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  1. Muthers


    I love me some New York, but just recently took a job down in Georgia. I feel very lucky to have gotten a position in my field of study so soon after finishing school in December. It's hot and muggy down here and I certainly miss the good old Adirondacks where I've spent many days fishing and hiking (and more recently hunting but still haven't taken a deer yet!). That being said, Georgia is treating me well, and the fishing is just as hot as the air. This is my first tarpon, my guess is that it weighed 90 pounds? I weigh about 150 and I am 5'10"ish to give you some scale. If any of ya'll have any experience with tarpon and estimating weight, feel free to chime in! It is still impossible to beat wild strain brookie fishing in the deep woods of New York, in my opinion. Every 8 inch fish is a fish of a lifetime.
  2. He's practicing to try to look like the neighbor's pup for the upcoming season... Always been wily, but they're getting smarter it appears!
  3. I'm doing a research project at school on small mammals and ticks (more specifically-lyme disease and other tick-borne illness)...pretty much if it's above freezing you are at risk of picking some ticks up. Found a lot of ticks this entire fall season, only, I was out looking for them. >.<
  4. Motorized equipment which moves you around, wouldn't that be a form of transportation!? Sounds like deer jacking to me hahaha jokes
  5. ^compass and a good topographic map; a ton cheaper and it will not fail you haha
  6. I bet it depends on the mood the officer is in/how you act. Plus, if you've got your rabbit distress call or some kind of coyote lure that should be pretty good evidence you're not after deer...but I've never seen an ECO afield so I don't know what would happen.
  7. Do you suppose they try to make these regulations so challenging to understand to try and discourage certain activities? haha just a thought (I can't imagine an encon officer being thrilled at the thought of lots of people shooting high-powered rifles at night even if it is 100% legal!)
  8. Agreed WNY-Jim335 that statement you posted from the DEC furbearer page is extremely wordy and convoluted (like many of the DEC regulations) but it's just saying you can't hunt with a rifle where you cannot hunt deer with a rifle. Seems like a lot of others on this site would also suggest that if you are to hunt coyote at night, especially during open deer seasons, it would probably be best to have the proper calls/coyote equipment just in case an officer did want to talk with you. On a side note, from what I've seen elsewhere coyote furs should be coming into prime right about now or very soon! I want to try and tan some pelts myself, if I can even get out to use my new trapping license. Working every weekend doesn't leave much travel time.
  9. Anybody ever fireman-carry a deer out-if it's not some ridiculous distance that is? Just curious.
  10. I don't know anything regarding the DEC letting you take it, but I do know that a goat and a deer might be able to "mate"...but no baby 'geer' or 'doats' would come around in the spring. I really hope that isn't the excuse the DEC used when they said they wanted to take it out haha ...It would be pretty great if they gave you the go-ahead to take a crack at it.
  11. I figured someone may have experience with the question I'm running into. I go to school in Mass. 3hrs+ away from home and hunting land. Already got my resident NY super sportsman license (still have yet to take a deer in my life!) for the year. Previous years I've only been able to spend a few weekends in the woods...hopefully explaining my lack of success. Even when I haven't seen deer when home I'm really happy to spend time outdoors, but I would love for this year to produce some venison. Is it possible for me to get a cheap resident Mass hunting license since I technically could count as a resident due to the time I've been living here? Also, a friend from school has great access to lands that I could hunt as it's very tempting. The resident license in Mass is very cheap and I'd like for more opportunities to get some venison in my belly. Will DEC be on me if I get a resident license in another state as well? If you've got any knowledge of the matter please share Thanks, Muthers
  12. Ok, thanks for the info fishuntrapper. Makes sense now that I look at it again on the DEC site. Only $21 anyhow, I'm just low on funds ha.
  13. Find a stand of pines (with oaks around if possible)...always seems to provide some bushytails for me, at least on the properties I hunt. Relax with a tree at your back and I bet you'll see some.
  14. I bought my hunting license back in late August, a super sportsman, and then took my NY trapper course in early September. I received my "trapper education certificate of qualification" card upon completion of the trapper course. DEC website claims that a resident trapper super sportsman license costs the same amount, $88. How then, should I go about adding trapping onto my super sportsman? Do you suppose it will cost me anything? (any spare money could go to broadheads or ammo y'know! or food...I'm always hungry ) Thanks for any input, figured I'd ask here first (currently at school 3+ hours away from NY). Muthers
  15. Just shooting the bow as often as I can...kneeling, crouching, standing. Has anyone ever tried doing some physical activity while practice shooting? Occasionally I will do push-ups before shooting my next round of arrows to try to simulate adrenaline/blood-pumping (when a deer is in the sights). I hope it helps when the time comes.