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  1. My son has baseball games both days. But the 11th would be the better day for myself. I've driven by this place a hundred times, would be nice to meet up with you guys.
  2. Rotterdam Walmart has a bunch of 12 gauge rounds. Copper plated, too. Slugs for 12 &20. Plenty of 22lr and a handful of 7.62 /51. One box of 6.5 on the shelf as of Sunday.
  3. Nice cabinet to hide some treasures inside, in plain sight.
  4. Skre sent me an email today. Sitewide sale untill Sunday. I have a few of the heavy wool items. They work good for me.
  5. Skre has a sitewide sale going on till Sunday.
  6. I read an article this year I believe it was from Meateater about people that elk hunt without a guide. And they talked about one of their townships that has the largest game taken. When I was looking it up on maps they were to the north of the Elk herd preserve. Benezette PA is where to start looking for the area. Good Luck sounds like a fun journey!
  7. I find them locally at Tractor Supply $45. Wrangler Riggs pants, Ranger model . They have cargo pockets and a small tool pocket on the right leg. I love them. Dry pretty quick, durable and quiet. Multiple colors to choose from. I usually wear them 7 days a week. They are my employers uniform pant, but I purchased other colors for my weekends to wear. Just don't put them in the dryer. I hang them on my dining room chairs for the night to dry them after washing.
  8. Glenville Walmart has a lot of the 22lr Federal, 325 in a box for $21. Some other 22lr 300 in a box. A few 350 legends boxes and a few 7.62 x 51 boxes. Two boxes of 12gauge no lead #7. A couple 20 gauge #8s. And about 5 100 round Federal 12 gauge #7 trap for $29.44.
  9. It's a reply to "bump " your post to the top page of the recent posts. Keeps your stuff being seen , or revive a lost post.
  10. I don't think I'll have any opportunity for the ice to be safe enough to get me out there anymore this season. But I did start looking at people selling their gear, and found a free 8" auger I picked up. I'm planning on converting it to a drill auger to give me a break from my 6" hand auger for next year. I had a later start getting on the ice this year, but did have some nice memories.
  11. Grampy, Take it to the bank moved to Del Gallos Pool store, and the Wagon Train building. These are Del Gallos other business endeavors. Just up the road on Rt159 and Burdeck St intersection. Opposite the Stewart's Shop. Your description of the Beararms shop matches my description of Outlander Survival. Moved from Rt7 just down the road to RT 20. I just purchased an 80% lower from OSS at Christmas. It's an Aero Precision. They had complete lowers there for sale too, or available to order. I matched it to a PSA upper I picked up on Thanksgiving sale prices. We do need meet up. There was a talk about a local get together, I lost track of it. Hope I didn't miss it.
  12. Try looking online and just buy assembled uppers and lowers so you don't have to "build it " yourself. Just snap it together and push in the pins. Palmetto state armory always tons of options on sale . Windham weaponry as well runs deals they email me. Your FFL could order your complete lower and put a NY compliant stock on it too.
  13. A gentleman I work with had given a quote to a member from his church for $800 bucks for parts and labor to install his charging setup. The Customer had purchased a kit (sounds like an outlet) from Tesla already. Well the customer decided to get another quote, found a Craigslist guy for $700. Hired him to do it. Customer called Craigslist guy back because of breaker tripping. And guess who does not answer the phone calls! My friend went back to look at it. They opened the dryer outlet box, wire nutted into it and ran a short piece of wire through the wall into the garage. So when the Tesla and dryer are both running.....trip breaker. $800 quote was for a dedicated breaker and new wire from the panel all the way to garage. Lol, so much for saving money. After hearing the story I asked if he suggested a Solar dryer, clothes line are still cheap.
  14. Where is Beararms? I live in Duanesburg, never heard of them. We do have Outlander Survival (OSS) out here. That's the only gun shop I'm familiar with in town. As far as Gunsmoke goes, they've been gone a long time. That store was a partnership between Brian Olson and the gentleman that owns the planet fitness franchise in the area. I can't remember his last name. But his first is Leon. I figured they split up and decided to not reopen. There's the other gun store Take it to the Bank in Rotterdam. They also moved, further up the road. I wondered if that had something to do with the town and maybe what forced Gunsmoke out?
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