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  1. mmkay

    Creating Bear Habitat

    A jelly donut tree will help keep them around
  2. mmkay

    Creating Bear Habitat

    That might work..but to be honest almost all nys lands are better bear habitat then deer habitat...mature hardwoods = bears and very few deer
  3. mmkay

    Mountain Lion in NY? I think YES!

    Nice cat..wish it was a mt lion. But whats up with the divot in the elephants rear end...above tail Really whst up with thst deers ass end?
  4. Cuomo will win by he'll get 56% molinaro 44% Tappan zee bridge will remain the cuomo bridge
  5. mmkay

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    My wife spreads my bait for me....
  6. Voted 7am this morning.... Election prediction. Us House R = 221..keep control Us Senate. R= 53..keep control Nys governor. Cuomo wins..too many nyc libs to over come Gillibrand wins..again too many libs to over come Your guess?
  7. mmkay

    More Chinese Thievery!

    Burnout a chain saw and you can get a complete chinese knock off head kit for less the 75 bucks....husquarva replacent parts will be closer to 250... Btw the Chinese knock off will only last 10 or 15 hrs
  8. Yes ..and mental hospital closed in the 70s...shooting start to spike in 80s So kid born in tbe 60 that was freak in his teens was treated at a mental hospital..kid born in 70s and was a freak ..given mefs as an out patient and then became a shooter in the mid to late 80s
  9. Every kid is givena trophy these days..come in last heres a trophy..struck out each time at bat..Trophy Kids dont know how to is full of sucesses and failures..those that arent taught how to fail and move on dont know how to manage conflict resolution. The deraged amonght these see violents as the games allow them to rehearse and fantasize
  10. Massshooting are occuring more frequently because the government shut down mental institutions. These mental hosiptal should have been reformed. Some people need to be removed from society until their mental illness can be controlled Also violent video games should be outlawed or tax at a prohibitive rate...promoting mass shooting as entertainment is just wrong and teaches unstable people that mass shooting are the answer
  11. mmkay

    Putnam County Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock

    Ive had luck asking for permission to hunt grouse (post deer season) from deer hunters...but haven't gone in years..old/fat labs are good for pheasant...and pheasants are all over dover hunt club release them by the thousands. As for grouse, when i went, i used to locate an abandon apple orchard over grown in briers / wild grapes....hopefully there would be a stand of pines near by But try nyc horse pond road of one there until deer season and the pumpkin army only hangs around for a week
  12. mmkay

    Poop ID?

  13. mmkay

    Any coin collectors here?

    When u leave the supermarket check the change return on coin star machines...ive foind silver and even a gold coin...mostly find foreign coins Ive had the best success on sat or sunday mornings..i think the drunks/drug addicts are in too much of a rush to take the coins tnat dont go thru
  14. As an I/T worker ive been dealing with this for 20 years...been working in corp America for 30+ years and only seen 2 American workers last to retirement age...eveyone gets fired/laid off in their 50's H1B visa are given out to drive down US residents wages and turn the foreign worker into corporate slaves...they cant complain, must work around the clock...if they make waves and get fired, they have leave the country ASAP
  15. mmkay

    Putnam County Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock

    In the 80 and 90s there were los of grouse in putnam...most likely still are, but the dairy farms are now horse farms that dont allow hunting. But nyc property in kent looks good for grouse. Try horsepond road ...ive seem grouse during deer season...a few woodcock as well....the area is thick with briers. Also a few places off rt 22 in patterson / southeast are open to hunting....