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  1. doebuck1234

    Red neck

    Get called a redneck from my girlfriend alot.alot of it is my ways of doing things.was partially raised off my grandparents farm and yes lived in a trailer my whole childhood until I moved out at 18. hunting and fishing were my biggest things to do growing up.i remember as a kid there was a small creek that ran behind the trailer go hide along the creek and call the ducks in.was good practice!think that places me in the category..if not definatly a country boy.if u can't duc it,f*** it!
  2. doebuck1234

    Early Christmas present!!!!

  3. Congrats on the harvests today all.season is over for me.alot of nice bucks and plump does this year.congrats all!
  4. Sitting this mornings hunt out n not sure if I'll make it out this evening or of luck to those who get out today n put em down!
  5. doebuck1234

    Shooter from the great room

    Wowza!very nice
  6. Think I'm headin in the woods this afternoon around 1.unsure on how to approach it this afternoon.may sit down from where they've been crossing the field n see if anything steps out.
  7. doebuck1234

    Rescude a dog yesterday... said over and over.never seize to amaze me with ur work.crazy good!
  8. doebuck1234

    Poachers Busted Near Partridge Run Look at press releases once in a while.its crazy how much are taken illegally.scum
  9. No deer seen.card pull shows movement at usual times
  10. 23 degrees w wind @ 8.fresh snow down made for a little quieter walk in.sunrise 729am.first shot at 704.cmon deer
  11. Looks like a decoration someone put out.very cool pic and nice buck!
  12. Haven't been in the woods sence Nov 25th.getting the itch bad!today's the day I hope.brown it's down time.hunt this tomorrow,hunt Sunday morning.