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  1. doebuck1234

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Looks like hard horn to me??im like a little kid in the candy store with this trail cam stuff!!
  2. doebuck1234

    Treestand types

    Ladder stand.typically"buddy stands" with enough room and shooting rail.just moved one today to a spot ive been wanting one.took the bottom steps off so my aunt can get in it if she gets out this year.....#short stand #grampy!
  3. doebuck1234

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Nice smallie!!!I remember 12 or so years ago i didnt know too much about fishing equipment and what was and a buddy would fish black creek behind his house throwing nothing but full size spinnerbait's on ultralight setups.pike and smallmouth left and right.what a blast it is with UL gear!
  4. doebuck1234


    YUM!!!I cant find that in any store by the new house.Neeeeed it in my life!!!
  5. Anyone going to the airshow????!!!! Tomorrow and sunday. ****TICKETS GOOD FOR ONE DAY ONLY**** Being that i work right behind the airport,my employer gives out free tickets.I have two general admission tickets if anyone is interested in them?I didnt plan on going but always grab atleast 2 for someone who may want to go.Kids love it! Willing to meet up local..Chili,Henrietta area.Got my free little show on lunch break thursday as the USAF Thunderbirds fly in and around the airport.Amazing is an understatement!!!
  6. doebuck1234


    Great view!up at grandmothers(property i hunt).wanted to move a stand/check cam
  7. doebuck1234

    Shaking / buck fever..

    Same here.still get the fever shakes but controlling myself better than i have in past
  8. doebuck1234

    2019 Field to fork Program

    Message sent.its a go!
  9. doebuck1234


    Have not been disappointed with any of the rohrbach's brew yet
  10. Cmon oct 1st!!!hope the 10 i have on cam sticks around.will be my first mount!
  11. doebuck1234

    Broad head of choice?

    Fixed Muzzy 100gr!
  12. doebuck1234

    How many strikes ?

    ^^^^i like way in hell would i put up with that.we all work too hard and appreciate what we've got.go screw for sure!!!
  13. doebuck1234

    First Shot Daily Pics

    First shot 27 yards hit its mark.6 more at 27.tried for a 3fer.dropped my arm on the one
  14. doebuck1234

    Some new arrivals in daylight

    I myself frequent my hot spot in a patch of pines.setup is a "buddy stand" with half the ladder off.can reach up and set my bow on the seat.4 or 5 steps and im in it.have had my fair share of trial and error also and that hunting lower though!
  15. doebuck1234

    Hop toad

    Ive got a bunch of all sizes in the yard,hopping around.went out for work and this little guy was in the driveway