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  1. X2!!!!still going to post it this time though haha.forgot smoker loaded pic....smoked chichen thighs,drumsticks(not in pic)ital sausage and a quick bagged shhhhallllad..cherry cheesecake for dessert.bed time yet??????
  2. doebuck1234


    Was at oak a month or so ago when it was froze over at the lake.will have to give it a go here brockport often as im right off from rt 259
  3. doebuck1234


    Welcome aboard!!!
  5. this
  6. First smoke of 2020.chicken and ital sausage.more pics to come im sure
  7. The liquid gold has been found
  8. Just got home from a little afternoon/night action.i managed one bullhead but my cousin was killin it.all fish went back in the drink quickly after pic
  9. Beautiful smallies chris!!i love the fight they put up
  10. Oh no you didnt.ive been waiting for this!soon to a store near me! A well needed burner or 6!long week at work playing the jobs of 2 other people as they are layed off.hands need some good lotion after all the washing!!!!!!ooooohhh the burn when denatured alcohol at work hits em
  11. Just got told yesterday,starting may 1st company wont be matching any 401k contributions until further about throwing a bone for the people that are there keeping the doors!