2019 Pennsylvania youth turkey hunt

    Great story and awesome pics to say the least!!!congrats to all involved
  9. doebuck1234

    Tractor supply chicken...

    You are bada$$!hopefully within the next month or two me and my g/f will be closing on our first house together.i know who to come see for decor!!!
  10. doebuck1234

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Few picture looks like a fat mama!
  11. doebuck1234

    School me on propane grills

    Its all about the lines.perfecto!
  12. doebuck1234


    Havent tried previous years versions but definitely YUM to this years!
  13. doebuck1234


    Good ole red eye.working on #4.going down smoooth
  14. doebuck1234

    Good Luck to all the Youth Hunters Tomorrow

    Would love to see some pics of luck to all heading out there!!
  15. doebuck1234

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Tis it tis!wish i could haha.found a small starter house.lower payment etc(first time home buyer).told the g/f aslong as the yards big enough for me to shoot my bow and has room for hunting stuff im in!offers in just waiting on the verdict!