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  1. There is a place in Clarence, NY (if anyone is close) called Whitetail Scents. She has a deer farm and you can get fresh scents. She extractst them almost daily. I would say there is a huge difference since i started using those vs. the crap you buy at a commercial store (walmart, cabelas, etc.) like Tinks, etc. Not that I make a habit of it, but I do actually smell the urine I have bought from Whitetail Scents and it doesn't have much odor. The stuff you buy in a store is rancid and nasty. I also rattle. I agree, deer are curious. I have never had much luck wiht calls though. I have grunted with a deer standing right in front of me and he didn't even turn his head.
  2. I was in my stand this weekend, but deer do NOT move when it is windy. Rain doesn't bother me. Snow doesn't bother me. Cold doesnt' bother me. Wind SUCKS. Deer hunting sucks in the wind. I hunted Saturday, Sunday and Monday and didn't see a single deer (not even doe which are abundant where I hunt). Good thing there is a month of hunting!
  3. No, he just dissapeared. I have several other pictures of him going back to the beginning of July (I think July 5th was the first pictures), through that picture on August 15th. That is why he is so old I suppose....he is smart and he vanishes. I am guessing he has got to be pushing 7 or 8 years old. Hopefully the next picture I have of him without velvet is on the ground! You are right WNYBuckHunter, they could be relatives. I have seen a lot of big bucks over the years, but wide bucks are quite rare. Good luck on your hunt!
  4. Yeah, he is super old too....look at his face in the close up. Smart Buck! he is in an intensely high pressure hunting area as well. Just goes to show that smart bucks can hide from anyone and everyone!
  5. Pictures of a buck from this summer (August). As far as score, he is probably only 150 - 160 buck, not the biggest I have pictures of, but he is got to be pushing 24" or 25" wide. Definitely the widest rack I have ever scene. I took a nice video of him this summer with about 10 other bucks in a field and it is even more impressive when he is by "normal" racks.
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