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  1. Im very tempted to go out for the morning sit tomorrow with the bow.still have reg season buck tag and both dmp's.windy tomorrow
  2. My grandfather loved G96 and swore by it.ive used it sence and no problems yet.seems to have good review's also,great smell too,haha!!
  3. Working on #4.u'd be correct sir,hahaha!!these ipa's sneak up on me after a while of drinkin genny
  4. Atta boy!!!!!!!!congrats!!!!!way to pull it off on a late season buck!
  5. Now thats a party.along with whats on that shelf in the background!
  6. Camera on phone seems to be crapping out but hayburner it is tonight..picked up a 6pk at local store,nov 18th date..yum!!!
  7. My father during bow season but mom usually answers phone so her too.during gun when dads out there with me i usually cant get my phone out of pocket before he calls me to ask if i shot
  8. Saw an unknown crossing field at noon.may have to try muzzleloader next year.have one,just never gets used!
  9. Congrats chef,well done!!!!
  10. Up having coffee.last sit for dad and i.hopefully we atleast lay eyes on one!
  11. Not bad IMO.i havent sampled enough porters to know for sure if my palate is off.if were closer id surely drop some off for a true review!!!hahaha