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  1. Hey guys, I'm on the Skre email list for deals. One popped out today: 25% off wool products Enter code " merino " in at checkout. Only available for another day and 21 hours!! I have the merino sweatshirt in 300gram. It's nice, not super thick and has been a nice midlayer for me. I bought mine in November, they had a 30% off sale. That's the most I've seen them discount any of the wool items.
  2. Drones, just another reason they will want them! We can spy on you and deliver a "package". Seriously though, I fear they won't do anything. Just another thing in this world. Raise prices to cover it. It's terrible.
  3. My Google feed NOW has an article showing this. Guess it took the long arm of this forum to wake up the media. You would think Amazon and the other companies would be furious about the losses of product.
  4. It's the new world, why work when you can steal. I work for a large convenience store chain and theft has been steadily rising. People are just blatantly walking out with product and gas theft has increased too. I'm in maintenance but extra cameras, and other improvements we do doesn't seem to help. Someone walked out of a shop on Monday morning pushing our salt spreader!
  5. That's cool. Great idea for some clothes to do chores in. With an embroidery machine you can make hunting NY gear! Sign me up!!
  6. Thanks. I'm not a Facebook user, and that all that new content wasn't showing up when I went to his page.
  7. Green, where did you find this? His Facebook and website don't list it. We did Venmo to enter( 2 weeks ago), but haven't heard anything back.
  8. I heard your only contagious for about 5 days. Then the ability to spread is greatly reduced. So I thought the quarantine was reduced to 5 days. That sucks to get it twice. Hope your feeling better soon .
  9. I was excited to have the extra time, but I agree with the earlier comment about only gaining half the time with usable light. Hopefully it pays off next season for me.
  10. Berne is close to me. But I will go wherever. Just need notice for my kids sports schedules.
  11. I do change the wife's Traverse and my truck oil myself. Wally world sells Mobil synthetic in the 5 qt jugs, but I have switched this year to the Napa synthetic in their 5qt jugs. I use the Napa gold filters all the time, and just started eliminating a second stop for parts. I do put at least 6k miles in between changes. I do change my Ariens oil every year.
  12. No lone wolf climbing stands or parts on that website. Guess that's what they sold off?
  13. As if the new installation of wood furnaces this will prevent is going to make any sort of a dent in emissions. Why not force all municipality vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, snow plows, police cars and the like which idle/ operate for most of their lifespan, to go electric. Then we can start piling up all these batteries that crap out!!!
  14. Great work. The states are cool. How about an Adirondack Park shape for the north country guys? That would be unique. Hopefully I can connect with one next year.
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