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  1. I love Duck Stamps. True talent on the winner and others submitted. I have every hunting license I have ever purchased. I just figured with the stamps on the licenses that it would be a shame to toss them in the garbage.
  2. Mercedes GLA 250 and a Ralph Lauren sweater.
  3. I'm a member of the NRA. They are one of the few organizations that stand up for my gun rights and defend the 2nd amenment. I love my guns and gun owners need to remember we are a minority. I know NRA is similar to a corporation and understand they are about marketing and raising money, but they are on my side. The NRA is not perfect, but they fight for my right. The NRA supports my rights, not the NFL, NBA, NHL, or all these other organizations that we so willing support with our dollars.
  4. Hey Vinny! Welcome to the forum. Merry Christmas!
  5. Great shot on an awesome buck. Good for you!
  6. I firmly believe an archer can become proficient with his bow in a week of practice. At least these guys are attempting to improve and sight in their bows. There are other bowhunters that will be in the woods without any practice at all. Same with firearms.
  7. I use a hitch haul. It's low, so it's easy to put there deer on.
  8. Congrats on the new bow and congrats on your son bowhunting.
  9. Great pics. You really had some great action. You're lucky to be able to travel to Africa for hunting and a wife that HUNTS makes you double lucky. Nice job.
  10. I have Copper John Dead Nutz 2. I am only using 3 pins right now. I have 2 extra pins if I desire to add more. I'm set for 20, 40, and 50 yds. For a 30yd shot I just put target in middle of 20yd and 40yd pins. I prefer 3 pins so as not to clutter my sight picture.
  11. That cooler corn sounds like a neat trick. Thanks.