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  1. To my original point of the NY DEC being utterly useless, case in point: https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/montana-man-receives-lifetime-hunting-ban-after-illegally-killing-trophy-moose This would stop the trash in NY from doing the things they do without penalty. Forget the lifetime ban, how about potential prison time and the $12,000 fine!!! Montana isn't alone. Most states that take wildlife seriously, and criminals even more so, have laws like this. But, not in NY! The issue isn't the criminals. It is the lawless society being created by our politicians. If I didn't have a moral compass, I'd avoid buying land and licenses too. It is way cheaper to trespass, poach and steal here.
  2. First and foremost, you need to actually catch them on your property, detain them, and have the police show up while they are there. The rest is a moot point. Cell cam pics is not enough to press charges as there is no proof where the camera was when the picture was taken (yes, that was one of my cases that I mentioned where they stole 2 of 3 cams and had pics on the 3rd). Police took a report and basically said "oh well, sorry." I have had a vehicle parked in my dirt access driveway to my farm from 2 guys coyote hunting with their dogs. They parked at one spot (Mine), and parked a second vehicle at the opposite end of the block and walked through a bunch of properties. Could not find them, but had the vehicle. Called the police. They tracked the owner down and denied they went through my property (despite foot prints). Officer said there was nothing he could do other than issue a warning since they weren't caught in the act. My favorite one was these 2 aholes goose hunting illegally in the filed right next to my house. I was actually walking down my property line when they popped up and starting shooting over me and my brothers heads towards my house. You could hear the pellets landing on the siding of the house. Called the police. Multiple cars rolled up for this one and they did confiscate their firearms and issue summons. My sister works for the judge in our town court so I was super excited to see what would happen to those idiots. First time offense and they played stupid that they were too close to houses and it wasn't goose season. They had their hunting license suspended for a year and paid $150 fine (this was 10 years ago). This one being the worst offense in my mind. Illegal hunting. Trespassing. AND a very dangerous situation where they actually shot my house. Slap on the wrist basically. I've had plenty more encounters, but these 3 examples stick out in my mind. All perfect examples where it pays to be a shitbag. Your chance of being caught is slim to none. If you are caught, playing stupid will work most cases. And, when it doesn't, the worse thing that will happen is flipping a Benjamin to the court and walking away.
  3. I'm with you. I'm on your side. I've just been through the grinder with this state and have first hand experience with the lack of enforcability. To your quote above, the key things are: 1) Without posted signs, you will never prove the INTENT to trespass, verse them playing stupid and saying they didn't know. Good luck if your property is not posted ever seeing someone prosecuted. Been there, done that. Won't ever happen again. 2) UP TO $250 is an actual $50 - $100 appearance ticket. To my original point, for you the landowner, who has thousands of dollars a year into your property, these people can access it for $100.....There is no deterrent in NYS, which is why people rampantly trespass. Again, I'm with you. This wasn't an argument.
  4. Morning. The tags are a preference point and a draw system. However, as hard as it is to get a tag to bow hunt, gun hunting is the opposite. Not a lot of people apply for the gun tags in Iowa (not sure why). Here are the draw stats from 2021: https://www.iowadnr.gov/Portals/idnr/uploads/Hunting/nrd_draw.pdf As you can see, Zone 9 had a 70% success rate for drawing with 0 points (that means first time people who applied the same year they wanted to hunt) and over 95% with 1 point (that means the second year you put in). It is very easy to get a gun tag for IA. Bow hunting on the other hand, takes at least 3 and up to 6 years to grab a tag in the better units. Hope that helped.
  5. We will have to agree to disagree. I'm not guessing when I wrote that. I own over 200 acres and lease another 400 in NY. I have had a least a half dozen people dead to rights trespassing and, as originally mentioned, theft of equipment. I have caught them on my property. I have had pictures. I've followed foot prints, 4-wheeler tracks, etc. I have had the NY DEC involved (useless) and the local police department (marginally better). I've pressed charges. I've filled out police reports on the items stolen. There is absolutely nothing more than an appearance ticket issued. And, that is if you are lucky enough to get that far. Most NY shitbags will get away with their illegal activity. Those who get caught, get a slap on the wrist and will continue to do it. Secondly, you most certainly do have to legally post your property. Every 660' at a minimum between signs including all corners. That is literally the first question the law enforcement officer will ask you if you file a complaint. They will go check. The signs have to be clearly visible and legally close enough together. Lastly, if you think NY has tough laws, I'd suggest reading into other states who actually take these things seriously. If you get nailed in UT for example (I do a lot of hunting there), you are hit with a felony charge punishable by up to 10 years in jail and $15,000 fine depending on what you did. Those people will not make the same mistake twice.....
