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  1. The death rates which are great in NYC area are not a disputed matter and sad for the families and loved ones.. The numbers are generated off only the people that are tested which makes the death rate totals not accurate and much higher than the actual numbers of people infected and the a symptomatic number of infections which is much greater and which we may never know the actual numbers will make the death percentage numbers much lower for this virus because they are not included in the ratio.. All that said Im not trying to discount the issue or the many who have lost loved ones to this tragedy..
  2. I wish Trumps makeup artist could paint fake eyes on Trumps eyelids during his speeches...
  3. My kids bought me lithium Ion rechargeable electric socks last year for Christmas,, I used them this season on low setting with arctic muck boots and feet where nice and toasty on the cold mornings,,, around $30.00 .. Also this year for my Birthday they bought me the Milwaukee heated coat which if you go online you can get in camo,, which is really nice and has heated pockets which really helps with battery life on your phone when its cold... As mentioned Hot Hands and toe warmers have saved my butt many times,, the cold really gets into me now as Im getting a little older...
  4. Thanks guys I have the week off and spent most of the day working on the camp, went in for the night hunt but it was uneventful,, lots of big bucks on camera and have passed a few small ones but seems they have shut sown in my area,, shot my biggest buck on my b day 10 years ago or so,, sticking to it they can’t hide forever,, haven’t posted much but have been lurking,, thanks for the well wishes... Good luck to all some nice bucks in the harvest threads ..
  5. Im not sure of your response ?? Jealous or need to spend more time in the woods??? I just posted what I thought members would like to to see ??? Fast Eddie you have always been a dick to me... Good day you prick ...
  7. Well tonight was just awesome.. i had this 8 at 50 yards and again out of the brush at 80 stopped with grunts and doe bleet can looking and interested but wouldn’t commit... Missed a nice 7 point a half hour later and passed a spike ,, I had to watch the 7 to long wind was not in my favor and he was on to the game and I miss judged the yardage and shot right under him..
  8. Doe and fawn where in range and two others does tonight,, target buck no show..
  9. One of the best nights in the woods this season for me,, had a basket rack 1 1/2 old 8 point 10’ from my stand, saw a nice 8 point but only came into 50 yards and both bucks where with yearling does,, boy I was wishing I could hunt this spot with a gun... Great night and the bigger 8 is now on my hit list for the rest of the season. Good luck..
  10. Doe and fawn and small spike tonight,, all got a pass for now with the crossbow. Terrible pictures sorry..
  11. Finally went to my bow only spot after not being able to get to it due to the heavy rain and then snow melt, I have to cross a creek and the water has been to high to dare cross.. Anyway I bumped and nice buck and doe right in front of my stand on my way in tonight and lots of fresh tracks and sign,, putting the gun away early and going to concentrate on this spot for the remainder of hunting season..
  12. That was a fawn that was put down by an officer, its not a freezer its a cooler...