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  1. Hopefully fill some tags tomorrow,, I had to work 5/11 hour days and have the coming week off,, really missed not being in the woods the deer better be on their guard.. Good luck to all,, Hope to see some ground pounders posted in the AM...
  2. Good luck I won’t be out till Saturday morning with the boy and have the week off, it looks like we will have a good opening week with low temps and snow for once :)
  3. Three does tonight all together and out of range..
  4. My boy got it done tonight...
  5. Hit a spot I haven’t hunted yet this year, I have had two stands in for 7 years,, some dirt bag stole one of set ups, climbing sticks and tree stand... Canasota I’ve seen some of the biggest bucks in the high winds,,, you can always drink beer when its dark,, damn you are making me thirsty
  6. The wood gods where good to me this morning, kept getting pics of this guy coming through at night and finally showed up.
  7. 5 does tonight still paired with the little ones,, my son had a fork horn slip by just out of range again,,, Does are not ready here in 7f IMO
  8. Small doe and fawn nice morning:)
  9. Hopefully things will change my area 7f does hocks have not changed and only 1 1/2 bucks chasing does still paired up with yearlings and fawns,, only 2 - 2 1/2 year old bucks on camera at night for the last two weeks no daytime pictures.. Good luck,, they are not ready here.. hopefully this week..
  10. My neighbor shot a ten point 25 plus years ago during gun season in velvet ,, mounted in his garage cool stuff...
  11. Small 4 point cruising the woods easy shot if so desired, on a mission found two does coming in from the field and the chase was on back and forth through woods.. Quite entertaining
  12. Except truck your supposed to miss
  13. Busy night just not who im looking for..