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  1. I have not yet heard any health warnings on eating Canada's. I do however enjoy them grilled, in sausage, wrapped in bacon, put in stir fry...
  2. in just about 12 hours I will be waking up for the 11hr drive south. I'm stopping at a couple of BPS along the way with a shopping list of just about every caliber for my budddies, to see if I can get anything. Weather is supposed to be perfect, 75 and Sunny. Trail cam confirms at least 8 gobblers in the area. If I can get down there before sunset, I'll def be in a blind for wed night hunt.
  3. Rev Ev


    yes they do. just do a search on the webiste for "stalker lite"
  4. Rev Ev


    I got some stuff from BPS that is so thin, i sometimes wore them as pajamas. I love it for when I'm not going through thick stuff in spring and early fall. It was called stalker light. here iis link http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Stalker-Lite-II-Camo-TShirts-for-Men-Long-Sleeve/product/10200340/
  5. My thoughts after watching first 2: 1. Where is the "chasing of tail"? I saw like one or two shots. The rest was fluff. I get its first show and all and have to set it up, but there isn't any "science" behind why they need to harvest these deer or evidence of overpopulation. 2. It seems like its more a home showcase as much as they spend on the mansions. 3. How did these guys ever pitch this show? and what producers said yeah, those are they guys i want doing it. like many other shows, i loved the premise, but execution was far from desirable.
  6. Personally, I am pro-fracking. For many reasons. I think that there are risks, much like nuclear power, however the gain outweighs bad. It took me a while to get to this decision. to answer your question, I don't think NYS would be able to do that, too many enviro guys would protest it. But on private land, which is where I have seen the proposals, I think they will have a heyday.
  7. Heard from my buddy that they got a double yesterday on opening day. They had six toms come straight into them and 20 minutes into the season they were done. He guessed that there were at least double that many toms and as many as 50 birds on the farm. The area that I am hunting is the piedmont and was only recently restored by the NWTF with birds, so they are still rapidly reproducing, much like early nineties here. I can get two birds while I am down there. I am so jacked I have had all my gear packed for the past two weeks in my truck. I'm going to pattern my turkey gun today if the rain holds off. I seriously feel like I am 8 again and its Christmas. If I thought I wouldn't get fired, i would leave today and go, but as it is, I have to work. There is so much less pressure down there than here, Beside his 200 acres is several other farms that he knows no one hunts, mainly cuz its scrubland and thick, which just makes it all the better for us. I'll let yall know how it goes. I leave Wednesday.
  8. snipe hunting: an excuse to get tenderfoot scouts lost in the woods while you laugh at them and make scary noises until they cry. Or something like that. the only succesful snipe hunt I ever went on was my first one, I got lost withouth a flashlight in the woods while random pine cones were thrown at me. took what seemed forever to get back to my tent.
  9. Being an Eagle Scout, I have always wanted to get back into it to give back, but simply don't have the time. Have fun. Maybe take some of them snipe hunting. Some of my best memories are from campouts and scouting.
  10. I wish stuff like this had where they got there info. I don't doubt it, our brutality against the natives was unconscionable. But I like facts to back it all up.
  11. great pics! are you a waterfowler?
  12. I'm thinking it is, that maybe all of May will be a strutting show. Last year I didn't see or hear anything the last 2 weeks. But if things continue to be pushed later into the year, it might mean poor hatching/winter retention. I'm not a biologist, but just my thoughts.
  13. That just confirms to me they haven't broken up yet. still a great scene.
  14. I finally got permission from a vegetable farmer to hunt waterfowl on his land after I told and showed him that tmy shot was non toxic. I was also shooting up and not straight at his cabbage. He was afraid that lead pellets would get into his vegetables or somehow up through the roots.
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