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  1. Been super slow and was getting very discouraged,, had this buck on trail cam at night and thought as years past I would never see him in daylight hours well tonight thinking I only going to see does again,, he sneaks up on me and blast him at 25 yards and watch him drip at 80 …
  2. You can do it yourself .. This is a two part explanation and will tell you all you need to know..
  3. Cut a couple of 2 x 4s to prop up the inside the blind while your not there to support the roof ..
  4. Well I decided to move out to my field stand after that picture.. I busted two does out of the field,, 20 minutes later I had two more feeding then I was able to to take this guy ...
  5. Decoy is also installed and operational... Have had a lot of success over the years with decoys .. some fantastic deer laid down today,,, congrats ...
  6. Thanks guys !!!!! Got to come into work late today and passed on a doe this morning was able to sneak out for the last hour ... Nice dinner with the family and heading out in the AM Good luck all ....
  7. Some great deer down today congrats fellas !!!! Zip on sightings for me my son passed on a small spike tonight .. Back at it in the AM
  8. My son had this buck 50 yards last night and could not get a shot,,, tonight he went to the field stand and the same buck came out the corner and limped across the field and laid down 100 yards in front of him,, he texted me as he didn't know what to do or of he should get down,, I walked out to the field and he got up and limped his way across the field he is definitely hurt.. I got within 70 yards from him and he was in no hurry to leave,, not sure if someone made a bad shot on him or he was hit by a car or in a fight with another buck,, hope my son gets a crack at him and he is not mortally wounded.. PS camera is a hour off haven't reset the time
  9. Hey guys got lucky the other morning,, this guy was chasing does and came in to about 25 yards behind some trees and then turned around and went back into the thick stuff,,, I gave two small grunts and he came right back to smack down town .. Not a huge buck but my 2 1/2 year goal and it has been a slow season,,, so one in the bag is better than two to talk about ..
  10. So my son shot a doe last night and this morning after hunting I was checking the trail cam and it caught the arrow going through the deer ,,, pretty amazing ..
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