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  1. King cutter ATV disc

  2. King cutter ATV disc

  3. King cutter ATV disc

    This isn’t your typical Polaris model ot was only made two years and doesn’t have the typical centrifugal clutch set up that the normal Polaris does ,, it has a internal clutch with gears..
  4. Small Engine/Bad Gas

    Just google non ethanol gas stations in your area... Ethanol is a government pushed anwer to the gas crunch and is more expensive to produce than a gallon of gas and gives worse fuel economy... Thanks uncle Sam again,, more tax dollars wasted ...
  5. King cutter ATV disc

  6. King cutter ATV disc

  7. King cutter ATV disc

    The cheapest I could find was $614.00 plus shipping
  8. King cutter ATV disc

    Thanks,,, I ended up finding your post which led me to shop around...
  9. King cutter ATV disc

    Well I bought this one,, its a DR and is exactly the same as as the king cutter other than the color and price as far as I can tell.. Paid $499.00 and had shipped to a local shipping depot near my house for free., which saved $99.00
  10. King cutter ATV disc

    There are 45 pages in this category could you give me a link I went through three pages and gave up... What Im looking to do is plow about a 1/4 acre food plot with my tractor and disc with the king cutter on the back of my ATV and also do three other plots that my tractor can’t acces because of wet and wooded conditions. From videos that I have watched it looks like it can work well,, I don’t mind spending the money as it will most likely last me as long as I will have a use for it, I have seen the single row disc but want a two row..
  11. King cutter ATV disc

    Considering buying one of these does anyone have one or comments good or bad ..
  12. Boot Suggestions

    Muck it and forget it ..... Just remeber there are different insulation values when buying.. I use the Artic Pro all season long and when it's cold I use toe warmers I usually can make it through about any sit.. One thing, if its cold don’t leave your boots in your truck at night bring them in the house the night before hunting, it seems to really help..
  13. Broken Antlers

    What did that buck score, nice work ..
  14. How stupid have we become...

    Yes you are correct,, but you have to change your habits,,, most wanna take a pill instead of do some work... Pill is easier...
  15. How stupid have we become...

    I always laugh when I see those commercials and say who would be dumb enough to take that snake oil ...