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  1. I never play lotto games, but over these weeks of big rewards I have spent about $30. Had two $4 winners, and in true lotto fashion I put it into more tickets last night. Maybe next time we should get a group together to pool our tickets together!!
  2. The outlaw Josey Wales. Clint Eastwood
  3. I would buy a share of some large ranches out west, maybe an interest in an Alaskan guide company, and purchase some great commercial real estate outside of NY.
  4. SOLD!! I'm looking forward to getting up on some state land and filling a tag next season!! Thanks Rebel
  5. Use them at the gas pump.
  6. A subscription is money well spent. I started by buying them at Stewart's Shops and then when I found myself checking the rack before the next issue was released, I signed up! My son and I enjoy reading the cuffs and collars and the youth hunting adventures. I'm hoping it keeps his interest up in the sport and outdoors.
  7. My friends land has a deep ravine to cross to get to his back 20. They used a mobile home frame as a bridge. Just decked it with some pressure treated. No worries of it washing out, it's plenty high over the water. Maybe you could find an older camping trailer frame to span yours.
  8. You guys mention red lights, I have a green one. I have only hunted for them twice with it, and nothing came in. Do you think the green is easier for them to see? I purchased a $100 gun mounted light from dicks. It does adjust intensity and focus, but only green color. I was thinking this year to move to a treestand set, and hope that would give me a better sit.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
  10. I always had Jeep's which were standard. Its so fun to drive, a shame more vehicles are not giving the chance.
  11. Me three! I figured it was sold since the post was 3 hours old.
  12. I was at a Stewart's shop on Friday, and my buddy saw a 10pointer head in the backseat of a DEC suv. We ran over to check it out, and there was a body too I pointed out. It was a mechanical decoy. I laughed with the officer, "It works well, it lured us right in!"
  13. Gunsmoke is moving to the Glenville area. I would check at Browns Archery in Schenectady.
  14. Welcome Chuck. I found this forum at the start of this season. It's great!!