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  1. Looks amazing! Great treasure.
  2. Driving on route 50 today I saw the gentleman hanging the signs. New gun store coming into the old Goldstocks building. For those that don't know it's right across the street from the Lowe's, and the same parking lot as glenville beverage. Sign hanging on the building says "Glenville guns" . Currently that is all I know. I wonder if is the Gunsmoke shop finally reopening?
  3. I love the reclaimer! Magic Heat, I have had it for 18yrs. I also have a straight pipe through the roof. I have a piece of straight pipe I slip in it's place for when I run a chimney brush through it. I also burn one of those creosote logs during the winter. But I don't burn wood every day.
  4. I believe it would be good. It's kind of like those soda vending machines they keep outside. And look at all the ice chests that convenient stores keep outside. I know some refrigeration equipment they use outdoors have a small electric heater that runs around the compressor to keep the oil warm. But for the amount that yours would have to turn on and off in the cold weather.... I don't think it would be something to worry about.
  5. Walmart in Glenville and Cobleskill both have a good selection of hunting ammo available. My buddy just picked up 30.06 and said they only scanned his driver's license into the computer. No hassle at all. Cobleskill is still selling rifles too.
  6. I just bought a 2005 Honda Accord with a title. The new title from DMV only took about a week to be mailed to me with my information on it. Hope this helps Ps, check your local DMV hours. Mine is by appointment only on Monday and Fridays. Was quite annoying when I went on Thursday to grab some paperwork and was told just come back tomorrow!! Only to have go online to get a Monday appointment.
  7. https://youtu.be/DHLlwiLebkc Happy 4th!!!
  8. My son has baseball games both days. But the 11th would be the better day for myself. I've driven by this place a hundred times, would be nice to meet up with you guys.
  9. Rotterdam Walmart has a bunch of 12 gauge rounds. Copper plated, too. Slugs for 12 &20. Plenty of 22lr and a handful of 7.62 /51. One box of 6.5 on the shelf as of Sunday.
  10. Nice cabinet to hide some treasures inside, in plain sight.
  11. Skre sent me an email today. Sitewide sale untill Sunday. I have a few of the heavy wool items. They work good for me.
  12. Skre has a sitewide sale going on till Sunday.
  13. I read an article this year I believe it was from Meateater about people that elk hunt without a guide. And they talked about one of their townships that has the largest game taken. When I was looking it up on maps they were to the north of the Elk herd preserve. Benezette PA is where to start looking for the area. Good Luck sounds like a fun journey!
  14. I find them locally at Tractor Supply $45. Wrangler Riggs pants, Ranger model . They have cargo pockets and a small tool pocket on the right leg. I love them. Dry pretty quick, durable and quiet. Multiple colors to choose from. I usually wear them 7 days a week. They are my employers uniform pant, but I purchased other colors for my weekends to wear. Just don't put them in the dryer. I hang them on my dining room chairs for the night to dry them after washing.
  15. Glenville Walmart has a lot of the 22lr Federal, 325 in a box for $21. Some other 22lr 300 in a box. A few 350 legends boxes and a few 7.62 x 51 boxes. Two boxes of 12gauge no lead #7. A couple 20 gauge #8s. And about 5 100 round Federal 12 gauge #7 trap for $29.44.
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