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  1. If you're in an area that allows it, get a burn barrel and burn all the wood. Also make sure to stack the stuff in dumpster, break cabinets down and stack them Also scrap all the copper, alum. And other might end up paying for your dumpster
  2. 401k saw a 37.47% year in years
  3. Try the port Jarvis area (NJ, ny, pa) border..highest concentration of bear in nys I believe. There is a large tract of state land in the area as well
  4. Lots of public land in dutchess..also lots of bears...additionally any public land near port jervis will have bears
  5. Hunting dutchess state land, group of 5 of us only saw 7 deer, but 9 bear. Two bears taken. One sow 150lbs, one boar 125 lbs. All other bears were sow with cubs
  6. Onion town is a small section of dover plains. I've been told it was originally called young man's town as it was a depression area work camp. Unemployed men found work there as part of the new deal. Name morphed to onion town somewhere down the line. Local kids from putnam and dutchess routinely harass those living there. Rumors spread of back country hill billies and inbreds as kids told there tall tales. I've never been there, but hunted the surrounding land for years,never had any issues with the locals
  7. Lots of them on fb marketplace
  8. In close to 40 yrs of hunting ive only shot one deer with this i know what it was...thanks for sharing
  9. A jelly donut tree will help keep them around
  10. That might work..but to be honest almost all nys lands are better bear habitat then deer habitat...mature hardwoods = bears and very few deer