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  1. I think I saw her at Stewart's today!
  2. I will pick from the firearms that currently own. Mossberg 500, 20 gauge. Multiple barrels and chokes for it. My first hunting weapon. And great for my whole family to use. But, If that law was coming in effect, I would probably end up being the outlaw. And keep more of my firearms!
  3. Its part of the tradition to process your own game. I started out paying to have my first buck butchered, but wasn't happy with the amount of meat I picked up from him. The next year my friend was taught on his deer from an older guy that hunts the same farm. And my friend helped me with my next deer. Now we have a great time processing them. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. I have even hit 2 deer with my truck and took them home to pull some good meat off of them. Vacuum sealing and grinding, makes for some long nights after work!! I don't use any plastic or butcher
  4. Term limits.....they all need them!
  5. Mike Rowe is coming to Fox Business Channel. He is always fun to watch. I believe he is going to be on with the woman anchor Kennedy. Anyone remember her from her start as a MTV VJ??? When they actually played videos.
  6. This is my fear..... trying to correlate covid to our game meat and saying it's going to transmit to us. Then it's an emergency to stop us hunters!!!
  7. I keep talk radio on during the day. Local news and national covered on 1300am. Some other good programs are on 810 too. This is in the Capital District.
  8. Congratulations!!! Great photos to celebrate the newest patriot!
  9. From my uncle: he is mailed a form to fill out each year to select his dmp choices. His license is one of those purchased prior to the 10/2009 cut off for free dmp permits. If your mailed that paper, I guess you would know it's an old license.
  10. https://decals.licensing.east.kalkomey.com That's on the paper they mail with our lifetime license. Or 866-933-2257
  11. Thanks Bruno! Nice vest, great condition. Looking forward to climbing the trees.
  12. 8/2 is correct, through 10/1. By phone 1-866-933-2257. Or online https://decals
  13. Softball has played some great games. Our team has some real veterans on it. Hope they bring the gold back to us this year!!
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