  6. I love the comments about property being posted..... As if someone willing to steal expensive private property cares about crossing a posted sign. Posted signs do literally nothing in NYS. Along with my cams, I've reported many, many people who have trespassed and been caught. 90% of the time they get away with it. 10% of the time the worse possible outcome is a $50 appearance ticket in court? Now, put that in perspective if you are a shitbag trespasser. The land you are wandering on to is worth thousands of dollars per year (lease or purchase). So, you can pay $2,000 a year to have it yours, or get caught 1 out of 10 times and pay $50....... Again, the issue is with NYS. They don't care. They have created and nurtured this culture the honest hardworking people pay for.
  7. Not much you can do in this lousy state we live in. I've had them stolen as well. The idiots walked by and stole one camera, then walked by a second one and didn't see it (got their pictures taken), then stole the 3rd one on that tree line they walked by. I have clear pictures of all 3 of them. Gave them to the local Sheriffs office. Filled out a police report. I even did half his job and tracked down the guys who did it.......and nothing happened. They didn't admit to taking them and they were not caught in the act. Shit bags will be shit bags and this sport has more than our fair share. Until NY starts caring about criminal trespassing, there is no reason for people to stop wandering and stealing.
  8. Looking for 2 people who would be interested in an Iowa gun hunt in Zone 9 (Allamakee Co......#1 Booner county in IA) for this fall. 188 acres of private ground that I will be bow hunting for only 1 week, and would love to split with someone that would like to use it for rest of the season to gun hunt, shed hunt, turkey hunt.....whatever you want for 51 weeks. Serious inquires only. PM me @ seven-one-six-713-3984.
  9. Not sure what the point of your post was. Did it hurt to ask? Lol. Ya never know where someone might have info. Geez.
  10. The issue is, for the most part, we are going off the sheds we found of that buck last year. So, with that much character, it can surely change year to year enough to create doubt. Only a couple crappy night pictures of him so far this year, and that was mid-July when he was not anywhere near done growing. So, yeah, if we had recent pictures, for sure, you are correct. But, given what we have to compare to, it is making it tough!
  11. At this point, I am calling BS on this guy. I'm not going to post his name out of respect for his privacy, but you can probably easily do your own investigative internet search and find it. I've PM'd him multiple times without the courtesy of a response......not even a "F off, I'm not telling you." Just radio silence. The fact that NOBODY has ever heard of, or seen this deer.......in NY, where true giants are rare........garbage. Knehrke, you are correct, it would be easily identifiable to someone. Zero chance this deer is a ghost. I'm guessing at this point that it is someone just trying to get attention and posted a picture and made up a story.
  12. Trying to get to the bottom of this deer. Not for my own benefit, but but to put a friends mind at ease that it is not a specific one he has been watching...... The vague story circulating some other forums is simply this: Guy was driving home from work and saw a truck pulled over on the side of the road. As he drove by, he saw the guy with a huge velvet dead deer. Pulled over and took a picture of the buck. Multiple questions in the forum asked where in NY, and his response is simply "Near Buffalo." And another one that said "Southern Tier." I've PM'd the guy, posted in the thread, etc, and he hasn't even given me the courtesy of a response. Hoping someone here knows of it, heard about it, etc. I don't need an address or GPS coordinates......Something a simple as a town or a road would be swell to put a friends mind at ease.
  13. Ah, yes, the epitome of intelligence and class....name calling. That's when you know you already lost the debate when the only thing you can come up with is calling someone a douchebag. Good job. .4 moa groups are definitely not possible now. You are correct.
  14. The level of selective reading in here gets better every day. I never said that it was achievable by every Joe with a gun. I also never said that it was achievable with every gun off the shelf. I also didn't say it was easy. But, do not tell me that .4 moa is not achievable though when I have personally been with someone who can achieve that with multiple guns without batting an eyelash. So, for the ignorant people in here who argue about things they know nothing about, I can only LOL.
