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  1. I guess our definitions of "troll" may differ? My intention was to create awareness not just for the members here who could log on but had few to interact with anymore, but also those who couldn't log on anymore and those who couldn't even register. That's the bigger picture. Again, you'd prefer to leave them hanging, wanting a solution, asking for a solution over and over, and no one providing one? Regarding the criticisms of this site, it can't possibly be surprising those who were looking to change the outcome of this site have something to say about its situation over the last couple years. They're understandably upset by what transpired, as they should be, as you too should be too. Maybe you didn't buy a t-shirt and get left hanging. Maybe the principle of all that doesn't matter to you, but it does to many of them. Asking a question about a problem you're having on the site and not receiving any form of reply despite repeated attempts matters to many of them, as it should. I do understand your argument however, I do understand the optics, and I did consider those when I posted, just as I consider them when I'm posting now. I think me posting is necessary in the best interest of the members and potential members. Somehow you don't agree with that and are on the other side of the fence, which is OK, we're all entitled to our opinions and positions. I just wish you'd look through the other lens and try to understand those other members and potential members, look less at me or the other site and more at them (which is why that site exists).
  2. Unfortunately, my previous content has been deleted, so we can't review what I said months ago but I assure you it wasn't badmouthing, it was just the facts. Sometimes the facts are difficult, but the facts are the facts.
  3. I'm here and open to having a discussion with you or anyone on the matter (assuming this doesn't get deleted). I'm OK with you calling me names or labeling my actions, however you may not have read my previous posts here explaining the precise reasoning for what I did and its respective timeline. It's clear this site lacks ownership, it's also clear there are those who would have liked to join it for over a year but cannot, and it's also clear there are those here who have trouble with their accounts and can't get it resolved. Your answer to all that is what exactly? Ignore those members and potential members like the owner has? Ignore the mods of this site like the owner has? And that's somehow good for the site and those people or is it only good for you and that's all that matters? I didn't come here to troll or poach members, I came here after 2 years of trying to contact the owner with zero response to try and offer a solution to both new and existing members. Everyone could see what was happening, I'm not saying anything that isn't already well known and hiding/deleting it doesn't magically make it go away. I was very respectful in my approach, but was shown zero respect in return from the owner in garnering a response (just as the mods and members here have been shown zero respect in return for their own attempts to reach the owner). Fine, he doesn't want to answer a potential buyer of the site, but to ignore his mods and members for such an extended period surely indicates both a lack of care and a relative abandonment of the site. Again, your answer is what? Create a selfish island for your own goals and ignore everyone else? That's very nice of you. I won't deep dive into the other issues members here experienced, but defending or "forgetting" any of that is equally baffling. Minimally it should be addressed and resolved, not ignored and swept under the rug as you suggest. Even with the site crashing, the owner hasn't been logged into this site as an Admin since September 20, 2021 or as a moderator since October 7, 2020. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know, I don't know what will. So despite your claims and assumptions, I'm trying to create and offer something positive for everyone to enjoy while also being involved and active to address any issues. And yes, new sites take time, but we have a great set of members there and equally great content that will continue to grow. Everyone is welcome, and as you'll see, there is no "banning of mentioning this site" there. If you guys are happy here, that's all good, I want you to enjoy your experience no matter where it is. However for those who aren't, or those who need help but can't get it, or those who are new and can't even get on, they have (had) no other option...so I created that option. Wishing you all the best no matter where you are, stay safe and shoot straight!
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