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  1. "Crotch Rocket" motorcycles

    I have vintage bikes,,, riding these days has become very dangerous IMO the fact that every A Hole has to be on there phone like its a teenager just discovering his penis is not only making driving a bike but driving a car challenging,,, these guys that drive these bikes like idiots make riders look bad... I think as you get older the noise bothers you more but these Harleys reving the motor like its cool is laughable,, like putting glasspacks and craigers on a Bonneville and calling it fast...
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughn

  3. Stevie Ray Vaughn

    One of the worlds great guitar players... Shame he left us so early...
  4. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    There back ..... IP ban....:)
  5. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    This site is for sure different than any other I have been on,, but that is what keeps me coming back Its not an easy job behind the scenes..
  6. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    If you have an ACP panel you should be able to ban a specific IP address in board settings even though you are not required to to approve a member and also look at the spammers IP address..
  7. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    Who approves the new members here the moderators or administrators? We had this problem on a forum I am part of and you need to look at the IP address before approving a member they will be similar and should be able to narrow it down and block them or not approve membership..
  8. Coyote den?

    Hope you stick around Belo and not go as suggested..
  9. Coyote den?

    This is the Wikipedia definition of a forum moderator.. Well then I will say keep up the good work
  10. Hunting blind

    Thanks Moog...
  11. Hunting blind

    This one will be lagged to the tree on the back side and I will use 4”x4” pt post and these feet for the front the bottom is 2”x6” pt and 3/4” pt plywood.. One of the others will be mounted the same way the other will have four legs and stand on its own, Im still working out how to keep the stand alone one from being blown over..
  12. Hunting blind

    This is one of three blinds I plan on having installed for next season,, I had one similar to this years back and loved it.. Its just loosely put together so I could get heights for windows, it will be painted brown inside and out and thinking of plexiglass windows that are tinted and that are hinged and raise, roof will be covered with rubber.. it will be about 15’ when placed, I also got my clover in this weekend and some Last bite food plot seed planted and my pumpkin seeds have sprouted so in the coming weeks I will update tgis thread for anyone that cares..
  13. Coyote den?

    Yep ,,, or a moderater will just run over anyone and everyone is fair game or the mods play in ??? Very tactful,,
  14. Coyote den?

    I saw REO a few years ago at the NYS fair still rocking..
  15. Coyote den?

    Im on many forums it really comes down to moderation if you want to blame anyone,,, someone has to set the bar...