  15. And the misquoting continues. I never said a 1" group was possible at 1,000 yards. You should go back an actually read what I posted. So, since I'm repeating this again, I will say that the original comment made by someone was that a 1" group at 250 yards is NOT possible. EVERY SINGLE comment I have made has been based on that premise. So, yes, people in here are out of touch with reality if they think you can't shoot a 1" group at 250 yards.
  16. Since you can't read, I posted that picture at 500 yards, not 1,000. Secondly, the original comment (again, if you could read), said that guns aren't capable of a 1" group at 250 yards, which is ridiculous. Lastly, the truly trained professionals who would be making a 1,000 yard shot are smarter than the wahoo rednecks posting videos on youtube. I highly doubt the true world record group at 1,000 yards is found by googling it.
  17. You are out of touch with modern technology. That's all I can say. Saying that modern rifles and scopes are not capable of that type of accuracy is just crazy talk. This picture is a 3 shot group on a 500 yard target at a long range shooting school by Rochester, NY (done by one of the instructors). That response was not directed at how far one would shoot at an animal. My gun is a 1,000 yard gun, and I wouldn't shoot more than 350 with my own capabilities. But saying for target practice guns can't achieve supreme accuracy is just wrong.
  18. I couldn't resist but to chime in on some of the ridiculous comments on this thread. A 1" group at 250 with a rifle is easily achieved. Modern rifles and optics are WELL in access of those types of groups. I'm just getting back into shooting now. I have a 6.5 creedmore and I can easily shoot a 1" group at 200 yards......and I am not proficient yet at all. Do you think a sniper plans on missing by more than an 1" at even 1,000 yards? As far as archery goes, all the big talkers with their 70, 80 yard + deer kills are also laughable. I've hit my spot on a 3D target at 100 yards a couple times. Shooting a target has ZERO translation to shooting a deer at that distance. There is no way a single hunter is letting an arrow go at that distance and has any clue how the wind, density of the air, movement of the deer, etc will ultimately effect the impact point. You are guessing, and guessing is unethical. If you are ok with the fact that you may kill the deer or you may wound it with a bad shot, you shouldn't even be allowed in the woods.
  19. I bought a Millennium to hang and leave. I use my lone wolf sticks to access it. Pro: It is SUPER comfy and well built. No worries about it lasting a long time and being able to do all day sits. CON: That MoFO is HEAVY and a nightmare to hang (I have the chain on version). It was so heavy I can't believe I got it in a tree by myself. You mentioned packing it in with you? LOL. Good luck with that!!
  20. I've always been a Grim Reaper guy. On an impulse I purchased a package of Rage 100 gr., 2 blade, Chiseltip mechanical. I will see how they shoot this year. Surprised that nobody is shooting Rage that has responded so far? Particularly the chiseltip. Maybe I made a bad impulse purchase. Anyone have any good or bad experience with these before I open the package?
  21. This is true with biology of all animals. Deer are a great example. They drop fawns based on the carrying capacity of the land. In tough conditions with scarce food or water, they will drop a single fawn or possibly not even breed. In abundant years they will drop twins or triplets. Coyotes are no different inasmuch as they will product pups up to their ability to sustain a population.
  22. Hey TC. I was out shed hunting our area this spring and saw these 2 yotes coming. Did a mouth call (have to turn volume up to hear it) and they circled downwind, checked me out and meandered off. Pretty cool encounter. First ones I've physically seen in our area despite the immense amount of time I spend in our woods. I think they are around, but not abundant. IMG_3571.MOV
  23. I think you should circle back to the original meaning of why people hunt. There are 2 basic methodologies: 1) Hunting for Food - Age, rack, sex of species is irrelevant. You are simply trading dollars for food no different than when you go to the grocery store (except you are pulling the trigger). I would not consider this a sport as much as I would simply survival / eating. 2) Hunting for Sport - Where you target specific animals and match your whits against them. You may go years between without filling a tag, but that is ok. No different than any other sport where you only succeed, if you are lucky, a couple times in your career. Even ancient civilizations broke down hunting into 2 different realms. There is no doubt in my mind that they both hunted for food on the table and for the sport / power of matching whits with a foe. To each their own if they are driven by #1 or #2 above.
  24. Agreed. I've shot my fair share of doe for the freezer (and friends freezers). It's important to do so. I will never fill my freezer with a young buck. Shooting a doe is eating, not a sport, lol. Especially with modern weaponry.
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