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  1. Very cool,never seen one in person.creek/pond/lake???
  2. Cut lawns early teen years,harbor freight in henrietta from 17-19 then machining for the last 10 years
  3. And some peanut butter whiskey to go with it(in the booze thread)
  4. First time try and great flavor..cousin suggested it...seemed right after a 6 day work week and a fire
  5. The normal for me.was over at my aunt today getting some stuff down from rafters in garage for her.came across 3 cases of bottle n this was one of em.told me to take it home,assuming this is the packaged on date.not that I need it,but pretty neat!she had no clue they were up there
  6. I'm starting to think the same as Moog.lookin good!
  7. Cousin used to be a huge Carp freak,still does it here and there.makes his own "boilies" I think they are called and pack bait.never forger the one night his rod was going nuts and didn't react so I took over.two my cousin has got in our night fishing trips.been a while sence we've done it
  8. Holy buck!!!!!!
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